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Where to Stay in Newport, RI in 2023 | Best Areas & Hotels

Where to Stay in Newport, RI in 2023 | Best Areas & Hotels

Want to find out where to stay in Newport, RI? You can choose between staying in Newport itself or one of the surrounding cities. Each of them is quite special in its own way!

You’ll find detailed information about the best places to stay in Newport, RI and the surrounding areas in our guide. We’ll also share tips on things to do, where to eat, and what attractions you shouldn’t miss in the area. Let’s begin!

Where to Stay in Newport, RI

Why is Newport, a small town in Rhode Island populated by only 25 000 people, so special? And why are the cities surrounding it — Middletown, Narragansett, South Kingstown, and Fall River — so attractive for tourists from all around America and the world?

The answer practically lies in two things: The city’s history and amazing beaches. Historically, Newport became an attraction in the 19th century when the nouveau riche of America started building their mansions near the ocean coast.

They were primarily charmed by the beautiful coastline and the city’s close proximity to both Boston and New York City. In no time, the place became a prime destination as a summer retreat where the more well-off citizens could relax and enjoy the beautiful ocean.

Today, the area has become democratized and the mansions are its most important symbolic capital.

The list is practically endless, but you can’t say you’ve visited Newport if you haven’t at least seen the famous The Breakers built by the Vanderbilts, The Elms with its marble columns, or the Versailles-like Rosecliff.

The beaches, on the other hand, will leave you speechless. The fascination with the ocean and beaches in the area has lasted for about 200 years, not slowing down one bit.

Aside from strolling, relaxing, and swimming, you can go on a tour or try the exquisite seafood restaurants. New Englanders, as you probably know, are famous for their pride in preparing fish and seafood.

It’s important to mention that before the new American aristocracy came to these parts and started building their palaces, Newport and its area had already been populated for 200 years.

As one of the oldest settlements in young American history, it has a lot of monuments and buildings that bear witness to life in early America. Those things are worth visiting, too.

The 4 Best Parts of Newport, RI

Where to Stay in Newport, RI map in vector format featuring the five best areas of town

  1. Newport. The center of the area, where the biggest attractions are concentrated — mainly, the famous Gilded Age mansions.
  2. Middletown. Fairly close to Newport, it’s a finely balanced city that offers both historical monuments and natural beauties.
  3. Narragansett and South Kingstown. Located to the west of Newport, these two small cities have great beaches and cheap accommodations.
  4. Fall River. Located north of Newport, this area is famous for its history, the Lizzie Borden case, and the lively Portuguese culture.

Newport, RI’s Best Areas and Hotels

Newport and the areas around it are mostly known as a tourist’s paradise. That means there are many accommodation options of all types — budget, mid-range, and luxurious. The choice is up to you and what kind of hotel or motel you prefer for your trip.

Newport is full of hotels and hostels of all kinds and sizes, ranging from cheap but decent two-star hotels and motels to very luxurious and expensive five-star hotels. The offering here is wide since the demand is also great.

The situation in the other cities is fairly similar — the differences are in degrees and not kind. Middletown is basically a continuation of Newport and offers practically the same things.

The hotels in Narragansett and South Kingstown are not very expensive, and Fall River is full of great mid-range options. What is constant among all these areas is that the hotels in each city are of very high quality.

1. Newport

View of a colorful seaside market street showing where to stay in Newport RI

The historic seaside city of Newport, Rhode Island features iconic architecture, whimsical signs and colorful displays of nature on December 19, 2020/George Wirt/Shutterstock

Newport is a small New England city with a population of only 25,000 people. It’s famous for many things, but especially for being the best New England summer resort and some of the most beautiful historic mansions in the country.

There’s also the intricate tennis and sailing history. That said, we recommend you focus mainly on enjoying the beautiful landscapes and visiting as many mansions as you can.

Newport is surrounded by water, which means only one thing: Beaches. Spend at least a part of your trip strolling along the ocean and visiting some beaches, no matter the season — they’re beautiful year-round.

There’s a lot to choose from here. Start from Easton Beach, which is basically located in the town, at the beginning of Cliff walk (where most of the mansions are), and then continue to the Second Beach and the Third Beach.

The Second Beach is the longest one in Rhode Island. It’s perfect for a long stroll at sunset during your trip!

Once you’ve seen the beaches, it’s time for Newport’s main attractions: The mansions. This small city attracted the American “aristocracy” of the Gilded Age, so the Astors, the Vanderbilts, and the like built their palaces here.

