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The Best & Worst Times to Visit Medellin in 2023

The Best & Worst Times to Visit Medellin in 2023

Historically, Medellin was one of the most violent places on the planet. But it has seen a significant transformation since the 1990s. Now, it’s a popular tourist destination.

Since the city of Medellin is in the Andes, its residents and visitors are almost assured of a breathtaking panorama no matter where they are in the city. Beautiful parks and gardens, such as the Botanical Gardens, may be found in the city.

Medellin is a progressive urban place and the habitat of some magnificent fauna, including wild monkeys, Iguanas, and Scarlet Macaws. This lovely city combines modern buildings, verdant mountains, and traditional pueblos.

But if you truly want to make the most of your stay, you need to know the best time to visit Medellin. But don’t worry — we’ve done the hard work for you. We’ll show you the best, least busy, cheapest, and worst times to visit. Let us be your guide!

Why You Should Visit Medellin

The city of Medellin is a popular tourist destination due in large part to its vibrant nightlife. Medellin has a wide variety of places to get your party on, not only in the backpacker hub of El Poblado.

Medellin is undeniably one of the greatest places in Colombia to enjoy the nightlife, thanks to its abundance of music events, frequent festivities, and genuine love of celebration. Medellin is home to a wide variety of good dining options, from cozy cafés to elegant fine dining.

They all serve up delectable cuisine made with ingredients from the region. Bandeja paisa, a regional specialty consisting of pork, beans, rice, plantain, and avocado, is the clear winner, although the city of Medellin also offers a wide variety of international cuisines.

Cafes are famed for providing the finest Colombian coffee in town, while El Poblado and Laureles are home to several excellent restaurants serving a wide range of foreign cuisines.

Some of Colombia’s best museums and galleries may be found in Medellin. Medellin’s most renowned artist, Fernando Botero, is honored with a big show in the Museo de Antioquia.

At the same time, the fascinating Carlos Gardel Museum celebrates the famed tango singer who perished in a plane accident here. Like the rest of Colombia, Paisas are crazy about the national sport, football.

Tourists often visit Estadio Atanasio Giradot Stadium to take in a game since this is one of the city’s most well-liked activities. If you’re a football enthusiast, there is another fantastic incentive to visit Medellin because of the exciting atmosphere.

Overall Best Time to Visit Medellin

Women carrying flowers on their back in August during the Flower Festival, one of the best times to visit Medellin

MEDELLÍN COLOMBIA, August 09 of 2015 a Woman carrying a Silleta in the silleteros Parade/Orchid Photho/Shutterstock

June through August and December are the best time to visit Medellin. Spending time outside in the spring is a breeze because of the lesser chance of precipitation and the abundance of festivals that take place all over the place, from fashion weeks to internationally renowned light displays.

Hotels and flights will cost more in December. But you can save some bucks by planning and traveling around the end of November. May and September are the wettest months.

So if you don’t mind a little rain every day, that’s when you should visit to get the best deals on flights and hotels. The city’s most important cultural event is Medellin’s annual flower festival in August.

For a week, the city plays host to visitors from all over the globe who have come to see the spectacular display of blooms. Public activities and floral displays are held throughout Medellin in honor of this important month.

The festival’s highlight is the silleteros parade, in which local flower farmers carry elaborate bouquets of flowers through the city streets.

It’s pleasant to spend time outside in December, with its short days and an average temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit to soak in the holiday spirit. Customs abound on New Year’s Eve, such as donning bright yellow underpants and parading with bags.

Cheapest Time to Visit Medellin

Aerial shot of El Penol and Guatape in Medellin, taken during the cheapest time to visit the city


Hotel rates in Medellin often drop to their lowest point in September. As a result, this is a perfect moment to save costs on your next vacation.

On the other hand, August is when hotels charge their highest average rates of the year. The Medellin Book and Culture Festival is an excellent reason to plan a trip in September.

Attendees of this event will have the opportunity to mingle with some of the best writers around. In addition, it’s a chance to see a highbrow arts festival in some breathtaking natural locations.

Inviting cultural events like book fairs and outdoor readings may be found all across town. A library is a great location to spend some time if you like reading.

Least Busy Time to Visit Medellin

View of the empty Plaza Botero with a statue of a portly man during the cheapest time to visit Medellin

Medellín, Antioquia / Colombia – 04.03.2018 Plaza Botero and the Botero sculture/Antoine Barthelemy/Shutterstock

April, May, and September through November are the least crowded months to visit Medellin. For the most part, precipitation is most likely throughout the month, with as many as 24 days of wet weather out of 30 in certain months.

However, it doesn’t imply that life is entirely hopeless every day. Actual “rainy days” often only include a brief afternoon downpour lasting little more than two hours.

You should bring an umbrella with you. But if you forget one, you may buy a poncho from any of the many street sellers. The occasional rain might be well worth the significant money you’ll save on plane tickets and hotel rooms.

Similar to other major cities around the world, the town almost comes to a halt during Semana Santa in April. Medellin goes all out during this time since 90 percent of Colombia is Roman Catholic.

