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The Best Time to Visit San Antonio (Updated for 2023)

The Best Time to Visit San Antonio (Updated for 2023)

Ah yes, the beautiful city of San Antonio – what’s not to love? From the lively streets along the River Walk to the numerous historical monuments rich with heritage, there’s no shortage of things to do regarding the bustling Texan city.

Given that it’s the 7th most populous city in the United States and a huge tourist attraction year-round, you will want to know precisely when the most optimal time to visit is.

Otherwise, you risk your vacation being overtaken by crowds of people and inconveniences. We can’t have that now, can we? Fret not! Because we’re here to help!

We’ll tell you exactly when the best time to visit San Antonio is, as well as give you a plethora of other handy tips. After you’re done reading this all-inclusive guide, you’ll have everything you need to plan the perfect trip to this fantastic city, so stay tuned!

Why You Should Visit San Antonio

Photo of the historic Market Square with colorful flags taken for a guide titled Best Time to Visit San Antonio

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San Antonio is a major city located on the southern-central side of Texas. It’s home to an alluring city alongside the San Antonio River, which hosts many restaurants, bars, shops, f museums, and other attractions.

It’s one of the most beautiful places to live on the planet and draws in tons of visitors each year. The most famous part of San Antonio, known as the River Walk, is a two-sided, 15-mile-long stretch that encompasses roughly 3.5 miles of downtown San Antonio.

This area is easily walkable due to the many bridges connecting the two sides, but small duck boats and electric scooters are also popular means of travel.

Besides the River Walk, there are many historical monuments, such as the Alamo, and decommissioned missions scattered throughout that now serve as museums. You’ll also see statues of famous figures and various landmarks detailing the deep history of San Antonio, Texas, and Mexico.

Whether you’re a dedicated history buff looking to learn something new, a foodie who wants to try some delicious food, or just a sucker for beautiful places, then San Antonio should be at the top of your destination list!

Overall Best Time to Visit San Antonio

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The overall best time to visit San Antonio is between September and April. Obviously, this is a wide range of seasons, so you’ll have to choose a month that suits you.

Your first instinct may be to plan your trip for summer, and while it’s not a terrible time to go, it’s often pretty hot and sees an abundance of out-of-state visitors. Generally, fall and spring have the best weather as the temperatures are cool but not freezing.

Visiting periods during these months isn’t as bad as summer, and you’ll find that it’s a much more laid-back experience. Of course, don’t count out winter, either! You might think that this is a sub-optimal time to visit and a waste of a holiday break, but that’s just not the case.

During the holidays, the River Walk becomes a stunning scape full of lights, music, and joyous festivities. In fact, the holidays are when the city is at its peak and make for a lovely romantic getaway.

While there’s no terrible time to go to San Antonio, opting for a fall, winter, or spring trip may yield much more enjoyable trips than the summer.

Cheapest Time to Visit San Antonio

Gorgeous shot of the Meditation Garden at the old west spanish mission pictured during the cheapest time to visit San Antonio Texas

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The cheapest times to visit San Antonio are generally between late September and early December. Tourism is a bit slower during this period, so hotels and flights are much cheaper than at other times of the year.

For the most inexpensive vacation possible, you’ll want to avoid going in the summer and in late December. Summer because it’s peak vacationing season and late December because flight prices usually skyrocket due to a flux in holiday travel.

Additionally, another cheap period to visit the city is after January 8th, when the winter travel hype is over and everything is winding down.

This prime phase of cheap flights and hotels will last until spring or roughly mid-April. Planning your trip in the off-season has quite a few benefits when it comes to cheaper travel expenses and less crowded areas, so don’t be afraid to go during these times!

Least Busy Time to Visit San Antonio

Cool night view of the riverwalk with a cobblestone and concrete path next to the water pictured during the least busy time to visit San Antonio


As luck would have it, the cheapest time to visit San Antonio is the least busy time to visit as well.

There aren’t as many people going to the beautiful River Walk and historical monuments of the city between fall and spring, but there’s still a steady flow of travelers, so the area doesn’t feel barren.

So if the flights are cheap and there aren’t as many people going in these months, then what’s the catch? Surely there must be an underlying reason why these months aren’t as crowded as summer, right?

Well, the main reason is that San Antonio is marketed as a summer city. Since summer is when tourism is highest, it’s not surprising that one of the best attractions in America sees more traffic during these months than any other.

It’s also when people have the freest time, though; that’s pretty universal regardless of where you go. In short, if you don’t want to wait in long lines to get into a restaurant, or be stuffed next to dozens of other people when visiting the Alamo, then this is the time to go.

Worst Time to Visit San Antonio

Gorgeous view of a nice summer day at the Pearl during a heatwave during the worst time to visit San Antonio

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We said it before, and we’ll say it again, there is no truly “worst” time to visit San Antonio. That said, there are still times to go that are better than others.

If you hate crowds and hot weather, then summer is not the best time for you. It’s also way more expensive during this period. Winter is cheaper and less crowded, but it can get pretty cold.

While the lights and decorations are beautiful to look at, many attractions may also be closed. Still, it won’t be as bad as a boardwalk during winter as many people still visit around the colder months, and there isn’t a shortage of indoor activities either.

For the best experience you can get, try going during early spring or late fall! Not only is the weather well-rounded during these periods, but flights and hotel costs are relatively low as well.

