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The Best & Worst Times to Visit Oregon in 2024 (Our Take)

The Best & Worst Times to Visit Oregon in 2024 (Our Take)

What's the best time to visit Oregon?

The best time to visit Oregon is between mid-June and September — the dry, warm peak season that’s packed with festivals, excellent hiking and beach weather, and urban exploration opportunities. Cities like Portland and Eugene hold a variety of music and cultural festivals in summer with comfortable highs in the 70s and low 80s.

As a hub for outdoor adventure (there are 360 state parks!) and bustling cities packed with things to do, Oregon is one of our favorite states in the Pacific Northwest. From quirky Portland to scenic mountains in Bend and rugged coastlines, you’re in for a treat when you visit Oregon. 

But whether you’re coming for hiking and fishing or urban exploration, it’s better to visit during certain months of the year. The best time to visit Oregon varies depending on your travel goals — are you looking for the overall best, cheapest, or least busy time to go?

We’ll show you what you can expect year-round in Oregon, like weather conditions, prices on hotels and flights, and things to do, so you can find the perfect season for your trip and make sure you can enjoy all the activities you’re planning on doing. 

Overall Best Time to Visit Oregon

Bright blue river flowing through a forest during the best time to visit Oregon

Sarah Quintans/Shutterstock

Late June to September is the best time to visit Oregon overall. The weather is dry and warm, so outdoor festivals and events pop up in cities across the state while conditions are perfect for hiking, fishing, and camping in state parks.

The weather in Oregon is great this time of year. It’s the dry season, so you can expect warm, sunny weather with cooler nights and limited rainfall. That makes it the perfect time of year to get outside, attend some festivals, and sightsee around Portland, Salem, and Eugene. 

  • June: 72-80°F; 4-6 rainy days
  • July: 81-89°F; 1-2 rainy days
  • August: 81-88°F; 1-2 rainy days
  • September: 73-78°F; 2-6 rainy days

June is mild and pleasant, but July and August are warmer with very little rain. Crowds will be bigger during these 3 months, but come milder September, tourism slows down a bit (outside of Labor Day weekend). 

During the peak season, conditions are just right to visit buzzing coastal towns, like Cannon Beach and Manzanita, where you can walk on pretty beaches, fish, and hike at places like Oswald West State Park. For swimming, lakes and rivers around Oregon are warmer (but most will still be pretty chilly, even with 90°F days). 

This is a great time to hike out to Crater Lake in Crater Lake National Park on the Cleetwood Cove Trail. It’s only open from mid-June to late October, so this is your chance to make your way down to the shore for a bracing quick dip or some fishing. 

Visit Bend to hike in the Cascades, go up to the awe-inspiring Pilot Butte State Scenic Viewpoint, or walk around the Old Mill District for cool boutiques, eateries, and drinks in a historic setting. Over in Tigard, there’s a hot air balloon festival in June that’s really incredible to see! 

Portland is absolutely alive during the summer months, so this is a nice time of year to visit if you like to go where the action is. Back-to-back concerts, outdoor fairs, and music festivals take place.

In between events, check out great restaurants, coffee shops, local stores, and museums. Don’t miss the Oregon Zoo, Portland Art Museum, and the giant Powell’s Books downtown. Stroll 26th Avenue for an incredible array of eateries, from Mexican food and cheeseburgers to Ethiopian cuisine and Japanese fare. 

Since it’s the peak season, you might worry that it’s expensive to come to Oregon this time of year — but it’s not! We took data from Google Hotels and Skyscanner (flights to Portland, OR) to give you an idea of what you might pay when you visit during the best months: 

  • June: $140/night; flights from $50 
  • July: $155/night; flights from $84
  • August: $140/night; flights from $64
  • September: $139/night; flights from $73

While these are some of the most expensive months of the year for hotels across Oregon, the average nightly price is still under $160 and there are some excellent deals on airfare this time of year (especially in June and August). 

