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The Best & Worst Times to Visit Curacao in 2023

The Best & Worst Times to Visit Curacao in 2023

What’s the best time to visit Curacao? See the overall best, cheapest, least busy, and worst time to go in our guide along with travel tips to make the most of your trip!

Why You Should Visit Curacao

Attractive young couple swimming with sea turtles near the island of Curacao

Gail Johnson/Shutterstock

Beautiful white sand beaches contrasting with aqua water, colorful buildings with Caribbean and Dutch colonial character, and friendly locals make Curacao something special.

The island nation of Curacao is actually 2 islands in the Caribbean Sea that lie almost 40 miles off the coast of Venezuela. The main island is where all the action is and where most travelers stay and play.

The tiny island of Klein Curacao is a haven of unspoiled natural beauty. Curacao is known for the zesty orange liqueur by the same name that originated here. The tropical scenery and weather from 78F-88F that looks and feels picture-perfect is its main claim to fame. 

When you’re here, you’ll want to take advantage of the amazing diving and snorkeling opportunities in the Caribbean Sea around the islands. 

Thriving coral reefs that are less-visited than reefs in other places make diving and snorkeling truly incredible in Curacao. There are dozens of world-famous dive spots to explore! 

The capital, Willemstad, is beautiful with colorful buildings in Dutch colonial architectural style showing the diverse blend of cultures and African roots in this island nation.

You’ll find numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites here – so many that the entire downtown area is classified as an open-air museum! Festivals, events, and music are a major part of the Curacao culture.

Tourists can hear live music, attend street parades and festivals, and dance the night away here.  The culinary scene in Curacao is phenomenal, with seafood, local twists on Dutch and nearby Venezuelan favorites, and sugary offerings to suit every sweet tooth.

Travelers love going to Curacao because the melting pot culture is easy to navigate, with most locals speaking English, Spanish, Dutch, and Papiamentu (the native language here). 

Finally, Curacao is stunning but not as visited as other Caribbean islands, making it less crowded and more affordable to visit. Sun and fun, tropical scenery, great food, and historic cities you can visit at an affordable price? There’s no doubt that Curacao is worth visiting!

When to Go to Curacao: A Summary

  • Overall best time to visit: December-April
  • Cheapest time to visit: May-October
  • Least busy time to visit: May-September
  • Worst time to visit: July-November

Visiting Curacao at the best time of year for your trip goals is the way to ensure the weather, prices, and crowds line up with what you’re expecting. If your travel dates are wide open, the overall best time to visit Curacao is from December to mid-April.

This is the peak season with excellent weather when most tourists come. The cheapest time to visit Curacao is from May to October, when prices take a nosedive after the peak season ends and daily temperatures reach into the 90s. 

To avoid big crowds of tourists, the best time to visit Curacao is from May to September. These warmer months see the fewest visitors and leave the island less crowded with lower rates on hotels and resorts.

There’s really not a bad time to visit Curacao, but the period from July to November may be the worst due to hotter temperatures, increased rainfall, and high humidity.  Let’s take a closer look at each seasonal period so you can see what time of year will be best for your visit to Curacao!

The Best Time to Visit Curacao

Dutch Antilles town of Willemstad with colorful buildings on the side of the boardwalk during the best time to visit Curacao


The best time to visit Curacao is during Peak season, from December to mid-April. Here, you’ll experience great weather, lively festivals, and lots of attractions to check out. 

The peak season from December to mid-April sees highs from 87F to 89F, but constant ocean breezes and lower humidity make it feel a little cooler and very pleasant. 

Rainfall isn’t unusual during this time of year, but showers tend to be short and sweet so you can get back to your beach time, water sports, excursions, and strolls through town. February, March, and April see the least rainfall of this period.

Visiting during these months can ensure lots of sunshine and clear skies! The month-long Curacao Carnival takes place during this time, both starting and ending in massive street parades (Gran Marcha and Marcha di Despedida) that tourists love watching. 

Tourists are clamoring to get to Curacao during this ideal time of year, so prices will be slightly higher than the shoulder and low seasons. Still, it’s more affordable than many Caribbean destinations, even during peak season.

Cheapest Time to Visit Curacao

Ocean as seen from the middle of an alleyway between colorful homes during the best time to visit Curacao

Gail Johnson/Shutterstock

May to October is the cheapest time to visit Curacao as the low season for the island when rates drop as much as 50% from summertime highs. 

From May to October, Curacao experiences a small rise and fall in heat with the lowest daily highs around 90F and the highest around 92F. 

Since this period is right after the peak season from December to April, fewer tourists arrive in Curacao and more hotel rooms and resorts have vacancies to fill. 

As a result, hotels and resorts drop their rates and offer special discounts and deals to entice tourists to stay with them. You can reap the benefits of traveling during this shoulder and low season, staying on the island for as much as 50% off the summer price! 

We found rooms in Curacao during May for $49-$150/night. That’s an amazing deal to stay on a beautiful Caribbean island. 

Since Curacao is outside of the Hurricane Belt in the Caribbean, you won’t have the same weather worries when visiting at this time of year as you would with other Caribbean destinations. 

Least Busy Time to Visit Curacao

Gorgeous view looking down the pontoon bridge in Willemstad with nobody on it during the least busy time to visit Curacao


The least busy time to visit Curacao is usually from May to September, when temperatures hover around 90F and the weather is very dry. 

If you’re all about avoiding the peak season crowds and feeling like you’ve got the island to yourself, come from May to September. It’s right after the peak summer season, so you can expect not only smaller crowds but also lower prices as a result. It’s a win-win!