The list is pretty extensive, so here’s a quick enumeration of the most famous mansions in the city:

Newport is a town that strives to keep its tourism going. That means it’s full of hotels, motels, and inns of all types and classes. It shouldn’t be too hard to find a place to stay in this city — just make sure you do it on time. The restaurant situation is basically the same.

Things to Do

  • Newport is a feast to the eyes, mostly because of the many mansions scattered around the city. Most of them are located near the sea on the cliff walk. The must-see mansions are The Breakers, The Elms, Marble House, Rosecliff, Rough Point, and Chateau-sur-Mer. Visit as many as you can! You’ll feel like you’ve entered an Edith Wharton novel.
  • Newport is not only about Gilded Age mansions and palaces. It has a few good museums too, which are definitely worth visiting. The National Museum of American Illustration is located in a mansion, so it’s a good two-for-one, while the Museum of Newport History tells the long and interesting history of Newport from the 17th century up until today.
  • Newport is surrounded by the ocean, which was the initial magnet that brought the millionaires in the 19th century. The beaches are simply perfect, and there are a few from which you can choose, such as the city beach or Easton Beach, the gigantic Second Beach, and the beautiful Third Beach.
  • Don’t let the mansions blind you to the other architectural marvels in the city, which are probably even more historically important. We’re talking about the houses from the Colonial period. The Touro Synagogue is the oldest in the USA (1763), Trinity Church is the perfect New England Church, Samuel Whitehorne’s House is a perfect example of a federal house, and Kingscote dates from before the Civil war.

Where to Eat

  • Perro Salado is a Mexican restaurant that is all about fresh, locally grown, and organic ingredients. It’s located in a classic colonial house with a nice terrace and an authentic interior with a hearth for the cold nights. There’s also live music almost every day, which goes perfectly with the margaritas.
  • 22 Bowen’s Wine Bar & Grille is great if you’re craving a nice bloody steak or fresh seafood brought from the sea that same morning. Both the interior and the exterior are made from dark wood, giving it a perfect nautical vibe. The wine list is extensive, and many of the bottles are available by the glass, too.
  • Scales & Shells is probably the best seafood restaurant in town. It’s usually said that they only accept the best products, which definitely reflects on the incredibly tasty and fresh food. There are two floors in the restaurant, the first one is more casual, and the second one is more formal. Choose whatever suits you.

Newport Budget Hotels

  • Motel 6-Newport, RI is a quite cheap two-star motel that doesn’t offer much but comes at a really low price — and Newport is not the cheapest place in the world. It offers free Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, a private bathroom, and cable TV. A big plus is that the motel is pet-friendly and has facilities for disabled people.
  • Harbor Base Inn is a slightly better and slightly more expensive two-star hotel. It doesn’t offer much, but it’s quite clean and decent looking, with free Wi-Fi and free air-conditioning, but also has room service and free parking. It’s located a few minutes outside of Newport’s city center.  

Newport Mid-Range Hotels

  • Mill Street Inn is a great three-star hotel located one block away from the city’s waterfront in a renovated 19th-century mill. It offers a great combination of historical gusto and contemporary amenities, such as a nice gym and a tasty complimentary breakfast every morning. Finally, the hotel is completely pet-friendly.
  • The Newport Harbor Hotel & Marina is another fully-equipped three-star hotel located on the Newport harbor itself. It has a great view, an indoor salted pool, a bar, and a great restaurant on the premises. The rooms are equipped with free Wi-Fi and cable TV and are especially suitable for families and couples. This is a great location with amenities for a reasonable price.

Newport Luxury Hotels

  • The Vanderbilt Auberge Resorts Collection is the most luxurious and expensive hotel in the city and the only five-star accommodation. It’s both historic (built in 1909) and very elite, boasting an outdoor pool, a restaurant, a bar, a luxurious spa, a fully equipped gym, and a beautiful garden. There’s free Wi-Fi, free air-conditioning, and a plasma TV in every room.
  • Newport Marriott is a gorgeous four-star hotel overlooking the ocean. There’s an indoor pool and a luxury spa on the premises, as well as a restaurant and a bar. The rooms are furnished with all the amenities, including 55 flat-screen TV, a refrigerator, and a coffee/tea machine. The hotel is also customized for receiving disabled guests and offers a nice complimentary breakfast.