Some of the best events and festivals of the year take place during these months because the weather is absolutely prime for it. Here’s what you can check out around the state between June and September:

  • Portland Rose Festival (early Jun) welcomes summer with fireworks, a Starlight Parade, Grand Floral Parade, and rose-themed goods, plants, and more for sale with food and live music 
  • Bloody Mary Festival (mid-Jun) honors the brunch staple beverage with dining hotspots around Portland participating with their own twists on the Bloody Mary, from those piled high with add-ons to simple classics 
  • Cannon Beach Sandcastle Contest (mid-Jun) brings awesome sculptures up from the sands of Cannon Beach with community bonfires, marshmallow roasting, live music, and chances to view the best sculptures at this free event
  • Portland Pride Festival and Parade (mid-Jun) celebrates the LGBT community with a colorful and festive parade and city-wide parties at bars and eateries downtown
  • Tigard Festival of Balloons (late Jun) offers the chance to see dozens of hot air balloons take flight from Cook Park in Tigard (or even take a ride) with food and art booths, live music, and a beer garden 
  • Waterfront Blues Festival and Fireworks (early Jul) in Portland’s Tom McCall Waterfront Park is a huge music festival featuring 100+ blues acts on 4 stages with a great fireworks display on July 4th
  • Cathedral Park Jazz Festival (mid-Jul) calls for a lawn chair or blanket to enjoy 3 days of jazz with a wine and beer garden, food booths, and art vendors set up at Cathedral Park under St. John’s Bridge
  • Oregon Brewers Festival (late Jul) celebrates the rich brewing history of Oregon with this festival filled with local microbrewers offering their ales, ciders, lagers, and pale ales to attendees with food booths at Tom McCall Waterfront Park in Portland
  • Vancouver Wine and Jazz Festival (late Aug) brings jazz bands, regional wine tastings, food, a formal ball, and art booths to Esther Short Park in downtown Vancouver
  • Oregon State Fair (late Aug to early Sept) is the biggest fair in the state with traditional crafts, art, food, and livestock competitions, rides, concerts, and more at the Oregon State Fairgrounds in Salem 
  • Mount Angel Oktoberfest (mid Sept) honors German culture with a beer garden, German food, vendor booths, a car show, live music, and competitions 

Most people come to Oregon to experience the natural beauty of the scenic outdoors here — the Cascade Mountains, the rugged coasts, the dense forests, and the lakes, caves, and rivers in the high lava plains. You won’t find a better time of year to explore it all. 

Cheapest Time to Visit Oregon

Photo of a woman hiking a mountain in shorts and throwing her hands up during the cheapest time to visit Oregon


The cheapest time to visit Oregon is during the months of May and June. While these are popular peak season months, you can score the lowest airfare of the year to travel here and enjoy affordable hotel rates under $150/night. 

For budget-friendly travels, you can plan on coming to Oregon during May or June to save some money on your trip and still experience the mild-to-warm weather that makes this state so enjoyable in the summer. 

May can still be cool, with highs in the mid-60s to the low 70s, but June sees the arrival of summer weather and fewer rainy days as the dry season gets into its stride. 

  • May: 64-71°F; 6-9 rainy days
  • June: 72-80°F; 4-6 rainy days

While May might seem wet compared to June, it’s nothing when you consider that the rainy season in Oregon can mean as many as 17 rainy days per month. If you’ll be hanging out at the beach or lake, hiking, river rafting, or fishing, this is a great time to come without breaking the bank. 

Check out a flower festival. You’ll find some vibrant rhododendron, rose, and iris events around the state in May and June. Visit a vineyard like Anne Amie Vineyards or Yamhill Valley Vineyards for special tastings and events (it’s Wine Month in May).

Why not take a mild day for a hike out to a waterfall? In May and June, the falls are rushing with snowmelt and wildflowers are blooming on the paths that lead to them.

Some of the best are 66′ Drift Creek Falls (Otis) that you cross the state’s longest suspension bridge to reach and the Trail of Ten Falls (Sublimity) to see multiple cascades, some you can walk behind. 

