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The Best & Worst Times to Visit Massachusetts in 2024

The Best & Worst Times to Visit Massachusetts in 2024

What's the best time to visit Massachusetts?

The best time to visit Massachusetts is during the spring months of March to May. During this period, the weather is typically mild with temperatures ranging from the 40s in March to the mid-60s in May. It’s an ideal time for exploring cities like Boston, celebrating events like St. Patrick’s Day, and enjoying blooming flowers across the state.

While April and May see more visitors, it’s still a great time to experience Massachusetts without the intense summer crowds and high prices that come with the peak tourist season.

If you’ve ever wanted to find out the best time to visit Massachusetts, where to go whale watching, how to experience Boston’s nightlife, and why you should head to Salem for an authentic Halloween celebration, this is the travel guide that answers it all.

We’ll also show you the cheapest time to visit Massachusetts, when to avoid the crowds, as well as when not to head there at all. Let’s dive in!

The Overall Best Time to Visit Massachusetts

Small and idyllic town square in the town of Malden in Massachusetts, as seen during the overall best time to travel to the state

MALDEN, MA, USA – JUL. 21, 2020: Historic commercial building on Pleasant Street at Main Street in historic city center of Malden, Massachusetts MA, USA/Wangkun Jia/Shutterstoc

The best time to visit Massachusetts is either in spring (March–May) or summer (June–August), with the latter marking the peak tourist season.

Spring and summer are great for exploring cities, but as the temperatures increase, many visitors are drawn to high-elevation areas such as the Berkshires or Cape Cod.

Temperatures aren’t the only thing increasing in spring and especially summer — prices skyrocket as school holidays begin and families flock to Massachusetts. A frosty month, March has average temperatures between a maximum of 43°F and a minimum of 30°F.

April and May see higher temperatures — highs of 66°F and lows of 40°F. Going in March means you get to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, and there’s no better place for it than Boston.

April, on the other hand, sees crowds arriving for Patriots’ Day. Commemorating the beginning of the Revolutionary War, Patriots’ Day is an annual event overlapping with the yearly Boston Marathon.

Daffodil lovers should keep their eyes peeled for the well-known Nantucket Daffodil Festival. Whale-watching is another exciting activity. Most tours begin in late April, so if you visit from that point onward, don’t miss it!

May visitors “smell” their way through Massachusetts as flowers bloom and green landscapes become a spring norm.

Without summer’s intense humidity, May can be one of the loveliest months to visit. As summer approaches, temperatures increase, and the festival programs follow suit with the opening of the Boston Symphony Orchestra summer schedule.

Other notable June events/festivals include:

Being the warmest month, July travelers find refuge in the country’s beauty and the rich cultural program festivals have to offer. Events worth attending include:

August is ideal for hitting the beach as the intense temperatures persist — but entertaining festival events are still in full swing for those who want more fun.

We recommend Marshfield Fair, Falmouth Road Race, and Feast of the Blessed Sacrament. June, July, and August have average temperatures between 80°F and 57°F.

Cheapest Time to Visit Massachusetts

Red brownstone buildings pictured in Autumn, the least busy time to visit Massachusetts, pictured on a street in Boston with yellow and brown leaves falling on the stone path

Jorge Salcedo/Shutterstock

If there’s any period in the entire year when accommodation prices drop, flights are affordable, and budget visitors can pack and head to Massachusetts on their own terms, then it’s the month of November.

Besides going easy on your wallet, this month is worth considering if you wish to avoid the harsh winter conditions, as the weather is more or less still relatively stable.

Besides Thanksgiving, key events marking November include  Franklin County Cider Days and the opening of the ice skating rink in Fenway.

Least Busy Time to Visit Massachusetts

Bradford Street in Provincetown, Cape Cod, pictured during the best time to visit Massachusetts, with shake-sided homes on either side of the idyllic two-lane road

Jon Bilous/Shutterstock

The least busy time to go to Massachusetts is in the fall (September–November) since school is back in full swing, tourist crowds start to diminish, and summer travelers make their way home.

