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The Best & Worst Times to Visit Cuba in 2024 (Our Take)

The Best & Worst Times to Visit Cuba in 2024 (Our Take)

What's the best time to visit Cuba?

The best time to visit Cuba is from November to April when the Caribbean weather is delightful, boasting warm temperatures and fewer rain showers. March and April, in particular, offer dry conditions, well-staffed resorts, and numerous excursions.

However, be aware that the second week of March can be costlier due to spring break. Your ideal time to visit Cuba ultimately depends on your preferences, whether it’s enjoying the vibrant Carnival Santiago de Cuba in July or the perfect weather during the late fall and winter months.

Nestled on the Caribbean Sea, Cuba boasts sunshine, white sandy shores, and several all-inclusive resorts serving cold mojitos and warm buffets. Cuba is a traveler’s paradise waiting to be discovered.

The country is a much-loved destination for many travelers, including family vacationers, retired couples, and students looking for palm trees and good times in the sun. Knowing the best time to visit Cuba is the key to a fabulous vacation!

Don’t worry about going at a bad time – we’ll also fill you in on the worst times to visit and provide travel tips and tricks to make your vacation to Cuba a memorable one.

The Overall Best Time to Visit Cuba

View of the popular Varadero Beach during the best time to visit Cuba overall


Overall, the best time to visit Cuba is from November to April. The late fall and winter months are when the Caribbean climate is perfect and boasts warm temperatures, sunshine, and fewer rain storms.

The period from November to December sees the tourist industry dramatically pick up after a relatively quiet period. You’ll have a variety of activities to experience, but the crowds will be substantial.

Still, there are also plenty of events to keep you entertained, including the Days of Cuban Culture and the Havana International Ballet Festival. Keep in mind that hotel costs do surge during Christmas and New Year.

Spring is the dry season for Cuba and many travelers love to take advantage of the weather. March and April are the driest months and usually offer the most pleasant weather, ideal for a scenic vacation.

Other benefits of booking your holiday to Cuba during the spring months include:

  • Fully staffed resorts ready for tourists
  • More excursions are available for tourists during the busy season
  • Hotel amenities are available during peak season
  • Buffet selections are more plentiful

The tropical weather during the early spring months of March and April boasts longer days, minimum humidity, and warm temperatures sitting between 80-84ºF (27-29ºC) during the day and between 66-69ºF (19-21ºC) during the evenings for comfortable sleeping.

However, if you plan to travel during the second week of March, be prepared to pay higher than normal resort prices. This covers spring break when college students are out of school and looking for a warm place to get away, too!

While November to April is highly recommended, the overall best time to visit Cuba really depends on your situation and preferences. For instance, if you want to experience the vibrant Carnival Santiago de Cuba—the biggest carnival in the Caribbean — you’ll need to travel in July.

Cheapest Time to Visit Cuba

Scenic view of Unesco Valley in Vinales during the wet season, the cheapest time to visit Cuba


The cheapest time to visit Cuba is between May and September, which is Cuba’s wettest season. During summer, the weather is humid, with the country experiencing the hottest temperatures of the year.

Hurricane season in Cuba runs from June to November, causing treacherous downpours and strong winds. Of course, being caught in a hurricane can put a real damper on your holiday plans while visiting Cuba! Keep this in mind when booking your holiday in the sun.

Even though Cuban weather is the wettest during May and September, there are still some benefits of traveling this time of the year, including the following pros:

  • Resorts and beaches are less crowded
  • Weather is hot and perfect for swimming and water sports
  • Prices for resorts and plane tickets are cheapest during off-season months
  • There is plenty of room for your beach towel at the pools

In addition, you’ll still get the chance to experience some lively events according to the month you’re visiting. Some of the most popular include Semana de la Victoria, celebrating the failed Bay of Pigs invasion, and the Camaguey Carnival.

Least Busy Time to Visit Cuba

Cayo Coco Island beach with baywatch house on stilts during the least busy time to visit Cuba


The least busy time to visit Cuba is between September to November. These months are peak hurricane season and many tourists are hesitant to travel to the Caribbean during turbulent weather.

During hurricane season, Cuba sometimes has to shut down tourist attractions due to damage caused by strong winds, increased risk to life, and lack of tourists. These factors make it economically unsustainable for attractions to stay open.

However, if you’re up for some excitement and don’t mind the risk of hurricanes, humidity, winds, and wet weather, there are several benefits to traveling during this period, including:

  • Fewer tourists at beaches, attractions, and resorts
  • Hotels and planes are more affordable
  • Upgraded hotel suites at discount prices
  • Cheaper attraction tickets and fewer lines

Worst Time to Visit Cuba

Street view with colorful buildings in Camaguey after a rainstorm showing the worst time to visit Cuba


The worst time to visit Cuba is during the heart of hurricane season, which runs from September to early November. Although you can save money by traveling in the fall, the weather is humid and Cuba experiences the greatest chance of hurricanes.

Other times to avoid travel to Cuba include the second week of March when kids are out for spring break and ready to hit the beaches. Of course, it’s a great time to visit if you are a college student and look forward to mixing and mingling in a tropical oasis!

Resort and plane tickets are usually jacked-up in price during the March spring break, which is another downfall of traveling at this time of the year. However, if you book early, you might find some discounted flights.

July and August are also busy months for travelers visiting Cuba because children are out of school. This period is popular with families wanting to take a vacation together as well.

If you’re the type of person who likes fewer crowds, then summer is not the best time for you to visit Cuba. Even though the weather is humid and hot during July and August, vacationers can still enjoy the beauty and sunshine of a vacation to Cuba.

Just keep in mind that the beaches will be jam-packed, and you might find fewer accommodation vacancies. With that in mind, if you’re set on a trip during the summer, you’ll want to book your hotel and any tours well in advance.

If you visit Cuba during the summer, remember to bring bug spray! There are plenty of mosquitoes and black flies that thrive in the heat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Colorful buildings line the streets in Havana for a frequently asked questions section on the best time to visit Cuba


We’ve discussed the best and the worst times for visiting Cuba, but what else should you know?

When is the best time to visit Cuba for pleasant weather?

The best time for pleasant weather in Cuba is from November to April during the dry season. During these months, you can expect sunny days and comfortable temperatures.

What is the ideal time to avoid hurricanes while visiting Cuba?

To avoid hurricanes, plan your visit to Cuba between November and April, as the hurricane season typically runs from June to November. This ensures a lower risk of encountering severe weather disruptions.

Is it crowded during the peak tourist season in Cuba?

Yes, the peak tourist season in Cuba, from December to April, can be crowded, so booking accommodations and activities in advance is wise. However, you can enjoy the lively atmosphere and cultural events during this time.

When should I visit Cuba if I'm looking for budget-friendly travel options?

For budget-friendly travel, consider visiting Cuba during the shoulder seasons of May, June, September, and October, when prices may be lower, and the weather is still pleasant. This allows you to explore Cuba without breaking the bank.

So, What’s the Best Time to Visit Cuba?

Cuba is a cost-effective, friendly vacation destination that has plenty to offer everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re 6 or 65! There’s always something to do in Cuba, from scenic waterways and rich culture to authentic Cuban foods, vibrant nightlife, and stunning tourist attractions.

We hope we’ve provided you with lots of helpful information to consider on your next visit to the tropical destination of Cuba. This is a stunning destination where lifelong memories are waiting to be made in the tropical sunshine!