Experience a taste of Japan with the cherry blossom season at Portland’s Tom McCall Waterfront Park and the Portland Japanese Gardens, where hundreds of trees burst into bloom in May. Pop into Umami Cafe at the garden for an immersive experience with mochi and green tea. 

Drive the scenic and activity-packed Fruit Loop in Hood River during May and June to pass almost 30 orchards, cideries, breweries, vineyards, and farms on a charming path through the Columbia River Gorge. You can eat, drink, and pick up some goodies along the way!

May is a good time for whale watching off Oregon’s coast, so keep your eyes peeled for spouts and gray whales breaching the water on their way back to the Arctic. 

If summertime activities just aren’t your jam, it’s still skiing season on Mount Hood or Mount Bachelor, where the snow sticks around through late May if you want to hit the slopes. 

Let’s take a look at how much you can expect to pay when you visit Oregon during May or June, according to data taken from Google Hotels and Skyscanner:

  • May: $127/night; flights from $43
  • June: $140/night; flights from $50

Compare these costs to the next-cheapest period to visit, from December to January and in April:

  • December: $117/night; flights from $168 
  • January: $126/night; flights from $227
  • April: $118/night; flights from $100

While December-January and April are the cheapest months to stay in Oregon with average hotel prices ranging from $117-$126/night, May and June are the cheapest months to visit overall thanks to the much-lower airfare available during these months. 

You’ll be amazed at how much is going on in May and June across the state. We’ve listed the June events above under Overall Best Time to Visit Oregon, but here’s what’s happening in May:

  • Oregon Wine Month (May) happens all month long with vineyards across the state participating, offering new blends and regional varieties grown in the fertile soils of Oregon with special events, concerts, tastings, and more 
  • Cinco de Mayo Fiesta (May 5) in Portland’s Tom McCall Waterfront Park celebrates Mexican Independence Day with Mexican food, drinks, and music all day long 
  • Central Oregon Taco Festival (mid-May) takes place on Mother’s Day weekend in the Old Mill District of Bend with dozens of varieties of tasty tacos and all the toppings you could desire from local restaurants and food trucks
  • Florence Rhododendron Festival (mid-May) features a pageant where the Queen Rhododendra is crowned, Rhody Days parade, car show, arts and crafts vendors, and rhododendrons in bloom along the coast 
  • KeizerFest (May) happens when all of the 500+ iris varieties at the lush gardens synchronize their blooms for a stunning 10-acre display with 3K, 5K, and full marathon runs, food booths, live music, and a parade
  • McMenamins UFO Festival (mid-May) in McMinnville commemorates a family’s UFO sighting on a nearby farm with a huge annual festival that brings UFO believers and speakers from around the world with lectures, parades, and themed goods for sale

With great, mild weather to enjoy the outdoors and city sightseeing and the cheapest prices you’ll find for hotels and airfare, May and June are excellent months to visit Oregon on a budget — and still have tons of fun. 

Least Busy Time to Visit Oregon

South loop trail on the Trail of Ten Falls during the best time to visit Oregon

Joshua Rainey Photography/Shutterstock

January through April is the least busy time to visit Oregon. The cool winter weather, gloomy skies, and heavy rain make it less comfortable for tourists. Fewer people come during these months, leaving the state much quieter than usual. 

You’ll feel the effects of Oregon’s rainy/snowy season if you visit between January and April, though you’ll miss the worst of it (November and December). The areas near the coast are wetter during this season: 

  • January: 42-48°F; 7-15 rainy/snowy days
  • February: 46-52°F; 6-14 rainy/snowy days
  • March: 51-57°F; 7-15 rainy/snowy days
  • April: 57-63°F; 6-13 rainy/snowy days

With lots of precipitation during each month, you might consider visiting the drier parts of Oregon — like the northeast of Oregon — where just 1″ to 2.5″ of rainfall occurs each month.

Snowfall is another story, and if you’re hoping to do some skiing, snowboarding, or fat tire biking while you’re here, January through April is the perfect time of year to come to the mountains (some resorts are open through May).

