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The Best Time to Visit Amangiri in 2024 | When to Go

The Best Time to Visit Amangiri in 2024 | When to Go

What's the best time to visit Amangiri?

The best time to visit Amangiri is from April to June, perfect for enjoying outdoor activities and warm weather. During this period, guests can experience unique desert dining at the Chinle Site and unwind at the Desert Lounge. The highlight is the Sunset Trail, offering spectacular views and unforgettable sunsets over Utah’s landscape.

A major celebrity hotspot, Amangiri has been a favorite holiday destination for those with deep pockets for a long time. And it shouldn’t come as a surprise, given its picturesque landscapes, world-class wellness conditions, fine dining options, and rooms that will make you want to move there permanently.

While the resort is known to take even the most well-traveled guests’ breaths away, you may wonder how you can see what this Amangiri fuss is all about without breaking the bank. We’ll show you the best time to visit Amangiri below.

The Overall Best Time to Visit Amangiri

View from the top of Coyota Trail near Stud Horse Point for a guide to the best time to visit Amangiri

Arbuzov Sergei/Shutterstock

The best time to visit Amangiri is anytime from April to June. You can enjoy the pools without dealing with the shocking summer temperatures, hit any of the nearby trails, go kayaking on Lake Powell (or simply rent a boat if you wish to unwind).

In short, late spring and early summer support any outdoor activity you can think of! For these months, we also suggest using the Desert Lounge to the fullest; think cocktail soirées and personal dinners.

However, if you’d like some time to yourself to get immersed in the scenery, the lounge can accommodate that as well.

Another cool suggestion is the Chinle Site. Just a stone’s throw away from Amangiri, the site offers a distinctive private dining experience at the heart of the desert. Dinners are frequently accompanied by special performances by Navajo storytellers and talented musicians.

To fully unwind during your stay, we recommend booking a wellness consultation, using the pool as much as you can, and enjoying the property at your own pace.

Finally, you can’t learn what the best time to visit Amangiri is without learning about one of the best activities out there — The Sunset Trail, a brief five-minute stroll from the resort to a secluded hillside spot.

With rocking chairs, finger-licking snacks, champagne, and the best sunset you’ve ever seen, Utah’s landscape will stay with you long after the sun has set.

Cheapest Time to Visit Amangiri

The cheapest time to visit Amangiri is in January. With an average 24% drop in price, this month is hands down the cheapest to reserve your stay. February is also another option.

If January and February don’t work for you, yet you wish to find more affordable rates (whatever affordable means for a five-star resort) — avoid heading to Amangiri in April. Being part of the high season, this month sees the highest prices.

Note that prices vary based on the days you decide to stay as well. Friday is said to be the most expensive day, whereas Saturdays and Mondays are assumed to provide visitors with the best deals.

Keep in that these figures and pieces of advice are based on past travelers’ experiences, though — to find the latest info regarding prices, always check Amangiri’s official website and recent travel data.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for the resort’s exclusive offers, which you can always find on the above-mentioned website as well.

Most of them provide a detailed overview of what you can expect — from arranged round-trip airport transfers to guided tours and a family adventure, such an exclusive offer might be just what you need to make your Amangiri trip work.

For example, at the moment, the Extend Your Journey at Amangiri offer (valid through 15 March 2024), provides guests with a complimentary night if they book four nights or more.

With that said, note that it’s somewhat challenging to discuss the cheapest time to visit Amangiri, as it’s not a budget-friendly resort in any case.

Finally, going to Amangiri in January or February means getting ready for pleasant nights, agreeable days, and getting as much spa time as you can.

Least Busy Time to Visit Amangiri

Arid desert near the Amangiri Resort in Utah pictured during the least busy time to visit


The least busy time to visit Amangiri is in the fall (September–November). That said, although this is considered a less busy period, many take advantage of the so-called low season, leading to all rooms being occupied.

Another piece of advice would be to be on the lookout for the resort’s exclusive offers and avoid booking then, as that’s when most people may flock to Amangiri — especially when there are benefits such as free massages, complimentary nights, and airport transfers, to name a few.

Now that we got this out of the way, it’s worth noting that this period allows for recreational activities without summer’s scorching temperatures and winter’s chilly evenings.

Hot air balloon flights, for instance, are a must-do, as the fall weather conditions are ideal. Also, make sure to schedule more sightseeing and activities early in the day, as the days are shorter at this time of the year as opposed to going in the spring/summer months.

Of course, you can always balance your schedule and be flexible by heading to the pool in the afternoon, booking a massage, and getting the pedicure you may have been postponing for a while, to name a few.

Worst Time to Visit Amangiri

Weather-wise, the worst time to visit Amangiri is in summer, or more precisely, July and August.

It’s just far too hot, and while the pool may help to make your stay more bearable, you won’t be able to enjoy the recreational activities the way all guests should. For instance, hot air balloon flights are only available upon special requests at this time.

However, even if you can do stuff in summer, such as opting for the famous Via Ferrata climbing venture, chances are it will be an experience that will end in a lot of sweat and tears rather than good memories and Instagram-worthy photos.

That said, if you do end up visiting in summer, you’ll be stunned by the resort’s amenities and beauty regardless. Moreover, all tours are so well organized that we have no doubts you’ll find ways to cope with Utah’s climate and any potential desert challenges that may arise during your summer stay.

Our top suggestions for a summer stay at the resort include heading to the amphitheater across Camp Sarika’s Main Pavilion, providing guests with an intimate vibe for a pre-dining cocktail event.

Also, Raven’s Nest, located within Entrada sandstone, can accommodate up to 20 people for a majestically seated dinner overlooking the vast surroundings. 

So, What’s the Best Time to Visit Amangiri?

👍 Best Time to VisitApril-June
💲 Cheapest Time to VisitJanuary
🗓️ Least Busy Time to VisitSeptember-November
👎 Worst Time to VisitJuly-August

 Amangiri’s beauty stands out from anything else you’ve seen before, and you’ll end up falling for it head over heels anyway.

If you end up visiting, your may wish to check out other Amari resorts from the same group at some point, such as Amanpuri in Thailand, Amankila in Bali, Amanpulo in The Philippines, Amansara in Cambodia, Amangalla in Sri Lanka, and Amanfayun in China, to name a few.

Wherever you go, chances are you’ll bring your Amangiri spirit with you and extend your current five-star resort horizons. Happy travels!