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The Best & Worst Times to Visit Sedona in 2024 (Our Take)

The Best & Worst Times to Visit Sedona in 2024 (Our Take)

What's the best time to visit Sedona?

The best time to visit Sedona is between October and March, when mild, cooler temperatures descend on the town with perfect conditions for hiking to famous spots like Devils Bridge and Cathedral Rock, outdoor fall and spring festivals, and enjoying vineyards, breweries, and an array of local shops and eateries at the Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village.

Mystical Sedona occupies a special place on the bucket list of adventurous travelers and those who seek a beautiful, otherworldly experience. The climate here is milder than you’d expect in the Arizona desert, but it’s worth learning the best time to visit Sedona to plan a top-notch trip.

It’s a favorite place for hiking scenic trails among rust-colored buttes and canyons to unexpected forests of Ponderosa pines. The strange landscapes make it a hub for spiritual retreats, yoga and meditation, and mystical experiences at the famous Sedona vortexes.

In town, you’ll find excellent food and shopping options when you’re ready to take a break from the trails. The charming Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village is modeled after an old Mexican village with galleries, restaurants, and shops.

The Main Street strip has an array of psychic and tarot card readings, fudge shops, trendy eateries with beer and wine, and high-end boutiques selling everything from clothing to gourmet food. 

The seasonal variations in Sedona make it important to consider your travel dates carefully. The sweltering monsoon season, chances for winter snow, and peak tourism periods can make certain months less inviting for a visit. 

Let’s take a look at the overall best time to visit Sedona, along with the cheapest, least busy, and worst months you can visit. We’ll also show you what to expect in terms of weather, prices, crowds, and things to do for each season in Sedona. 

Overall Best Time to Visit Sedona

Rushing waters at Slide Rock State Park during the best time to visit Sedona

Silvio Ligutti/Shutterstock

The best time to visit Sedona is between October and March. These cooler months are dry, sunny, and absolutely perfect for all the outdoor adventures you’ll be taking in the stunning red rock and forest landscapes of Sedona. 

The weather in Sedona is prime during these months with highs from the mid-50s to the mid-70s. You can choose how warm you want it by adjusting your travel dates, but September through April sees generally pleasant weather with little rain/snow.

  • October: 53-76°F; 3-4 rainy days
  • November: 42-63°F; 3 rainy days
  • December: 36-55°F; 4-5 rainy/snowy days
  • January: 36-55°F; 4-5 rainy/snowy days
  • February: 38-59°F; 4-5 rainy/snowy days
  • March: 42-65°F; 4-5 rainy/snowy days

Even 4-5 rainy days won’t make much of a difference for your outdoor plans during these months — Sedona doesn’t usually see more than 1.0″-1.8″ of rainfall in a month-long period during this part of the year. It’s balmy, mild, and just right for spending time outdoors. 

The only thing to consider here is that March and October are the busiest months of the year in Sedona. You’ll find smaller crowds in November, early December (avoid Christmas to New Year’s Eve), January, and February if you’d rather hike trails without hundreds of others. 

Hike to the natural sandstone arch at Devils Bridge. There’s an easy trail if you’re looking for a quick out-and-back, but a longer trailhead is right next to it and leads to much more stunning views and rock formations.

Popular trails like Devils Bridge and Cathedral Rock are extraordinarily busy this time of year, so start your hike early to beat some of the crowds (and catch amazing sunrises). You could see snow from December to early March and wildflowers in bloom from mid-February to mid-June. 

You can also plan to do some stargazing on a night hike. The Broken Arrow Trail is perfect — start hiking in time to catch the sunset (bring a little wine and cheese picnic) and stay out to watch the stars light up the night sky. Bring flashlights to head back. 

Take a wine or distillery tour around the outskirts of Sedona to escape the crowds. Some of the best spots are Page Springs Vineyard & Cellars, Alcantara Vineyards, Vino Di Sedona, and Redwall Distillery. 

Head to a drum circle or live music night at Oak Creek Brewing Co. on Yavapai Drive in West Sedona to experience a unique night out with tasty craft beer and food.

There’s another Oak Creek Brewing Co. location in the Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village if you’re only after the brews and grub, but we love the Yavapai Drive location for the events and ambience. 

