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Where to Stay in Luxembourg in 2024 | Best Areas & Hotels

Where to Stay in Luxembourg in 2024 | Best Areas & Hotels

If you’re taking a trip to this often-overlooked European country, figuring out where to stay in Luxembourg is an important part of the travel planning process.

Whether you opt to stay in the capital, need to visit elsewhere for work, or want to discover hidden gems of the small duchy, we’ll find the best recommendation for you.

The Best Places to Stay in Luxembourg

Where to Stay in Luxembourg map in vector format featuring the best areas of town

Out of the many areas to stay in Luxembourg, the following parts of the city are among the most popular:

  1. Ville Haute, Luxembourg City: Best area for history, culture, and first-time visitors
  2. Gare, Luxembourg City: Best area for traveling onwards and day trips
  3. Kirchberg: Best area for business travelers
  4. Echternach: Best area for nature and adventure travel
  5. Vianden: Best area for castles, history, and romance

The Best Areas & Hotels in Luxembourg

For such a small country, Luxembourg has a surprisingly diverse list of regions and hotels. These are some of the most popular among tourists and among the best where we recommend staying.

1. Ville Haute, Luxembourg City

View of Ville Haute, Luxembourg City, one of the best areas to stay in Luxembourg, a  tall bridge with lush trees at the bottom and at a distance are modern city buildings.

Grisha Bruev/Shutterstock

Ville Haute, which translates to “High City” from French, is Luxembourg’s historic core. If it is your first time in Luxembourg, staying here will give you prime access to all the historic monuments, museums, and romantic streets that make a trip to Luxembourg one to remember.

It is also the center of history and culture for the whole country, making it a great place to stay if you have limited time in Luxembourg.

Ville Haute is actually protected by UNESCO, thanks to its historic significance. It is the place from which Luxembourg started, when an old count decided to build his castle on the rock in the Middle Ages.

For centuries afterwards, fortifications sprung up on the rock, creating a winding complex of forts that was partially torn down in the 19th century and which earned Luxembourg the nickname of “Gibraltar in the North.” Today, wandering along the fortifications is an interesting part of every trip here.

Ville Haute is full of other important historical buildings. You can check out the imposing gothic Notre Dame de Luxembourg or visit the Grand Ducal Palace, where Luxembourg’s ducal family still lives. Even more interesting than the buildings that are famous by name are the many buildings that you stumble upon by wandering the narrow streets of the old town.

Ville Haute is also one of Luxembourg’s cultural centers thanks to its many museums. You can visit the National Museum of Art and History or the City Museum.

A favorite attraction for young and old is the panoramic elevator, which has the best views of Luxembourg. In terms of more modern culture, Ville Haute also has a great restaurant and cultural scene.

Luxembourg is small enough that you can stay in Ville Haute and take day trips anywhere you would like. However, if you were hoping for a vacation spent immersed in nature, the center of Luxembourg’s biggest city is probably not the best choice. It is also the most expensive part of Luxembourg.

Ville Haute, Luxembourg City Budget Hotels

  • Hotel Simoncini: Luxembourg’s artsiest hotel is hosted in a brand-new white building that stands out in the historic neighborhood and has great small touches such as art pieces on the wall.
  • La Pipistrelle Hotel: This elegant hotel is housed in a historic building but has fresh, modern rooms with great bathrooms.

Ville Haute, Luxembourg City Mid-Range Hotels

  • Hotel Parc Beaux Arts: This elegant hotel retained many vintage details in its room décor, making it an immersive experience in the historic district, and it’s close to many bars and restaurants.
  • CAB Ap’art: Units at this aparthotel come with a bedroom, seating area, well-equipped bathroom, and kitchen with appliances, perfect for a longer stay.

Ville Haute, Luxembourg City Luxury Hotels

  • Le Royal Hotels & Resorts Luxembourg: Guests at this extremely luxurious hotel can enjoy freshly renovated and spacious rooms, a pool, spa, and even a beauty salon.
  • Hotel Le Place d’Armes: This hotel is the epitome of quiet luxury, thanks to its Art Deco décor, minimalistic rooms, and elevated touches such as marble bathroom flooring.

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2. Gare, Luxembourg City

A tram on its tracks in the middle of Gare, Luxembourg City, one of the best areas to stay in Luxembourg, a church and other buildings can be seen in the city with some pedestrians crossing a ped xing.

Gare, Luxembourg – July 21, 2021 – street shot of bicycle sign in front of central railway station with tramway train/JackKPhoto/Shutterstock

Luxembourg City is more than just its historic core. It has more modern areas as well, such as the sleek Gare District, the neighborhood around the train station. If you are just passing through Luxembourg on your way to somewhere else and want to make a quick stop in the country, this is the best place to stay for convenience.