That said, just because this season isn’t as popular as the summer or spring period, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing going on in Massachusetts.

In fact, heading to Massachusetts can be quite exciting at this time — if you know how to take advantage of the events at your disposal and the fall scenery. September events include King Richard’s Faire, The Big E, and Franklin County Fair.

With its leaf-changing colors each year, October is ideal for travelers marveling at nature’s landscapes in gold, orange, and red.

Boston-based events feature the well-known Head of the Charles Regatta, whereas Salem attracts visitors for its Salem Haunted Happenings. Other events include Topsfield Fair, Wellfleet Oysterfest, and King Richard’s Faire (a continuation).

September and October have average highs of 72°F and lows of 48°F. November is quite frosty, with temperatures ranging between a maximum of 49°F and a minimum of 37°F.

Worst Time to Visit Massachusetts

Photo of the skyline of Boston in the middle of winter, the overall worst time to visit Massachusetts


From a weather standpoint, the worst time to visit Massachusetts is (you guessed it!) in winter (December–February). It’s cold, it’s snowy, and it’s not for the faint-hearted.

That said, although it’s a quiet time in most of the state, the capital remains relatively busy due to the myriad of festive events. If we had to choose a couple of December events worth freezing for, it’d be Boston’s eminent First Night Celebration or the annual Christmas Stroll.

Also, ski resorts in the Berkshires open in December, so pack your ski suits and head to the nearest ski slopes.

If skiing isn’t for you, you can always explore some of the now-deserted beaches in Cape Cod without the summer chaos and crowds, but we’ll admit — it’s a niche activity that’s not for everyone.

January, given the harsh winter temperatures, goes together well with museum hopping. That said, ensure you make room for the well-known Boston Wine & Food Festival, too. Expect wine dinners, pop-up tastings, and master-class seminars.

February is ideal for heading to Boston’s Chinatown and indulging in the Chinese New Year festivities, along with slightly longer days. These three months have temperatures fluctuating between average highs of 39.9°F and lows of 23.5°F.

Things to Consider

Green train in Boston pictured stopped at the Museum of Fine Arts station

BOSTON, MA, USA – APRIL 24 2017: Green line train arriving. Metro train arrives at the station of the Museum of Fine Arts/EvgeniiAnd/Shutterstock

Organizing your journey during the best time to visit Massachusetts is just the beginning of ensuring you have a great time! Here are some additional things to keep in mind during your stay:

  • If you visit Boston, purchase a Go Boston Card and/or Boston CityPASS. Not only will either save you some money, but they’ll also provide you with insights into some of the top attractions, tours, and activities worth engaging in.
  • The Boston Red Sox and their Fenway Park are truly an attraction. That said, wearing any Yankees outfits is best avoided.
  • Don’t be surprised at the accent you may come across. Although it’s called the “Boston accent,” chances are you’ll hear it in other parts of Massachusetts as well. The most significant characteristic is the omission of “r” in the middle or at the end of a word.
  • While locals are very polite and friendly, they turn into beasts once behind the wheel. Yes, Massachusetts drivers are highly aggressive — it won’t be long before you realize why others refer to the locals as “Massholes.” In any case, don’t let the Massachusetts traffic and residents’ behavior get to you and ruin your stay.
  • Tobacco products aren’t allowed in most places, such as hotels, restaurants, bars, and even public transportation, with the exception being so-called designated smoking bars with a special kind of license. Also, you’re not allowed to smoke on beaches or at public parks. That said, this may vary from one city to another, so we suggest following local advice whenever you go.

So, What’s the Best Time to Visit Massachusetts?

The best time to visit Massachusetts is either in spring (March–May) or summer (June–August), the two busiest seasons.

All in all, Massachusetts boasts a plethora of engaging events, points of interest, and venues regardless of when you decide to visit —  there’s no way you can go wrong. So what are you waiting for? Begin planning your Massachusetts getaway right away!