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The Best & Worst Times to Visit Nantucket in 2024

The Best & Worst Times to Visit Nantucket in 2024

What's the best time to visit Nantucket?

The best time to visit Nantucket is from June to August, when the weather is warm and the island buzzes with activities and events like the Nantucket Film Festival. This season is great for outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, and enjoying the island’s natural and historical sights. Due to its popularity, booking accommodations and activities in advance is recommended to make the most of the lively summer atmosphere.

Nantucket is renowned for its unique beauty and charming atmosphere. Located just off the coast of Massachusetts, this charming island offers stunning beaches, quaint shops, delicious seafood restaurants, and an array of outdoor activities.

From whale watching to sunbathing, this tiny island is the perfect place for a getaway. But when is the best time to visit Nantucket? We’ll show you below.

Overall Best Time to Visit Nantucket

Beautiful sunrise over small wooden homes on stilts in the harbor during the best time to visit Nantucket


The overall best time to visit Nantucket is from June to August. During these summer months, the island basks in splendid weather, showcasing temperatures that hover pleasantly between the mid-50s and mid-70s Fahrenheit (14 to 26 degrees Celsius).

This season is not only a delight weather-wise but also marks the peak of tourist activity, ensuring that the island is abuzz with an energetic and lively atmosphere. The summer months in Nantucket are synonymous with a calendar packed with various events and activities, catering to a wide range of interests.

Whether it’s relaxing beachside bonfires under the starlit sky, enjoying rooftop concerts with breathtaking views, or participating in outdoor culinary events, there’s never a dull moment. The island’s natural beauty is complemented by its vibrant cultural scene during these months.

One of the highlights of this season is the array of festivals and special events that take place. The renowned Nantucket Film Festival, held in June, is a marquee event that attracts cinephiles from all over.

It’s an opportunity to celebrate the art of filmmaking in a quaint yet sophisticated setting. Additionally, there are art exhibitions, food and wine festivals, and musical performances that showcase both local and international talent.

Activities like sailing, fishing, and beachcombing are at their best, with the Atlantic Ocean offering a refreshing respite from the warm sun. For those interested in history and architecture, the island’s well-preserved historical sites and distinctive buildings provide a glimpse into its rich past.

Editor’s Note: Accommodations can fill up quickly, and reservations for popular restaurants and events are a must. But despite the crowds, the charm and allure of Nantucket during these months are undeniable, offering a blend of relaxation, adventure, and cultural enrichment that makes it an irresistible destination.

Cheapest Time to Visit Nantucket

Fishing boats in a dry part of a marsh on a gloomy day during autumn, one of the cheapest times to visit Nantucket


The cheapest time to visit Nantucket is from October to May or outside of the sunniest summer months.

More specifically, the months of March, April, May, and October are the cheapest because things get a bit more expensive again during the holiday season between November and February.

These months are the best for travelers who want to save money on lodging and flights. The weather during October is still relatively mild, with temperatures ranging from the high-40s to low-60s Fahrenheit (around 8 to 17 degrees Celsius).

Similarly, the weather in March, April, and May is certainly colder than the summer months, but quite nice if you don’t mind bundling up a bit.

You’ll still be able to catch some big festivals and events, such as the Figawi Race in May. The Figawi Race is a sailing race that has been taking place in Nantucket since the 1970s.

Least Busy Time to Visit Nantucket

Several empty beach chairs on the sandy beach next to a grassy field with homes in the background at sunset during the least busy time to visit Nantucket

Adam Ninyo/Shutterstock

The least busy time to visit Nantucket lines up with the cheapest months – October, March, April, and May.

The fall and spring seasons in Nantucket are when the shops are quieter, the beaches are less crowded, and the overall atmosphere is quite peaceful.

As mentioned earlier, the weather during these months is still relatively mild for the most part, with temperatures ranging from the high-40s to low-60s Fahrenheit.

If you want to have a relaxing time with your loved ones, avoid any crowds, and save some money while still enjoying decent, sweater-weather temperatures, going during one of these low-season months is the perfect option.

There won’t be as much to do in festivals and events, but there are still plenty of activities to enjoy. Indulge in some retail therapy, take a beautiful stroll along the beach, or even explore some of the island’s amazing nature trails.

Worst Time to Visit Nantucket

Nantucket harbor with snow on the trees and gloomy sky in the winter, the worst time to visit

ESK Imagery/Shutterstock

Although many people claim February is the “hate month” of Nantucket because the winter is so bleak, the worst time to visit Nantucket completely depends on what you’re going to Nantucket for in the first place.

If you want to enjoy nice weather, winter is the worst time to go, between December and February. The weather in Nantucket during this time is quite cold, with temperatures ranging from the low-20s to high-40s Fahrenheit (around -5 to 9 degrees Celsius).

Alternatively, if you want to enjoy Christmas in Nantucket, where you can experience Christmas tree lightings, Christmas-themed shops, and Christmas shows, going anytime outside November or December won’t be ideal.