Since these are the peak tourism months, it’s not the cheapest time to visit. But some months are more affordable than others. We analyzed Google Hotels and Google Flights data to find out how much you can expect to pay this time of year:

  • October: $396/night; flights from $538
  • November: $367/night; flights from $561
  • December: $297/night; flights from $520
  • January: $244/night; flights from $420
  • February: $293/night; flights from $440
  • March: $285/night; flights from $490 

You’ll pay more for Sedona hotels in October than any other month (the excellent weather brings tourists in droves). Flights are pricier during November, but you’ll find great prices on flights from January to March with the cheapest peak season hotel prices in January. 

Keep an eye out for the huge number of festivals and events that happen between the mild months from October to March, like these:

  • Red Rocks Oktoberfest (mid-Oct) at Posse Grounds Park brings a taste of Germany to Sedona with music, costumes, beer gardens, contests, and themed food like sausages and pretzels
  • Sedona Arts Festival (mid-Oct) at Sedona Red Rock High School brings locals and tourists together with 125+ artists showcasing Southwestern artwork to fund scholarships and more
  • Plein Air Festival (late Oct) sees dozens of painters heading outdoors to paint Sedona scenes around town and along popular trails, then selling the new works at the Sedona Arts Center Art Barn that weekend
  • Food Truck Festival (early Nov) brings popular food trucks to Posse Grounds Park with everything from beer and wine to food and snacks on the menu
  • Sedona Turkey Trot 5K (Nov) is always held on Thanksgiving Day with runners starting and finishing a 5K at Posse Grounds Park 
  • Festival of Lights (Dec) in the famous Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village brings over 6,000 paper-bag luminaries with live music and refreshments, a Santa Village, and visits from North Pole characters for the kids
  • Winter Play Day (mid-Jan) is a family-fun day in Sedona’s Posse Grounds Park with DJs and live music, food and drinks, face painting booths, inflatables, and prize raffles
  • Sedona Marathon (early Feb) brings people to run 5K, 10K, and Half Marathon events through the beautiful Sedona scenery with courses running through cool rock formations and desert skies in cooler February
  • Sedona International Film Festival (late Feb-Mar) at the Harkins Sedona 6 Theater screens 150+ films over 9 days from some of the best indie filmmakers across the globe in one of the biggest festivals in Sedona
  • Mountain Bike Festival (early Mar) is a big 3-day mountain bike expo event with riding, vendors, demos, beer garden, live music, and skill clinics with a red singletrack onsite at Posse Grounds Park
  • Celebration of Spring (late Mar) includes a carnival with rides, egg hunts for all ages, inflatables, pictures with the Easter Bunny, and food booths to ring in the springtime at Posse Grounds Park

With the best hiking weather, lots going on, and affordable prices/smaller crowds from November to February, the months from October to March are easily the best time to visit Sedona overall. 

Cheapest Time to Visit Sedona

Courthouse Butte in Sedona Arizona during the worst time to go, the Winter

Alexey Stiop/Shutterstock

The cheapest time to visit Sedona is during January, April, June, and August. These affordable months see varying weather and events with big drops in average hotel and airfare prices, making it possible to enjoy a trip to Sedona on a budget. 

Chilly January, balmy April, hot June, and rainy, hot August are all great months to visit if your top priority is saving money on your trip to Sedona. Expect more rain in August than the other months and hot temperatures in June and August:

  • January: 36-55°F; 4-5 rainy/snowy days
  • April: 48-72°F; 2-3 rainy days
  • June: 65-91°F; 2 rainy days 
  • August: 68-91°F; 11-12 rainy days 

January is cool and mild with chances for snow and mostly dry conditions. It’s a prime month for hiking and outdoor adventures in the absence of the summer heat. April is warmer with even less rain, making it one of our favorite months to visit. 

June is hot with highs above 90°F, as is August. But a striking difference here is how much wetter August is — that’s because July begins the monsoon season in Sedona. Monsoons appear as afternoon storms that dump lots of rain quickly and can make hiking dangerous. 

That’s why January and April are better for all-day hiking, while June and August are better suited for morning hikes and spending afternoons and evenings in town. Because of monsoon season flooding concerns, avoid hiking on trails near riverbeds and creeks during August. 

Check out some ancient Native American petroglyphs and ruins. Palatki ruins can be found in the Coconino National Forest’s Palatiki Heritage Site, where cliff-dwelling tribes left rock art, ruins, and petroglyphs behind. 

Any of these months are a great time to go trout fishing at Sedona’s Rainbow Trout Farm. There’s a scenic stocked pond teeming with rainbow trout. Catch your own, then use the grills around the pond to cook up your catch for a memorable Sedona meal. 

