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The Best & Worst Times to Visit Dallas in 2024 (Our Take)

The Best & Worst Times to Visit Dallas in 2024 (Our Take)

Dallas, Texas, is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations in the United States as people go there in search of adventure worthy of the larger-than-life state. Dallas has one of the best cultural scenes in the nation, making it perfect for a city break.

Visitors to the city can enjoy the diverse food scene, which has amazing Tex-Mex restaurants but also so much more. Visitors can also check out the many art galleries, go bar-hopping, and catch a sports game from famous local franchises.

Dallas has plenty to offer, but it’s all about timing your visit properly to make the most of it. This guide can help you figure out when to plan your trip.

Overall Best Time to Visit Dallas

Reflecting pool with still water showing the night sky and a park with lots of lights with skyscrapers and modern structured around it pictured during the best time to visit Dallas, Texas

Sean Pavone/Shutterstock

The best time to visit Dallas is in the fall (September-November), when temperatures are balmy but not overwhelming and the city’s biggest events are taking place.

Spring is a close second for the best time to visit, also thanks to its mild weather. Weather is going to be your biggest concern when figuring out when is the best time to visit Dallas. Fall has the best weather in the city according to the National Weather Service.

Average high temperatures in September are in the low to mid 80s, before dipping to the low-mid 60s in October and November.

Spring also has similarly warm weather, but temperatures tend to be lower at night and the season is rainier (although October is the rainiest month in Dallas).

Summer temperatures are extremely hot, with high temperatures often breaking 100 degrees, making any outdoor adventures quite difficult. There is a reason why most Dallas residents and organizations wait for the cooler temperatures of September and the rest of fall to begin planning events.

Once the summer heat breaks, the city comes back to life. Visiting in the fall will allow you to see some of the city’s best events.

The biggest event on Dallas’s fall calendar is the world-famous Texas State Fair, which usually takes place from the end of September into October. Visitors can enjoy the iconic Big Tex statue, livestock shows, plenty of rides, and of course, plenty of fried food.

There are also plenty of other events going on in Dallas in the fall, such as:

Spring may not have any events at the level of the Texas State Fair, but there are also important festivals during this earlier season, such as Dallas Arts Month in April. Spring is a good time to visit if you like culture.

Fall is also the best time to visit Dallas if you are a sports fan. The Dallas Cowboys football season kicks off in September.

Even if you’re normally not a football fan, it’s still worth checking out a game while you are in town to see the atmosphere of Dallas’s passionate sports fans and take in the show, including the famous Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders.

Cheapest Time to Visit Dallas

Turtle Creek Park pictured during the cheapest time to visit Dallas, the winter, with a fountain pictured below huge skyscrapers

Dallas, Texas USA – October 29th 2017: A photo of Turtle Creek with fountain and 3 residential buildings/Timothy Guarderas/Shutterstock

The cheapest time to visit Dallas is during the winter low season, between December and March, when you can get discounts on flights and hotels.

The least expensive months to travel to Dallas are January and February. You can get some good hotel deals in late November and December, because the town doesn’t have as much of a holiday season as some other cities in the United States.

However, if you are flying to get to the city, this is not a good time to visit because airlines increase prices during the holiday season since so many people have to travel then.

Most flight deals in the United States are the best in January, when the main holiday rush is over and not many people are taking time off to travel.

Since there aren’t many winter events in the city, these months are also fairly affordable when it comes to finding accommodation. However, before you plan your trip to Dallas on a budget, check the football schedule.

Hotel prices tend to increase on weekends when the Dallas Cowboys have a home game since the team is so popular with fans all over the United States, not just Dallas or even just Texas. Hotels raise their prices slightly to take advantage of this demand (and they do the same during popular winter holiday weekends).

Least Busy Time to Visit Dallas

Public bus that's yellow and white driving on a bridge in front of the downtown skyline, pictured during the least busy time to visit Dallas

Nate Hovee/Shutterstock

The least busy time to visit Dallas is also the winter, when there are few events in town except for football games and the weather keeps most people away.

If you visit the city during January and February, you’ll have a lot of popular attractions to yourself, a welcome break from the crowds that happen during other seasons in Dallas.

There are still events that brighten the season, such as Mardi Gras in February (which you should probably avoid if you are serious about trying to avoid the crowds).

The reason is that the weather chases a lot of people away. Texas winters aren’t as cold as winters in many other places in the United States, but it can still get quite chilly, with low temperatures around the freezing point.

Dallas also experiences occasional winter storms, such as the freak storm that affected the 2011 Super Bowl, and the city gets paralyzed during these storms since people aren’t used to them.

If you’re willing to bundle up and prepare for the winter weather, you can still have a good time visiting Dallas during the colder months.

Worst Time to Visit Dallas

Gloomy skies above Dealey Plaza with few cars on the streets, pictured during the worst time to visit Dallas

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The worst time to visit Dallas is during the summer, when high temperatures make staying outside unbearable and the city is at its most crowded. Texas summers are not a joke, and high temperatures in Dallas can reach a whopping 110 degrees!