Bend gets a good amount of snow, around 6.4″ in January and 4″ in February, this time of year. Other mountainous areas, like Mount Hood, also see plenty of the white stuff. Check out resorts like Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort and Mt. Hood Meadows Ski and Summer Resort to enjoy it! 

While it’s not a great time for hiking and outdoor recreation outside of winter sports in mountainous areas, dedicated hikers might enjoy snowshoeing around Rosary Lake or the Blue Pool in the Willamette National Forest when the landscape is blanketed in snow that contrasts with the bright blue water. 

Winter is a good time to visit Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve, too. Since the caves stay around 44°F year-round, it’s a good place to explore during the winter when temperatures outside can be colder with the added complications of rain and snow.  

The rainy winter and spring months are nice to explore some of the attractions that are packed during the peak season, but blissfully quiet and less crowded now.

There’s less going on in cities like Portland post-holidays, but the eateries, shops, and museums are still fun to visit with smaller crowds.Newport’s Oregon Coast Aquarium, Bend’s High Desert Museum, and Portland’s family-oriented Oregon Museum of Science and Industry are some must-see places on a rainy, cold day.

In April, catch some of the first shows of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, around 2 hours and 45 minutes from Eugene. Stroll through acres of tulips at a flower festival and enjoy the wildflowers that spring up on hiking trails as it warms up. 

You can expect to pay a little more to visit during this less-busy season, especially during March (the most expensive month to visit Oregon overall and the month with the highest airfare). Check out data from Google Hotels and Skyscanner for these months:

  • January: $126/night; flights from $227
  • February: $152/night; flights from $235
  • March: $133/night; flights from $388
  • April: $118/night; flights from $100

April is the most affordable month during the low season and also offers the warmest weather. It’s our favorite month to visit for small crowds and more outdoor recreation options. 

As far as things to do in Oregon, your options are surprisingly abundant from January to April:

  • Portland Old Time Music Gathering (Jan) brings string bands playing Appalachian music with jam sessions, dancing, and old-time foods and crafts
  • Portland Folk Festival (Jan) is a 2-day event with folk musicians and bands playing at McMenamins Crystal Ballroom, featuring vendors for shopping, food, and drinks
  • Oregon Winterfest (mid-Feb) in Bend is a 3-day event with snowboarding and skiing competitions, live music by huge artists, ice carving displays, and more at Old Mill District
  • Spring Whale Watch Week (Mar) is your best chance to view the whales migrating and spouting geysers of water offshore from Oregon’s state parks at special viewpoints with volunteers to help you see the whales and boat tours to get close up
  • Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival (Mar-Apr) celebrates the blooming of thousands of colorful tulips in spring with 40 acres of flowers, food vendors, wine tastings, and hay rides 
  • Camellia Festival Run/Walk (Apr) in Newberg combines a 5K and 10K (run or walk) event, live music and cultural performances, and Asian-themed foods at the Chehalem Cultural Center

January and February are better for snow sports, March is a lot more expensive than other months, and April is best all-around with fair weather and affordable prices if you’re thinking about coming to Oregon during the low season.

Worst Time to Visit Oregon

West Linn street with fog in the distance during the worst time to visit Oregon

Tada Images/Shutterstock

The worst time to visit Oregon is November and December. These rainy-season months are cold, wet, and feature almost constant cloudy skies that drapes the scenic landscapes and cities in a gloomier atmosphere.

While fall and early winter can be beautiful in the mountains as the snow begins to blanket the ground and peaks for a great ski season, November and December don’t have much else to offer travelers. Highs struggle to get into the 50s and lows can be below freezing in Bend. 

  • November: 47-53°F; 8-17 rainy/snowy days
  • December: 40-46°F; 8-17 rainy/snowy days

With an endless onslaught of rain and snow at higher elevations, precipitation is the norm during November and December. That makes it harder to make and stick to outdoor plans, even if you’re okay with layering up to brave the cold. 

Road closures that occur due to flooding, snow, and ice are common, especially in more rural areas and national and state parks. Some areas are closed entirely during the winter, like many of Crater Lake National Park’s roads and hiking trails. 

