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The Best & Worst Times to Visit St. Thomas in 2024

The Best & Worst Times to Visit St. Thomas in 2024

What's the best time to visit St. Thomas?

The best time to visit St. Thomas is in the spring, particularly in April and May, when you can enjoy good weather and fewer crowds compared to the winter months. Prices are lower, and accommodations are more available during this period. It’s advisable to visit before June when hurricane season begins to ensure favorable weather and a pleasant experience.

St. Thomas is one of the islands that make up the US Virgin Islands, and it is a popular destination for people from the US to visit. St. Thomas has great weather most of the year, which is why it is such a popular spot.

You will also find beautiful beaches and lots of shopping. This article has everything you need to know about when to visit St. Thomas, including the best, worst, and cheapest times to visit.

Overall Best Time to Visit St. Thomas

Gorgeous view of coconut palms along the white sand Magens Bay beach pictured during the best time to visit St. Thomas

Sasha Buzko/Shutterstock

The best time to visit St. Thomas is in the spring, specifically in April and May. During these months, you will have good weather, but the crowds who more commonly visit in the winter months will be gone.

Many people visit in the winter months when there is snow and cold weather in the north that they want to escape. But, by April, most of these crowds die down, and you will not find as many people on the island.

You will also save money as prices are lower, and places won’t book up as fast, if at all, since demand is lower. You will also get good weather during these times since the summer is approaching and the days are getting warmer and are still sunny.

However, you should go in April or May right after the crowds die down, as hurricane season starts in June, and you will miss out on the good weather if you wait too long and end up going in the summer instead of the spring.

Cheapest Time to Visit St. Thomas

Rain clouds and rain above the beach and rock formations along the coast of St. Thomas during the cheapest best time to visit

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You will find the cheapest flights to St. Thomas in September, which is, unfortunately, peak hurricane season, which is why they are so cheap.

If you’re willing to risk a hurricane ruining your trip, you can save a lot of money by traveling during these months. Most people avoid visiting during hurricane season, especially during its peak, as they want to enjoy nice weather on the island, not a lot of rain.

Since there are very few people visiting during hurricane season, you will find a lot lower prices on hotels and activities on the island.

Demand is low, and hotels and accommodations want to sell as much as they can in the less busy season, so you should be able to find some great deals during September and the rest of the hurricane season.

Least Busy Time to Visit St. Thomas

Charlotte Amalie street with cafes on either side pictured during the overall least busy time to visit St. Thomas


The least busy time to visit St. Thomas is from June to November because of the weather and the hurricanes.

Primarily, the US Virgin Islands experience hurricane season from June to November, with the highest chance of hurricanes between the second half of August and late October.

Another reason why the summer and early fall months are the least busy time to visit St. Thomas is that the weather is nice elsewhere in the Northern Hemisphere.

People, especially those from the United States, travel around the US or even fly to Europe to enjoy the nice summer weather. Then, they save places like St. Thomas to visit in the winter when they need to escape their cold weather.

However, if you can avoid hurricanes, which is best done if you visit in June, July, or November, you can still get some great weather in St. Thomas and avoid the crowds.

Worst Time to Visit St. Thomas

Busy beach in the USVI at St. Thomas pictured with lots of people scuba diving and walking in the water

Coki Point, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI) – April 30, 2019: Scuba divers on the tropical Coki Point Beach in St Thomas, USVI, Caribbean. Caribbean Vacation Travel Concept/byvalet/Shutterstock

The worst time to visit St. Thomas is during the busy season in the winter months. From December to March, people from the north, particularly the United States, come to St. Thomas to escape the cold and enjoy the warm weather.

During the winter, you will find temperatures in St. Thomas in the upper 80s (Fahrenheit). Since so many people are coming to the island to enjoy the weather, you will also see higher prices for flights and accommodations.

If traveling during these months, you should book in advance if you don’t want places to book up. And book early for the best prices, as the more places and flights book up, the higher prices will be. You should be certain to book as soon as possible if you are traveling during any holiday.

Many people travel in December for the holidays and in March during spring break when kids are off from school, so these months book up the quickest.

Remember that you will also have to fight the crowds if you plan on doing any activities or shopping during your visit to St. Thomas. You should be prepared for the most popular places to be busy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Iguana sitting on a rock in the sun in Charlotte Amalie during the overall best time to visit St. Thomas


Here are some frequently asked questions about when to visit St. Thomas:

What months is hurricane season in St Thomas?

Hurricane season in St. Thomas is from the beginning of June to the end of November. However, most hurricanes hit between August and October.

When is the St. Thomas rainy season?

There is not a specific rainy season in St. Thomas like there is in many places around the world, but there is a hurricane season that takes place in the late summer and early fall.

However, St. Thomas experiences some rainy months, which you might want to avoid if you want a sunny trip. The rainiest month in St. Thomas is November, when there can be over seven inches of rain.

What is the hottest month in St Thomas?

The hottest months in St. Thomas are July, August, and September, all of which have an average high temperature of 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The average low temperature in St. Thomas in July, August, and September is 78 or 79 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the coldest month in St Thomas?

The coldest month in St. Thomas is January, when the average high temperature is 84 degrees Fahrenheit, which is still quite warm to almost everyone. At night, the average temperature drops down to 73 degrees Fahrenheit on average, which is common for the winter on the island.

So, What’s the Best Time to Visit St. Thomas?

The best time to visit St. Thomas is in the spring, around April or May, when you will beat not only the busy winter crowds but also hurricane season.

If you want to visit in the winter to escape the cold at home, you will have no problem with bad weather in St. Thomas, but it will also be busier, and you may pay higher prices as demand is high.

However, with so much natural beauty, friendly locals, and amazing food, you’re sure to love your trip, regardless of when you go. So what are you waiting for — book your trip to St. Thomas today!