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The Best & Worst Times to Visit Cairo in 2023

The Best & Worst Times to Visit Cairo in 2023

Are you planning a trip to Cairo? Cairo should be on your bucket list due to its incredible natural beauty, surreal waters, golden beaches, and magnificent architecture.

Before visiting a place, you’ll want to do a little research. This allows you to check if your budget, interests, and goals align with what the place offers.

We’ll walk you through the ideal times to visit Cairo, when not to visit, and tips to help you get the most out of your trip. Let’s dive right in and prepare you for an epic journey!

Why You Should Visit Cairo

In Cairo, there’s something for everyone. One of the things that attract most tourists to Cairo is the cuisine. Egyptian food is mouthwatering and speaks volumes about the country’s culture.

While in Cairo, try out dishes such as tahini falafel and baba ganoush. You can also try other dishes like kushari, made with lentils, rice, and macaroni noodles. The Nile is another must-visit site when in Cairo.

It’s the longest river in the world, extending about 4,100 miles. Take a stroll to the El Nil Bridge at night for a spectacular panorama of the city skyline mirrored in the river.

Those who want to navigate the world’s longest river will get guided trips and cruise services. No trip to Cairo would be complete without visiting the pyramids.

Although there are no pyramids in the city’s center, you can spare some time to visit those in Giza, located on the outskirts of Cairo. These pyramids are considered to be among the largest ever built in Egypt.

For those who love architecture, Cairo is the best place to be. Most of Cairo’s buildings are constructed with a mixture of baroque and neoclassical styles, including mosques, palaces, and cathedrals.

If you’re looking for a distinctive festival experience, attend the jazz festival in Cairo. During this period, jazz bands from across the world gather in Cairo to entertain tourists.

It’s the ideal place to enjoy the fresh, pure Mediterranean breeze while listening to saxophone music. Don’t leave Cairo without getting a chance to visit some of its parks.

You’ll see animals such as:

  • Nubian Ibex
  • Long-eared hedgehogs
  • Sand felines
  • Giraffes
  • Gazelles
  • Fennec

These parks can be fun, especially when you visit with your kids.

Overall Best Time to Visit Cairo

Camels sit on the sand in the desert with the pyramids in the background for a piece on the best time to visit Cairo


Generally, the best time to visit Cairo is between March to April and between October to November. During these months, the temperatures are colder but still comfortably warm for touring.

This weather allows you to comfortably explore the crowded streets of Cairo, the Pyramids in the desert, and old Pharaonic tombs. Between December and February, the weather in Cairo is normally cold.

During the day, the average temperature is about 60 °F, and you may experience refreshing breezes in the evenings. Most tourists like visiting the area during the season since there’s no scorching sun, and they can comfortably walk without sweating.

Although visiting Cairo during this period may seem exciting, you may experience some challenges. Expect large crowds at the main tourist attraction sites like the Pyramids of Giza.

March to April is the best time to visit Cairo. During this season, the average temperature during the day is between 70-80°F, and the nights are usually cold. You can take advantage of this season to the Western Desert and enjoy some outdoor activities.

Between May to September, Cairo experiences summer, meaning the temperatures are quite high. The temperature usually ranges from 85-94 °F, but it can still go higher.

Although most people don’t like visiting Cairo this season, you can still visit the area, especially if you’re a diver. You’ll get an opportunity to dive in the red sea and Sharm el-Sheikh and cool your body off.

Tourism activities return to their peak between October to November. These months mark the fall season. The average temperature during the day is between 70-80°F, which is bearable.

Cheapest Time to Visit Cairo

Pyramids in the background of the cityscape of Cairo, as seen from a boat on the Nile during the best time to visit Cairo


For tourists on a budget, the best time to visit Cairo is between May-September. During this period, the daytime temperature is quite hot. On average, it ranges from  85-94 °F or even higher.

High temperatures make it difficult to tour the city since you can’t walk without sweating. Lack of rain also makes the city look less attractive. Generally, most tourists don’t like traveling during the warm months.

Most hotel rooms will be empty, and the accommodation fee will be quite low. Also, flight tickets and car rental rates are quite affordable during this season.  

Look for ways to beat the heat and take advantage of the season to tour your dream destination. For instance, you can ensure you carry a water bottle when you go outside.

When you book a hotel or vacation rental, check if the rooms have a functioning AC to help you keep temperatures down. Most importantly, dress lightly and carry sunscreen to protect your skin from sunburns.

Another time you can enjoy relatively low prices when visiting Cairo is in early March. By early March, the winter season will have ended, welcoming the warm months unsuitable for Cairo tourism activities.

Least Busy Time to Visit Cairo

People milling about in an open-air market with handmade wares on either side for a piece on the best time to visit Cairo

Cairo, Egypt – Feb 19 2018: Lamp or Lantern Shop in the Khan El Khalili market in Islamic Cairo/Merydolla/Shutterstock

If you want a more calm and relaxed touring experience, you should visit Cairo between May and September. The hot temperatures during this period discourage most people from visiting the area.

