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The Best Time to Visit Anna Maria Island in 2023

The Best Time to Visit Anna Maria Island in 2023

Heading to Anna Maria Island, Florida for some much-needed relaxation? Gathering some information on the best time to visit Anna Maria Island and tips for your stay will help you maximize your time in total chill mode.

If you want a vacation full of memories, you need to plan your visit during the best time of the year. We’ll inform you about Anna Maria’s worst time, cheapest time, and least busy time to visit. You’ll head to the beach and share the views with a minimal amount of tourists!

Not only will you know why tourists always choose Anna Maria Island, but you’ll also know when the best time is to score flight and accommodations deals while you soak up Florida’s most comfortable weather.

When you’re ready, let us advise you on planning the perfect vacation to AMI.  

Why You Should Visit Anna Maria Island

Panoramic sunset view over Holmes Beach showing why you should visit Anna Maria Island


There are tons of reasons why you should visit Anna Maria Island! Here’s what you can look forward to when you come to this sunny spot off the coast of Florida. 

Anna Maria Island is home to some of the best beaches in Florida. That’s right! Some of Florida’s most scenic and pristine beaches are found just south of Tampa Bay.

The beaches here are quiet and calm during most of the year. When the weather is good, the beaches will make you feel like you’re in the Bahamas. Check out Coquina Beach, Holmes Beach, and Bean Point Beach for amazing views!

There are no high-rise buildings on the island. Anna Maria is unlike many of the other beach towns in Florida. Most coastal zones boast high-rise condominiums that block the beauty of the Gulf Coast.

But Anna Maria is different. When you visit, you’ll notice the 36-foot height limit on buildings. This rule keeps the area naturally beautiful without high rises impeding the views. 

The island has more than enough choices for dining at the beach. Whether you want to enjoy a frosty beer or a fine fish dinner, you can do so with the horizon in your eyesight.

For the best views, head over to Anna Maria City Pier and enjoy dinner while simultaneously watching the sunset and fishermen.

If you didn’t already know, Florida’s nickname is the Sunshine State. Every American knows of Florida as the perfect escape to soak up the unlimited sun, and Anna Maria Island is no exception!

When the weather turns cold and the skies are gray for months in the north, thousands of Americans flock to Florida for some sunshine and vitamin D.

Wildlife also abounds here on the island. Watch whales and dolphins play, glimpse sharks and stingrays, and see majestic sea turtles in their natural habitat.

Fish for snook, grouper, and snapper from the shore or on a fishing charter boat! Be sure to walk the Coquina Beach Baywalk on the island’s southern end for awesome birdwatching opportunities. 

Overall Best Time to Visit Anna Maria Island

View of Bradenton Beach from Holmes Beach showing the best time to visit Anna Maria Island

Mark Winfrey/Shutterstock

If you want the best vacation with the least tourists and the best prices, plan a visit from January to May or in October.

The late weeks of winter through the middle of spring offer the best beach conditions. The gulf is undisturbed from storms, boasting great visibility.

During these times of year, Anna Maria’s white sand beaches are quiet, allowing you to enjoy the beach with fewer tourists nearby.

If you’re a marine-life lover, you can’t pass up a vacation during the spring. The beaches along AMI have been home to thousands of sea turtles for as long as anyone can remember.

Every spring, female turtles swim thousands of miles to nest at the very same beach of their birth. You could sit back and relax while sea turtles nest on AMI. How cool is that?

During this time of the year, the weather is much cooler and less humid. Rain is unlikely, and the skies are clearer. The average temperature is between the 50s and 70s during the winter months.

Spring is likely to provide warmer temperatures between the 60s and 80s. Tourism is slow during the beginning of the year, making your trip more enjoyable.

There will be shorter lines at restaurants and stores, more space at the beach, and plenty of activities to go around. Prices will be lower, offering you better deals on accommodations and flights.

Cheapest Time to Visit Anna Maria Island

View of the City Pier from the beach with tree in foreground during the cheapest time to visit Anna Maria Island


The cheapest time to visit Anna Maria Island is during the low season from September to November.

At this time of the year, children are in school and people are saving their vacation for Christmas time. With fewer tourists arriving, prices dip for hotels and flights. 

During the autumn months, temperatures begin to drop and AMI’s weather becomes more comfortable. With temperatures in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, AMI will be the perfect place to escape the cold months of autumn in the northern United States.

Autumn is the cheapest time to visit as the town is much less crowded. Accommodations like hotels and Airbnb drop their prices to lure in more guests. You could enjoy a beach cottage at a very affordable price.

Your family can enjoy the warm weather and dip in the ocean to cool off during the afternoon highs. When nightfall arrives, you can change into light autumn clothes and take a stroll down the beach as you absorb the sea breeze.

Late autumn is the cheapest time to visit Anna Maria Island, while winter offers slightly higher prices. During winter time, the island is still enjoyable and less crowded than in summer.

While the temperatures are at their lowest, many northern Americans head to Florida to escape the freezing winter temperatures of the north.

Least Busy Time to Visit Anna Maria Island

Sunset on the island with a heron walking in the surf during the least busy time to visit Anna Maria Island

Clifton Cross/Shutterstock

If you can’t deal with crowded beaches and obnoxious beach-goers, then you should visit during AMI’s slower seasons – September to October and May to early June.

During these months, the island is less busy, beaches have more available chairs, and restaurants are taking walk-ins.

