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The Best & Worst Times to Visit Curacao in 2023

The Best & Worst Times to Visit Curacao in 2023

When you think about the beautiful Caribbean Islands, Curacao Islands probably come to mind. It’s a go-to vacation destination because of the favorable weather and convenient location.

Located a few miles off the Venezuelan coast, the island stands out on the radar of newlyweds and couples looking for a luxurious destination with good weather.

Although Curacao boasts excellent weather year-round, knowing the best time to visit helps you adequately plan a vacation. The next part of the article explains the best time to visit Curacao, the worst time to travel, and the best time to garner cheap flights to the island.

Why You Should Visit Curacao

Attractive young couple swimming with sea turtles near the island of Curacao

Gail Johnson/Shutterstock

Curacao has become a favorite tourist destination due to many reasons. The first is its diverse culture. Curacao has the most multi-faceted culture in the Caribbean due to its proximity to South America.

The Arawaks first settled on the island before it became a Spanish colony in the 16th century. However, the Spanish abandoned it, citing a lack of riches allowing the Dutch West India Company to transform it into a slave hub.

Later Jewish refugees settled on the island in a bid to escape the Portuguese and Spanish. The British and the Dutch also fought to own the island before the Netherlands gained total control.

The mixture of colonial masters yielded different cultures and languages, including English, Spanish, Dutch, and Papiamentu. The diversity of culture is also evident in the country’s music which is a mixture of American pop, Bachata, Reggaeton, and Tumba.

Another highlight of this paradise is its rich history. Curaçao is home to Fort Amsterdam Willemstad, the oldest and largest fort in the Caribbean.

It was constructed in 1634 and served as a military fort, but today, it serves as the seat of Curacao’s governor and government. Tourists throng here to visit the museum, which is home to old artifacts that tell the town’s history.

A walk to Curacao’s downtown area will have you enjoying the sight of beautiful candy-colored Dutch colonial buildings. They exude the island’s tropical vibes with a bit of European architecture, making them a favorite spot for cruisegoers.

Be sure to try out the tasty delicacies too. Iguana, exotic meat, is the most popular in restaurants but if you want to enjoy it in all its glory, visit the iconic Jaanchie.

Other local delicacies are served at Marsche Bieuw, located in the downtown area of Willemstad. There are stands offering a range of local foods, including kabritu (stewed goat), stoba (stew), fresh fish, and more.

Curacao is also known for its endless supply of fresh produce and fruits, and if you want to have a taste, get a serving of the Batidos smoothie. It’s a blend of fresh fruits sold from stands and small trucks around the island.

A visit to Curacao isn’t complete without catching a glimpse of the state-of-art street art. Characterized by colorful murals on Willemstad’s buildings, you’re treated to a cocktail of designs, including political commentary, realistic portraits, and geometric shapes.

The art scene spills over to the galleries and museums, but if you’re craving to see more artsy work, head to Gallery Alma Blou.

Overall Best Time to Visit Curacao

Dutch Antilles town of Willemstad with colorful buildings on the side of the boardwalk during the best time to visit Curacao


The best time to visit Curacao is February-June. The crowds are smaller, and daytime temperatures average 85-89 F making it an excellent destination for northern travelers escaping the freezing winter season.


The risk of rain is also pretty low, sometimes recording an average of an inch or less in a month. The peak season officially ends in March, making it the perfect month for people looking for small or no crowds.

If you’re lucky, you may find natives celebrating the big Plein Air Curacao festival. The artsy event happens in March and features local and international artists who have a chance to paint underwater, on land, and in high-altitude locations across the island.


The temperature remains high, peaking in April at 88 F. April is considered the driest month in Curacao, receiving precipitation as low as 19 mm.

However, this is the perfect weather for visiting the vast Mediterranean waters because fewer ships and people are visiting the island. You’re also bound to enjoy lower airfare and hotel rates, and if you’re a foodie, it’s the perfect time to try the island’s best delicacies during the Curacao Culinair feast.

