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The Absolute Best Time to Visit Monaco in 2024 (Our Take)

The Absolute Best Time to Visit Monaco in 2024 (Our Take)

What's the best time to visit Monaco?

The best time to visit Monaco is between May and July, when its mild Mediterranean climate shifts to warm weather that works for hanging out on glitzy Larvotto Beach, watching the Grand Prix, or strolling the Monaco-Ville Old Town and its opulent Prince’s Palace. Limited rain and highs in the upper 60s to low 80s make this the most ideal time to visit.

Dreaming of a glamorous vacation to the French Riviera with sun-soaked Mediterranean beaches, glitzy casinos and malls, rich history and culture, and a dizzying array of upscale restaurants and bars? Pinch yourself, because it’s not a dream — it’s Monaco.

Monaco is a tiny country of only 200 hectares that’s almost entirely surrounded by France. It’s become known as one of the world’s most luxurious and glamorous destinations with its prime location on the French Riviera.

The culture here revolves around the finer things: Luxury yachts, historic hotels and palaces, and high-end eateries and boutiques. Sporting events, from Formula One and World Rally Championship races along with ATP Masters tennis tournaments, are also a big deal in Monaco.

Here, prestigious country clubs and world-famous race and rally tracks draw millions of spectators annually. Sound tempting? Then you’ll have to visit to experience it all for yourself. 

This is a fantastic place to visit if you know the right months to plan your stay — and when to stay away. If you’re looking for the best time to visit Monaco, you need to consider a number of factors: weather, cost, crowds, events, and more. 

We’ll show you the overall best time to visit Monaco, along with the cheapest, least crowded, and worst months to plan a visit. By the end, you’ll feel confident in choosing your travel dates with all the information you need to pick out the right months for your stay! 

Overall Best Time to Visit Monaco

Aerial view of Monaco looking toward the coast with bright pink flowers in the foreground showing the best time to visit Monaca when the weather is warm and dry

Armando Oliveira/Shutterstock

The best time to visit Monaco is from May to July. These spring and summer months avoid the busiest month of the year (August) and offer mild weather, minimal rain, and perfect conditions for sightseeing, outdoor dining, and major events. 

The mild Mediterranean climate of Monaco is showing out between May and July, offering temperatures that are pleasantly warm without feeling too hot and plenty of cool sea breezes. 

  • May: 58-69°F; 5 rainy days
  • June: 65-76°F; 4 rainy days
  • July: 70-81°F; 2 rainy days

May and June see moderate crowds, while July is busier as the weather heats up into the 80s and rainfall drops to just 2 days/month. People are busy boating, attending festivals and events, strolling the Old Town, and hanging out on the beaches this time of year. 

May is a moderate month for tourism in Monaco, but the Grand Prix at the end of the month brings lots of visitors and can result in packed hotels, long waits at restaurants, and crowded museums and shops. 

Stroll through the Monaco Old Town — Monaco-Ville, home to the opulent Prince’s Palace and adorable shops selling flowers, chocolate, stationery, and fresh produce. There’s a romantic and charming atmosphere in this part of Monaco. 

The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco is here if you’re up for a visit to learn about marine life with aquariums, a sea turtle care center, naturalist exhibits, and cool marine experiences. Kids will enjoy the museum as much as the adults! 

The Old Town area represents a whopping 10% of the total area of Monaco and it’s a must-visit on your trip during the best months of the year. You’ll enjoy some really nice views of the coast, but things get crowded when cruise ships arrive in the port. 

Marvel at the 13th-century Prince’s Palace, where the royal Grimaldi family has lived for centuries — including Grace Kelly and her husband, Prince Rainier III!

Come to the palace at 11:55am to witness the changing of the guard ceremony or slate part of your day for a palace tour through the state rooms (only available from April to October). 

See a ballet in May or June, when dazzling performances of comedic Coppélia and classical Cinderella are put on by the world-renowned La Compagnie at venues around Monaco. 

