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The Best & Worst Times to Visit England in 2024 (Our Take)

The Best & Worst Times to Visit England in 2024 (Our Take)

What's the best time to visit England in 2024?

The best time to visit England is in spring, from late March to mid-June. The weather is mild, and there are numerous activities to enjoy, from exploring the countryside with blooming wildflowers to visiting historic sites like Highclere Castle and Shakespeare’s house in Stratford-Upon-Avon. London also shines in spring with boat tours on the Thames and vibrant floral displays, making it a great season to explore the capital.

Are you thinking about traveling to England soon? We have all the information you need about visiting the Land of the Rose. From historic cities to beautiful nature preserves, there’s a lot to love about beautiful England.

Make your trip spectacular, and learn about the best time of the year to visit and when to avoid traveling. We’ll reveal the cheapest times to visit England and how to travel on a budget.

We’ll tell you how to avoid the tourist season and how to score deals on hotels and flights. Plus, we’ll go over some common questions, and you can learn everything you need to know for your next vacation. Read on to discover the best time to visit England and more!

The Overall Best Time to Visit England

Pictured during the overall best time to visit England, the medieval half-timber houses in Kent overlook a canal

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The overall best time to visit England is in the spring. The weather is temperate, and you’ll find plenty of activities to do.

Whether you’re traveling to sunny Brighton or the cloudier corners of northern England, the temperatures are moderate, and rainfall is relatively light in the spring. The spring, ranging from late March to mid-June, is a magical time in England.

Traipse through the countryside looking at wildflowers or see author Beatrix Potter’s famous Hill Top Farm in full bloom. You can even see the Bluebell Woods in many locations throughout England, including near Roseberry Topping in Yorkshire.

London, the nation’s historic capital, is hopping with things to do in spring. Cruise on a boat tour down the Thames river and see the city skyline on a clear spring day.

Or take a stroll down Oxford Street and into the Soho area, where you’ll find thousands of blossoming flowers in parks and shops. Spring is also an ideal time to tour manor houses or historical sites while you enjoy the temperate weather.

Highclere Castle in Newbury is a must-see for fans of the series Downton Abbey, and Shakespeare’s house in Stratford-Upon-Avon is open daily to tourists. With so many fantastic things to do in England in the spring, you’ll never run out of ideas!

Cheapest Time to Visit England

Brick homes along a sloping road in Gold Hill Shaftesbury with snow covering the roofs, landscaping, and roads during the winter, the cheapest time to visit England

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The cheapest time to visit England is in the winter, from January to February. During this time, the weather is cold and most tourists prefer not to visit England during this season.

Fortunately, you can take advantage of the cold weather and score deals on flights and hotels. It’s not too difficult to find cheap flights from January to February. Remember to be flexible with your dates and check airline websites often, as a deal may pop up at any time.

Believe it or not, Christmas or Boxing Day is one of the best times to fly, as most people are home for the holidays, and you can beat the holiday rush if you book at the right time. The weather during this time isn’t spectacular.

Temperatures average from 34 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit, and you’ll experience rain or snow at least several days a week. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything fun to do. Find a cozy pub and enjoy a hot cider by the fire, or bundle up in a warm jacket and go for a short walk.

Compared to the best time of the year to visit, the cheapest time isn’t as great. The weather is dreary, and there are fewer events and festivals. But you can still enjoy England on a budget and take advantage of all the fun indoor things to do.

Least Busy Time to Visit England

Empty street in London at night during the least busy time to visit England

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The least busy time to visit England is from November to December 25th and from January 1st to March. The late fall and winter months are the offseason in England, except for the holiday season, and you won’t see many other tourists if you vacation during this time.

Although domestic travel increases in the last two weeks of December, the winter is an ideal time for peaceful travel in England.

You can score deals on flights by booking far in advance. We suggest purchasing plane tickets at least three to four months before you plan to travel. Get traveler’s insurance to protect your funds in case of cancellation, and stay flexible with your dates.

The weather in England during this time is quite cold. Be sure to opt for a well-insulated coat and a cozy scarf. There are plenty of fun things to do in the offseason.

Celebrate Bonfire Night on November 5th and watch fireworks displays, or do some holiday shopping in central London. You can also escape to a tiny village and enjoy the small-town atmosphere, with caroling concerts, theater events, and deals at pubs.

Worst Time to Visit England

Bus in London pictured on a grey, cloudy day during December, the worst overall time to visit England

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The worst time to visit England is during the last two weeks of December. While you might think it’s a great time to see holiday festivities, the weather is dreary, and travel is expensive.

Opt for early December if you want to enjoy holiday celebrations or visit in the summer for better weather. Book at least three weeks in advance if you’re traveling during Christmas or New Year’s.

You can even consider buying tickets a few months in advance if possible. Whatever you do, don’t wait until the last minute to purchase flights to England, especially during this busy time. Expect that tourism will be high, especially in the big cities.

Many people from England and mainland Europe travel for the holidays in December. Consider opting for a village getaway instead of a big city trip, and you can avoid the crowds. Even if the weather is poor, there are still fun things to do in England in late December.

The country is famous for its diverse culture, and there’s nowhere else to experience a cultural melting pot like in England. Brave the crowds at a holiday festival or parade, sample new foods from curry to fish and chips, see a music concert, and don’t forget to get tickets for the theater!