If you love the bustle of the vibrancy of having plenty of people around, going during the shoulder seasons of fall and spring will be the worst option for you.

Nantucket by Month: Climate & Activities

Entrance to the harbor pictured from the air with a lighthouse at the tip of the beach during the best time to visit Nantucket

TeBe Photographs/Shutterstock

Still unsure about the best time to visit Nantucket? Take a look at our summary of the weather and climate by month below:


January in Nantucket, with temperatures often ranging from 25 to 38°F (-4 to 3°C), offers a quiet and serene atmosphere. It’s perfect for cozying up in local cafés, visiting the Whaling Museum to learn about the island’s history, and enjoying peaceful winter walks along the shore.


February continues with the winter charm, ideal for exploring the island’s historic lighthouses like Brant Point, enjoying the tranquility of the off-season, and indulging in the local culinary scene with fewer crowds.


As spring approaches, March brings temperatures from 30 to 43°F (-1 to 6°C). This is a great time for bird watching as migratory species return, exploring the quaint streets of downtown Nantucket, and visiting the Nantucket Shipwreck & Lifesaving Museum.


April’s milder weather, with temperatures between 38 to 51°F (3 to 11°C), beckons for strolling through the blooming daffodils during the island’s annual Daffodil Festival, cycling along the scenic bike paths, and exploring the local art galleries.


May brings warmer days, from 47 to 60°F (8 to 16°C), perfect for visiting the Sankaty Head Lighthouse, enjoying the Nantucket Wine & Food Festival, and exploring the island’s natural beauty as it comes to life in spring.


June, welcoming summer with temperatures between 56 to 69°F (13 to 21°C), offers ideal conditions for relaxing on beautiful beaches like Surfside and Cisco, kayaking in the serene waters around the island, and enjoying the Nantucket Film Festival.


July’s warmth, ranging from 63 to 75°F (17 to 24°C), is all about outdoor dining at the island’s many excellent restaurants, sailing in the Nantucket Sound, and participating in the Independence Day celebrations and fireworks.


In August, with temperatures of 63 to 75°F (17 to 24°C), visit the Cisco Brewers for local craft beers, enjoy whale watching tours, and explore the Nantucket Conservation Foundation’s properties for hiking and nature walks.


Welcoming fall, September, with temperatures from 58 to 70°F (14 to 21°C), is perfect for the Nantucket Project festival, enjoying the quieter beaches, and exploring the island’s historic sites and museums without the summer crowds.


October’s cooler days, from 48 to 61°F (9 to 16°C), are ideal for the Nantucket Cranberry Festival, experiencing the island’s beautiful fall foliage, and enjoying cozy evenings at local inns and restaurants.


November, as the air turns crisp, temperatures from 38 to 52°F (3 to 11°C), is a time for a more intimate experience of the island, exploring the charming downtown decorated for the holidays, and enjoying peaceful walks along the deserted beaches.


December brings a festive and cozy atmosphere, with temperatures ranging from 31 to 44°F (-1 to 7°C). Enjoy the Nantucket Christmas Stroll, shop for unique gifts in the island’s boutiques, and celebrate the holiday season in the quaint and charming setting of Nantucket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Small cottages along the water in Nantucket

NANTUCKET, MA -4 AUG 2017- Traditional New England buildings and stores on Nantucket Island in Massachusetts. Nantucket is an exclusive preppy summer destination off of Cape Cod near Boston/EQRoy/Shutterstock

Are you interested in learning more about Nantucket? Here are our answers to related questions that will help you plan the perfect trip:

What is the best month to visit Nantucket?

The best month to visit Nantucket is in June. The weather is warm and delightful, and the town might not be as crowded as it gets in July and August.

However, prices will be higher in June than at other times, such as October, March, April, and May. So if you want to save money on flights, accommodation, and excursions, you might opt for one of those months instead.

What is tourist season in Nantucket?

The primary tourist season in Nantucket starts in June and ends in August. The summer is when many people flock to the island for its beaches and attractions.

If you want a more relaxed experience with fewer people, consider coming outside of the main tourist season. For example, you’ll find fewer crowds and more budget-friendly options from October to April.

Is Nantucket worth visiting in the winter?

Nantucket is definitely worth visiting in the winter. The island looks especially beautiful, blanketed in snow and with a much slower pace of life.

You can explore the island’s back roads, cozy up with a cup of hot cocoa, and enjoy winter activities like ice skating or snowshoeing. Plus, with fewer crowds and lower prices, winter is an ideal time to plan a getaway to Nantucket.

So, What’s the Best Time to Visit Nantucket?

The overall best time to visit Nantucket is during the summer months of June through August, as the weather is usually sunny, warm, and dry and the beaches are open, and the town is bustling with activity.

However, you can go at other times of the year if you want fewer people, holiday events, or lower prices. Enjoy your trip!