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Where to Stay in Germany in 2024 | Best Areas & Hotels

Where to Stay in Germany in 2024 | Best Areas & Hotels

Figuring out where to stay in Germany is challenging because the country has so many amazing regions to explore.

We’ll help you figure out where to stay, whether you are interested in nature, cities, or different aspects of Germany, and how to find the best hotel in your region of choice. Ready to start? So are we!

The Best Places to Stay in Germany

Where to Stay in Germany map in vector format featuring the best areas of town

Here are the 5 best areas to stay when visiting Germany:

  1. Berlin: Best place to stay for first-time visitors, culture lovers, and nightlife
  2. Munich: Best place to stay for beer, German culture, and style
  3. Cologne: Best place to stay for history and Christmas markets
  4. The Black Forest: Best place to stay for nature and quiet travel
  5. Upper Middle Rhine Valley: Best place to stay for country living, wineries, and slow travel

Where to Stay in Germany: Best Areas & Hotels

Germany is a big country with diverse regions and landscapes. Between the thumping nightlife of Berlin and the quiet villages of the Black Forest, the hills of southern Bavaria and the rolling hills of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley, there is a world of different Germanies for you to explore.

Each person’s ideal Germany trip looks different, so choosing where to stay is a personal decision that you should make depending on what you want to see.

1. Berlin

The Brandenburg Gate during a sunset in Berlin, one of the best areas to stay in Germany; four horse figures are above the structure and several people are passing by under it.


Berlin, Germany’s capital, is a must-visit destination. If you’ve never been to Germany before, you have to spend at least some time in Berlin. The city contains some of Germany’s most important historic landmarks, marking hundreds of years of history.

You can visit the spectacular Brandenburg Gate, a remnant of Germany’s 19th-century greatness, but also the Berlin Wall, a reminder of Germany’s painful division for much of the 20th century.

Berlin also contains many somber memorials to the rise and rule of the Nazis, such as the powerful Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.

It’s also home to museums that are not just some of the best in Germany but also in the world. Museum Island contains a cluster of five museums with world-famous objects, such as the Pergamon Museum with its Ishtar Gate.

You can spend your entire trip just trying to explore everything these museums contain. Berlin’s attractions are by no means confined to the past.

The city is a magnet for creative young people from around the world. It has the best electronic music scene in the world, and its nightlife is world-famous. Try to catch a show while you are in town, even if you’re not willing to brave the notorious wait to get into Berghain.

Besides nightlife, Berlin’s young, creative, diverse population has created a network of cutting-edge galleries, restaurants serving international cuisine, and cultural happenings of any type you can imagine.

There is always something happening in Berlin, especially in the summer when the city’s life spills into its parks.

Berlin is a bustling international city, and it can get overwhelming for people who are used to smaller places. Its international character is attractive to some, but if you are hoping to see a more traditional Germany, you should visit a different region.

Berlin Budget Hotels

  • Aletto Hotel Potsdamer Platz. This brand-new hotel boasts fresh, modern rooms and a central dining area, all in a very central location.
  • Old Town Hotel. This simple yet modern hotel offers comfortable rooms with private bathrooms in one of Berlin’s hippest neighborhoods, but its courtyard location offers an oasis of calm.

Berlin Mid-Range Hotels

  • Casa Camper. Stylish Casa Camper offers rooms created by top-notch interior designers, a 24/7 lounge offering refreshments any time you like, and a stylish rooftop lounge.
  • KPM Hotel & Residences. This hotel offers luxury hotel amenities, such as rooms with kitchenettes and an in-house restaurant, for mid-range prices.

Berlin Luxury Hotels

  • The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin. It doesn’t get much more luxurious than the Ritz, with its chandeliered interior, wellness center, high-end restaurant, and perfume-inspired cocktail bar. The real challenge will be leaving.
  • Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin. Hosted in a historic building, this hotel has everything guests could want, including marble bathrooms, an indoor pool, and small touches such as free chocolate on arrival.

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2. Munich

An extremely detailed old church in Munich photographed during a sunset as a piece on where to stay in Germany.

Rudy Balasko/Shutterstock

Munich, Germany’s third city and the capital of the independent state of Bavaria, is Germany’s style capital with a reputation for elegance.

However, all that goes out the window when Oktoberfest rolls around, and the city becomes the beer capital of the world. It’s a great place to visit to learn more about what many people consider the “typical Germany.”