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2. Middletown

Shingled smock windmill at Prescott Farm among the best places to stay in Newport RI located in Middletown RI

Faina Gurevich/Shutterstock

Middletown is a small city of 17,000 people, located between the two bigger cities in the area. Newport is just to the south and Portsmouth to the north, sandwiching this quaint town in the middle.

It’s mainly famous for two things: Its early colonial history and beautiful nature. Middletown offers a variety of different kinds of accommodations and many tasty restaurants.

If you’re on a hunt for early colonial historic buildings and narratives, Middletown has a few unexpected hidden jewels that may satisfy your appetites. Visiting The Whitehall Museum House should be the first thing on your list.

It’s a lovely historic farmhouse with period furniture and organized tours. St. Columba’s Chapel, with its beautiful stained glass, is a close second. Prescott Farm is a great transition between culture and nature, having a lot to offer from both perspectives.

On one hand, it’s an important example of an 18th-century farmhouse; on the other hand, it’s around forty acres of lively nature with massive windmills. The site tours are also mixed.

Some concern the early Revolutionary history of America, while others focus on the local horticultural practices, flora, and fauna. The natural life in Middletown is simply breathtaking.

Visit the Sachuest Point National Wildlife Refuge and its three miles of uniquely preserved nature, especially rare types of birds. Norman Bird Sanctuary is an immense 225 acres of land along the Atlantic Ocean, with many hiking trails, great educational programs, and museums.

The hotels in Middletown are simply marvelous. There are hotels ranging from two to four stars, and many of them — even the ones with only two stars — have indoor pools, on-site restaurants, and bars.

The restaurants are quite cheap and tasty, preferring a more homemade, cozy, and family-friendly atmosphere.

Things to Do

  • Learn about the history of this small but interesting town, which has been considered an autonomous area since the middle of the 18th century. First, go to the Whitehall Museum House, then look at the beautiful stained glass St. Columba’s Chapel, and finally to Prescott Farm. All of them, except the church, paint an exciting and lively picture of the early history of America.
  • Enjoy Rhode Island’s incredibly preserved natural beauty in Sachuest Point National Wildlife Refuge. The 242 acres of nature boast sandy beaches, dunes, rocks, and the ocean. The harlequin duck, which migrates here during winter, is especially interesting. Finally, there’s a visitor center in the park where you can learn about the nature and the ecology of this part of the USA.
  • If you’re a bird lover and just love watching birds in their natural habitat, go to Norman Bird Sanctuary with its 225 beautiful acres. It’s basically a small national park that offers a lot of trails for walking and bird sighting, a visitors center, and a gift shop. Here you can learn about the history and the nature of the place since there are a lot of organized tours and programs concentrated on education.
  • Try the tasty, fresh, and natural food that grows in this area. The best place for doing that is either going to Sweet Berry Farm, where you can buy seasonal fruit and try the tastiest strawberries, or going to Simmons Organic Farm for organic eggs, pastured pork, or grass-fed beef, among other things. They even produce their own cheese.

Where to Eat

  • Ida’s Restaurant is the best Italian restaurant in Middletown. The casual interior and tasty, homemade-like food are the strongest sides of this place. If you’re up for some linguine marsala, bolognese, or even plain macaroni and cheese, this is the perfect place for you. Just make sure you make a reservation since the restaurant gets quite full around dinner time.
  • Anthony’s Seafood is, on the other hand, the best seafood restaurant in Middletown. The general area is famous for its seafood, but you have to try it by yourself to see why. The menu is quite extensive with clam chowder, calamari, oysters, fish tacos, fish and chips, crab cake, etc. The place has a distinctive shack-like look that you can’t miss.
  • Becky’s BBQ is a great, family-friendly, affordable restaurant offering probably the tastiest barbeque food in Middletown. The inside of the restaurant is quite wooden and homey, and the menu consists of the usual stuff: pulled pork, ribs, and chicken.

Middletown Budget Hotels

  • Quality Inn and Suites Newport – Middletown is an unusually good two-star hotel that comes at a cheap price. It offers free Wi-Fi, an outdoor pool, and a great breakfast every morning. The rooms are spacious, with a cable TV and a microwave, and especially suitable for couples overall.
  • The Carriage House Inn Newport, Ascend Hotel Collection is another great two-star hotel that has a lot to offer at a very low price. Located in a historic Victorian mansion, its rooms have free Wi-Fi, cable TV, refrigerators, desks, and microwaves. There’s breakfast available every morning.