It is also the best place to stay if you are planning on taking a lot of day trips, thanks to the proximity to the train station.

However, there is stuff to do in the Gare neighborhood as well. Although it isn’t as old as Ville Haute, it has its fair share of historic 19th century mansions that now host embassies and government buildings. Plus, the old town is just a 20-minute walk away, making it an easy visit.

The Gare area has some of Luxembourg City’s best modern culture. There are several shopping malls and shopping streets in the area where you can find anything that you want. It is the area where many of Luxembourg’s foreign residents settle, so expect a diverse neighborhood scene, including a diverse neighborhood cuisine.

If you’re familiar with traveling around Europe, you may know that the most dangerous area in most European city centers is right around the train station, and that is no different in Luxembourg.

Although Luxembourg’s red-light district is safer than regular neighborhoods in many other cities, you may still run into prostitution or drug dealing. If you are concerned about safety, it is better to stay elsewhere.

Gare, Luxembourg City Budget Hotels

  • Kazakiwi: This elegant hotel has Asian influences in its design and breakfast food, and its clean, minimalistic rooms are the perfect oasis after a long travel day.
  • Residence du Lys – Perrin Apartments: Units at this aparthotel have kitchenettes, bedrooms, seating and dining areas with a TV, and even a washing machine.

Gare, Luxembourg City Mid-Range Hotels

  • Hotel Perrin – former Carlton: This hotel has comfortable, minimalistic rooms with TVs and private bathrooms, plus an elegant shared area for breakfast and coffee.
  • Hotel Empire: This simple hotel is right by the train station and welcomes guests with little touches such as art in each room and breakfast bags for guests leaving early.

Gare, Luxembourg City Luxury Hotels

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3. Kirchberg

A person walking beside a structure with a beautiful architecture in Kirchberg, our pick on the best areas to stay in Luxembourg, other modern buildings is seen from a distance during a sunset.

LUXEMBOURG/SEPTEMBER 2015 : La Philarmonie Theatre, a modern architecture in Kirchberg district in Luxembourg city/Sabino Parente/Shutterstock

Not all visitors to Luxembourg are here on vacation. The country is home to countless international institutions, such as UN and EU offices, as well as international businesses and NGOs.

Many of these international outposts and common conference centers are located in one district, Kirchberg. For travelers in town on business, Kirchberg is the best choice to stay.

Kirchberg has some things to do in between meetings. Art lovers can make the pilgrimage to the Museum of Modern Art, if only to admire the building designed by I.M. Pei. There are also other interesting examples of modern architecture in the area, from the many local business buildings to the glass cathedral with stained glass.

It helps that Kirchberg is well connected to other parts of Luxembourg City, thanks to the excellent public transportation system, which is free for residents and visitors. Other parts of town are just a short tram or bus ride away.

The well-connected nature of Kirchberg is good because the district really doesn’t have much to do. If you don’t have business keeping you in Kirchberg, you’re better off staying somewhere else.

Kirchberg Budget Hotels

  • Au P’tit Max – Studios Hote: Guests at this hotel get their own spacious rooms, apartments, and suites, and enjoy shared amenities such as free coffee and tea and room service.
  • D’Coque Hotel: Guests at this hotel stay in gorgeous modernistic rooms and get free access to the national Aquatic Center located nearby, plus treatments at the spa.

Kirchberg Mid-Range Hotels

  • Mama Shelter Luxembourg: This welcoming hotel has warm, tasteful décor, a sunny breakfast nook, and great service.
  • Novotel Suites Luxembourg: Besides staying in their own spacious suites, guests at this property can enjoy a shared fitness center and business center.

Kirchberg Luxury Hotels

  • Novotel Luxembourg Kirchberg: This ultra-modern hotel has spacious rooms with work areas and air-conditioning, a fitness area, and two terraces with bars.
  • Sofitel Luxembourg Europe: One of the best luxury hotels in the country, this sleek modern hotel has designer suites, elegant common areas, a fitness center, and two fine dining restaurants and a bar on site.

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4. Echternach

A large old church building in Echternach, a country experience and one of the best areas to stay in Luxembourg, surrounded by small houses, and visible at a distance is a lush forest and vast green field.


Luxembourg has surprisingly beautiful nature. There is no better place to go to see the beauty of the landscape than Echternach, in Luxembourg’s Mullerthal region. This region is also nicknamed “Little Switzerland,” thanks to its stunning mountainous scenery.