Besides the already-mentioned Oktoberfest, you can visit local beer pubs and halls every day of the year. Enjoy typical Bavarian cuisine, such as pork knuckles and sauerkraut.

Munich has plenty of important historic buildings and enough museums to rival Berlin. Check out elegant Marienplatz with its famous Glockenspiel, whose mesmerizing daily show reliably draws a crowd.

Visit the homes of the Bavarian princes, such as the gilded Munich Residenz, now a museum. Munich is also a great base for exploring the spectacular Bavarian landscape, including the Bavarian Alps.

The hills and mountains of this region are dotted with dreamy castles, such as the spectacular Neuschwanstein. Adventurous travelers can hike or ski on Germany’s highest peaks, such as the Zugspitze.

You will have to save up for a trip to Munich. This southern metropolis is Germany’s most expensive city, making it a bad fit for budget travelers.

Munich Budget Hotels

  • B&B Hotel Munchen City-Ost. This hotel is a bit away from the city’s center but offers colorful, comfortable rooms and delicious breakfast for a price that is hard to beat in Munich.
  • Ibis München City Arnulfpark. The Ibis chain is always a reliable choice for a budget hotel option, and this Munich outpost boasts breakfast, a bar, and air-conditioned rooms.

Munich Mid-Range Hotels

Munich Luxury Hotels

  • Adina Apartment Hotel Munich. This hotel has spacious studios and apartments and shared amenities such as an elegant indoor pool.
  • Hotel Torbräu. This elegant hotel is in a historic building centrally located in Munich and has that rarity in the neighborhood — private parking. Guests can also enjoy comfy rooms and a breakfast buffet.

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3. Cologne

Aerial view of Cologne at night, one of the best areas to stay in Germany, structures are illuminated by lights such as the bridge the thick arching metal trusses and the old church with two tall towers.


Cologne, located in Germany’s southwest, is a bit of a hidden gem. It’s not as famous as Berlin or Munich, but it has some of Germany’s most spectacular historic sites.

The city skyline is dominated by the Gothic Cologne Cathedral, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage list and was Europe’s tallest building for hundreds of years before the Eiffel Tower was built.

Cologne’s Old Town contains layers of history, from the Roman archeological sites to the reconstructed medieval buildings. Catch an exhibition at one of the local museums, such as the Ludwig Museum’s modern art collection.

Cologne is also home to some of Germany’s most famous festivals. In the winter, the city center comes alive with the spectacular Christmas market, considered one of the best in Germany.

There are several different markets with different themes, such as fairytale-themed markets. In late winter/early spring, the Cologne Carnival fills the streets with colorfully dressed people, often in satirical costumes.

Cologne is a stately destination to visit in Germany and take in some history.

However, if it’s your first time in Germany and you have limited time in the country, you’ll get more bang for your buck in one of the more famous destinations, such as Berlin or Munich.

Cologne Budget Hotels

  • The niu Mill. This simple boutique hotel offers colorful, soundproof rooms and is a bit further out from the city center but well-connected with public transportation.
  • Motel One Köln-Waidmarkt. This outpost of the reliable Motel One chain has comfy rooms and a welcoming shared bar area with funky décor and free-flowing drinks.

Cologne Mid-Range Hotels

  • Stern am Rathaus. This hotel is a surprisingly affordable choice in a great location. It has modern, clean facilities and great service, especially during the breakfast buffet.
  • Legend Hotel. This elegant hotel offers intimate rooms, allergy-free facilities, and beautiful views of the Cologne Cathedral.

Cologne Luxury Hotels

  • Excelsior Hotel Ernst am Dom. One of the poshest options in Cologne, it features rooms with mini-bars, marbled bathrooms, and great décor, plus a Michelin-starred hotel restaurant, piano bar, and gym.
  • Savoy Hotel. This stately hotel features plush, antique-style rooms, spectacular bathrooms with spa baths or walk-in showers, and shared amenities, including a rooftop lounge.

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4. The Black Forest

A misty autumn morning in the The Black Forest, one of our picks on the best areas to stay in Germany, a vast forest covers several hills.

Funny Solution Studio/Shutterstock

Germany’s mysterious Black Forest region is the origin of many things we see as quintessentially German, such as Black Forest cake, kirsch liquor, and even Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Today, the Black Forest is a region of lush, forested hills perfect for nature lovers.