Pebbled Larvotto Beach is a quiet, family-friendly beach near the Monte-Carlo Country Club. Some parts are private, but you can settle on the public portion of the beach and rent a chair and umbrella to enjoy the day. The pebbles are tiny and it’s comfortable to walk on barefoot.

You’ll find prices are on the higher end during these exquisite months, so prepare to pay more for your hotel and flight (according to data sourced from Google Hotels and Skyscanner):

  • May: $368/night; flights from $574
  • June: $517/night; flights from $527
  • July: $483/night; flights from $591 

June and July are two of the most expensive months to visit Monaco (behind August), so if you’re paying attention to your travel budget, you might look at May as a more realistic option.

There’s a lot going on around the country this time of year, so you’ll have tons of events and festivals to consider if you’re looking for more things to do in Monaco:

  • Monaco Music Film Festival (May) features multiple events recognizing the music that helps tell the story of popular films by honoring the film composers that create memorable soundtracks
  • Monaco Grand Prix (late May) is a famous Formula One race on Monaco’s Circuit de Monaco with thousands of fans from around the world attending to watch their favorite drivers compete after a qualifying session the day before
  • Top Marques (early Jun) is a supercar show featuring models from around the world and a prestigious event among luxury car enthusiasts held at the Grimaldi Forum
  • Monte-Carlo Television Festival (Jun) is an awards gala and celebration where the coveted Golden Nymph awards are handed out to deserving TV actors and directors during the Closing Ceremony
  • Monaco Energy Boat Challenge (early Jul) challenges boat brands to look to the future with clean energy propulsion technologies unveiled at this annual event organized by the Yacht Club de Monaco
  • Jumping International de Monte-Carlo (early Jul) at Port Hercule under the ramparts of the Prince’s Palace is a 3-day equestrian skills course event featuring the world’s top riders competing in the Longines Global Champions Tour
  • artmonte-carlo (early Jul) is a prestigious art fair at the Grimaldi Forum featuring contemporary and modern art unveiled to collectors and appreciators attending events at galleries and museums around Monaco with special exhibits 
  • Monte-Carlo International Fireworks Festival (Jul/Aug) takes place over 4 nights (2 in July, 2 in August) when dazzling fireworks and synchronized music create art in the skies over the French Riviera
  • Monte-Carlo Summer Festival (Jul/Aug) is a major music festival at concert venues around Monaco featuring some of the biggest international stars and up-and-coming music acts, cabaret shows, and gala evenings
  • Concerts at the Prince’s Palace of Monaco (Jul/Aug) features 7 concerts by the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra throughout July and early August held in the Cour d’Honneur at the Prince’s Palace 

Note that you’ll need to fly into nearby Nice to reach Monaco by bus, train, or taxi (there’s no airport, only a heliport). 

Overall, you won’t find a better time to experience the beauty, mild Mediterranean weather, and world-famous events in Monaco than May, June, and July. 

Cheapest Time to Visit Monaco

Aerial view of the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco as seen from the coast in Monace-Ville during the cheapest time to visit Monaco


The cheapest time to visit Monaco is from October to December. When the weather is cooler outside of the peak season, prices take a nosedive and it’s possible to visit this glamorous locale on a budget. 

If your dreams of Monaco are hindered by your travel budget, October, November, and December could be the solution. These affordable months knock hundreds of dollars off the prices you’ll pay for airfare and hotels to make your visit that much cheaper. 

The weather is the reason for the sudden drop in prices, so know what to expect: highs around the upper 50s to upper 60 and a little more rain than the spring and summer. Conditions are still balmy and quite nice for taking walks and enjoying a little sightseeing. 

  • October: 57-69°F; 7 rainy days
  • November: 50-62°F; 6-7 rainy days
  • December: 45-57°F; 5-6 rainy days

October is still a busy month as the weather just begins to cool down from summer’s highs. November and December see fewer visitors and are less-crowded times to visit Monaco. They also see less rain and cooler temperatures. 