Echternach is a great base for exploring the rugged landscape of eastern Luxembourg. The most famous trail is the Mullerthal trail, which stretches for 120 kilometers through the hills and low mountains of the area.

If you don’t have the stamina for a multi-day trek, there are a few smaller treks and hikes that you can do and take in the beautiful nature.

Echternach is also an important historical town. It’s actually the oldest settlement in Luxembourg and was founded all the way back in the 7th century. The medieval core of the town center is fairly well-preserved, and you can see beautiful buildings such as the Abbey of Echternach, whose imposing façade inspires awe even in the non-religious visitors.

Echternach only has about 5,000 residents, but it is a surprisingly lively town with cultural events such as folklore festivals and summer concert series. However, if you are looking for lively city life, you’re better off staying in Luxembourg City as it can get quite sleepy.

Echternach Budget Hotels

  • B&B Alferweiher: Enjoy a warm welcome at this inn just outside of town, which has simple comfy rooms, great service, and beautiful views.
  • B&B Roudenhaff: This cozy bed and breakfast provides guests with spacious rooms, grounds to explore, and packed lunches in addition to breakfast.

Echternach Mid-Range Hotels

  • Wollefstuerm: You’ll have plenty of space when you rent this holiday home with three bedrooms and three bathrooms, plus you can relax in the river and enjoy mountain views from the garden.
  • Hotel Le Postillon: This family-owned hotel in a historic building right in the center of town has freshly renovated modern rooms complete with WiFi in an unbeatable location.

Echternach Luxury Hotels

  • Au Vieux Moulin: This sprawling property is located in an antique watermill and retains classic touches throughout the grounds, but also has modern rooms and a state-of-the-art restaurant.
  • Hotel Bel Air Sport & Wellness: This grand hotel is located in its own grounds, which are large enough to explore. Guests can also enjoy the pool, spa, and fine restaurant.

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5. Vianden

A large old castle on top of a hill surrounded by trees during sunset in Vianden, one of the best areas to stay in Luxembourg.

Troy Wegman/Shutterstock

For those who know about Luxembourg, the main attraction is the countryside that is dotted with castles. Vianden, a town near Luxembourg, is the best base for exploring the castles of the country. Vianden is also a town steeped with history, and the medieval buildings and castles on every hilltop can’t help but create a romantic scene.

The town of Vianden is home to Luxembourg’s most famous castle, the sprawling Romanesque castle that dominates the view of the town. Nearby, there are several other castles such as the white-washed medieval Clervaux Castle and colonnaded Bourscheid Castle.

Road tripping around Luxembourg’s castles is one of the best things to do, especially because the roads in this region are pleasantly scenic and winding.

Besides the castle, the town has a few other historic buildings, and a stroll through the center is a perfectly pleasant way to pass the time. Although not as spectacular as Little Switzerland in the south, this region also has beautiful hills and forests perfect for a relaxing walk in nature.

Vianden is a great romantic and historic getaway, but it’s not very lively. Of course, some visitors like it that way.

Vianden Budget Hotels

  • Bed & Breakfast du Chateau: This simple hotel has comfortable rooms decorated with rustic décor, parking spots for guests, and a great central location.
  • Hotel – Restaurant Victor Hugo: This surprisingly affordable hotel has comfy rooms, a small wellness center, and a rustic restaurant and playground that kids will love.

Vianden Mid-Range Hotels

  • Auberge Aal Veinen: This rustic-style hotel is a favorite for those looking for a retro atmosphere, but it has modern amenities such as a TV in each room. The hotel’s motorcycle garage and restaurant specializing in grilled meats make it a favorite among bikers.
  • Hotel Heintz: Located in a historic manor, this family-run hotel offers guests the run of antique rooms and the gardens, with strategic modernizing touches such as WiFi.

Vianden Luxury Hotels

  • The Vianden Cottage: Get away from it all by renting your own vacation home with a bedroom, bathroom, seating area with fireplace, kitchen area, and garden with picnic table.
  • Hotel Belle-Vue: This elegant hotel is perfect for wellness travelers, thanks to the indoor pool, spa (including private spa baths in some rooms), solarium, and relaxing views.

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🏛️ Most HistoricVille Haute, Luxembourg City
🚋 Best for Day TripsVille Haute, Luxembourg City
💼 Best for Business TravelKirchberg
🌳 Best for NatureEchternach
🏰 Best for CastlesVianden

Luxembourg is a small country that has a surprising amount to offer, with plenty of areas to stay for all budgets and tastes. So, with so much to see and do, what are you waiting for — book your trip today and experience for yourself all that Luxembourg has to offer. Happy travels!