Things to Consider

Before you reserve those plane tickets to San Antonio and book that hotel, there are a few things you will want to consider. The River Walk, along with the rest of the city, is one of the most mesmerizing places on Earth, so you should ensure that everything is perfect.

  • Be on the lookout for festivals. Other than the Christmas celebrations, there are tons of festivals year-round that occur on and around the River Walk. Whether you fancy food, wine, music, art, or something else, there’s a festival for everyone, and planning your trip around one can make for a fun and unique experience.
  • Staying at downtown hotels is nice, but… they’re expensive. While you might be tempted to get a nice hotel on the River Walk, it can get pretty pricey. Instead, you can search for nearby accommodations that are much more affordable and don’t require you to break the bank. Many of these hotels are located on the outskirts and are still within walking distance to most of the city’s attractions.
  • Don’t just go for the historical monuments. While there’s tons of history behind San Antonio, there’s so much more to see than just museums and old missions. For example, many people go for the Alamo, but they fail to realize that it’s actually pretty small and won’t even take up half a day’s worth of time. Instead, take some time to explore and try the good eats along the way.
  • Don’t take a car downtown. Trust us with this one, you won’t get anywhere with a car, and there isn’t a point in paying extra for one unless you’re traveling to other places as well. Everything downtown is within walking distance, and there are electric bikes and scooters for farther destinations.
  • Dress for the heat. If you do go during summer, you can probably guess that San Antonio gets pretty hot. While locals don’t mind it, the scorching temperatures deter many out-of-state residents from visiting anytime past July. Still, if you don’t mind a little sun (which may or may not occasionally reach over 100 °F), then you’ve got to dress in light clothing and put plenty of sunscreen on. Protect yourself further with hats and sunglasses, and make sure you stay hydrated.
  • Night owls rejoice! Sure, there’s lots to do during the day, but you’ll want to stay awake a little longer after dawn because San Antonio is notorious for its dynamic nightlife. Whether you’re hankering to see the boats light up in the dark or spending some time hopping from bar to bar, the party doesn’t end when the sun goes down! If you’re lucky, you may even see a mariachi band playing for an amorous couple dancing in the night.
  • Be safe. The River Walk is a fantastic place to be, but there are also a few dangers aside from the heat. You can easily fall in the river if you’re not careful, and while this isn’t life-threatening, you don’t want to spend the day drying off (especially if you go in winter). Plus, since the river is full of small boats, you don’t want to risk getting run over by one. Additionally, San Antonio has seen an increase in crime rates as of 2020; however, this pertains to the city as a whole. You’ll be fine just as long as you stick to the touristy parts of the city.
  • Look out for the little things. When you’re on the Walk, you’ll want to look out for the little things that the online guides don’t mention. For example, there’s a bridge full of locks with names on them to represent lovers who have visited the location. It’s not as widely talked about as the Alamo and pretty easy to miss, but it’s little details like this that make the trip all the more special. The point is to take your time and take in the sights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Neat and artistic view of the Mission's walls during the best time to visit San Antonio with a brick path next to the planters and the walls

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Here are some frequently asked questions around the web about the best time to visit San Antonio:

How many days do you need to see San Antonio?

As a general rule of thumb, you should reserve at least three full days when visiting San Antonio. If you want to stay longer, there’s a lot to do in the city and the surrounding area, but anything less is too little.

What is the rainy season in San Antonio?

The rainy season in San Antonio is a period where the city receives much more rainfall than other times of the year and lasts between May 7th and November 3rd.

What is the hottest month in San Antonio?

On average, the hottest month of the year in San Antonio is August, with regular highs of 95°F. While the city offers plenty of shade and places to cool off, it’s still not recommended to go around this time.

How far apart are San Antonio and Austin?

The distance between San Antonio and Austin is roughly 79 miles. A trip by car will take you about an hour and thirteen minutes, despite Austin being the nearest major city to San Antonio. Considering how spread out Texas is, this travel time is actually relatively short.

Does it cost to see the Alamo?

Nope, seeing the Alamo is entirely free! You will, however, have to reserve your place in advance, which is done to avoid overcrowding and keep things organized. Other than that, the Alamo, along with many other historical churches, have free entry.

Is the San Antonio River Walk worth it?

The San Antonio River Walk is a top-tier destination and 100 percent worth every penny. It’s a charming area with tons to do and seemingly endless sights to see, and you’ll be sad once it’s time to leave.

So, What’s the Best Time to Visit San Antonio?

By now, you’re probably itching to go to San Antonio and emulsify yourself into the deep culture riddled within the city. After all, who wouldn’t be excited? It’s a beautiful area with tons of tasty food and fun activities, so before you get packing, here’s a quick recap of everything we covered:

The overall best time to visit San Antonio is between September and April. The exact month you visit will depend on your temperature preference, but there’s no terrible time to go.

Summer, of course, is pretty hot and expensive, so you might want to avoid going in these months. Additionally, winter is cheap as long as you avoid traveling during the holidays (and don’t mind the cold).

All in all, there’s always a lot to do regardless of when you visit, so don’t be afraid to go in the offseason. And when you get to the city, make sure you check out any festivals or other events going on.

Take your time seeing the sights and enjoy a vivid nightlife after dark. Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ve moved San Antonio to the top of your destination list!