This time of year, take a walk down the way from Monaco-Ville and the Prince’s Palace. You’ll enjoy exploring the Place d’Armes in La Condamine district. It’s a busy little square lined with arches and shops, markets, and cafes. 

Check out Condamine Market, Monaco’s answer to a traditional farmer’s market. Located down a narrow road from Monaco-Ville, this market is bursting with vendors selling fresh produce and flowers, coffee, snacks, gelato stands, and baked goods. 

If you’re feeling peckish, wander into the Place d’Armes’ La Halle Gourmande for local cuisine that will immerse you in Monegasque essence without breaking the bank. You’ll try barbagiuans stuffed with ricotta and spinach, fresh pasta, socca pancakes, and just-caught seafood. 

Automobile lovers can view the magnificent 100+ car collection of Prince Rainier III next to the Stade Nautique Rainier III (water sports stadium). Grand Prix-winning Formula One cars, Rolls Royce from the Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly wedding, rally cars from the Monte-Carlo rally, and supercars. 

Another cool option is a Formula One walking tour through some of the famous sites and points of the Grand Prix. You’ll stroll down the hairpin curves and Port Hercule to walk what skilled drivers race for a new perspective of the talent it takes. 

As the cheapest months to visit Monaco, October-December is the prime time to visit to save money on your trip. Google Hotels and Skyscanner data shows that a visit can be surprisingly affordable this time of year:

  • October: $315/night; flights from $451
  • November: $303/night; flights from $424
  • December: $296/night; flights from $568 

You might pay as little as $2,545 for a 7-day trip to Monaco during November (the cheapest month of the year) if you’re able to score great deals on your round trip flight. December, then October are the next-cheapest months to go. 

Not much happens in October as the peak season winds down, but a whole new flush of events in November and December take place leading up to the holidays. Check out film festivals, holiday markets, and music events like the following:

  • Monaco International Film Festival (Nov) recognizes makers and talent behind the world’s top non-violent films with the Angel Film Awards each year with screenings, awards, and a red carpet closing ceremony
  • Monaco International Marathon (Nov) is an important sporting event that begins and ends in Monaco, spanning across Italy and France throughout the race with a congruent, shorter 10-km race in Monaco 
  • Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival (Nov-Dec) in the Opera Garnier de Monte-Carlo brings jazz musicians and bands into an intimate setting with multiple performances from mid-November to early December
  • Christmas Village and Monaco Illuminated (Dec-Jan) transforms the Port of Monaco into a Christmas Village with an ice skating rink, Christmas lights, tree lighting, food and gift booths, kid’s activities, parades, and shows 

Monaco doesn’t exactly get press as a cheap place to visit, but you can enjoy the glitz and glamor on a budget if you plan to arrive between October and December. 

Least Busy Time to Visit Monaco

Empty street in Monte-Carlo with charming architecture and coastal views during the least busy time to visit Monaco


The least busy time to visit Monaco is November through February. During these months, the glamour of Monaco is dulled a bit with cooler weather and increased rain, but you can save money and avoid crowds. 

Set your sights on the quiet months of November, December, January, or February for a more laid-back experience in Monaco. This is your chance to tour the Prince’s Palace, stroll the beach, explore Monaco-Ville, and visit museums without crowds. 

The weather this time of year is still Mediterranean — that means mild, mostly dry winters with highs that cling to the mid-to-upper 50s. You’ll see 5-7 rainy days maximum each month, with February offering slightly drier conditions:

  • November: 50-62°F; 6-7 rainy days
  • December: 45-57°F; 5-6 rainy days
  • January: 43-55°F; 5 rainy days
  • February: 44-56°F; 4-5 rainy days

Each of these late fall and winter months see smaller crowds than the more popular tourist seasons. It’s the best time to visit Monaco if you don’t dig the idea of sharing the beach with thousands of others or waiting 2 hours to dine at a trendy restaurant. 