It’s not that you won’t find anything to do this time of year — you can still explore the cities and plenty of indoor attractions, restaurants, and shops. They’re also less busy months of the year if you’re hoping to avoid crowds (just not as slow as January-April).

The major events that take place during these months center around the holidays and whale watching, with beer festivals, SantaCons, citywide holiday parades and events, and New Year’s Eve celebrations being the standout activities. 

Winter whale watching is at its best in December, and in the latter part of the month (around New Year’s Eve), state parks open up special viewpoints staffed with volunteers to help you spot the mammals migrating. 

While it’s neither the cheapest nor the most expensive time of year to visit, don’t expect rock-bottom prices in November and December: 

  • November: $134/night; flights from $168
  • December: $117/night; flights from $168

December is slightly cheaper than November, but also a bit colder. Both months see anywhere from 8-17 rainy/snowy days, but November tends to be a little wetter with higher monthly rainfall totals. 

Here’s what’s on the event list around Oregon during these months:

  • Holiday Ale Festival (late Nov-early Dec) brings microbrewers together with 50+ craft varieties of beers, ciders, and meads to ring in the holiday season in festive Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland
  • SantaCons (early Dec) are 3 hilarious events where hundreds to thousands show up in their best Santa costume for a holiday pub crawl and street fairs that are always lively
  • Winter Whale Watch Week (late Dec) is the second whale watch event of the year in Oregon with viewpoints at state parks and volunteers to help you see whales from the shore and excursions offering tours from Depoe Bay 
  • New Year’s Eve Sobriety Powwow (Dec 31) offers a very popular, non-boozy alternative to NYE celebrations at the Oregon Convention Center with music, dancing, food, and nonalcoholic drinks to enjoy with other sober attendees

Overall, there are definitely better periods to visit Oregon than November and December — if skiing is what you’re after, wait until January-April for smaller crowds and better weather. 

Oregon by Month: What to Expect

Your trip to Oregon will look a little different, depending on which month you plan your visit during. Take a look at what each month offers in terms of weather, prices, and events to figure out your travel dates. 


With chilly weather in the mid-to-upper 40s and up to 15 rainy/snowy days, January is a less crowded month to visit Oregon. Fewer visitors means hotels cost around $126/night and flights start around $230 round trip. Look for the Portland Old Time Music Gathering and Folk Festival this month. 


Still cool with highs between the mid-40s and low 50s, February sees up to 14 rainy/snowy days and is a less-visited month in the state. Skiing and winter sports are popular activities, so check out the Oregon Winterfest in Bend for snow sport competitions and ice carving displays this month. Hotels cost around $152/night with airfare as low as $235 round trip. 


As the winter begins to lift outside of the mountains, March’s highs in the low-to-mid 50s feel like springtime on the coasts and plains. With up to 15 rainy/snowy days, spring whale watching and the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival are good activities to consider this month. Hotels cost around $133/night, but flights are pricey and start at $388 round trip. 


As the final “low season” month before tourism starts to increase, April sees mild weather in the upper 50s to low 60s with up to 13 rainy days. Hotels and flights are affordable ($118/night on average with flights starting at $100 round trip) and events like the Camellia Festival Run/Walk in Newburg can be fun to attend as flowers bloom. 


Mild May is pleasant in Oregon, bringing highs in the mid-60s to low 70s with 6-9 rainy days. It’s the start of the dry season, so outdoor activities are great this month with events like the Florence Rhododendron Festival and iris-themed KeizerFest to check out. It’s one of the cheapest months to visit with hotels averaging $127/night and flights from $43 round trip. 


June feels like summer, but not oppressively hot with highs in the low 70s to low 80s. Rain is limited (4-6 rainy days) and flower, film, and beach events take over: Portland Rose Festival, Filmed by Bike Festival, Bloody Mary Festival, Cannon Beach Sandcastle Contest, Tigard Festival of Balloons, etc. Hotels cost around $140/night and flights start at $50 round trip. 