Take a journey out to the Chapel of the Holy Cross (Chapel in the Rock) in Coconino National Forest. It’s a Catholic Church built right into the red rock buttes, overlooking the formations. It’s one of the most popular places to visit, so come early to avoid crowds

You’ll love the prices in January, April, June, and August. Data from Google Hotels and Google Flights shows that you can pay as little as $244/night on average for accommodations and $334 for round trip flights: 

  • January: $244/night; flights from $420 
  • April: $322/night; flights from $354 
  • June: $253/night; flights from $334 
  • August: $253/night; flights from $356 

January sees the lowest average prices on Sedona hotels, while the best flight prices during these months can be found in June. Overall, June is the cheapest month to visit Sedona, but April and January see better conditions weather-wise. 

As far as events go, these tend to be months with fewer festivals than more popular months like March, May, and July. Make plans to check out the Winter Play Day in mid-January at Sedona’s Posse Grounds Park with DJs and live music, food and drinks, face painting booths, inflatables, and prize raffles. 

Least Busy Time to Visit Sedona

Downtown Sedona during the least busy time to visit with various old-time stores at the foot of the red rocks

Lynne Neuman/Shutterstock

The least busy time to visit Sedona is April through August. April is the least-crowded month of the year, but May through August also see a fraction of the visitors that pour in during the popular spring and fall months. 

April through August sees the hottest and wettest weather of the year in Sedona, making it a less popular time to visit overall. But if you’re looking to avoid crowds, it might be just the right time for you to go. 

With highs between 72°F and 91°F, the earlier you come and visit during this period, the better weather you’ll enjoy. April and May are really nice, but June is hot and July and August bring the monsoon season with sweltering temperatures. 

  • April: 48-72°F; 2-3 rainy days
  • May: 57-81°F; 2 rainy days
  • June: 65-91°F; 2 rainy days
  • July: 69-93°F; 9-10 rainy days
  • August: 68-91°F; 11-12 rainy days

Even though July and August can see up to 12 rainy days, the amount of rainfall isn’t usually bad — about 2.1″ on average in August. But flash flooding can be a concern with the parched grounds struggling to absorb sudden rainfall at once. 

If you plan on doing some hiking during these months, April and May are better, but you might see a few more people on the trails than during June-August.

June can be too hot for enjoyable hikes, and while July and August are just as hot, they do offer some relief from the heat with rainfall and cloud cover. They’re the quietest months to be on the trails. 

Hiking during July and August should start early in the morning, close to dawn, and wrap up before the afternoon storms hit to avoid the highest temperatures of the day and flooding concerns. 

This is a good time to catch a movie at the Harkins Sedona 6 Theater on a rainy afternoon or evening. There are some great galleries and shops in the Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village that also make great outings on a rainy day during the monsoon season. 

Go to an outdoor concert when the weather’s nice. You’ll be able to catch great local bands playing at Posse Grounds Park every Friday night in May during the Red Dirt Concerts series. 

For a treat, make dinner reservations at the Enchantment Resort. The upscale Che Ah Chi or laid-back Tii Gavo both offer great food with stunning views of the sunset if you time your meal correctly. If it’s nice out, ask for patio seating. 

Hike Oak Creek Canyon now, when it’s not as crowded as during the peak months. Start at dawn to avoid the hottest temperatures in June, July, and August. You can even take a scenic drive through the gorge to glimpse the stunning views without breaking a sweat! 

While some of the cheapest months of the year are also the least busy (like April, June, and August), there are some periods with higher prices, like May and July. 

  • April: $322/night; flights from $354
  • May: $287/night; flights from $531 
  • June: $253/night; flights from $334 
  • July: $252/night; flights from $561 
  • August: $253/night; flights from $356

You’ll save more by visiting during June, then August, then April. July and May are more expensive — the difference can be hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on how long you’re staying and whether or not you fly in. 

Here are some of the events you can look forward to between April and August in Sedona. There’s a nice variety with something for everyone: 

  • Red Dirt Concerts (every Fri. in May) are held at Posse Grounds Park with free live music from 5-8PM featuring local bands performing at the park pavilion
  • Sedona Yoga Festival (early May) features yoga classes for all skill levels, sound baths, music, vendors, and keynote speakers to the vortex of Sedona in this 4-day festival
  • 4th of July Celebration (Jul 4) includes a free swim day at Posse Grounds Park with a huge fireworks show after sunset, live music, food and drink booths, and a full day of splashing fun
  • Sedona Hummingbird Festival (late Jul) focuses on the tiny hummingbird with garden tours, vendor booths, birding outings, and speaker presentations by the International Hummingbird Society

If crowded vacations aren’t your thing, it’s worth it to come to Sedona during the less popular months of April, May, June, July, and August. Just know what you’re getting into weather-wise and stay prepared and aware when you’re heading out on the trails! 

