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The Best & Worst Times to Visit Corpus Christi in 2024

The Best & Worst Times to Visit Corpus Christi in 2024

What's the best time to visit Corpus Christi?

Summer is the best time to visit Corpus Christi, offering perfect beach weather in the low to mid-90s and a host of seasonal attractions. Enjoy unique activities like watching sea turtle releases, catching films at outdoor cinemas, and visiting Hurricane Alley Waterpark. Breezes from the Gulf Coast keep the heat comfortable, making it ideal for exploring the city’s lively summer events and natural wonders.

Corpus Christi, located on Texas’s beautiful Gulf Coast, is a great destination for a family vacation or any kind of getaway. Its great location means that the city is surrounded by miles and miles of beautiful sandy beaches that lead into warm, lapping waves.

From Padre Island National Seashore to Mustang Island, you can spend each day of your trip on a different shore. On the shore, there is still plenty to do in Corpus Christi. Kids and those who are kids at heart will enjoy the Texas State Aquarium, which has thousands of colorful fish and marine animals.

The city also has several museums perfect for a rainy day, from the Art Museum of South Texas to the Selena Museum. Visitors also get a kick out of visiting the USS Lexington.

But while there’s plenty to see and do, what’s the best time to visit Corpus Christie? We’ll show you our picks for the best, least busy, cheapest, and worst times to visit; let us be your guide!

Overall Best Time to Visit Corpus Christi

Bayfront downtown area pictured during the overall best time to visit Corpus Christi with its three tall modern buildings towering over the water and boats below

Corpus Christi, Texas, USA. February, 1st, 2022. Bay front downtown area in Corpus Christi/Mossaab Shuraih/Shutterstock

The best time to visit Corpus Christi is during the summer, when the weather is the best for visiting the beach, and many seasonal attractions are open.

High temperatures in the summer are usually in the low to mid-90s, meaning that the weather is definitely hot enough for swimming! Low temperatures rarely dip below 75, meaning that you can wear shorts all day and enjoy the weather.

Although summers in Corpus Christi can get very hot, they are not unbearable. The city is located right on the Gulf Coast, and breezes from the water help the temperature feel much cooler and keep the humidity down.

Spring and fall offer more moderate air temperatures, but the weather is not as good for a few reasons. In the spring, the air may be warm, but the water hasn’t warmed up yet, so the gulf may not be ready for swimming yet.

September is Corpus Christi’s rainiest month, and throughout the fall, there is a risk of hurricanes hitting the city. Summer is Corpus Christi’s peak season, which means that many seasonal attractions are only open during this time.

You can enjoy plenty of retro activities, such as outdoor movies at the many drive-ins or outdoor movie theaters that show films in the evening. Another popular summer event in Corpus Christi is the Hurricane Alley Waterpark, which is open from late May to early September.

The waterpark, with its many slides, is a popular destination for families visiting the area. The summer is also one of the best seasons to see unique wildlife in the areas around Corpus Christi.

Sea turtle releases happen between June and August, providing you with a unique opportunity to see these creatures find their natural instincts. Dolphins are spotted around Corpus Christi all year round, but sightings tend to increase with warmer weather.

Corpus Christi has many events that only happen in the summer, such as:

  • ArtWalk Block Parties
  • Bay Jammin’ Concert and Cinema Series in Cole Park
  • Safe Fun-Fit Endurance Fest
  • Minor League Baseball from the Corpus Christi Hooks

Cheapest Time to Visit Corpus Christi

Bob Hall Pier in Padre Balli Park, as seen during the cheapest time to visit Corpus Christi


The cheapest time to visit Corpus Christi is during the fall, when many of the summer’s tourists go home and hotels offer deep discounts.

Fall is the sweet spot between Corpus Christi’s high season, the summer, and the smaller high season, the winter. In the winter, many “snowbirds,” or retirees from the northern United States, come down to Corpus Christi to enjoy the relatively mild weather.

In an effort to attract tourists right after the summer peak season ends, hotel owners tend to slash prices in September.

The weather is still warm enough in September for going to the beach, but you have to hope you have good luck with the weather since it is also the rainiest month in town. Many beach festivals run into fall, such as Surftoberfest.

To save money on flights, the best time to visit is the end of January. In January, airlines tend to cut their prices after holiday travel is over, so you can get good deals then.

Hotels are also fairly affordable in January. Although the city gets a lot of retiree “snowbirds,” many of them tend to stay in timeshares or vacation homes.

Least Busy Time to Visit Corpus Christi

View from the Texas State Aquarium, pictured during the least busy time to visit Corpus Christi, Texas, with palm trees lining the brick sidewalk that runs along the pier where you can see a big navy boat floating on the water

Philip Lange/Shutterstock

The least busy time to visit Corpus Christi is during the winter months, when temperatures are too cold for beach activities. Corpus Christi’s weather is mild all year round, and because of that, it is a year-round tourist destination.

