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The Best & Worst Times to Visit Sydney, Australia in 2024

The Best & Worst Times to Visit Sydney, Australia in 2024

What's the best time to visit Sydney?

The best time to hit Sydney is in the sweet spot of September and October when the weather is just warming up, perfect for beach days and hikes. You’ll dodge the peak tourist crowds of summer, making for a more laid-back vibe as you explore the city. Plus, those mild evenings are ideal for rooftop bar hopping or harborside walks.

One of the largest cosmopolitan areas in Australia, Sydney is worth a visit at any time of year. From relaxing on sparkling beaches to sightseeing along Sydney Harbor, there’s always something to enjoy in this lively city.

But if you’re planning a trip all the way to the land down under, you’ll want to make sure you’re visiting at the best time of year to take advantage of all of Sydney’s outdoor activities and unique attractions.

Whether you’re looking for the best time to discover the most iconic Sydney attractions, want to find the cheapest plane tickets and accommodation, or are searching for the best way to avoid crowds, we can help you plan the perfect trip for any type of traveler.

Overall Best Time to Visit Sydney

Neat view of the Darling Harbour with ships docked along the walkway for a piece on the best time to visit Sydney Australia

Taras Vyshnya/Shutterstock

The best time to visit Sydney is in the outskirts of the peak season, between September and October. In Australia, Spring occurs from September through November.

During this time, the weather is warming up from the cold winter months but isn’t yet at the most humid and hot months that can make outdoor exploration uncomfortable.

The average temperature ranges from the low 50s to around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. This comfortable temperature ensures that you can discover all the beaches, hikes, and other outdoor areas that Sydney has to offer.

Even when the weather cools down at night, it remains pleasant enough outside to continue to walk around Sydney Harbour, visit rooftop bars, or see fireworks at Darling Harbour.

Sydney is also generally crowded with tourists during the summer between December and February. By visiting Sydney during its spring season, you can avoid the crowds at popular tourist destinations while continuing to enjoy warm weather and plenty of outdoor activities

Autumn in Sydney — from March through May — is another fantastic time to plan a trip to Sydney.

The weather is cooling down from the extreme summer temperatures but remains warm enough to spend plenty of time outside and at Sydney’s beaches. Several exciting festivals also occur during this time, including Vivid Sydney and the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Cheapest Time to Visit Sydney

People walking through downtown Sydney with rain falling on them and a tram in the middle of the street making its way toward the camera during the rainy season, the cheapest time to visit Sydney

Sydney, Australia – July 19, 2022. Pedestrians holding umbrellas cross light rail tracks in the rain on George Street in downtown Sydney/Harley Kingston/Shutterstock

The cheapest time to visit Sydney is from July through August. Because seasons in Sydney are opposite from those in the Northern Hemisphere, July through August is Sydney’s winter.

Fortunately, the weather stays pretty moderate throughout the winter months and doesn’t usually drop below the mid-40s, but these are the months with the most rainfall.

Because this is Sydney’s off-season for tourists, flight and accommodation options are much more affordable. If you have flexibility with your travel dates, be sure to keep an eye on prices throughout the year to find deals on cheap flights to Sydney during this low season.

Many hotels in the area also have great deals during the off-season, so you can find plenty of affordable places to stay. Just be sure to plan around the July school holidays in New South Wales to avoid price spikes in airfare and accommodation.

Least Busy Time to Visit Sydney

Empty streets on the walkway at Darling Harbour pictured during the least busy time to visit Sydney Australia


The least busy time to visit Sydney during the shoulder seasons of March-May or September-November. During these less crowded seasons of Sydney, you can enjoy all the exciting attractions Sydney has to offer without the large crowds that arrive over the summer.

By traveling during these months, you can avoid school holidays and popular travel times, during which Sydney is flooded with tourists from all over the world.

Normally crowded locations, such as Bondi Beach and Circular Quay, are much less crowded due to the cooler weather, making it easy to find a spot to sit, relax, and enjoy all of Sydney’s scenic views.

And while the weather might feel cold to Sydney residents, the temperature is still moderate and comfortable enough to enjoy most of the area’s outdoor activities. The winter months of June through August are also relatively free from crowds, with the exception of a few weeks of school vacation.

And despite the cooler weather during this time, there’s still plenty to enjoy. You can visit the Museum of Sydney, visit the Sydney Aquarium, or take a tour of the Sydney Opera House.

Worst Time to Visit Sydney

View from the rooftop of a large brick building in Sydney overlooking a busy street and providing a view out toward the bridge

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The worst time to visit Sydney is in July or January-February. July does offer many benefits for visitors, including cheap accommodation and fewer crowds. But if you truly want to explore Sydney, traveling in July can greatly limit your options.

While the weather stays pretty mild, it’s often dark and rainy, which limits your ability to try thrilling water sports and enjoy some of the most stunning beaches in the area.

January and February are two of the hottest months of the year in Australia, with daily temperatures in January reaching around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. While this is ideal for beach days, it’s also the busiest time of the year, and beaches are often extremely crowded without much room to lay down a towel and relax.

If you’re planning on doing outdoor activities and sightseeing, the heat and humidity can easily tire you out and make it difficult to truly get the most out of all the outdoor attractions.

Despite these limitations, you can always find something to do in Sydney. But if you want to relax on the beaches, escape crowds, and truly get the most out of your trip, you might want to plan to travel in the Fall or Spring shoulder seasons instead.

Things to Consider

Sydney Harbour Bridge seen from a walking path below it next to the water on a quiet spring day


Now that you know the best and worst times to visit Sydney, you can start planning your trip. But there are a few more things to consider for the best vacation possible:

  • Plan around New South Wales school holidays. Sydney is on a much different schedule than many parts of the Northern Hemisphere, which means school vacations also fall on very different days. When kids are out of school, many attractions are much more crowded, and prices for flights and accommodations increase.
  • Don’t be afraid to explore areas off the beaten path. In addition to sightseeing the iconic landmarks, there are plenty of other activities to consider. You can take a trek down the rugged Blue Mountains, stroll the boardwalk at Badu Mangroves, and much more.
  • Always follow beach rules. While Sydney boasts miles of scenic beaches and stunning coastlines, these beaches can also be dangerous. From powerful rip currents to stinging jellyfish, being aware of these dangers and following the beach rules is essential, especially at a crowded beach.
  • Take public transportation. Sydney is a large, expansive city with so many unique regions to explore. Luckily, their public transportation is clean, reliable, and extremely easy to use. So be sure to get an opal card to take the bus or train throughout the city to find your next attraction.

Frequently Asked Questions

View of Bronte Beach in Sydney pictured on a blue-sky day with a few clouds in the sky

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Here are some other frequently asked questions that might be useful when planning your visit to Sydney, Australia:

When is the rainy season in Sydney?

Rain falls pretty consistently throughout the year in Sydney. The rainiest season, however, is during the winter months of June-August, with the most rain falling in June.

When is the peak tourist season in Sydney?

Sydney’s peak tourist season is between December and February, when students have their holiday break, and the weather is consistently warm and sunny.

So, What’s the Best Time to Visit Sydney, Australia?

The best time to visit Sydney is between September and October. In these spring months, visitors can take advantage of fewer crowds, mild weather, and a huge variety of outdoor activities.

But no matter when you visit Sydney, this lively city is guaranteed to provide the adventure of a lifetime. Now that you have your guide to the best, worst, and cheapest time to go to Sydney, you’re ready to plan your dream visit down under!