These temperatures are not just unpleasant, they can be downright dangerous, causing heat stroke and serious health complications in vulnerable populations if you are outside for too long. Forget about walking around the city or exploring any of the nearby parks.

In a bit of a paradox, summer is also the most popular time for visitors to Dallas. Although the weather is at its worst, most people come during this season because they are taking advantage of summer vacation in schools to go on a trip with their whole families.

Popular attractions are usually crowded, and hotels are at their most expensive. If you’re one of those people constrained by school vacations, you can still enjoy the city in the summer.

There are popular (evening) festivals such as Juneteenth in June, celebrating when the last enslaved people in Texas found out they were free, and Fair Park Fourth. You can also explore the indoor museums and attractions and pick a good hotel with a pool and air conditioning!

Dallas by Month: Climate & Activities

For a guide to the various times to visit Dallas and what each one has to offer, a giant eyeball pictured in the middle of downtown, surrounded by trees during the best time to visit the city

Dallas, TX / USA / 9/7/2020: Dallas eye ball modern architecture in city center/Photo Spirit/Shutterstock

Still unsure about the best time to visit Dallas? Take a look at our summary of the weather and climate by month below:


Winter temperatures in Dallas range from 2 to 14°C (36-57°F). January is ideal for exploring the Dallas Arts District, visiting the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, and attending events like the Dallas Winter Boat Expo.


Similar to January, February maintains cool temperatures between 4 to 16°C (39-61°F). Visitors can enjoy outdoor activities at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, explore the Dallas World Aquarium, and attend the Oak Cliff Mardi Gras Parade.


As spring arrives, temperatures range from 9 to 20°C (48-68°F). March is perfect for visiting the Dallas Arboretum for spring blooms, attending the Deep Ellum Arts Festival, and exploring the Perot Museum of Nature and Science.


Spring temperatures in Dallas range from 13 to 24°C (55-75°F). It’s an ideal time for outdoor activities at Klyde Warren Park, attending the Dallas International Film Festival, and exploring the Dallas Museum of Art.


May sees temperatures ranging from 18 to 28°C (64-82°F). It’s a great month for exploring the Dallas Zoo, attending the Wildflower! Arts and Music Festival, and enjoying outdoor concerts at the Starplex Pavilion.


Summer arrives with temperatures between 22 to 33°C (72-91°F). June offers opportunities for outdoor adventures at White Rock Lake, attending the Dallas Pride Parade, and exploring the Nasher Sculpture Center.


July maintains hot temperatures from 24 to 35°C (75-95°F). It’s a popular month for cooling off at water parks like Hawaiian Falls, attending the Independence Day celebrations, and exploring the Dallas Farmers Market.


Temperatures in August range from 24 to 35°C (75-95°F). It’s an excellent time for indoor activities like visiting the Dallas Museum of Nature and Science, attending the Dallas Comedy Festival, and exploring the Reunion Tower.


As fall begins in Dallas, temperatures range from 21 to 32°C (70-90°F). September offers a pleasant transition, with opportunities for exploring the Dallas Arboretum’s Pumpkin Village, attending the State Fair of Texas, and enjoying outdoor events.


October sees temperatures ranging from 15 to 27°C (59-81°F). It’s a great month for attending the State Fair of Texas, exploring the Dallas Arts District, and enjoying the autumn foliage at local parks.


Fall temperatures range from 9 to 20°C (48-68°F). November is perfect for attending Thanksgiving events and parades, exploring the Dallas Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium, and enjoying holiday lights at Vitruvian Park.


Winter returns with temperatures ranging from 4 to 15°C (39-59°F). December brings opportunities for holiday festivities at the Dallas Arboretum, attending the Dallas Holiday Parade, and enjoying seasonal events at the Dallas Zoo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Long shutter image of the city skyline of Dallas pictured during the best time to visit Dallas


Here are some common questions other people have asked about Dallas that can help you plan your trip:

What is the best month to visit Dallas?

The best month to visit Dallas is September, which has the best weather. Temperatures are cooler than in the summer, and most days are sunny. September also marks the beginning of the Texas State Fair.

What is the best season in Dallas Texas?

The best season in Dallas is fall, which has warm but not hot weather and plenty of sunny days. Spring is a close second, although it is rainier.

How many days should I spend in Dallas?

Three days are perfectly fine to spend in Dallas. You’ll see the main city attractions, check out the foodie scene, and fit in a visit to nearby Fort Worth.

When is a good time to visit Texas?

All of Texas is best visited in the late fall, early spring, and early summer. This way, you avoid the summer heat and unpredictable winter weather.

Is there a rainy season in Dallas?

There is no formal rainy season in Dallas, but the city receives most of its rain in the spring.

So, What’s the Best Time to Visit Dallas?

The best time to visit Dallas is during the fall, when many of the city’s famous events take place and the weather is perfect. Spring is a close second for the best time to visit, while winter offers the best deals.

So, with so much to see and do and plenty of amazing times to visit, what are you waiting for — book your trip to Dallas today and experience all that this amazing city has to offer. Happy travels!