Worst Time to Visit Sedona

Woman standing in a Winter Coat with clouds over the hills during the cheapest time to visit Sedona

Harry Beugelink/Shutterstock

The worst time to visit Sedona is during June and December. June is hot and there’s almost no wind or cloud cover, so it’s the worst time for hiking and outdoor activities. Mid-to-late December is chilly and packed with holiday tourists. 

June and December are the worst months in Sedona for totally different reasons. The temperatures in June could be bearable if you were hanging out by a pool or ocean, but among the red rocks and dirt, it can be unbearably hot. 

In December, temperatures are much more hiking-friendly with highs in the mid-50s. But snowfall can occur with ice and snow creating issues on some trails at this high elevation, and crowds from Christmas to New Year’s Eve can be a headache. 

  • June: 65-91°F; 2 rainy days 
  • December: 36-55°F; 4-5 rainy/snowy days

In June, take a scenic drive on Red Rock Loop Road in West Sedona for some gorgeous views of the rusty rock formations around you. The loop leads right back to town for a convenient and picturesque afternoon drive when it’s hot out. 

Hiking is still possible in June, but don’t forget to bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and snacks to fuel you up in the heat. Set out as early as you can — the closer to dawn, the better. 

In December, you can check out the Santa village and holiday lights and luminaries in the Tlaquepaque Arts and Shopping Village. Stop for a sandwich and beer at the Secret Garden Cafe while you’re here! 

Note that in December, some parks will be closed and limit your hiking. Trailheads will still be open, but if there’s snow and ice on the ground, they can be difficult to reach.

The trailheads that are clear might be packed with families on the weekends surrounding Christmas and New Year’s Eve, so be aware of potential parking issues. 

Pricing is something to consider, as well. While neither month sees the highest prices on hotels or flights, December is much more expensive than June for a visit. It’s the more mild and comfortable of the two months. 

  • June: $253/night; flights from $334
  • December: $297/night; flights from $520

There’s not much going on during these months in Sedona, but you can check out the Festival of Lights in the Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village. There are over 6,000 paper-bag luminaries with live music and refreshments, a Santa Village, and visits from North Pole characters for the kids. 

You’re better off visiting during just about any other month. Even the surrounding months of May, July, November, and January are better options with either lower temperatures, more cloud cover (more comfortable hiking), smaller crowds, or lower prices. 

Sedona by Month: What to Expect

Welcome sign on the outskirts of town that says Sedona Founded 1902

Jim Vallee/Shutterstock

This is a city that can be visited year-round, but if you’re serious about pinpointing the best time to visit Sedona, pay attention to the weather, prices, crowds, and activities for each month to find the perfect time to go. 


Cool and dry with highs around 55°F and 4-5 days of rain with a little snow, January is a great time for hiking, visiting the Chapel of the Holy Cross (built into a butte), or Jeep tours. Hotels are cheap, around $244/night, and flights start at $420. Check out the Winter Play Day in the middle of the month with family-friendly activities at Posse Grounds Park. 


Slightly warmer with highs around 59°F and 4-5 rainy/snowy days, February is one of the best months in Sedona with fair prices on hotels ($293/night on average) and flights (from $440). This month, the popular Sedona International Film Festival and Sedona Marathon take place. 


March feels like springtime with highs around 65°F and 4-5 rainy days with potential snow dustings. The Mountain Bike Festival and Posse Grounds Park Celebration of Spring are fun events in March, when hotels cost around $285/night and flights start at $490. It’s one of the best months to visit with prime hiking and exploring weather. 


April sees highs around 72°F with just 2-3 rainy days — some of the best weather of the year. It’s one of the cheapest and least busy months to visit with hotels around $322/night and flights starting at $354 round trip. It’s the perfect month to explore Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village, take scenic drives through Oak Creek Canyon, or hike out to Devils Bridge. 


May in Sedona looks like 81°F highs and around 2 rainy days — hot, dry, but still nice for hiking if you stick to areas with shade. This month, hotels average $287/night and flights start at $531. Fewer people visit this month as temperatures creep up, but Red Dirt Concerts series in Posse Grounds Park and the Sedona Yoga Festival see upticks in tourists. 