You get to socialize while indulging in the island’s tastiest cuisines and cocktails. The island gets a little crowded towards the Easter period as people travel to celebrate the Easter holiday.

If you’re traveling alone and don’t like large crowds, it’s best to travel towards the end of April, but you may find the Koningsday festivity in session.

Held on April 27th, the celebration is held to mark King Willem-Alexander’s birthday. A massive party is held in his honor a day before, kicking off the birthday celebrations marked by live performances and exhibitions of different crafts.


In May, the island becomes a little busy. School vacations in European nations are in progress, making Curacao a prime destination for the summer vacation. The temperature also increases to a high of 89.6 F with showers of 20 mm only.


June also makes a great month to visit Curacao if you don’t like large crowds. The crowds are small, with a majority comprising families traveling from Europe.

However, the island gets busy towards the end of the month as older school children from the Netherlands visit. The weather is relatively warm, with temperatures of 89.6 F and little rain of 20 mm.

Cheapest Time to Visit Curacao

Ocean as seen from the middle of an alleyway between colorful homes during the best time to visit Curacao

Gail Johnson/Shutterstock

The cheapest time to visit Curacao is in October, November, and mid-March to late June. Since October and November are Curacao’s rainy months, you’ll likely find the best hotel and airfare deals.

The crowds are lowest during these months until the end of November when activities pick up ahead of the festive period. The temperature remains relatively high during these months (up to 91 F), but the island receives heavy showers of 110-135 mm.

The months between mid-March and June also make an excellent time to visit when visiting Curacao on a budget. There aren’t enormous crowds as not many schools allow kids to skip school, and not many families travel during this period.

This makes hotel prices and flight rates relatively low, but they may peak in the weeks ahead of the Easter period and the beginning of May.

Pro Tip: Check upcoming holidays or festivities in Western Europe because Curacao flight rates highly depend on such traffic. Sometimes, school vacations in Netherlands and Germany may cause sudden price surges in some weeks. As soon as the schools resume operation, the prices drop.

Least Busy Time to Visit

Gorgeous view looking down the pontoon bridge in Willemstad with nobody on it during the least busy time to visit Curacao


The least busy time to visit Curacao is May-June and September-November. These are off-peak months as there are many travelers during this period.

Although some schools in European countries are on vacation, there isn’t much activity on the island. However, you may find the KLM Curacao Marathon in progress. The marathon is held every year along the Curacao waterfront.

If you’re athletic, you can task yourself to breaking the course record (two hours, 43 minutes, and 50 seconds) set by a Polish athlete called Wojciech Kopec. The temperatures remain high (89.6 F) with little or no rain (20 mm).

The Worst Time to Visit Curacao

Neat harbor view of the colorful homes along the bay of Curacao during the worst time to visit, the winter

Gail Johnson/Shutterstock

The worst time to visit Curacao is during the peak months — July to August and December to January. These are the busiest months in Curacao as tourists flock to the island for vacations and to celebrate the Christmas holidays.

July is particularly busy because it marks the beginning of the European vacation season. Since Curacao is part of the Netherlands kingdom, it makes a popular vacation destination for Dutch travelers.

The month starts slowly but peaks towards the end, causing airfare prices and hotel rates to skyrocket. Many cruise ships are also busy during this period, as most cruise around Europe.

Making hotel reservations during this period can be challenging due to the large number of travelers flocking to the island. The weather during this period is quite friendly, recording temperatures of 89.6 F and a bit of rain of 43 mm.

The travel season peaks in August as most Europeans head to Curacao for a holiday. It’s also the perfect time for Jazz lovers to jam to their favorite jazz lyrics at the North Sea Jazz Music Festival.

Famed artists like Bruno Mars, Lionel Richie, Alicia Keys, Tome Jones, and others may be in attendance. This means hotel rates, airfare, and meal prices are pretty high.

August is also one of the hottest months on the island, with temperatures rising to 91.4 F with rain averaging 37 mm. The crowds reduce in September, October, and November and peak again in December as travelers visit to celebrate Christmas and New Year holidays.

