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The Best & Worst Times to Visit Albania in 2023

The Best & Worst Times to Visit Albania in 2023

Learn the best time to visit Albania, along with the cheapest, least busy, and overall worst time to go. We include tips to enjoy your stay even more in this guide! 

Why You Should Visit Albania

Albania is all too often forgotten when planning a European trip. This country is steeped in history and hearkens back to a simpler time with its amazing ruins, castles, and unspoiled beaches and landscapes. 

Here are some reasons you owe yourself a visit to Albania! 

Unspoiled Beaches

Aerial view of Ksamil Beach during the best time to visit Albania with group of thatched beach umbrellas and chairs on the sand


The Albanian Riviera is home to some incredible, unspoiled beaches that you’ll be glad you discovered. From Ksamil and Dhermi to Borsh and Durres, beach days are excellent in Albania.

You’ll find white and golden sand beaches on the shores of Albania with plenty of restaurants and bars nearby to sustain you through your long days on the shore. 

Buses can bring you to the Riviera from your town or village – just check for schedules in person, since you won’t find them posted online. 

Ancient Castles and Ruins

Aerial view of Gjirokastra City castle and ruins in south Albania as a reason why you should visit Albania

A Daily Odyssey/Shutterstock

Albania is home to many castles and ruins that date back thousands of years, steeping this country in a reverent sense of history that amazes travelers and locals alike. 

Castles, like Ali Pasha, Castle of Kruja, Berat Castle, Kalaja e Lëkurësit, Castle of Gjirokastra, and Rozafa Castle, offer incredible sightseeing and learning opportunities. 

You’ll find UNESCO Heritage Sites from the Butrint Roman ruins (over 2,000 years old) to the Onufri National Museum in Berat filled with Byzantine artworks and iconography. 

Gorgeous Landscapes

Valbona Alps in Theth village shows the beautiful mountain landscape of the country as a reason to visit

Uwe Seidner/Shutterstock

About three-quarters of Albania is covered in mountains and hills, making its geography truly stunning to behold as it rises and rolls throughout the country’s bounds. 

Coastal and alluvial river lowlands represent about a fourth of the country’s landscapes, where you’ll find the beautiful beaches and flat zones where you can see for miles. 

Don’t miss the Blue Eye – Syri I kaltër in Albanian – which is a deep blue natural spring surrounded by trees in southern Albania that looks straight out of a fairytale. 

Dotted with wildflowers, quaint cottages, historic castles and ruins, and areas with cobblestone streets make Albania truly gorgeous. 

Affordable Destination

Traditional Albanian carpets hang on a stone wall for sale to show how affordable the country is to visit and shop in


This Southeastern European country is very affordable to visit, making it an even more attractive place to go. Everything in Albania – the accommodations, food, drinks, and attractions – is priced relatively cheap

Travelers can easily find clean, fully-furnished private rooms for around $40-$1o0, while staying in a hostel in a dorm bed can be as low as $15.

A bottle of wine with dinner might cost you $8, while dinner at an affordable restaurant could be around $6! Full-day tours of museums, castles, and ruins may be less than $50. 

Try finding prices like these elsewhere in Europe! Albania really stands out for its affordability and stretches your travel budget further. 

What Is the Best Time to Visit Albania?

  • Overall best time to visit: June-August
  • Cheapest time to visit: November-February
  • Least busy time to visit: April-June, September-October
  • Worst time to visit: November-December

Going to Albania means you’re guaranteed to see some natural beauty, meet friendly locals, try new foods, and enjoy touring the ancient castles and ruins. 

But if you can plan your visit during the best time of year, you’ll enjoy your stay that much more. 

The best time to visit Albania can really be split into 3 categories: The overall best, the cheapest, and the least busy time to go. 

And there’s another important period to consider when you start planning: The worst time to visit Albania. 

We’ll cover each of the ideal and worst times to go to Albania below and show you what you can expect in terms of general costs, weather, and things to do.

Overall Best Time to Visit Albania

Himare Beach on the Albanian Riviera shows the best time to visit Albania for great weather and things to do


The overall best time to visit Albania is in June through August, which is the peak season on the popular Albanian Riviera. 

You’ll be rewarded with perfect weather for beach days and strolling the streets in town, touring ruins and castles, and picnicking or eating at Albania’s best restaurants. 

Expect temperatures to be very warm, from the 80s to the 90s, on a summer day in Albania. That’s great for swimming and water sports! 

Prices are higher during the peak season, but still affordable overall. We found cheap and mid-tier hotels ranging from $40-$110/night and luxury accommodations from $200-$530/night. 

It’s the ideal time of year to pay a visit to the chilly Blue Hole, where you can cool off in the frigid water for a bit before lounging on the bank in the sunshine. 

Cheapest Time to Visit Albania

People crossing the Old Bridge at the thermal baths in Albania in front of snowy mountains during the cheapest time to visit Albania

Old bridge (Ura e Kadiut) at thermal baths in Bënjë 2-23-19/Robert Dobra/Shutterstock

November through February is the cheapest time to visit Albania, with hotel prices reaching an annual low during these cooler months.  

How cool does it get? It depends on where you decide to stay. The mountainous areas can reach freezing temperatures in winter, while the coastal lowlands hover in the low 40s. 

We found a range of hotels and apartments ranging from $47-$90 per night during November, December, January, and February in Albania. 

The amazing thing about visiting Albania is that the cost is never sky-high, even if you stay in the nicest hotels and resorts. 

Since the price isn’t much higher to go during the peak season, don’t pick a winter visit to save a few dollars – you’ll enjoy yourself much more if you can head to the Riviera in summertime. 

Least Busy Time to Visit Albania

Old city of Berat with buildings on the hillside by the water show the least busy time to visit Albania


The least busy time to visit Albania is April to June and September to October, right before and after the peak summer season.