Nevertheless, if you find a way to protect yourself from the scorching sun and hot temperature, you can find some things to do and make your visit worthwhile.

Fewer crowds at tourist destination sites also allow you to study the sites at your own pace and discover some important things. You can also mingle with the locals without pressure and ask them to tell you more about their history and culture.

The best thing about the less busy season is that you’ll spend less money but still enjoy yourself since hotel and flight rates during this period are quite affordable. You may also find car rentals at pocket-friendly prices, allowing you to navigate the city comfortably.

Early March is also a less busy time to visit Cairo. This season is when the winter months are over, and summer starts to set in. Most visitors vacate the hotels, forcing the managers to lower prices.

Worst Time to Visit Cairo

Foggy and hazy day with a giant tower in the background for a piece on the worst time to visit Cairo


The sandstorm season is the worst time to visit Cairo. This season normally occurs during March, when winter is over and summer has started.

Around this time of year, the sand-loaded khamsin wind starts to blow, causing sandstorms. Sandstorms can disrupt your vacation in various ways. They may force airports to cancel flights, make it hard for feluccas to sail in Aswan, and make sightseeing impossible due to poor visibility.

When you visit Cairo during the sandstorm season, prepare for emergencies. Consider including one or two extra days in your vacation schedule if things don’t go as planned.

Also, look for ways to protect yourself from the sandstorm effects. Carry a facemask on your vacation and stay hydrated at all times. When in Cairo, keep checking online or local news to know when sandstorms are likely to happen and remain indoors.

Another worst time to visit Cairo is from June to August. During this period, the temperatures are scorching, and they may go as high as 98°F.

Such temperatures make participating in outdoor activities like zip lining, go-kart racing, and kayaking challenging. The main thing you can enjoy doing during this period is diving in the Red Sea, but you have to be good at it.

Things to Consider

Knowing when to travel to Cairo is essential. However, that’s not enough. You should also know the dos and don’ts during your vacation to make the best of it.

Here are some of them:

  • Drink purified water. The water in Cairo contains high chlorine levels, affecting its taste. If you’re planning to visit Cairo, buying bottled water is the best way to survive, especially if you have a sensitive stomach. The last thing you’d want to experience is a stomach upset when on vacation.
  • Stay hydrated. The weather in Cairo is quite hot since it’s located in Egypt, a desert. The harsh weather can cause dehydration, reducing the chances of enjoying your vacation. When you visit Cairo, stay hydrated as much as you can. Also, remember to wear loose-fitting clothes to beat the heat.
  • Taxis are cheap. Getting around Cairo is not difficult for visitors since taxis are available. Provided you have an UBER app on your phone, you can order a taxi, which will take you wherever you want at a pocket-friendly price.
  • Remember to tip. Tipping is one of the best ways to appreciate the people who offer you various services, especially at restaurants. In Egypt, tipping is an expected form of appreciation. Once you finish eating, tip the waiters and waitresses to encourage them to serve you better.
  • Dress modestly. Egypt is an Islamic nation. Naturally, Islamic people are conservative. The women wear clothes that cover their bodies, including hijabs and headscarves. Although these rules don’t apply to tourists, dress modestly when visiting tourist sites, especially the monuments.
  • Book in advance. Most tourists typically visit Cairo during the peak season. The visitors go for the best hotels and vacation rentals, and you may lack a place to stay if you don’t book early. To avoid such issues, book your accommodation in advance. Book at least one or two months in advance to be safer.

Frequently Asked Questions

People shopping in an open-air marketplace in Cairo during the overall best time to go

Cairo, EGYPT – May 2015: Store fruits and vegetables on a street in Cairo/MikeDotta/Shutterstock

Here are the frequently asked questions by people who plan to visit Cairo:

Is Cairo a safe place to visit?

Cairo is a generally safe city for visitors. However, there are a few reported cases of insecurities. When you visit the country, try as much as possible to take care of your valuables like passports and stay alert always.

How many days are enough to visit Cairo?

About four days are enough to tour Cairo and its environs without feeling rushed. However, you can stay longer depending on your preference.

Can tourists climb Pyramids?

No, tourists cannot climb the pyramids in Cairo since it’s dangerous. According to Egyptian laws, it’s considered a crime. If the guards spot you climbing the pyramids, you may face up to three years in prison.

What is considered disrespectful in Cairo?

In Cairo, pointing your heel or any other part of your foot at another person is considered rude. Exposing your shoe’s sole is also regarded as disrespectful.

Can you take photos of the pyramids?

Yes, local and international visitors can take photos of the pyramids for memories. However, if you plan to use the pictures for professional purposes, you must obtain a permit.

So, When Should You Visit Cairo?

Cairo is one of the best places to visit in the world due to the wide range of tourist destination sites. Generally, the best time to visit Cairo is during winter (between December and February), when the temperatures are friendly, allowing you to enjoy outdoor activities.

If you’re on a budget, consider visiting the city between May and September, but the temperatures are quite high during this time. So, with so much to see and do, what are you waiting for — book our trip to Cairo today!