July is the hottest month of the year in Oregon, bringing highs in the 80s with just 1-2 rainy days. The weather is nice for lake days, Cannon Beach, Manzanita, and other coastal areas, while the mountains are nice and cool for hiking. Check out the Waterfront Blues Festival, Cathedral Park Jazz Festival, and Oregon Brewers Festival this month. 


As one of the best-weather months in Oregon, dry August sees almost no rain with highs in the 80s. Hotels cost around $140/night with flights from $64 round trip. Events like Pickathon on a Happy Valley farm, Oregon International Airshow, Vancouver Wine and Jazz Festival, and Oregon State Fair in Salem happen this month. 


Mild and sunny, September’s highs in the low-to-mid 70s with 2-6 rainy days makes it a great month to visit for hiking, urban exploration, or vineyard visits. The Mount Angel Oktoberfest this month celebrates in German fashion, while hotels cost around $139/night and flights start at $73 round trip. 


October is mild and a great month to visit if you can’t make it during the peak season, but it’s a bit rainier with 5-11 wet days. Highs in the 60s make it nice hiking and sightseeing weather. The Retro Gaming Expo, Halloween events, and harvest festivals happen in cities across the state. Hotels cost around $136/night with flights starting at $82 round trip. 


As the holiday season nears, chilly November’s highs in the upper 40s and low 50s make it chilly for outdoor activities, but fine for indoor attractions. There are up to 17 rainy/snowy days during this peak rainy season month. Hotels cost around $134/night and flights are seldom lower than $168 round trip with Thanksgiving travel this month. 


Festive December is cold with highs in the 40s and up to 17 rainy/snowy days. A nice month for skiing and snowshoe hikes, it’s more challenging to enjoy sightseeing with so much precipitation. Hotels cost around $117/night and flights start at $168 round trip. Check out SantaCons, holiday parades, and the winter Whale Watch Week at the end of the month.

Frequently Asked Questions

European style street car in Portland during the best time to visit Oregon

Robert Crum/Shutterstock

Still have questions about the best time to visit Oregon? Here’s a few answers to help you pick the right time for you:

What is the best month to visit Oregon?

June is the best month to visit Oregon with warm weather in the 70s and 80s and dry conditions that are perfect for exploring cities, hiking trails, national and state parks, and cooler areas in the mountains. It’s one of the cheapest months to visit. Flights start at $50 and hotels average $140/night (according to Google Hotels).

What is the rainy season for Oregon?

The months of November through March are the rainy season for Oregon, with some areas (like Portland and Eugene) getting upwards of 8 inches of rainfall in a single month. The rainy season is also when mountainous parts of Oregon get substantial snowfall -- up to 8.6 inches on average in Bend.

What is the best time to be on the Oregon coast?

June to September is the best time to be on the Oregon coast. The warm summer temperatures are still cooler than most areas with highs averaging around 63-67°F. While it’s still too cold for swimming in summer, it’s more pleasant to walk and hang out on the beach in the warmer weather this time of year.

When was the best time for people to travel to Oregon?

The summer and early fall months (May to late September) are the best time for people to travel to Oregon. May and June are the cheapest months to visit Oregon, while mid-June to late September are the best months to visit overall with warm weather and abundant festivals and events.

What month is the hottest in Oregon?

August is the hottest month in Oregon with highs in the mid 80s in Portland and Eugene, the low 80s in Bend, while areas like Cannon Beach see highs in the upper 60s during August. July is almost as warm with a 2-3° difference in daily highs. Things cool down to the upper 70s on average in September.

So, What’s the Best Time to Visit Oregon?

Summer and early fall are the best months to visit Oregon overall — great, dry weather that’s warm, but mild enough to make hiking and urban exploration a delight. Come in balmy May or June if you’re hunting down the best deals. 

To avoid crowds, January through April is the best time to visit Oregon, while November and December are the worst months to visit due to the cold temperatures and all the rain and snow the state receives this time of year. 

Whether your plans center around the great outdoors, exploring cities like Portland, hitting the slopes, or just saving as much as you can on your trip, knowing the right time to visit Oregon will ensure you plan a successful trip that you can look back fondly on for years to come.