Hot June sees highs around 91°F with little rain and cheap prices on hotels and flights ($253/night and $334+ flights). It’s not the best month to visit for hiking and outdoor activities, but you’ll enjoy kayaking on the Verde River, seeing Native American Palatki ruins in Coconino National Park, or enjoying the bars, wineries, and breweries in Sedona. 


July marks the start of monsoon season in Sedona, bringing afternoon storms (9-10 rainy days) that can lead to flash flooding and make late day hikes dangerous. Morning hikes and festivals like the 4th of July Celebration or Sedona Hummingbird Festival can be fun while it’s less crowded. Hotels are cheap around $252/night, but flights cost upwards of $561 round trip. 


Continuing monsoon season, August highs around 91°F with 11-12 rainy days makes its weather less ideal for hiking unless you set out early. This less-busy month is a good time to do a winery tour, take a yoga class, or enjoy sunset dining on a shaded patio with great views. You’ll pay just $253/night on average for hotels with flights from $356. 


September cools slightly to 85°F highs with 6 rainy days as monsoon season ends. With the second round of Red Dirt Concerts each Friday night, the WagFest & Fair, and Sedona WineFest this month, there’s a lot going on as the weather cools down. Hotels cost about $346/night with flights from $433. 


Busy October is a peak month with its nice weather in the upper 70s with 3-4 rainy days. As people flock to Sedona, hotel prices rise to $396/night on average with flights from $538 round trip. Lots of events happen, from the Red Rocks Oktoberfest and Sedona Arts Festival to the Plein Air Festival with nature-themed art painted by locals outside. 


November is a great month to visit with highs around 63°F, 3 rainy days, and hotels around $367/night. Flights start at $561, higher than October, but fun events like the Food Truck Festival in Posse Grounds Park and the Sedona Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day can be cool to check out in between hikes and national park visits. 


Cool December is another excellent month to visit Sedona with highs in the mid-50s and 4-5 rainy days. Early December is less busy, but things pick up around Christmas through the New Year. Hotels average $297/night with flights from $520, and you’ll be able to check out the Festival of Lights at Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Holy Cross Chapel built into the red cliffside with a gorgeous red sky above

Edwin Verin/Shutterstock

If you’re worried about missing out on the best time to visit Sedona, take a look through the FAQs below to learn more about the perfect seasons to go. 

What is the best month to visit Sedona?

March and April are the best months to visit Sedona overall for hiking, wildflowers, and greenery around the town and trails. March is cooler and milder (65°F highs with 4-5 rainy days) but more crowded, so choose April (72°F highs with 2-3 rainy days) for less tourists and cheaper prices on hotels and flights.

How many days do you need in Sedona?

You need 3-5 days in Sedona if you plan on doing moderate hiking, a little shopping and dining around town, and exploring cool areas like the Chapel of the Holy Cross and Palatki Native American ruins in Coconino National Park.

What are the rainy months in Sedona?

July through August are the rainiest months in Sedona and are considered the monsoon season. Afternoon storms rock the area with sudden downpours that can lead to flash flooding. September sees less rain, and from October to June, things are mostly dry in Sedona.

Is Sedona crowded in April?

Sedona is not crowded in April -- it’s actually the least busy month of the year, according to visitor data from Google Hotels. That’s surprising, because April ranks as one of the best months to visit with mild weather, little rain, and cheap prices on hotels and flights.

What is the cheapest month to go to Sedona?

The cheapest month to go to Sedona is June when you consider both average hotel prices ($253/night) and airfare (flights from $334). January boasts the lowest average nightly prices at Sedona hotels. June is dry, hot, and better for early morning hikes.

So, When Should You Go to Sedona?

👍 Best Time to VisitOctober-March
💲 Cheapest Time to VisitJanuary, April, June, & August
🗓️ Least Busy Time to VisitApril-August
👎 Worst Time to VisitJune & December

The best time to visit Sedona is between October and March — the coolest, driest months with prime weather for hiking. The red rocks and desert landscape is particularly gorgeous during these months, transforming from colorful fall in snow-dappled winter and green, blooming spring. 

But you’ll save money by coming during January, April, June, or August, when hotels average as low as $244/night with flights starting around $330 round trip. Crowds are smallest between April and August, when it’s hot, rainy, and less comfortable for hiking. 

The months of June and December are the two to avoid if you want to steer clear of the worst hiking weather (June) and high prices with big crowds (December). 

Still, the otherworldly beauty and charm of Sedona beckons to travelers year-round as the landscape transforms through the seasons in equally gorgeous ways. If you can manage a visit between fall and early spring, you’ll enjoy the best Sedona has to offer.