For fewer crowds, great value, and nice weather, you can visit during either of the shoulder seasons in spring or fall. 

Right before and after the peak summer season, fewer people travel to Albania and leave many of hotel rooms vacant with lower prices to entice people to come. 

April to June is a little cooler, with temperatures around 60F-75F. September to October experience highs from 66F to 74F, which can be very pleasant. 

If you’d like to head to one of the beautiful beaches on the Albanian Riviera, June and September are the best shoulder season months to come. Water temperatures are still nice enough for a swim. 

Worst Time to Visit Albania

Empty street and dining tables in downtown Albanian city during winter shows the worst time to visit Albania

Downtown Shkodra in Albania on a rainy day in winter 2019/A Daily Odyssey/Shutterstock

The worst time to visit Albania is November to December, when Albania (especially the mountainous regions) is cold and rainy. 

November and December are the worst months to visit Albania overall. It’s exceptionally rainy in parts of Albania during this part of winter with 10-13 rainy days each month. 

Apart from the increased rainfall, November and December leave tourists with fewer things to do. Since it’s cooler out, highs rarely rise above the 50s and it’s much colder in the mountains. 

As a result, there’s a general dying down of the activity and bustle that accompanies the peak and shoulder seasons.

If you can swing it, wait until April when the shoulder season begins and things start to warm up. 

Things to Consider

Old Mes Bridge in Shkoder during summer, the best time to visit Albania with clouds overhead and greenery

Andrew Mayovskyy/Shutterstock

What else should you know about visiting Albania before you start planning your trip in earnest? Here are our best travel tips for this charming European country. 

  • Budget isn’t the main concern. Even if you’re all about traveling on a shoestring budget, picking the best time to visit Albania doesn’t really revolve around budget like it can in more expensive locales. The price difference between visiting during peak season and low season is minimal here, so pick your trip dates based on the weather and activities instead of the few-dollars price difference. 
  • Stick to the tourist areas. While some of the remote regions of Albania are gorgeous, those zones are where tourist-targeted crimes tend to happen more often. Instead, stick to the populated and busy tourist areas along the coasts and in larger towns to avoid crime. 
  • Yes means no (sort of). In Albania, the nodding customs are different. Shaking your head from side to side indicates “yes,” while nodding up and down means “no.” It’s the opposite in the United States, so try to keep this in mind while you’re there to avoid misunderstandings! 
  • Bring euros for spending. While Albanian business accept most major credit and debit cards, some businesses are cash only. Euros are the preferred currency aside from the Albanian Lek, which you can only exchange inside the country.
  • Bring comfy walking shoes. The natural beauty of Albania will require some trekking to see in full, and castle and ruin tours often require some walking. Bring comfortable shoes that are already broken in to avoid blisters and foot pain during your trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

The mountains and lakes of Albania seen from an aerial perspective during the best time to visit Albania with warm weather and water

Roman Khomlyak/Shutterstock

Have more questions about the best time to visit Albania, how safe it is, and how affordable it is? Check out the most frequently asked questions about visiting Albania below. 

What is the best month to visit Albania?

July may be the best month to visit Albania, thanks to the warm air and water temperatures, more hours of sunshine, and bustling activity on the Albanian Riviera.

If you prefer a less-crowded trip, the best month to visit Albania may be June. It sees minimal rainfall, warm weather, and plenty of sunshine with fewer tourists than July.

How many days are enough for Albania?

Plan to spend at least 1 week in Albania so you'll have time to tour the castles and ruins, go up into the mountains, spend a day or two at the beach, and visit different restaurants and shops.

If you'd like to do a more in-depth visit of the country, 2 weeks will afford you time to explore every region without feeling rushed. The affordable prices mean you won't break the bank on a 2-week stay!

Is it cheap to visit Albania?

Yes! Albania is one of the cheapest European countries you can visit. We found hotel rates as low as $40/night with shared hostel rooms as low as $15/night.

Accommodations aren't the only cheap thing - the food, drinks, and retail items are also priced very affordably in Albania. This a great place to come for an affordable European vacation!

Is Albania good for tourists?

Albania is generally a safe country for tourists, with little crime targeting travelers and a population of friendly locals who appreciate tourists visiting their country.

You can typically feel relaxed and at ease in Albania, though it's always smart to stay alert and aware while keeping your belongings secure.

Is Albania safe for American tourists?

Americans should exercise increased caution in Albania right now, according to the U.S. Bureau of Consular Affairs. Crime targeting tourists can happen, along with illegal drug networks affecting mostly remote regions of the country.

If you'll be spending your time in popular tourist areas, like the Albanian Riviera, you'll be much safer. Still, exercise caution as always to keep yourself and belongings secure!

So, What’s the Best Time to Visit Albania?

Overall, the best time to visit Albania is anytime from June to August, when the country is experiencing summer and peak tourist season.

Prices will be slightly higher, but it’s still incredibly affordable during this time of year. If you have flexibility with your travel dates, this is when you need to go! 

The cheapest time to visit is winter, from November to February. It’s not as enjoyable with colder weather and fewer things to do.

The prices aren’t much lower during this season, so it’s often worth it to wait for the spring or summer to come. 

To avoid big crowds, come during the shoulder seasons of April to June or September to October. Spring and fall mean slightly lower prices, smaller crowds, and still have great weather.

Try to avoid coming to Albania during November or December, when it’s at its coldest and rainiest. You’ll have a much better time coming in spring, summer, or fall! 

When you visit Albania, take time to see as much of this beautiful country as your schedule allows. Get outside, tour the castles and ruins, visit the beach, and try new foods. 

You just might yourself planning your next trip to Albania soon after – travelers often can’t get enough of friendly, scenic Albania!