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The Best Time to Visit Texas Tulips in 2024 | When to Go

The Best Time to Visit Texas Tulips in 2024 | When to Go

What's the best time to visit the Texas Tulips?

Visiting Texas Tulips is ideal in early to mid-March when the blooms are at their peak. During this time, Pilot Point enjoys mild temperatures between 66°F and 48.7°F, making it comfortable for tulip viewing.

However, this popular period also attracts crowds, leading to longer queues and parking challenges. Planning ahead is beneficial, particularly for those with children or those hoping to experience both the sunshine and sunset amidst the tulips.

Whether you want to enjoy a lazy spring weekend or do a lovely photoshoot in nature, the Texas Tulip farm in Pilot Point, Texas is open every year once the tulip season is underway.

But when should you go? Is there really a “best” time to visit Texas Tulips? Don’t worry — we’ve done the hard work for you. Read on to learn all you need to know!

The Best Time to Visit Texas Tulips

Flower fields pictured during the overall best time to visit Texas Tulips, the Spring

Pilot Point, TX / USA – March 10, 2020: Each Spring visitors to the Texas Tulip Farm in North Texas stroll among rows of tulips and purchase flowers by the stem/Fellers Photography/Shutterstock

The best time to visit Texas Tulips is probably early to mid-March. This is when the tulips have already bloomed, and you get to see them at their prettiest (not that tulips are ever anything less than pretty, but you get our point).

Also, March is a comfortable month in Pilot Point — the average temperatures vary between 66°F and 48.7°F.

And as this is the best time to visit Texas Tulips, chances are most people who plan on visiting them will likely visit in this period too. That means larger queues not only in the actual fields but on the way to the farm and in terms of parking as well.

Taking into account such delays is handy, especially if you’re traveling with kids. In addition, many wish to catch the sun but also enjoy the sunset in the fields, so plan your time accordingly.

Cheapest Time to Visit Texas Tulips

It’s somewhat difficult to discuss the cheapest time to visit Texas Tulips, as there’s a fixed admission price through all the weeks the farm’s open. That said, we do have some suggestions to help with this.

For starters, in 2018, the final day of the Texas Tulip farm season was free. However, waiting for such an offer can be risky, as you don’t know whether you’re waiting in vain. Plus, the admission price isn’t that high to begin with.

What’s more, considering the peak season in Pilot Point runs from late April to mid-June and then from early September to mid-October (the highest peak is in the first week in October), going to Pilot Point for the Texas Tulips season should be affordable.

That said, many go to Pilot Point in this period specifically for the tulip farm, so chances are attractive accommodation deals won’t be that common.

Least Busy Time to Visit Texas Tulips

If you want the tulip fields all to yourself, we suggest visiting in early April. Also, weekdays are better than weekends.

In case you do want a weekend visit, make sure to do so early in the season. At the height of the season, weekends are fully packed. In April, the temperature is in the range of an average low of 54.3°F and an average high of 73.4°F in Pilot Point.

Also, going in early April means less crowds, more photo opportunities, and easier access to parking.

However, keep in mind that as the weather gets warmer at the beginning of April and the season comes to a wrap, most tulips will have gone past their blooming, so you may not see them at their prime.

And if you want to pick some and take them home, you’ll just have to choose from whatever’s left at that point.

That said, many bulbs are planted later, which translates to them blooming later than the rest, so if you go toward the end of the season, you’ll be just in time to see them open in front of your eyes.

Worst Time to Visit Texas Tulips

The worst time to visit is when local schools in the Pilot Point area have their spring break in March.

This is usually the second or third week in March (double-check dates and weeks before you go, as it’s different each year). Going during this period means overlapping with school field trips, and your overall visit may be more chaotic and crowded.

However, if you’re also traveling with kids, then you might even want to come in this period and have your children hang out with other kid visitors. Either way, visiting the Texas Tulip farm can never be bad  — kids or no kids!

Frequently Asked Questions

Image for a guide to the best time to visit Texas Tulips pictured with rows of pink tulips and a few pink and yellow ones mixed in too

Mangirish Palekar/Shutterstock

Are Texas Tulips free?

Texas Tulips are free for children 12 months or under. Other than that, here are the different pricing options:

  • Entrance fee: $5 per person;
  • Veterans discount entrance fee: $7.50 per person and includes three tulips (only applicable during the week on business days);
  • Senior discount entrance and tulips fee: $7.50 per person and includes three tulips (only applicable during the week on business days);
  • Large groups: $7.50 per person and includes three tulips (only applicable during the week on business days);

Professional photographers who wish to bring their clients to a unique photoshoot location receive a season pass once they pay the 25-dollar entrance fee.

What months is Texas Tulips open?

Texas Tulips opens in late February and runs through early April. The dates change each year, as the tulip season is weather dependent.

So to make sure you get the right dates, double-check Texas Tulips’ website/social media channels. Other than that, the farm operates 7 days a week, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

What is the price of a tulip at Texas Tulips?

A stem costs $2.50. Afterward, the tulip flowers are wrapped in a nice-looking paper, and the stems are placed in flower gel to keep them fresh till you bring them home.

Who owns Texas Tulips?

Texas Tulips is a privately owned farm by Petra and Pieter Koeman, a Dutch family who migrated to the Dallas area in 2015. Upon growing up, Pieter worked on his parents’ tulip farm in The Netherlands, so he has relevant experience in the field (pun intended).

How big is Texas Tulips?

The Texas Tulips field covers an area of six acres.

So, When’s the Best Time to Visit the Texas Tulips?

The Texas Tulip farm is open from mid/late February to early April, and the best time to go there is early/mid-March. If possible, avoid weekends. If not, know you’re still going to have fun and enjoy your day at the farm.

Have fun tip-toeing through the fields and exploring your hidden tulip-picking talents!