Many people in Medellin go outside of town to spend time with their relatives. November marks the end of the city’s second wet season.

Know that the nation celebrates Independence Day in Cartagena on November 11. Cartagena was the first Colombian city to proclaim independence from Spain, and this day commemorates that fact.

Worst Time to Visit Medellin

Rain above the city of Medellin during the wet season, the overall worst time to visit, with rays of sun beaming down from the clouds

Exclamation Media LLC/Shutterstock

Medellin is hardly worth a trip during April and May due to heavy rainfall. But this doesn’t mean you should avoid this time — you can still have fun on a wet day.

There are plenty of convenient options to go where you need to go. Visit during the wetter months to avoid the hordes of other visitors.

You should do a culinary tour of Antioquia and Colombia, sampling various exquisite regional specialties. Enroll in a cooking class if you want to immerse yourself in Paisa culture and have something to do while it rains.

Medellin is home to many excellent interior museums that showcase the art and history of Colombia’s Antioquia region and its more well-known outdoor museums.

After the storm, you may stroll through the Castle Museum’s grounds or to the Plaza Botero park opposite the Antioquia Museum to view some beautiful outdoor sculptures. You may get whatever you need and get out of the rain by visiting a Medellin shopping center.

In a typical shopping center, you may dine, entertain yourself in a movie theater, and drink alcohol. Many shopping centers provide fun indoor activities ideal for families with young children.

Things to Consider

Cable car traveling high over the valley in Medellin with countless homes below


There are a few things you really must know before visiting Medellin:

  • It’s best not to bring up Pablo Escobar in any conversation. It’s likely that the person you’re talking to lost a friend or family member during the 1980s and 1990s when Escobar was at his most murderous in Medellin.
  • Utilize public transport. If you’re visiting Medellin on a tighter budget, take advantage of the city’s convenient and affordable public transportation options.
  • Put on something more appropriate than shorts and sandals before venturing out. Due to the country’s traditional culture, Colombians wear long pants and button-down shirts.

This doesn’t mean you have to forgo wearing your favorite summertime tee and shorts combo, but be mindful of social norms and dress more formally for dinner and drinks.

  • Try out Bandeja Paisa. It’s the signature traditional food of Medellin. It’s a must-try in Medellin because of how tasty it is.
  • Feel free to explore outside the city. Visiting one of Colombia’s charming little cities, such as Guatapé, Santa Fe de Antioquia,  Tamesis, or Jardin, is a great way to get a feel for the country outside the major cities.
  • The airport is located on the outskirts of town. Olaya Herrera Airport is located inside the municipal limits. However, it primarily serves domestic and nearby international destinations.

Make sure you include the time it takes to go from the city to the airport when making travel plans so you aren’t rushing to catch your flight.

  • Take a trip on the subway. The gradual ascent to the several communes is well worth the potential for motion sickness.
  • Go to Cafe Zorba. Cafe Zorba is the best pizza place in Medellin, and that’s true whether or not you’re a vegetarian.
  • Sundays are considered holy days of rest by many, and businesses in particular. Most of the stores, restaurants, and cafes in the area are either closed permanently or open very early.
  • Climb a mountain peak for a spectacular panorama. Medellin is a fascinating metropolis combining urban and rural features with a deep cultural heritage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Close-up shot of a statue in Botero Square pictured during the best time to visit Medellin, with blue sky and warm and dry air

Mariano Luis Fraga/Shutterstock

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about visiting Medellin:

What language is spoken in Medellin?

The majority of Colombians are fluent in Spanish. However, Santa Catalina, San Andrés, and Providencia recognize English as their official language.

What currency is used in Medellin?

The peso, sometimes shortened as COP, is Colombia’s national currency. While the dollar symbol may appear next to the price in Colombia, keep in mind that the currency being shown is the local Colombian peso.

Can I travel to Medellin without a visa?

Tourists from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and most European Economic Area nations don’t need a visa to visit Colombia. Tourists from nations on the approved list will have their passports stamped upon arrival, allowing them to remain in the country for up to 90 days.

Is tap water in Medellin safe to drink?

Medellin’s water supply has been purified and is suitable for human consumption. As a result, you may save on bottled water when traveling, which is fantastic news for everyone.

Do you tip in Medellin?

Tipping isn’t often practiced in South American countries, which is also true in Columbia. Although it isn’t required, it’s traditional to leave a tip.

Should I bring cash to Medellin?

Bring no more cash than is necessary. Remember that you may use your credit card at most cafés, restaurants, and stores. Some businesses, though, are cash-only, so it’s helpful to have some cash on hand.

Is it safe in Medellin?

Medellin is often regarded as one of the safest destinations in Colombia for tourists, mainly if you stick to the city’s well-populated regions.

So, When Should You Visit Medellin?

Those interested in visiting Medellin should do so during June through August and December. There will be fewer cloudy days and more bright sunlight. However, Medellin’s temperate environment makes it suitable for his visit at any time of year.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your visit to Medellin today to take advantage of the great weather, friendly locals, and exciting sights!