Many people come during the winter to escape from even colder weather back home. However, although the weather is warm, it is still too cold for swimming. High temperatures are usually in the 60s, and the temperature of the water is even colder.

If you want to avoid the crowds but still want to go swimming, then visiting in the late spring or mid-fall is your best option. Temperatures can reach the 80s as late as October, but there are fewer tourists around than in the summer.

Worst Time to Visit Corpus Christi

Walking path on a jetty pictured jutting into the ocean, as seen during the worth time to visit Corpus Christi

Roschetzky Photography/Shutterstock

The worst time to visit Corpus Christi is the winter because the weather is too cold for swimming, but those who hate crowds will find that the summer is the worst time to visit.

Water temperatures in the winter can get very cold in Corpus Christi, so swimming isn’t really possible. The city doesn’t have as many cultural attractions as other cities in Texas, so there aren’t as many things to do in the winter.

However, winter is perfect for other water sports. Peak surfing season in Corpus Christi is actually January, when clean surfing waves are the most common.

Fishing is also possible all year round in Corpus Christi, although some of the most popular species are most abundant in the summer. Winter is also the best time for other nature activities in the area, especially birdwatching.

In February, bird lovers flock to nearby Port Aransas for the Whooping Crane Festival to celebrate the cranes returning to their Texas habitats.

In fact, if you don’t like crowds, summer will be the worst time to visit! Corpus Christi fills up during the peak season, and it may be impossible to find a free spot on the beach to lay down your towel.

Corpus Christi by Month: Climate & Activities

Gazebo on the boardwalk of Corpus Christi, pictured in the evening on a clear day during the best time to visit

Sean Pavone/Shutterstock

Still unsure about the best time to visit Corpus Christi? Take a look at our summary of the weather and climate by month below:


Winter temperatures in Corpus Christi range from 9 to 20°C (48-68°F). January is an ideal time for birdwatching at the Padre Island National Seashore, exploring the Texas State Aquarium, and enjoying the serene beaches.


Similar to January, February maintains cool temperatures between 10 to 21°C (50-70°F). Visitors can take advantage of the milder weather for outdoor activities like kayaking in the Corpus Christi Bay and exploring the South Texas Botanical Gardens.


As spring arrives, temperatures range from 14 to 24°C (57-75°F). March is perfect for attending the Buc Days Festival, enjoying the scenic views at Mustang Island State Park, and participating in the Beach to Bay Relay Marathon.


Spring temperatures in Corpus Christi range from 18 to 27°C (64-81°F). It’s an ideal time for kite flying at the Padre Island National Seashore, exploring the USS Lexington Museum, and enjoying outdoor concerts at the Water’s Edge Park.


May sees temperatures ranging from 22 to 30°C (72-86°F). It’s a great month for beach outings on North Padre Island, attending the Fiesta de la Flor celebrating Selena, and exploring the Port Aransas Nature Preserve.


Summer arrives with temperatures between 25 to 33°C (77-91°F). June offers opportunities for windsurfing and kiteboarding in the Corpus Christi Bay, enjoying the beaches of Port Aransas, and attending the Beach Ball Regatta.


July maintains hot temperatures from 26 to 34°C (79-93°F). It’s a popular month for beach activities, fishing at Packery Channel, and attending the Corpus Christi Ride-In Theater events.


Temperatures in August range from 26 to 34°C (79-93°F). It’s an excellent time for water sports like paddleboarding and jet skiing, exploring the Texas Surf Museum, and enjoying the nightlife along the waterfront.


As fall begins, temperatures range from 24 to 32°C (75-90°F). September offers a pleasant transition, with opportunities for birdwatching at the Hans and Pat Suter Wildlife Refuge, attending the South Texas Underground Film Festival, and enjoying the beaches with fewer crowds.


October sees temperatures ranging from 20 to 30°C (68-86°F). It’s a great month for fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, attending the Dia de los Muertos Festival, and exploring the Oso Bay Wetlands Preserve.


Fall temperatures range from 14 to 24°C (57-75°F). November is perfect for hiking at the Padre Island National Seashore, attending the Harbor Lights Festival, and enjoying the holiday events along the bayfront.


Winter returns with temperatures ranging from 10 to 20°C (50-68°F). December brings opportunities for holiday celebrations at the Corpus Christi Bayfront, exploring the Texas State Museum of Asian Cultures, and enjoying the festive atmosphere.

So, What’s the Best Time to Visit Corpus Christi?

Neat long exposure image of cars driving by the photographer in Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi, Texas, USA—July 17, 2021: Shoreline Drive in Corpus Christi, Texas at sunset/Shutterstock/Route Three Productions/Shutterstock

Overall, we think the best time to visit Corpus Christi is in the summer, when the weather is hot and many popular beach activities are open. If you want to go to the beach but are a bit wary of crowds, visit in late spring or mid-fall.

So, with so much to see and do, what are you waiting for — book your trip today and experience for yourself all that Corpus Christi has to offer. Happy travels!