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The Best & Worst Times to Visit Dallas in 2023

The Best & Worst Times to Visit Dallas in 2023

Are you looking for the best time to visit Dallas? We have everything you need to know about this Texas city. Dallas is a bustling metropolis with many things to do, and there are activities for any time of the year.

The diverse restaurants have global cuisine to satisfy even the pickiest eaters, and there are zoos, museums, and theaters for families or couples.

We’ll tell you the best times to visit and why, and we’ll reveal tips for traveling to Dallas in any season. Read on to discover the best time to visit Dallas, Texas!

Why You Should Visit Dallas

Downtown outdoor art exhibit with sculptures on the cement walkway next to a reflecting pool

Nate Hovee/Shutterstock

Simple! Dallas is one of the largest cities in the south, and it’s a business-driven city that still has a fun culture. You may travel there for work meetings or a fun weekend vacation, and you’ll never run short of things to do.

Even though Dallas is a big city, prices are still affordable. You get more out of your trip on a tighter budget in Dallas. Thanks to the city’s sunny weather, there are many free outdoor shows, festivals, and events.

Dallas is ideal for art lovers, and the city is one of the major art centers of the southern United States. Head to the art district to see art galleries, or go downtown and check out hip graffiti.

Dallas is also perfect for people who like nightlife, so don’t leave the city without a trip to the bars and clubs.

It’s easy to feel like a local here. Texans are welcoming and friendly, and you can simultaneously feel at home and enjoy the bustling city vibe. Keep reading to learn more about visiting Dallas and the best time to go!

Overall Best Time to Visit Dallas

Gorgeous view of the cityscape at dusk with tall buildings overlooking a reflecting pond

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The overall best time to visit Dallas is in the fall. September, October, and November are among the most beautiful months in the city, with moderate temperatures and brilliant fall colors.

The temperatures in the fall range from 50 degrees Fahrenheit to the lower 80s. You might pack a light sweater, but most days will have typical sunny Texas weather.

Fall in Dallas is ideal, and you can see lush trees turn orange and brown while still enjoying pretty sunshine days. Tourism is moderate in the fall, making it the best time of the year to stay in Dallas.

Summer vacation ends in early September in Texas, and you will miss the height of the tourist season if you visit after school starts. Going in the fall is perfect because you can enjoy all the top sights in the city without flooding crowds of other visitors.

Dallas also has plenty of events in the fall. Enjoy freshly-brewed beer and celebrate German culture at Oktoberfest, or shop for holiday presents at the harvest market.

Autumn at the Arboretum is another fun event with creative pumpkin displays, and there’s always something on for the Day of the Dead in November.

Cheapest Time to Visit Dallas

Fireworks over reunion tower pictured at night above the cityscape during the winter, the overall cheapest time to visit Dallas

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The cheapest time to visit Dallas is in the winter, from late November to February. There are fewer events and less demand for hotels, flights, and activities, and you can take advantage of this slump and save money.

Crowds are moderate, with tourism rising in the holiday season, the last two weeks of December. Score deals on flights by keeping a flexible schedule. It may be harder to get cheap tickets if you have a fixed date, especially if you want to book a flight on the weekend.

We suggest checking your airline every few days to see if a cheap flight opens up. Even though it’s the coldest time of year, Dallas is lovely in the winter.

East Texas winters are rarely harsh and snowy, and Dallas hovers around 40 or 50 degrees. You might see a few days of light snow, so bring a sweater and warm clothes! Compared to the best time to visit Dallas, the cheapest time isn’t as fun.

There are fewer things to do, and the weather isn’t as pleasant. However, you can still have an enjoyable trip and attend events like the Dallas Holiday Parade and the Chinese New Year Festival.

Least Busy Time to Visit Dallas

Sunset at rush hour as seen from the POV of a camera lying on the ground during the least busy time to visit Dallas

Eric Urquhart/Shutterstock

The least busy time to visit Dallas is from January to March. Late winter is the offseason in Dallas, and the cold weather chases away visitors.

You can enjoy your favorite things to do in Dallas with less of a tourist crowd. Book airline tickets well in advance to save money in the offseason. We suggest reserving your flight at least two or three months before your trip.

You might also compare flight prices at the different airports in Dallas, including Dallas Love Field and DFW International Airport, as prices may differ depending on where you are based.

The weather is moderately cold in the winter, and Dallas isn’t at its peak like in the fall. Temperatures dip into the 30s, and you’ll need a sweater or light jacket. Expect a few rainy days in November and December.

The cold weather in the offseason is the perfect excuse to visit museums in Dallas. Check out the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, the GW Bush Presidential Library, or the Crow Museum of Asian Art. The Dallas Museum of Art even offers free admission!

Worst Time to Visit Dallas

Crowded square at Dealey Plaza pictured during the worst time to visit Dallas, the summer


The worst time to visit Dallas is the height of summer in June and July. During this season, tourism is at its peak, and the Texas summer heat and humidity are almost unbearable.