This is a great time to take a tour of the New National Museum of Monaco at two sites: Villa Sauber by Larvotto Beach and Villa Paloma near the Exotic Garden of Monaco. Art collections and shifting exhibits are the focal point, but the historic villas themselves are fascinating if you’re interested in architecture. 

You can’t come to Monaco without going to the Monte-Carlo Casino (featured in James Bond films like Goldeneye) to play table games or slots under the light of crystal chandeliers.

Close to the famous Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo downtown, this opulent casino is where Monaco’s operas and ballets are held. You’ll never forget gambling in this famous casino and feel like you’ve stepped into a James Bond movie. 

Jardin Exotique de Monaco, or the Exotic Garden of Monaco, is a sight to behold this season, featuring caves, cacti collections, and rare plants along its paths.

It’s closed through 2024 for renovations, but the Botanical Centre greenhouses are open (with guided tours available on Saturday) from Tuesday to Saturday until 3:30pm each day. 

The Princess Grace Japanese Garden offers another area to enjoy the sweet aromas and serene atmosphere of a peaceful, well-maintained garden in Monaco.

Next to Grimaldi Forum, this garden has been cared for by the original Japanese architect since its creation 30 years ago. Bamboo, ponds and arched bridges, waterfalls, and stone lanterns add to the ambience of this garden commissioned by Grace Kelly, former Princess of Monaco. 

While things are less busy in Monaco, you’ll find some really affordable prices on hotels and flights. November and December are cheaper than January and February, with November offering the best deals during the low season (Google Hotels and Skyscanner data):

  • November: $303/night; flights from $424 
  • December: $296/night; flights from $568 
  • January: $336/night; flights from $682 
  • February: $369/night; flights from $564

We’ve listed events in November and December under Cheapest Time to Visit above, like the Monaco International Film Festival, Marathon, Christmas events, and Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival, but there are more to look forward to during these months, like:

  • International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo (Jan) awards circus performers titles and prizes for their skilled performances under a massive circus tent that transforms into a glitzy awards show
  • Rallye Monte-Carlo (Jan) is held by the Automobile Club de Monaco and its the first stop for the World Rally Championship with the French Alps making weather conditions questionable for a thrilling rally
  • Carnival at the Markets (Feb) brings merriment, costumes, circus performers, and kid’s activities to the Condamine and Monte-Carlo markets in Monaco just ahead of Lent for a fun all-day event

While it won’t be prime beach weather this time of year, you’ll appreciate the more manageable crowds (or lack thereof) and lower prices of the low season in Monaco between November and February. 

Worst Time to Visit Monaco

Larvotto Beach, shaped like a crescent with beach chairs lined up and the skyline of Monte-Carlo with blue lightly cloudy skies during the best time to visit Monaco

View of Plage du Larvotto in Monte Carlo, Monaco, June ’18/Andrisk/Shutterstock

The worst time to visit Monaco is during March and August. The roads get resurfaced in March in preparation for the Grand Prix, leading to traffic disruptions. August is the busiest month of the year with the highest prices on hotels and flights. 

Before we dig into the reasons March and August are less ideal for a visit, let’s take a look at the weather conditions during these months. They’re quite different, with March’s Le Mistral winds that lead to cool, clear conditions and August’s heat:

  • March: 47-59°F; 4-5 rainy days
  • August: 70-81°F; 3-4 rainy days

August looks like a much better option than March weather-wise, and it is much more suitable for heading to Larvotto Beach or any of the beaches on the French Riviera close by. Check out nearby spots from Plage du Golfe Bleu Beach in medieval Roquebrune, France to Baie de Garavan Beach in Menton, France.

But it’s hot in August for sightseeing and the crowds that flock to the beaches, waterfront eateries, and shops in Monaco-Ville make it more of a hassle this month. 

Monaco is a racing nation, and its annual Grand Prix Formula One race is a big deal — so big, in fact, that the roads on the track circuit get entirely resurfaced every year in March before the big race in May.

