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The Best Time to Visit London in 2023

The Best Time to Visit London in 2023

Whether you’re looking for history, culture, or amazing food, London has it all. Because it is considered one of the world’s most visited cities, with more than 21 million visitors annually, doing a little research before heading to this historic city is a must.

You can get the best deals, avoid crowds, and get the most out of the weather. We’ll let you in on the best times to visit the beautiful city of London, as well as must-follow tips during your stay. 

Why You Should Visit London

Red double-decker busses driving by Big Ben during the best time to visit London


London is home to some of the world’s most famous attractions. From Buckingham Palace and Big Ben to the London Eye and Tower Bridge, you’ll be hard-pressed to decide which places to visit. 

Also, it is a city of diversity. London is not only a melting pot between various cultures but also a mixture of different languages and traditions. 

Its rich culture is evident in its food scene. You can find some of the best restaurants in the world in this city. From Italian cuisine and sumptuous Asian dishes to traditional English breakfast, you’ll never run out of choices in London. 

For shopaholics, London is a dream come true. With its world-famous brands, unique luxury stores, and amazing fashion, it is a shopping haven. Be it in Oxford Street or Regent Street, you won’t have difficulty finding a place to have fun and shop. 

Overall Best Time to Visit London

Sun rising over London Tower Bridge during the best time to visit London


If you want to see the best London offers, visit from March through May. During this time, expect the temperature in the city to be mild. Because tourism isn’t in full swing yet, you’ll enjoy London without hordes of tourists. 

When you visit London during these months of the year, you’ll be able to hang out in parks and see its full glory. During springtime, London transforms into an incredibly green city filled with flowers. 

In March, there are also tons of activities that you can enjoy, such as the St. Patrick’s Day Festival held in Trafalgar Square. Because London has a huge Irish population, this activity is a huge deal. Make sure not to miss hanging out in an Irish pub. 

Mother’s Day also falls during this month in the UK. If you’re traveling with your family, expect to see a lot of mother-themed activities, especially special menus in restaurants. 

If you plan on visiting in April, bring your umbrella because it can be quite rainy during this time of the year. Because of Easter Public Holidays, which can fall between late March or May, expect the crowd to increase a little.

However, you can enjoy great deals in malls and other markets during this time. Meanwhile, May signals the start of the tourist peak season in London. While the crowds can be too much in certain areas, don’t let them discourage you.

Expect better weather this month. You can also enjoy the Chelsea Flower Show, a five-day celebration in Chelsea, if you want to experience something unique. 

Cheapest Time to Visit London

Woman in a blue blazer walking on a sidewalk during the best time to visit London


If you want to save on airfare and other expenses such as activities and tourist passes, we recommend visiting during the off-peak season.

This period falls during the winter months of January and February and March and April. Visiting during November is also recommended, right before the holidays start. You’re not likely to get deals on accommodation during this period.

If you want to save for hotels, the best thing to do is book at least 3 months in advance. Remember that the first half of January is still wintertime so expect to experience frigid temperatures.

But as the days pass, you’ll feel more warmth as spring kicks in. Because the holiday season just ended, there is not much going on in the city compared to December.

However, you can still take part in celebrating the New Year’s Parade, which features workshops, pop-ups, and other activities, so it’s a great month to visit. Just make sure to pack warm clothes. 

While the weather remains unpredictable in February, it is during this time that you’ll see the tourist crowds fade. Therefore, you can enjoy a quiet London as the city takes a new look thanks to Valentine’s season. 

You can treat yourself to a romantic trip with your partner. Fashion Week also falls during this time of the month, so it’s a must-visit for fashionistas. One thing you need to know about visiting during this time is there are fewer people, especially in popular attractions.

Keep in mind that there are attractions only open during the summer. Therefore, you may not see everything you want if you come during the winter, spring, or fall.

Aside from that, visiting during March and April is also relatively affordable. In June and July, expect to see a lot of sales in the city. The problem with visiting during this time of the year is that you may experience bad weather.

If you want to avoid this, it’s best to visit during the fall. Meanwhile, November is also a month that offers many deals because it leads to the Holiday season.

Least Busy Time to Visit London

Big Ben and houses of Parliament on a foggy day during the least busy time to visit London


If your priority is to avoid crowds, visit from January to April or September to November. London still gets many visitors year-round, both locally and from overseas, even during off-peak season.

That said, make sure to book your hotels months in advance just to be sure. But compared to the winter holidays, summer, and when the schools are out, January to April and September to November sees less crowd. 

Expect to be hit by cool temperatures and heavy rains from January to February. However, if you don’t mind damp weather, you’ll be extremely rewarded with smaller crowds. 

Meanwhile, September to November gets more tourists, but it’s still not as crowded as the holidays. The weather can be quite unpredictable during this time, so pack accordingly and bring tons of clothes for layering. 

One advantage of visiting during this time is you can easily come by tickets for shows and theaters. Because the tourism state is in a lull, expect to get discounted prices and promotions. 

You’ll also be able to avoid long lines if you plan on going to the museums and galleries, as well as other family-friendly sights and attractions. 