We don’t recommend visiting in June and July, but if you decide to go, we have tips for you. Beat the summer heat and pack lightweight clothing, sunglasses, and hats. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Daily temperatures are in the 80s and 90s, and the humidity is stifling. Dallas in June and July is full of tourists taking advantage of their summer vacations. However, you can still score a good deal.

Consider a cheaper airline or hotel, and shop at the grocery stores instead of top restaurants. The good thing about visiting Dallas in the summer is the plethora of fun events.

Listen to live music at the June Taste of Dallas Event or see fireworks at the Fort Worth Fourth event in nearby Fort Worth. Just be aware that prices are much higher in summer, and it may be harder to buy tickets.

Things to Consider

Image of a streetcar that is white and yellow in color rolling along tracks during the best time to visit Dallas

DALLAS, TEXAS-SEPTEMBER 25: Downtown Dallas on September 25, 2014. Dallas was founded in 1841 and formally incorporated as a city in February 1856/f11photo/Shutterstock

  • Enjoy Texas culture. Attend the yearly Texas State Fair, grab some barbeque, or buy a pair of cowboy boots as a souvenir to take home.
  • Remember safety first. Dallas is a big city, and crime is an issue downtown, so we suggest traveling with friends and avoiding staying out late at night.
  • Check out free sights. Dallas is a friendly town with plenty of free things to see, like the sculpture garden on Ross Ave, the central library, and the beautiful buildings in the historic district.
  • Go shopping. There are many shopping centers in Dallas, and there’s something for everyone, like the Lego Store, Doctor Martens, and Sephora.
  • Figure out transportation. The Dallas airport has a train and bus system called DART, but it’s not as big as public transport in most large cities. Instead, many people opt for Uber, Lyft, or another rideshare. Or you can bring your car and brave the busy highways!
  • Head over to Fort Worth for an afternoon. Dallas and Fort Worth are adjacent cities, and you can find plenty to do in Fort Worth, like the Water Gardens and the botanic gardens.
  • See a concert at the Dallas Cowboys AT&T stadium. The concert venue regularly hosts musicians from around the globe, and past guests include Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, and Billy Joel. Or, head to Dallas in the fall for a football game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Statues and monuments pictured with glass office buildings in the back

Dallas,Texas /USA February,10 2020: Statues and Monuments in the Downtown of the big urban city with the glass office buildings in the background/DesignsByMarinaG/Shutterstock

Find the answers to all your frequently asked questions about traveling to Dallas below:

Is Dallas expensive?

Dallas is expensive to live in but not very expensive to visit. Generally, Texas cities are cheaper than most cities on the coasts, and a vacation in Dallas won’t set you back as much as New York City or San Francisco.

In Dallas, you can expect to pay around $100 for a hotel and $15 or more for a meal. Some museums have tickets, but you can get discounts for students, military members, and families. Thanks to the sunny weather, Dallas also has many outdoor events, most of which are free.

How can I travel to Dallas without a car?

Most people have cars in Dallas, but don’t worry if you’re without one. Dallas has several forms of public transport, including buses and the DART airport train. Consider bringing a bike or walking to your destination if you’re staying in the downtown area.

That said, the most popular mode of transport in Dallas is ridesharing. We suggest downloading your favorite rideshare app before landing in Dallas to make your trip a breeze.

What food do people eat in Dallas?

Dallas is a cultural melting pot, and the city features food from around the world. You’ll see three main cuisines in the area, Tex-Mex, soul food, and barbeque. Tex-Mex is a less spicy version of Mexican food that’s unique to Texas.

It features tacos, burritos, margaritas, and churros. Soul food includes chicken, seafood, and mashed potatoes, and barbeque consists of grilled marinated meats, corn, and cobbler.

What is unique about Dallas?

Dallas is unique because of its cultural diversity, art, music, football, and distinct Texas culture. It’s one of the major art centers of the south, with dozens of galleries and cultural centers. It even boasts the most prominent art district in the country.

Dallas is also unique for its football team, the Dallas Cowboys, and many people travel from all over the country to see the Cowboys play.

The city is also a music hub with everything from pop concerts to Texas bluegrass. Another facet of Texas culture is agriculture, and you can see stockyards and learn about Dallas’s history of farming and cattle driving.

Is downtown Dallas or Fort Worth Better?

Dallas and Fort Worth are great cities, but downtown Dallas has more things to do. Dallas is more urban than Fort Worth and has more events, restaurants, museums, and a diverse range of activities. We suggest visiting downtown Dallas if you like a big city feel, but Fort Worth is better for a slower-paced trip.

So, What’s the Best Time to Visit Dallas?

The best time to visit Dallas is in the fall, from September to November. The weather is idyllic, and there are many activities and events without all the tourists. However, if you choose to go at a different time of year, there’s still plenty to do and ways to score deals. Happy travels!