Middletown Mid-Range Hotels

  • Hampton Inn & Suites Middletown is a pet-friendly, three-star hotel with high-speed free Wi-Fi available in every room. It’s quite luxurious for a three-star hotel, having both a swimming pool and a gym on the premises that you can use free of charge. The hotel serves breakfast every morning.
  • Atlantic Beach Hotel Newport is another beautiful three-star hotel with an indoor swimming pool. Other interesting and practical amenities include an indoor gym, a seasonal rooftop sundeck, and a full-time working restaurant. The parking and Wi-Fi are free.

Middletown Luxury Hotels

  • The Sea Breeze Inn is a four-star hotel, located around four kilometers from Newport. The hotel offers free parking and Wi-Fi, and every room has a private bathroom, cable TV, and a balcony with a view. There’s also a cafe on the premises, where complimentary breakfast is served every morning.
  • Wyndham Newport Hotel is another four-star hotel with a beautiful view of the Atlantic ocean. The hotel is surrounded by a lush garden and there’s an indoor pool on the premises. The rooms are spacious and equipped with free Wi-Fi, cable TV, and other usual amenities. The restaurant is quite nice and serves a complimentary breakfast every morning.

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3. Narragansett and South Kingstown

View of the Pomham Rocks Light lighthouse on a cloudy day with bird in flight over northern Narragansett Bay as one of the best places to stay in Newport RI

Allan Wood Photography/Shutterstock

Narragansett and South Kingstown are two small towns located next to each other, west of Newport. You’ll cross the two bridges — the Newport Bridge and the Jamestown Verrazzano Bridge — to reach the northern parts of Narragansett.

These towns are small but charming, and both of them offer a lot of accommodation options and restaurants, which is always a welcoming thing for tourists. Let’s start with Narragansett. Since the 19th century, the town has been swarming with tourists because of its beautiful beaches and small-town charm.

Talking about the beaches, there are a few of them you just have to visit: The Narragansett Town Beach, the Scarborough State Beaches (North and South), the Roger Wheeler State Beach, and the Salty Brine State Beach.

All of them are worth your time and energy. Narragansett’s Towers (or just The Towers), located near the Town Beach, are the symbol of the city. Formerly an entrance to a famous casino, today they serve many functions.

They’re used for dancing, weddings, summer music series… You can even get a historical tour. Narragansett is also great for hiking, fishing, and boating.

South Kingstown is somehow less attractive than Narragansett but also more historically “important” — meaning it has many interesting historical landmarks and monuments.

Kingston Village Historic District is definitely the first place on the list, but also don’t forget Peace Dale Historic District, the Usquepaug Road Historic District, Wakefield Historic District, and Hannah Robinson Tower.

All of them give witness to the rich historical heritage of this part of America. The accommodation and restaurant situation in both cities is great.

Maybe the only problem is the general insufficiency of budget hotels or motels, but all the other accommodation options are not too expensive. There’s also a wide variety of restaurants, and we particularly recommend the seafood ones.

Things to Do

  • Relax, swim, and boat on the beaches of Narragansett. The charming small city has attracted tourists for more than 200 years precisely because of the beautiful ocean and the wide variety of beaches. Try all of them, and see which one suits you the most: the Narragansett Town Beach, the Scarborough State Beaches (North and South), the Roger Wheeler State Beach, or the Salty Brine State Beach.
  • Visit the central symbol of Narragansett and learn about the history of the city and region. The Towers are located near the sea, and today they have many roles: they serve as dancing and wedding venues, small museums, and most of all, as the distinctive mark of this Rhode Island city.
  • The main reason for staying either in Narragansett or in South Kingstown is their close proximity to Newport, the real attraction of the region. Cross the two bridges, the Newport Bridge and the Jamestown Verrazzano Bridge, and spend a perfect day strolling near the ocean or visiting the best Gilded Age mansions in all of the USA.
  • Learn about the history of the region in the city of South Kingstown. Less lively than its neighbor, the city has much to offer in terms of history. We recommend visiting Kingston Village Historic District, Peace Dale Historic District, the Usquepaug Road Historic District, Wakefield Historic District, and the Hannah Robinson Tower.

