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The Best Time to Visit Taiwan in 2024 | When to Go

The Best Time to Visit Taiwan in 2024 | When to Go

What's the best time to visit Taiwan?

The best time to visit Taiwan is from February to April or October to December, offering pleasant climates and a plethora of festivals and activities. Summers are perfect for beach trips, with Qixingtan Beach being a top choice, while the cooler and cloudier winter months are ideal for indoor activities like exploring the National Palace Museum’s vast collection. No matter when you visit, Taiwan’s diverse climate and cultural offerings ensure a memorable experience.

Taiwan is a global leader in semiconductor manufacturing, but that isn’t the only reason for the country’s economic boom. The ‘Beautiful Isle’ is also a huge tourist magnet in Southeast Asia, with millions of vacationers flocking here to enjoy the island’s many offerings.

Choosing the best time to visit Taiwan doesn’t have to be difficult, and we’ll show you when to travel and places of interest to look out for, including how to score cheap deals and discounts.

In truth, Taiwan is great to visit all year round, but some months offer more bang for your buck than others. Here’s what you need to know.

The Overall Best Time to Visit Taiwan

Kaohsiung Lotus Pond and Tiger Pagodas pictured during the best time to visit Taiwan

Sean Pavone/Shutterstock

The best time to visit Taiwan is February to April. But if you can’t make it then, consider visiting from October to December. Both times offer the best climate and numerous festivals and activities.

However, you can still visit Taiwan at any time of the year and have an amazing experience. Still, you’ll crosscheck with your itinerary before purchasing a plane ticket and booking accommodation.

Summer is best for going to the beach, and there’s no better place to start than Qixingtan Beach. It’s on the east coast of Taiwan and is close to Taroko National Park for those who’d like to visit.

The turquoise water and sheer mountains offer amazing selfies, and you can grab some street food and green tea ice cream in the corner shops nearby. Taiwan has a subtropical climate, but winter is often chillier than most vacationers expect.

The country has a median temperature ranging from 59F to 68F – significantly different from the soaring summer temperatures. The country experiences cloudy skies and fog, making this period ideal for indoor activities.

You can start by visiting the National Palace Museum, also known as “Gu Gong,” five miles from the capital. Since its founding in 1925, the museum has amassed nearly 700,000 art pieces, masterworks, and artifacts.

Artworks like the Meat-Shaped Stone, Jadeite Cabbage, and Jade Duck are fascinating. The museum exhibits The 5000 Years of China’s History, and many rare artifacts wouldn’t survive today if they were left in China during the Cultural Revolution.

Cheapest Time to Visit Taiwan

Photo of a busy Taipei market pictured during the cheapest time to visit Taiwan


The cheapest months to visit Taiwan are in August and September. This period offers numerous discounts across the country, and is an excellent time for vacationers looking to visit Taiwan on a budget.

Even though the country isn’t as pocket friendly as Cambodia or Vietnam, Taiwan is still more affordable than Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore while offering similar service standards.

Accommodation is on the high side, but you can claw back that spent cash on cheap, delicious food and affordable public transportation. Hotels also offer discounts when you book in advance.

The country has buses that move like clockwork, and you can stop at most destinations from the airport for less than $3.00. Taoyuan International Airport to downtown Taipei is a 40-minute distance, spending a miserly $2.80.

Another option is to use the EasyCard for store purchases and public transportation. The card won’t save you cash on your trip, but you can enjoy discounts when you transfer from Youbike to the bus and metro.

Taipei is also riddled with free attractions ensuring you would need 41 years to visit the 15,000 temples dotting the island. The country has numerous free parks, and you can buy a day pass to enjoy the countless trails and natural attractions for cheap.

It’s vital to use public transportation wisely to get the most value for your money. For instance, riding the Youbike and walking is the cheapest way to explore downtown Taipei.

Buses are cheaper for longer distances and use Fair Zone System to determine the price. Still, you may prefer the metro if you can’t stand the traffic jams and sweltering heat.

Taiwan has fast and slow trains. The slow trains are fantastic for tourists looking to enjoy a leisurely day while offering a cheaper fare. Kids under six years old can freely ride the MRT. Older kids can get a seat for half-price.

Least Busy Time to Visit Taiwan

Kaosiung pictured with a dock above the water during the least busy time to visit Taiwan


The least busy time to visit Taiwan is from November to January. In dazzling glory, you’ll witness the cherry blossoms, including other exotic flowers.

The country is alive at all times, but tourist activity isn’t as crazy as peak season, allowing you to enjoy the country’s natural beauty. You can stop by one of the numerous botanical gardens in Chiayi, Taichung, and Taipei.

Winter is also the best time to explore the East Coast National Scenic Area. It’s a place of interest south of Hualien and stretches over a hundred miles. Outdoorsy individuals can cycle down the scenic trails, make camp, or enjoy a hiking adventure.

Visiting the Alishan National Forest Recreation Area is a must during this period. The mountain range offers panoramic views of Yushan – the tallest mountain in Taiwan.

Visitors throng here to enjoy the misty forests while sipping Alishan High Mountain Tea. Additionally, there are various international events worth watching, including the Baosheng Cultural Festival and the International Fireworks Festival.

Winter is an amazing time to soak in the numerous thermal hot springs. You can visit Jiaoxi, Wenshan, Wulai, and Beitou – all prime thermal hot springs locations.

Worst Time to Visit Taiwan

People running around in the rain with umbrellas during the overall worst time to visit Taiwan, May, the rainy season

Kaohsiung, Taiwan- May 20, 2020: During the rainy season, it rained heavily in the streets of Kaohsiung City, Taiwan/Jack Hong/Shutterstock

The worst time to visit Taiwan is from May until November. The reason is the tropical cyclone season which increases the likelihood of landslides, flooding, and road blockages on the island.

Taiwan typhoons affect the entire country, but the impact is usually on a section of the island. This situation allows you to enjoy the unaffected parts of the country.

Historically, you can expect three major typhoons annually, and summer is often the worst hit. Still, it isn’t all doom and gloom, and water-based activities are still the way to go this season.

Visit the country in summer if you’re used to tropical heat and soaring temperatures that surpass 90F. Remember that southern Taiwan is notorious for heavy rainfall, so factor that into your itinerary before carrying out any outdoor activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Jiufen Old Street in Taipei during the best time to go to Taiwan


Below are some common questions about the best time to visit Taiwan:

Which month is the best month to visit Taiwan?

February, March, and April are the three best months to visit Taiwan because the weather is cool and dry, perfect for most sightseeing activities.

What is the rainy season in Taiwan?

June to September are the most likely months to experience rainfall in Taiwan. The country doesn’t get torrential rain, but you must prepare for intense showers and humid conditions.

Which month is typhoon season in Taiwan?

You’re more likely to experience monsoon in the summer, which occurs from May to November.

What is the hottest month in Taiwan?

August is arguably Taiwan’s hottest month, with temperatures comfortably soaring past 90F at noon.

What month is the cherry blossom in Taiwan?

Cherry blossoms bloom in March before they start to fade in late April.

So, When Should You Go to Taiwan?

👍 Best Time to VisitFebruary-April
💲 Cheapest Time to VisitAugust-September
🗓️ Least Busy Time to VisitNovember-January
👎 Worst Time to VisitMay-November

Taiwan is a leader in cutting-edge chip technology, but the country is gaining increasing momentum in the tourism sector. Many visitors enjoy the delicious cuisines and nightlife, with countless clubs that appeal to all music genres.

More importantly, Taiwan offers special activities throughout the year. You can always find places of interest to visit and festivals to attend, no matter your arrival time. Happy travels!