England by Month: Climate & Activities

Image of Stonehenge, one of the best attractions in the country, pictured during dusk during the best time to visit England

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Still unsure about the best time to visit England? Take a look at our summary of the weather and climate by month below:


Winter temperatures in England range from 1 to 8°C (34-46°F). It’s an ideal time for exploring historic cities like London, enjoying winter walks in the countryside, and attending cultural events and theater performances.


Similar to January, February maintains cool temperatures between 1 to 8°C (34-46°F). Visitors can experience winter festivities, visit museums and art galleries, and explore charming villages in the Cotswolds.


As spring begins, temperatures range from 3 to 11°C (37-52°F). March is perfect for witnessing the blooming of daffodils, visiting gardens like Kew Gardens in London, and attending spring events and festivals.


Spring temperatures in England range from 5 to 13°C (41-55°F). It’s an ideal time for enjoying cherry blossoms in parks, exploring historic landmarks like Stonehenge, and attending Easter celebrations and parades.


May sees temperatures ranging from 8 to 16°C (46-61°F). It’s a great month for outdoor activities, including hiking in the Lake District, visiting coastal areas like Cornwall, and attending music festivals.


Summer arrives in England with temperatures between 11 to 19°C (52-66°F). June offers opportunities for enjoying outdoor markets, attending cultural events like the Hay Festival, and exploring the scenic landscapes of the Peak District.


July maintains mild temperatures from 13 to 21°C (55-70°F). It’s a popular month for outdoor activities, including picnics in Hyde Park, exploring historic castles, and attending music and arts festivals.


Temperatures in August range from 13 to 21°C (55-70°F). It’s an excellent time for coastal holidays in places like Brighton, enjoying outdoor theater performances, and attending events like the Notting Hill Carnival in London.


In September, fall in England begins, with temperatures ranging from 10 to 18°C (50-64°F). This time offers a pleasant transition, with opportunities for hiking in the Yorkshire Dales, attending the Last Night of the Proms, and enjoying harvest festivals.


October sees temperatures ranging from 7 to 14°C (45-57°F). It’s a great month for autumn foliage walks in the New Forest, exploring historic sites like Bath, and attending Halloween events.


Fall temperatures range from 4 to 10°C (39-50°F). November is perfect for visiting Christmas markets that begin to open, exploring the Cotswold villages, and enjoying cozy pub evenings.


In December, winter returns to England with temperatures ranging from 2 to 8°C (36-46°F). December brings opportunities for festive activities, including Christmas shopping in London, attending holiday concerts, and experiencing the charm of English countryside villages.

Things to Consider

Attractive and thin young blonde woman standing in heels waiting for a car during the best time to visit England

London, UK – September 12, 2018: Bus stop on street road in Aldwych with people young woman waiting in city downtown busy traffic/Kristi Blokhin/Shutterstock

Check this helpful list of things to consider when visiting England:

  • Prepare for the weather. You’ll need an umbrella, raincoat, and sturdy shoes in England.
  • Avoid renting a car. Learning new traffic laws can be stressful, especially if you’re used to driving on the other side of the road. Especially if you’re visiting London, driving on the famed M25 motorway can be hellish! Consider opting for a train pass, Oyster Card, or rideshares like Lyft or Uber.
  • Book flights into major cities. International airports like London Heathrow, Leeds Bradford, and Manchester have cheaper and more direct flights. You won’t have to worry about confusing plane changes or long layovers.
  • Purchase a National Trust membership pass. It includes access to over 500 tourist destinations throughout the UK, from Tudor houses to historic castles.
  • Sarcasm is typical in England, and poking fun is often a sign of friendship. Don’t get offended if British folks make a sarcastic joke about you!
  • Expect to hear more languages than just English. The UK is home to speakers of Gaelic, Welsh, Cornish, and more. There’s also a range of accents, and you might have trouble understanding the locals.
  • Pubs are different from bars. In England, pubs are communal spaces where families and friends come together to drink and enjoy a Sunday Roast. Kids are welcome, and there’s often live folk music and dancing.
  • Hold the door for people when you’re traveling. In England, it’s customary to hold the door for the person after you, and you may meet helpful locals who leave the doors open for you.
  • If you get lost, English people are typically happy to answer questions about directions. Especially in smaller towns, folks are usually eager to start a conversation. Just be aware that in London, people tend to keep to themselves more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Image of the old alleyway and shambles in York, pictured during the overall best time to visit England


Read on to discover all the answers you need about visiting England.

When is the best time for pleasant weather in England?

The best weather in England can be enjoyed during the summer months of June to August when you can expect milder temperatures and longer daylight hours, perfect for outdoor exploration and activities.

What's the best time to explore England's gardens and countryside?

Spring, from March to May, is perfect for admiring England's blooming gardens and scenic countryside, with flowers in full bloom and lush landscapes, making it an ideal season for nature enthusiasts.

Are there any must-visit events or festivals in England?

Consider visiting during Wimbledon in July for tennis fans or the festive Christmas season in December, where you can experience charming markets and holiday traditions, providing unique cultural experiences.

When should I avoid England due to potentially gloomy weather?

England's less favorable weather with shorter days and colder temperatures typically occurs from November to February, making it less ideal for outdoor activities and sightseeing, but still an option for those who enjoy a quieter atmosphere.

So, What’s the Best Time to Visit England?

The best time to visit England is in the spring when the weather is warm. However, if you’re looking to save money and avoid the tourist crowds, consider going in the late fall or winter. Whenever you choose to visit, England is waiting with hundreds of fun activities and things to do. Happy travels!