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The Best Time to Visit Hong Kong in 2023

The Best Time to Visit Hong Kong in 2023

Are you considering a trip to Hong Kong soon? Incredible choice! Hong Kong is a vibrant and exciting city with something to offer everyone.

Whether you’re looking to explore the bustling streets of Central, take in some culture at the Hong Kong Museum of Art, or stay in luxury at one of the many five-star hotels; this city has it all.

Before you book your trip, it’s important to think about the best time to visit Hong Kong. We’re travel nuts ourselves, and below we’ll cover why you should visit Hong Kong and show you the overall best time to visit, cheapest time, least busy time, and worst time to go.

Further, we’ll clue you in on top activities and attractions to make sure you experience the trip of a lifetime, then answer several related questions you might have. Let’s get started!

Why You Should Visit Hong Kong

Very cool view of all of the neon lights in the downtown area with pedestrians walking along during the best time to visit Hong Kong


Hong Kong is a destination like no other. It offers an exciting, pulsing atmosphere that blends modernity and tradition. Take in towering skyscrapers and tech-savvy streets, then explore the traditional Chinese temples and markets that give the city its unique flavor.

And with a mild, subtropical climate, Hong Kong is great for travelers seeking a year-round destination.

You can explore the city’s many attractions, enjoy the unbeatable food scene, or just relax on one of the city’s many beaches. No matter your travel style, you’ll find something to love in Hong Kong.

Overall Best Time to Visit Hong Kong

White sand beach pictured looking out toward the blue water during the best time to visit Hong Kong

WR Studio/Shutterstock

The overall best time to visit Hong Kong is from October through December, which is Hong Kong’s late autumn and early winter.

During this time, you’ll experience great weather, with temperatures around 80 degrees Fahrenheit in October, the mid-70s in November, and the high 60s/low 70s in December.

This weather makes it perfect for exploring all the city offers, such as walking around to various shops, parks, and attractions.

This time also offers pleasant evening temperatures where you can enjoy dinner outside or visit one of the city’s vibrant nightlife spots. And while many attractions and tours may be crowded, you can still easily find a spot to enjoy the city in more peaceful settings.

Plus, this time of year is when Hong Kong celebrates some of its biggest festivals and events, such as China National Day in October, the Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival in October, and the WinterFest celebration in November/December.

Cheapest Time to Visit Hong

People in an open-air market during monsoon season, the cheapest time to visit Hong Kong


The cheapest period to visit Hong Kong is from June to September. During this time, average temperatures are in the 80s and high 70s, so you’ll likely need air conditioning to stay cool.

Additionally, these months are Hong Kong’s monsoon season, so the weather is unpredictable. Despite the hot, humid, and unpredictable weather, this is a great time of year for tourists since many attractions and tours offer discounted prices.

Plus, you’ll find cheaper airfare and hotel prices than during peak times.

It’s also worth noting that this time isn’t usually as busy, so you can expect shorter lines and more room to explore attractions without being too crowded. It’s an ideal time for budget travelers looking to explore Hong Kong at an affordable price.

Least Busy Time to Visit Hong Kong

Image of an empty street in Hong Kong pictured with skyscrapers in the background and a single car driving down the street

Anuchit Kamsongmueang/Shuttestock

The least busy time to visit Hong Kong lines up with the cheapest time, from June to September.

As discussed, this is Hong Kong’s monsoon season, so it’s when the weather is the rainiest, hottest, most humid, and most unpredictable. Unsurprisingly, the reality of the weather is why many people avoid going to Hong Kong during this time.

Compared to the drier, cooler autumn and spring seasons, this period isn’t as enjoyable to be outside. However, travelers who enjoy indoor activities like museums and restaurants might enjoy going during these months.

Of course, it also might be a great time to go for people who want to avoid busy streets and crowded restaurants and attractions at all costs. Finally, those looking for deals on hotels, flights, food, activities, and more may opt for going between June and September.

Worst Time to Visit Hong Kong

Unique festival featuring a giant inflatable Chinese dragon with the buildings of downtown in the background during the best time to visit Hong Kong

Hong Kong, China – January 25, 2016: Big illuminated Chinese dragon figure festive outdoor decoration adorns the waterfront area in Central District. Night view with skyscrapers on background/WR Studio/Shutterstock

As with any destination, there is no exact worst time to visit, as it depends on what each traveler wants to prioritize and wants to compromise on.

Late December to February is an extremely crowded time, thanks to the Holiday season, and it’s also quite cold for many travelers. Some people may choose to avoid going during these months because of the crowded city and cold weather.

However, for people interested in Hong Kong Festivals, this time might be the best option, as they can enjoy the Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Hong Kong Arts Festival, and of course, tons of Christmas celebrations.

Alternatively, June to September might be seen as the worst time for many people, but those who want to see a different side of Hong Kong and don’t mind the rain might enjoy visiting at this time.

Things to Consider

Light rail train on tracks during the best time to visit Hong Kong


Now that you’ve considered the best and worst time to go, here are several more things to remember and consider when planning a trip to Hong Kong.