Sandals found that the months with the fewest tourists arriving to their resort in Curacao are May, June, July, August, and September. Of those months, June and September see the fewest visitors while May, July, and September have slightly more travelers arriving. 

July and September get a little more rain than May, June, and August, but it’s still under 2″ per month and not at all a “deal-breaker” for visiting at this time of year. 

Worst Time to Visit Curacao

Neat harbor view of the colorful homes along the bay of Curacao during the worst time to visit, the winter

Gail Johnson/Shutterstock

The worst time to visit Curacao may be from July to November, when the heat and humidity are highest and cool ocean breezes die down. 

July and August see highs in the 90F-91F range with little rainfall, so they may be the most bearable months to go if you have to visit during this period. 

Of these months, September is the hottest with highs averaging 91F. October and November bring a lot of rain, with up to 5.3″ per month.

November is the most humid month of the year in Curacao, with humidity levels reaching 80%. You can see why visiting from July to November might not be the best call. It’s sure to be hot, humid, and either bone-dry or rainy! 

Things to Consider

Wooden boat on the beach by the harbor at Curacao during the best overall time to visit

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What else should you keep in mind to plan the best possible trip to Curacao? Here are some helpful travel tips to get you started:

  • Don’t miss the diving opportunities. Curacao has some of the best diving spots in the Caribbean, with diving destinations for all skill levels from beginners to advanced scuba divers. Snorkeling is great here, too. Unlike other Caribbean islands, where you may need to get on a boat to dive the best spots, you can enter the water right from the shore in Curacao. It’s so much more convenient and affordable this way!
  • There’s no hurricane season to worry about. Curacao is sheltered from hurricanes due to its location outside of the Hurricane Belt. This means you won’t have to cancel your trip last-minute due to an unexpected hurricane – always a relief! Tropical storms come within 150 miles of Curacao only about once every 4 years.
  • Pack plenty of sunscreen and bug spray. The sun shines hot and bright on Curacao, so bringing reef-safe sunscreen with a high SPF is essential to avoid sunburn during your vacation. Bug spray is great to have if you’ll be spending lots of time outdoors, where mosquitoes, “no see ums,” and biting/stinging insects can pose a problem. 
  • You can fly directly to Curacao. Flight price aggregator app Skyscanner notes that American Airlines, United, Qatar Airways, Iberia, jetBlue, and British Airways all offer direct, nonstop flights to Curacao. U.S. travelers can head out from New York City, Charlotte, Miami, and Newark. That can save you a lot of time and hassle in getting here!
  • Beach hop around the 2 islands. There are 34 amazing beaches on the 2 Curacao islands for you to enjoy, so don’t settle for the first beach you visit. Soft white sand, calm water, and native cacti on the beaches are common, but the scenery is different at each beach. 
  • Try spearing and eating lionfish. The Caribbean Sea is inundated with the invasive lionfish, which choke out native fish populations and harm coral reefs. You can spearfish these baddies and eat them (they’re quite tasty) to do your part in keeping the ecosystem intact here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Aerial view of three couples walking along the beach in Curacao during the best time to visit

Fokke Baarssen/Shutterstock

Get answers to all your burning questions about the best time to visit Curacao by taking a look at the most frequently asked questions below. 

What is the rainy season in Curacao?

There's no true rainy season in Curacao, but October, November, and December see the most rainfall with 3.9" to 5.3" of rainfall each month.

Although December does see increased rainfall, it's actually the start of the very popular peak season for tourists with moderate temperatures and lots of sunshine.

Is there a hurricane season in Curacao?

Curacao doesn't have a hurricane season and lies outside of the Hurricane Belt, but it's still possible for tropical storms and cyclones to affect the area from June 1 to November 30.

Is Curacao as windy as Aruba?

Curacao is slightly less windy than Aruba, but it does experience near-constant ocean breezes throughout the year. Trade winds in Curacao blow in from the northeast and make the hottest temperatures feel more comfortable.

How many days do you need in Curacao?

Plan to spend at least 1 week in Curacao to give yourself plenty of time to explore, relax, and take adventures in and around the islands here.

Ideally, you could spend 2 weeks here and really take in the best diving spots, beaches, restaurants, and historic buildings in the capital, Willemstad.

What is better, Aruba or Curaçao?

When it comes to Aruba vs. Curacao, Curacao is usually regarded as the best choice.

It has a more diverse landscape with mountains, beaches, and lush greenery. It also has more affordable prices with a rich history and as a cultural melting pot.

Aruba is flatter, less green, and more expensive to visit than Curacao.

So, When Should You Visit Curacao?

Overall, the best time to visit Curacao is during the peak season from December to mid-April. It’s a little pricier and more crowded, but that’s because the weather is great, activities are in full swing, and there are cool ocean breezes to enjoy. 

The cheapest time to visit – May to October – is a wide-ranging period where fewer tourists arrive, leading to lower prices on hotels and resorts throughout Curacao. 

From May to September, you’ll see the fewest crowds arriving in Curacao. That makes it great for a laid-back, more private stay. July to November may be the worst time to visit due to the hotter temperatures in the 90s and increased rainfall from October to November. 

Truthfully, visiting Curacao at any time of year isn’t going to be a bad choice. This island nation experiences pretty consistent weather throughout the year and temperature differences between the hottest and coolest months are usually only a few degrees. 

So pack your bags (don’t forget the reef-safe sunscreen) and get ready to adventure, relax, and explore Curacao in all its tropical beauty whenever it fits your schedule. You’re sure to have an incredible trip!