The Black Forest stretches over 6,000 square kilometers near Germany’s western borders. There are thousands of miles of hiking and cycling trails, such as the Feldberg-Steig hiking trail, which offers spectacular views of the surrounding landscapes.

The villages, towns, and small cities of The Black Forest are perfect for feeling as if you are immersed in traditional German culture. Check out the cuckoo clock center of Triberg, the once-glitzy spa town of Baden-Baden, or the charming city of Freiberg with its historic town center.

The Black Forest is a beautiful region with so much to discover. However, it doesn’t offer much in the way of nightlife or culture since its towns are fairly small, so some travelers may feel bored.

The Black Forest Budget Hotels

  • Gengs Linde. This homey hotel offers comfortable rooms, intimate service that makes you feel like part of the family, and a great on-site restaurant.
  • Gret-Stube. This small, family-friendly inn has basic amenities such as comfortable, clean rooms, a garden, and great views.

The Black Forest Mid-Range Hotels

  • Boutique Hotel Mühle Schluchsee. This adorable hotel is located in a building that boasts traditional Black Forest architecture and breakfast and is close to nearby wellness centers.
  • RotmeerHaus. Set in a stunning location against the hills, this hotel is the ideal natural retreat with great views, airy rooms, a private garden, and easy access to nearby activities such as skiing.

The Black Forest Luxury Hotels

  • Der Öschberghof. This massive wellness resort offers guests spacious, comfortable rooms and access to amenities on the sprawling grounds, including a golf course.
  • Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa. Channel the glamor of the spas of old at this Baden-Baden hotel that has antique furniture, an elegant exterior, and luxury amenities such as a sauna and live piano music.

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5. Upper Middle Rhine Valley

A small town beside a flowing river in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley, one of the best areas to stay in Germany, with a church and several houses surrounded by vineyards.

Mikalai Nick Zastsenski/Shutterstock

The Upper Middle Rhine Valley is so special that the entire region is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. There’s no better place for a slow, relaxing German vacation admiring countryside castles, going for leisurely walks in the countryside, and stopping at local wineries for tastings.

The Middle Rhine Valley is important for German history, not least as the birthplace of the Romantic art movement.

Visit one of the 40 castles and hilltop ruins, and you’ll understand why this beautiful region has been inspiring artists for centuries. The gentle, rolling countryside along the Upper Middle Rhine Valley makes for scenic driving and walking routes.

It also provides the perfect landscape for cultivating wine. Stop by one of the many wineries offering public tastings to learn about what’s on offer here.

Like the Black Forest, the Upper Middle Rhine Valley is a bit short on nightlife and exciting cultural events. Younger visitors may prefer to stick to bigger cities such as Berlin during their trip to Germany.

Upper Middle Rhine Valley Budget Hotels

  • Hotel Garni Maas. This pretty hotel has comfy rooms, tasty breakfasts, and even small amenities such as a sauna.
  • Hotel Rose. This cozy, colorful hotel has basic hotel amenities, such as Wi-Fi and breakfast, but above-average service.

Upper Middle Rhine Valley Mid-Range Hotels

  • Boutique-Hotel “Stillvoll.” This stylish hotel welcomes guests with modern design, a great location close to main regional sights, and little touches such as a rain shower.
  • Burg Reichenstein. This pretty romantic hotel has a historic interior and exterior but modern amenities such as Wi-Fi and private bathrooms.

Upper Middle Rhine Valley Luxury Hotels

  • Burghotel auf Schönburg. It doesn’t get more romantic than staying in a converted castle overlooking the Rhine River. Enjoy plush rooms furnished for a king (or at least a duke), a free minibar, and an on-site restaurant.
  • Burg Gutenfels. Another of the region’s castle-hotels, this hotel boasts stunning views, a terrace for breakfast, and even a sauna.

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So, Where Should You Stay in Germany?

🏆 Best for First TimersBerlin
🍺 Best for Cultural ExperienceMunich
🏰 Most HistoricCologne
🌳 Best for NatureThe Black Forest
🏘 Best for Country LivingUpper Middle Rhine Valley

Whichever area in Germany you choose to stay, you are practically guaranteed to have a good time. The many vistas the country has to offer will have you coming back again and again!