  • Transportation. Hong Kong has an extensive public transportation system, so make sure you plan how you’ll get around the city and understand it prior to getting there or give yourself enough time to learn it.
  • Money. Hong Kong might be more expensive than you’re used to, especially if you come from a place with a lower cost of living. Make sure to save appropriately for your trip and consider the conversion rate when planning your days.
  • Accommodation. If you’re going to Hong Kong during its busy times, which is anytime outside of June to September, you may want to plan your accommodation in advance for the best options and the best deals.
  • Dining. As with any big city, restaurant reservations are recommended, especially for popular restaurants like Mott 32 or TATE Dining Room.
  • Safety. Despite Hong Kong’s reputation for being safe, it’s important to take the same precautions as any large city. Store your valuables safely, keep an eye on your personal items, and be aware of your surroundings.

Activities to Consider

Hong Kong is filled with opportunities to participate in many different types of activities, including but not limited to:

  • Museum touring
  • Beach hopping
  • Food and art markets
  • Amusement parks
  • Historical sites
  • Cultural events and festivals
  • Shopping
  • Dining
  • Nightlife
  • Surfing
  • Park hiking
  • City viewpoints
  • Floating restaurants
  • Dolphin watching

Specific Attractions to Consider

As you can see, there are various activities to enjoy, but where exactly should you go to enjoy them? Here are some top attractions in Hong Kong:

  • Tian Tan Buddha. A statue of Buddha on a hill with views
  • Victoria Peak. Viewpoint with telescopes to enjoy the vibrant city landscape
  • Ocean Park. Popular amusement park featuring thrilling rides
  • Hong Kong Disneyland. One of the most popular sites in Hong Kong for adventure-seeking families
  • Victoria Harbour. Daytime shopping and dining and nighttime light shows
  • Hong Kong Museum of History. Lesson-filled, history-focused exhibits
  • Ngong Ping 360. Entertainment center with a cable car
  • Po Lin Monastery. Peaceful monastery and home of the Big Buddha statue
  • Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple. Serene gardens surrounding an impressive temple
  • Hong Kong Park. Aviary, playground, and gardens in an expansive park
  • Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery. Many statures gathered throughout a massive monastery
  • Dragon’s Back. Mountain ridge with a breathtaking landscape that’s popular for hiking
  • Repulse Bay. Sandy beach with upscale high-rises
  • Shek O Beach. Perfect beach cove for swimming and relaxing
  • Tai Po Waterfront Park. Waterfront views, bikes, kites, and more
  • Hong Kong Museum of Art. Renowned museum featuring fine Chinese art
  • Hong Kong Palace Museum. Chinese antiques and artifacts
  • Tai Mo Shan. The highest point in Hong Kong

Frequently Asked Questions

Aerial view of the downtown section with high-rise buildings during the best time to visit Hong Kong


Do you still have some questions in mind? Here are our answers to related questions about Hong Kong travel.

When is peak season in Hong Kong?

Peak season in Hong Kong is between October to December, as well as during the Lunar New Year, which falls between late January and early February.

What are the best things to do in Hong Kong?

Some of the best things to do in Hong Kong include exploring the history at the Hong Kong Museum of History, visiting Victoria Peak for a bird’s eye view of the city, and enjoying the amusement parks at Ocean Park and Hong Kong Disneyland.

There are also beaches, hiking trails, temples, floating restaurants, and much more to explore.

What is the best time of year to visit Hong Kong?

The best times to visit Hong Kong are spring and fall, from March to May and October to early December, respectively. These months offer mild temperatures and lower humidity levels, making them ideal times to explore the outdoors.

Are there any special occasions in Hong Kong?

There are several popular cultural events and festivals that take place throughout the year in Hong Kong. These include the Chinese New Year, the Dragon Boat Festival, and Mid-Autumn Festival.

What is the currency in Hong Kong?

The official currency in Hong Kong is called the Hong Kong Dollar (HKD). The current exchange rate is USD 1 to HKD 7.79.

Is it safe to visit Hong Kong?

Violent crimes and serious crimes against travelers are both very rare. However, petty crime like pickpocketing does occur, so it’s important to be aware of your surroundings and take common-sense measures while traveling.

How long should I spend in Hong Kong?

Like any large city, you could spend months in Hong Kong and not discover all of it. However, 3-4 days should be enough time to get a good feel of the city for first-time travelers, especially if the itinerary is planned ahead.

Which area is the best in Hong Kong?

Which area is best in Hong Kong is a hard question to answer as Hong Kong is made up of many different districts and islands, each with its own unique atmosphere. Some of the most popular areas for visitors include Tsim Sha Tsui, Mong Kok, Central, and Causeway Bay.

What is the food like in Hong Kong?

The food in Hong Kong is some of the best in the world, offering a mix of Chinese and international flavors. Some traditional dishes you should try include dim sum, congee, wonton noodles, steamed milk custard, and egg tarts.

There are also many modern restaurants offering international dishes like Italian, Japanese and French cuisine. For a unique experience, try one of the many floating restaurants in Aberdeen for some local seafood.

So, What’s the Best Time to Visit Hong Kong?

Hong Kong offers a plethora of activities and attractions, from thrilling amusement parks to breathtaking viewpoints. Whether you’re looking for cultural experiences, outdoor excursions, or just a fun time, Hong Kong has something for everyone.

With its mild climate and various events and festivals, there is never a bad time to visit. So what are you waiting for — book your trip to Hong Kong today!