The resurfacing leads to widespread traffic disruptions and detours on many of the most-used roads in Monaco, like Boulevard Albert Ier, Avenue du Port, and Avenue Princesse Grace. That can make your visit more of a headache.  

These months can be good to tour the Cathedral of Our Immaculate Lady (formerly the Saint Nicholas Cathedral) or come for Mass in Monaco-Ville. Grace Kelly is buried here (along with royalty dating back to the 1500s).

The Roman-Byzantine style cathedral features a 16th-century altarpiece of Saint Nicholas with saint-dedicated chapels inside, but be aware that daily tours may fill up fast during August. 

As far as pricing goes, March isn’t bad — on par with the other months of the year, but still pricier than October-December. August, on the other hand, is the most expensive month for hotels and flights in Monaco:

  • March: $377/night; flights from $528
  • August: $518/night; flights from $535

There are fewer events during these months, but you’ll be able to check out the Spring Arts Festival in late March, while early August features the Monte-Carlo International Fireworks Festival, Monte-Carlo Summer Festival, and Concerts at the Prince’s Palace of Monaco. 

You’re better off waiting until the weather cools off a bit in October for more balanced conditions: still-warm weather, a little rain, and some of the cheapest prices on Monaco trips of the year. 

Monaco by Month: What to Expect

View looking up at the Cathedral of Our Immaculate Lady, formerly the Cathedral of Saint Nicholas, on a cloudy day in Monaco for a month-by-month comparison to show the best time to visit Monaco

Felix Lipov/Shutterstock

It matters which month you choose for your trip to Monaco — you could end up traveling at the height of the peak season, when conditions are cool and quiet, or during one of the hottest events of the year (like the Grand Prix).

Here’s what you should know about Monaco by month before you pick your travel dates. 


With medium crowds and highs around 55°F, January is chilly with 5 rainy days on average. It’s still a busy month with the WRC Rallye Monte-Carlo this month and the International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo and moderately priced at around $336/night and flights starting at $682. 


Cool February sees highs around 56°F with 4-5 rainy days, making it a better time for Prince’s Palace tours or cathedral visits than trips to the beach. Carnival at the Markets is a pre-Lent party at the Condamine and Monte-Carlo markets this month. Hotels cost around $369/night and flights start at $564 round trip this month. 


March is one of the less-ideal months to visit Monaco because it’s when many of the main roads get resurfaced in preparation for the Grand Prix in May. With highs around 59°F and 4-5 rainy days, springtime feels a bit warmer and events like the Spring Arts Festival take place. You’ll pay around $377/night for your hotel with flights $528 and up. 


Moderate crowds and mild weather characterizes April, with highs around 63°F, roughly 6 days of rain, and great chances to dine out or stroll Monaco-Ville without big crowds. It’s when the Monte-Carlo Masters tennis tournament is held at the Monte Carlo Country Club. Hotels cost around $451/night and flights start at $727 this month. 


May brings the start of the best season in Monaco — warm highs around 69°F, 5 days of rain on average, and the world-famous Monaco Grand Prix. Hotels book quickly and cost around $368/night, while flights can be found as low as $574 this month. The Monaco Music Film Festival takes place if you’re interested in film composers. 


Another of the best months to visit Monaco, June sees highs around 76°F and 4 rainy days with moderate crowds. Events like Top Marques (a supercar show) and the Monte-Carlo Television Festival (like the Golden Globes) happen this month, when hotels cost about $517/night and flights start at $527. It’s good weather to explore the Jardin Exotique de Monaco. 


Busy July is hot with highs around 81°F and dry with only 2 rainy days on average. This is prime beach weather, so head to Larvotto Beach in Monte-Carlo to relax on the shore under your umbrella. Hotels cost about $483/night and flights are $591 and up. Look for the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge, Jumping International de Monte-Carlo, and artmonte-carlo events this month. 


The busiest and hottest month of the year, August sees highs around 81°F with 3-4 rainy days. It’s one of the less-ideal times to visit with hotels averaging $518/night, flights from $535, and crowds and long lines wherever you go. The Monte-Carlo International Fireworks Festival, Monte-Carlo Summer Festival, and Concerts at the Prince’s Palace take place this month. 