Worst Time to Visit London

During the worst time to visit London, people are smashed into a street near the famous Oxford Circus Station

P Gregory/Shutterstock

If you plan on visiting during the summer, expect to be hit by high temperatures and humidity. This period lasts from June to August.

Do not visit during November and December if you don’t like extremely chilly winters. During the summer, London can get extremely crowded. Expect huge traffic jams that can last for hours, especially near major tourist attractions.

These delays can dampen your London vacation, especially if you’re planning to go to London just to see the sights. The upside is that tons of special events take place during this time.

You can take advantage of the summer sales and deals on different activities. While visiting London during November and December can be a letdown due to the crowds, it is still possible to have fun.

During November, expect the temperature to start going down. Daylight hours also dramatically decrease to usher in the arrival of winter. During this month, you may enjoy heading to different pubs to enjoy delicious hearty roasts, as well as see the Jazz Festival.

For a full-blown holiday experience, visit during December. While the mercury may go down below freezing during this month and you may experience snow, seeing London decked in pretty holiday lights will make up for it.

Do not miss exploring the Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park. Historically, the holiday season is considered a great time to visit London. Because of this, it can get slightly overcrowded during Christmas and New Year celebrations.

But many people don’t mind and still prefer visiting during these months because of the festivities. If you don’t mind stores closing early before the holidays, you can book your London vacation during this period. 

Things to Consider

Burred crowd during the busiest time to visit London with people packed in the West End

William Barton/Shutterstock

London continues to be one of the most visited cities globally for its rich history, culture, and history. It has a reputation for being a local and tourist-loved city. Here are some things you need to consider to have the best time in London. 

Buy a London Pass

London is the 6th most expensive city in the world. You can easily go out of budget, especially if you want to hit all the sights. If you want to save money and time and still get access to the city’s attractions, getting a London Pass is a must. 

Not only do you get to save money, but you can also jump the line in most places and get to skip the queue. Moreover, you can enjoy discounts for museums, shows, and other activities. 

Book Your Accommodations Early

Due to the many tourists visiting the city, accommodations are usually fully booked during peak seasons. This situation means that hotels and hostels can be expensive. However, if you book early, you can get discounted rates.

Take Public Transportation or Walk

Taking public transportation is a great way to save on transportation expenses. If you want to fully immerse yourself in your London experience, walking is also a great idea. 

Make Use of the Free Museums and Galleries

The museums in London are free to visit, and they offer tons of interesting information about London’s rich history. There are also several other free galleries to visit and learn about the local art scene. 

The National GalleryTate Britain, and Tate Modern all offer free entrance to anyone who wishes to explore the art and culture of the city. 

Take a Hop-On/Off Bus Tour

Hop on/off bus tours are a great way to explore London. You can go on and off at will without having to worry about how to get back to your starting point. The tour guides are very knowledgeable, so expect to hear a lot of interesting stories to tell about the city. 

Get an Oyster Card

This card allows you to save on transportation costs while helping you to explore the city. London has a great subway and bus system, so getting around is quite easy, even for first-time visitors. 

Try Family-Owned Restaurants and Street Food Markets

The best way to save on your meals is to eat in the local restaurants. If you want to get authentic dishes, you can head over to the street food markets. These are very affordable, and they offer delicious traditional food from countries all over the world. 

Bring Comfortable Shoes

Don’t wear your best heels because you’re likely to be walking a lot. Wear comfortable shoes, especially if you’re planning to visit major tourist attractions that can be a bit far from each other. 

Stay in Central London

The ultimate tip for travelers who want to explore this city is to stay in the central part of London, which is quite accessible to most tourist attractions. Staying in the central part of the city will save you time since you will be able to access sights and attractions quickly and easily. 

Explore Outside London

Taking time to visit the countryside is recommended if you’re visiting London. For example, take a day trip to Oxford or Canterbury. These spots are very historic, so they will definitely make your London vacation more unforgettable. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Tourists walking below flags in London during the best time to go

Tim M/Shutterstock

London is a very lively city, and because of this, it always gets tons of attention from local and overseas tourists. That said, there are tons of questions from visitors that need to be answered. Here are some of the most popular questions:

Is London a city or a country?

London is a city. It is located in the country of the United Kingdom.

Is it expensive to travel to London?

London can be quite expensive, so be ready to go through a lot of money. However, you can save a lot of money if you know where and when to go.

Is London bigger than New York?

Yes, London is about double the size of The Big Apple.

What is the population of London?

Around 9 million people call London home.

What’s the best way to get around London?

London has an excellent public transportation system. There are buses, trains, and the London Underground.

Are 3 days enough to see London?

You can easily explore the top sights and tourist attractions in 3 days. However, planning a longer stay is recommended.

What are the most popular sights in London?

The London Eye, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, London Bridge, and the Tower of London top the list of the most popular tourist attractions.

So, What’s the Best Time to Visit London?

Planning for a trip to London can be very exciting, especially if you want to visit the city for the first time. The city is filled with so many historic attractions and sights that you can’t miss, so be sure to find a great trip planner to help you make the most of your time. 

When talking about the best time to visit London, March to May is recommended, especially if you want to avoid the crowd.

While you may experience a little rain, these months are best if you want to experience the joy of spring in one of the most visited cities in the world.