The weather may get a little chilly as temperatures fall to 88 F and rainfall of 100 mm, but the vast range of activities during this period should keep you busy and warm you up.

Street shows, live music, and fireworks characterize the colorful Pagara event on New Year’s Eve. Moreover, if you’re in Curacao on the first Sunday of the year, you get to enjoy the Fuikdag celebration, a float fest.

Things to Consider

Wooden boat on the beach by the harbor at Curacao during the best overall time to visit

Fokke Baarssen/Shutterstock

Besides knowing the best time to visit Curacao, you want to keep a few tips up your sleeve to help you plan for the trip adequately:

  • Find out the best way to get around Curacao. There are different ways of getting around Curacao, including buses, taxis, and car rentals. Car rentals are the best option when visiting Curacao beaches.
  • Identify the island’s busiest holidays. Keep up on local festivities and school vacations of northern countries as they can cause a spike in tourism, leaving the streets and hotels packed to the brim.
  • Prepare for the hot weather. Curacao is one of the warmest islands. Temperatures can soar to 91 F in September, so you must prepare for hot weather.
  • Keep an eye out for the hurricane months. Curacao doesn’t experience hurricanes but is prone to storms in September and October.
  • Carry special adapters. Most sockets have a voltage of 120 V hence the need for special adapters when charging phones and laptops.
  • Curacao currency. Natives use the Netherland Antillean Guilder but also accept U.S. dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aerial view of three couples walking along the beach in Curacao during the best time to visit

Fokke Baarssen/Shutterstock

Here are the commonly asked questions about the best time to visit Curacao.

Does Curacao have a hurricane season?

Curacao doesn’t experience hurricanes, but there’s a hurricane-effect season from June to December. According to the Meteorological Service of the Netherlands, Antilles Curacao experiences tropical cyclones once every four years, and they usually occur 100 miles off the island.

How long do you need to visit Curacao?

Since Curacao is a relatively small island spanning 171 square miles only, you only need 50 minutes to drive from one end to the other. In fact, a two-week vacation is enough to explore every inch of the island.

Is it worth visiting Curacao?

Curacao boasts many features worth exploring. Its rich history rends its buildings, and museums you’ll love visiting while walking on the white sandy beaches are simply breathtaking. You’ll also love trying a range of local delicacies and water sports activities like diving and snorkeling.

What is Curacao famous for?

Curacao is known for its orange-flavored alcohol. Although there are many orange-flavored alcohols elsewhere, only those made in Curacao use Laraha orange peels. The liquor is served in a bottle, but you can purchase a gift pack for later consumption.

When is the rainy season in Curacao?

Curacao doesn’t experience heavy rains, but different parts of the island receive rain throughout the year. February to June are the driest months, sometimes going without any rain, but October to January can get pretty wet.

Do natives speak English in Curacao?

Natives speak English along with other languages like Spanish, Dutch, and Papiamentu. More recently, natives have picked up Portuguese due to the increased number of tourists visiting from Brazil.

Do foreign mobile networks work in Curacao?

Curacao’s phone network is also available in Europe and the U.S. Moreover, some international providers offer roaming contracts through local providers allowing tourists to use their mobile phones even in Curacao. If using roaming services, check with the local provider to ensure the service is available with your current cellular package.

Can you use your debit card in Curacao?

Most hotels, stores, and restaurants in Curacao accept debit cards. However, you may need cash when visiting attractions away from Willemstad. So, keeping a small amount of cash in Antillean Guilders or U.S. Dollars is important.

So, What Is the Best Time to Visit Curacao?

The best time to visit Curacao is between February and June. This is because the crowds are smaller then, and the weather is quite favorable for travel. Also, hotel and flight charges are reasonable.

However, if you don’t mind large crowds, you can always visit during the peak months of December and January. Of course, the weather is rainy and chilly, but countless activities can help keep you busy.

With so much to see and do, there’s technically no bad time to visit Curacao. So what are you waiting for — book your trip today!