Where to Eat

  • George’s of Galilee is a seafood restaurant in southern Narragansett that’s been preparing and serving fish since 1948. Located just next to the sea, it offers an endless supply of fresh products for you to try. We especially recommend the hurricane calamari, the grilled ribeye, and the shrimps.
  • JAYD BUN is a Chinese restaurant of great quality located in the heart of South Kingstown. It offers both an outdoor and indoor seating space, and it’s completely pet friendly. There are a lot of vegan and vegetarian options. The reviews particularly recommend October Noodles and Zhajiangmian, but also the veggie buns.
  • Spain of Narragansett is a Mediterranean restaurant in Narragansett, located just one block away from the ocean. It has an old-school vibe, supplemented by traditional European recipes, and an upscale atmosphere. Start your meal with garlic-sautéed shrimp and mussels, and continue with some pasta paired with great wine.

Narragansett and South Kingstown Budget Hotels

  • Scarborough Beach Motel is a quite cheap three-star motel. Its strongest side is its close proximity to the ocean. The hotel itself offers free parking and rooms with free Wi-Fi and air conditioning, flat-screen TV, a microwave, and a refrigerator. According to the reviews, it’s especially suitable for couples.  
  • The Atlantic House is a relatively cheap three-star hotel located in the city of Narragansett. It’s quite close to the beachfront and offers free parking and Wi-Fi. All of the rooms have private bathrooms, a microwave, and a refrigerator. Some of them have flat-screen TVs and sitting areas.

Narragansett and South Kingstown Mid-Range Hotels

  • Holiday Inn South Kingstown-Newport Area, an IHG Hotel is a relatively cheap — given the circumstances — three-star hotel located in South Kingstown. It’s not your typical mid-range hotel since it offers a swimming pool and on-site restaurant with an available breakfast. The rooms are also quite nice, furnished with free Wi-Fi and flat-screen TVs. According to the reviews, it’s especially suitable for couples and is also pet-friendly.
  • Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott South Kingstown Newport Area is another quite beautiful three-star hotel in South Kingstown. It offers free parking, free Wi-Fi and air conditioning, a private bathroom, and a flat-screen TV in every room. According to the reviews, the hotel is especially suitable for couples or families.

Narragansett and South Kingstown Luxury Hotels

  • The Break Hotel is a beautiful four-star hotel located in the southern part of Narragansett. There’s a concierge service, a gift shop in the hotel, an outdoor pool, and a gym on the premises. All the rooms have free Wi-Fi and air-conditioning, and some of them have seating areas.
  • Shepherd’s Run is a castle-looking four-star hotel located in South Kingstown. It offers rooms equipped with free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, a desk, flat-screen TVs, and a private bathroom. There’s also a bar on the premises of the hotel and breakfast is available every morning.

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4. Fall River

Aerial drone view of Battleship Cove in Fall River for a piece on where to stay in Newport RI

William D Gibson/Shutterstock

Fall River is a really authentic and quirky city — but in a good way, as you’re about to see. A famous textile town, rich and developed throughout the 19th century, today, Fall River is famous for the Lizzie Borden House, the Battleship Cove, the Fall River Historical Society, and the lively Portuguese culture and food.

Let’s start with the weird stuff: What is Lizzie Borden famous for, and why is her house worth visiting? Lizzie Borden’s case was the talk of the day in 1892 because she killed both her father and stepmother with an axe and somehow got away with it.

She continued living in Fall River till her death in 1927. Both of her houses, the one where she committed the murder and the one where she last lived, have been turned into museums.

The second biggest attraction is connected with naval and military history — the maritime museum called Battleship Cove. It offers both the biggest collection of World War II battleships and many different activities, such as tours, veteran’s museums, and other events.

All fans of ships and war history are going to be delighted to visit this place. The Fall River historical society is a true gem for everybody who wants to hear the stories that circulated through these parts of America.

Located in a sublime French Second Empire mansion, it offers exhibits, photographs, archives, libraries, events, lectures, and much much more. History buffs will definitely have a blast.

There’s a little-known fact that many people from Portugal came to New England — Fall River was one of those places — and settled there.

Immediately they developed a lively culture, mainly concentrated on food and restaurants. Portuguese food is famous worldwide, and here’s a chance to try it.