With fewer people around, prices will be much more affordable. You’ll score great deals on hotels and flights as their nightly costs begin to drop!

September and October are the last calls for summer (although some would argue that summer is year-round in Florida). Temperatures begin to drop during the autumn season, chances of rain are lower, and humidity slowly fades away.

May and June become noticeably warmer with summer in sight. Beaches are still close to empty, the ocean water is at its clearest, and prices begin to rise. You’ll experience similar weather during this season.

These factors make for the perfect trip to Anna Maria Island. If you want total relaxation and privacy, book a beach villa with a private beach to soak in the best views with no one around.

Worst Time to Visit Anna Maria Island

Aerial view of the island with people scattered on the beach in summer during the worst time to visit Anna Maria Island


Depending on your goals for the trip, summer (mid-June to August) might be the worst time to visit Anna Maria Island. Tourists crowd the island and prices go up as a result. 

From mid-June to August, Florida is in full summer mode. Summer temperatures are off the chart, nearing highs in the 90s and lows in the 80s. Rainfall is prominent at least once per day every week.

June, July, and August is part of hurricane season, increasing the possibility of natural disaster (like Hurricane Irma in 2017). Florida experiences most of its yearly hurricanes during the hottest months, making for an unpredictable summer.

If you’re planning a trip during the summer, make sure to keep an eye on the weather before and during your vacation.

Tourists flock in the millions to Florida every summer. As most Americans take their vacation during the summer months, Florida becomes the number one destination for many.

Another bad time to visit is during the end of December. During the winter holiday of Christmas, lots of people plan trips to the island for a warm celebration away from snow and ice. 

Whether you visit during the summer or at Christmas time, you should expect to pay more for accommodation and flights and spend more time fighting through crowds of people.

Things to Consider

Historic Bradenton Beach Pier sign with heron sitting atop it during the best time to visit Anna Maria Island

Mark Winfrey/Shutterstock

You’re aware of the best time to visit Anna Maria Island, but what more should you know to experience the best vacation possible?

We’ll give you some extra tips to make it seem like you’ve been visiting this Floridian paradise for years.

  • Traffic is hairy at times. Anna Maria Island is connected to a series of tiny beach towns and then to the mainland of Bradenton, Florida. There are two bridges connecting the beach towns: the southern bridge (drawbridge – opens frequently) and the northern bridge (one piece – closest to AMI). If you plan to go off of the island, plan your adventures accordingly, as traffic gets very congested during the morning and evening hours.
  • Stay on or off the island. Anna Maria Island is attached to the mainland with the help of bridges connecting Bradenton Beach and Holmes Beach. Staying on AMI is the best way to avoid traffic, but you should expect higher prices. Staying in Bradenton and spending the day on AMI requires transportation to and from the island. Expenses will be lower, but you’ll spend more time navigating the traffic.
  • Pay attention to beach warning signs. AMI is located at the mouth of Tampa Bay, Florida. It isn’t uncommon for this beach destination to experience a quick turn of weather events. Pay close attention to warning signs along the beach that increase the risk of rip currents, undertows, and other natural hazards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aerial view of the island during stormy weather for a frequently asked questions section on the best time to go to Anna Maria Island

Javier Cruz Acosta/Shutterstock

These are the most common questions tourists ask before visiting Anna Maria Island. Read through them to learn more about planning the perfect trip!

Where is the best beach on Anna Maria Island?

The best beach is, without a doubt, Bean Point Beach (the tip of the island). Enjoy white sand beaches, turquoise water, and few tourists here. Be cautious of strong currents as it sits very close to the mouth of Tampa Bay!

What's the best way to get around the island?

Locals choose between walking, cars, golf carts, and bicycles. The speed limit is very low, making for a safe and enjoyable bike ride around town.

If you want to leave the driving to someone else, hop on one of the many shuttles or public trolleys.

What are the most typical activities on Anna Maria Island?

Some of the most popular activities include; sunset excursions, fishing charters, bar hopping, dining at beach restaurants, scuba diving, jet skiing, and more. Fun is unlimited on AMI!

What kind of accommodations can I rent on Anna Maria Island?

You can rent all types of accommodations during your trip to AMI. Select between beach bungalows, cottages, hotels, and modern homes. No matter which you choose, you'll feel at home.

Can I drive my car to the beach?

Cars and all types of vehicles are prohibited from entering the beach. AMI is home to many species of wildlife. Any vehicle entering the beach could endanger them.

So, What’s the Best Time to Visit Anna Maria Island?

You’ve picked up a lot of essential information to visit Anna Maria Island during the best time of the year. Let’s review the ideal timeframes for your visit according to the cost, weather, and crowds! 

The overall best time to visit is between January and May or in October. Prices will be affordable, the weather will be comfy, and you won’t be bumping into many other tourists.

Prices drop here in September to November when visitor numbers dip. Another lull in the tourist crowds happens from May to early June, making these ideal times to go for cheaper prices and fewer crowds. 

The worst time to visit is when everyone else is there – summer and Christmas. If you want to avoid crowds and through-the-proof prices, don’t visit during the summer (mid-June to August) or at Christmas time.

Still, no matter which time of the year you visit, there’s always something to do, wildlife to see, and amazing scenery to immerse yourself in. Plan and consider your options before embarking on a trip to Anna Maria Island!