September’s crowds are smaller than August and the weather is milder in the upper 70s with about 5 rainy days. This is when the much-lauded Monaco Yacht Show takes place (at the end of the month) and hotels cost around $455/night. You’ll pay as little as $426 for round trip airfare in September. 


October is one of the cheapest months to visit Monaco with hotels averaging just $315/night and flights from $451 round trip as the weather cools back down into the upper 60s. About 7 days of rain are common this month, so outdoor plans might need to be tweaked. But it’s a great month to take historic tours and explore the restaurants and markets of Monaco. 


November is the cheapest month to visit Monaco overall, offering hotels around $303/night with flights as low as $424 round trip. It’s a great deal because it’s cooler with highs around 62°F and beach days aren’t for swimming anymore. The Monaco International Film Festival, International Marathon, and Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival take place this month. 


Cool December sees highs around 57°F with up to 6 rainy days, making it a mild winter month in Monaco. With the lowest average hotel prices of the year ($296/night), it’s a month for deals with airfare starting at $568 round trip. Check out the Port of Monaco transformed into the Christmas Village this month with skating rinks, a huge tree, concerts, and food booths. 

Frequently Asked Questions

View of the Monte-Carlo Casino outdoor fountain at night with the illuminated architecture around it creating a beautiful scene for a frequently asked questions section on the best months to visit Monaco

Matej Kastelic/Shutterstock

Figuring out the best time to visit Monaco might be easier when you can look over some of the most common questions other travelers had. See our answers to the FAQs below to learn more! 

How many days do you need for Monaco?

You need 1-3 days for Monaco, depending on how in-depth you want to be with your exploration of the country. It’s very small, under 1 square mile, and it doesn’t take long to check out the Prince’s Palace, Monte-Carlo Casino, Monaco-Ville Old Town, and Larvotto Beach.

Is Monaco very expensive to visit?

Monaco tends to be expensive to visit in the peak season from May to September, but there are certain months (October through December) that are relatively cheap for a visit with hotels averaging as little as $296/night in December with round trip airfare starting at $424 in November.

Is it better to go to Nice or Monaco?

It’s better to go to Nice and make a trip into Monaco while you’re there. Nice is only 7 miles from Monaco, but offers a bigger selection of hotels, restaurants, beaches, and things to do. You can easily take a day or two of your trip to Nice to spend in Monaco to see it all!

Is April a good time to visit Monte Carlo?

April is a good time to visit Monte Carlo with moderate crowds and mild weather. April sees highs in the low 60s with about 6 rainy days. It’s most crowded during the Monte-Carlo Masters tennis tournament and hotels cost around $450/night this month.

What is the best month to go to Monaco?

May and June are two of the best months to go to Monaco because they offer warm, not hot, weather with limited rain and moderate crowds outside of May’s famous Grand Prix. July can be a great month to visit the beach in Monaco, but with highs around 81°F, it can be hot for sightseeing and outdoor events.

What’s the Best Time to Visit Monaco Overall?

The best time to visit Monaco overall is between May and July. You’ll get warm, mild weather that works for beaches, sightseeing, and the big events that take place during these months (like the Grand Prix) and manageable crowds. 

Between October and December, prices are cheapest for Monaco hotels and flights. November to February marks the least busy time of year to visit Monaco as the chilly weather keeps many tourists away. 

March and August are the months you’re better off avoiding due to high prices, big crowds, or hassles with traffic due to annual road resurfacing.

But there’s not really a bad time to come to this small-but-mighty country — it offers a diverse range of activities and events year-round, and its welcoming, Mediterranean weather means you won’t have to deal with heavy downpours, snow, or sweltering heat. 

Whenever you decide to plan your trip, keep the best time to visit Monaco in mind — you’ll enjoy yourself regardless, but your experience will be even better between May and July.