Things to Do

  • If you’re a sucker for true crime shows, thriller movies, and the intricacies of the criminal mind, River Fall is a great place to be. Home of Lizzie Borden — one of the most mysterious killers in America — the city hosts the house where the dirty deed was done. Today, it’s a famous museum that you can visit, either with a group tour or by yourself. The house where she last lived is open to tourists.
  • Learn about the history of this interesting town in the beautifully housed Fall River historical society, where you can look at photographs or exponents, attend a lecture or an event, drink a cup of tea, or just enjoy the beautiful garden. If you want to find out even more about River Fall, go to Lafayette Durfee House, the home of one of the key figures of the American Independence war.  
  • Fall River has probably the largest Portuguese community in the USA. A beacon of Portuguese culture since the 19th century, Fall River is perfect for foodies who prefer Mediterranean cuisine. Here is a short list of must-try restaurants: Sagres Restaurant, Caldeiras Restaurant, Caravela Family Restaurant, Barcelos Bakery, and Marisqueira Azores Restaurant.
  • One of the biggest attractions in River Fall is the  Battleship Cove, which holds the biggest collection of World War II battleships in America. One of the best maritime museums in general, it’s all about the naval history both of this part and generally of the USA. The Maritime Museum functions as a different institution from Battleship Cove.

Where to Eat

  • Marisqueira Azores Restaurant is a hidden gem, offering both steaks and seafood prepared in a traditional Portuguese way. The waiters are very nice and make you feel comfortable. The best options in this restaurant are the shrimp Mozambique, octopus stew, and paella.
  • 99 Restaurants is a typical, traditional New England restaurant, perfect for a family lunch or a family dinner. It offers great steaks, burgers, chicken wings and salads, and a lot of kid’s specials. The alcohol list is quite extensive, including all kinds of beer and wine. There’s both an outdoor and indoor place to sit.  
  • Boat House Waterfront Dining is a beautiful seafood restaurant with direct access to the sea. The atmosphere — especially the outdoor seating — is pretty romantic and perfect for an evening dinner or a date. The food is famously fresh and locally sourced. The cocktail list is very extensive and popular.

Fall River Budget Hotels

  • Orbits Inn is a decent two-star hotel that comes at a really low price — a great choice if you’re on a budget. It doesn’t offer much aside from its cheap price. There’s free Wi-Fi and free air conditioning all over the premises, a private bathroom, and free parking.  
  • Riverview Inn & Suites is a relatively cheap accommodation with an interesting surprise for a budget option: it has a beautiful indoor pool and a fitness center. The rooms are equipped with free Wi-Fi and tea and coffee machines are also available. There’s a hotel bar and a terrace.

Fall River Mid-Range Hotels

  • Hampton Inn Fall River/Westport is a great three-star hotel. It offers an indoor swimming pool and rooms with free Wi-Fi and flat-screen TVs. Breakfast is also available at the hotel buffet every morning. According to the reviews, the hotel is especially suitable for couples and families.
  • TownePlace Suites by Marriott Fall River Westport is another great three-star hotel with an indoor pool. Part of the famous Marriott chain of hotels, it also offers a fitness center, rooms furnished with all the amenities, including free Wi-Fi and a complimentary breakfast every morning. Interestingly enough, it also has a barbeque facility on the premises.

Fall River Luxury Hotels

  • Vacation Home is a whole apartment listed with three stars, located in the center of Fall River. It’s a great accommodation option, especially if you’re traveling with a bigger bunch of people. It offers three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room with a plasma TV, and a fully equipped kitchen. The private parking, the Wi-Fi, and the air conditioning are all free.
  • Fall River cozy apartment can be called a luxurious accommodation only in relative terms since there are no four or five-star hotels in this area. That being said, it’s quite a beautiful apartment with two bedrooms, one bathroom, a sitting and dining area, and a fully equipped kitchen. There’s also free Wi-Fi, parking, and air conditioning.

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⛱️ Best for Relaxing on the BeachNewport
🌳 Best for Nature LoversMiddletown
💸 Most Budget-Friendly areaNarragansett and South Kingstown
🏰 Most Historic AreaFall River

We hope that reading this guide helped you choose where to stay in Newport or its surrounding area. It’s a place so full of history and natural beauty that it’s really a challenge to make your choice. So, let’s do a quick summary!

Newport is obviously the center of the area and its main attraction. The mansions of the American aristocracy from the 19th and 20th centuries are its main forte, but also the beautiful beaches and the wide variety of accommodation options.

Middletown is quite close to Newport and shares many of its stronger sides. The city also creates a great balance between the need for culture and the craving for nature that many tourists need.

Narragansett and South Kingstown are two small cities located west of Newport. The former boasts numerous beaches, while the latter is steeped in history: both of them offer great accommodation options and a lot of restaurants.

Finally, Fall River is a weird — in a good way — little town north of Newport. Full of interesting stories, rich naval and military history, and lively Portuguese culture and food, it’s a great and fun place to spend your holidays.