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What a Trip to Seychelles Costs in 2024 | Average Prices

What a Trip to Seychelles Costs in 2024 | Average Prices

If you’re the type who loves to stare at crystal-clear turquoise waters with a drink in hand for… hours, days, weeks, whatever you can get… then the Seychelles are for you.

This gorgeous archipelago consists of more than 100 islands, flung out into the Indian Ocean like jewels sewn into an aquamarine tapestry. The main island – Mahé, whose capital is Victoria – is a jumping-off point for dozens of other destinations throughout the island chain.

With mountain rainforests, stunning beaches, rare wildlife, and a laid-back vibe that will wash the workaday cares away, you’ll never want to leave. I mean, you’ll have to, probably.

But still, you’ll never want to, and isn’t that what vacation is all about?

But before you can fall in love with this tiny African nation – the continent’s smallest – you have to figure out how to pay for it. Let’s talk budget.

Average Trip to Seychelles Cost in 2024

Average Seychelles Trip Cost Table

An average one-week trip to Seychelles for two people will cost around $6,200:

  • Average Accommodation Cost: $150 per night
  • Average Flight Cost: $1,650 per person
  • Food, Drink & Activities: $100 per person, per day
  • Transportation: $400 total
  • Total Cost: $6,200

The Seychelles are a bit spendy, there’s no denying it. When you compare them to places such as Bali or Mauritius, with similar weather and beach vibes, you’re paying more for the experience. Nevertheless, there are ways to keep costs down.

Ready to plan out your trip, so you can spend your time in Paradise enjoying everything there is to see, hear, taste, smell, and do, rather than worrying about the state of your bank account? Read on!

Seychelles Trip Cost: Average by Item

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The average cost of a trip to the Seychelles is spendier than many, but there’s plenty you can do to keep costs down. We recommend staying away from fancy restaurants, for instance.

Even more than other popular destinations in the world, these are likely to cost way too much. Keep in mind that the Seychelles caters to some very well-heeled tourists, so the prices will reflect that.

If you don’t take the time to search for the more affordable options, your budget will quickly balloon out of proportion.

Below, we’ll take a look at the average prices in several categories, then offer money-saving tips to hopefully help you come in below average. (And for once, that’s a good thing!)

Accommodation Costs

Lodging in the Seychelles is not what you’d call budget-friendly. On the main island of Mahé, you should plan to pay about $150 for a hotel, $125 if you are extremely lucky and good at price-shopping.

If you go to Beau Vallon toward the other end of the Island, hotel prices rise to about $175 to start, more like $200 or $225 on average. Resort islands such as La Digue will charge about the same on average.

However, the important point to note here is the “on average” bit. There are better prices to be found, if you know where to look. Check guesthouses, which can cost closer to $125, even on the far-flung resort islands.

These may not have A/C, however, which not only means you’ll sweat during the hotter months, but you’ll need to use mosquito netting.

The truth is, there’s just no way around high costs of lodging here, since you can’t simply up and stay in a nearby town – the islands are all there is for hundreds of miles around.

If you’re fine with staying in a hostel, try the Forest Lodge Guest House. You’ll have to share bathrooms, but you may be able to find private rooms for as little as $50, depending on the season and how far in advance you book.

In general, though, budget $150 for a hotel room in the Seychelles. That will give you the flexibility to stay in lower-cost places, then balance them out with a resort stay or two if you want to visit a more remote island.

Flight Costs

The Seychelles are, more or less, in the middle of nowhere. From the US, it will cost you an average of about $1,500 to get there from a major hub. Adding in a short domestic hop, you’ll pay about $1,650 for a standard ticket.

One of the best ways to save money on airfare is to use miles. These go further than dollars, and are a great way to defray the cost of your trip.

Food, Drink & Activity Costs

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Morne Seychellois National Park is a must-see for any visitor to the Seychelles. It’s located on the main island, so it’s no trouble to get there, and the entrance fee is less than $10.

According to the park’s website, “Morne Seychellois covers an area of approximately 3,045 hectares [7,500 acres], more than 20% of Mahé and is made up of a mixture of mangroves, lush tropical jungles and tall mountains. It is 10km in length and between 2km and 4km wide, equipped with an extensive trail network, covering more than 15km [9 miles].”

The park goes on to explain that the Seychelles Scops-owl is one of the most elusive birds, living only here, while plenty of other avian species give birdwatchers much to do in the park.

Moreover, “is one of the last places where relics from the 20th century can also be seen. These cultural sites were originally used for the exploitation of cinnamon and coffee. These ruins of old distilleries and houses are the last link that the population has with its past agricultural life before becoming a tourist destination.”

Of course, the park is hardly the only thing to do around these parts. For beaches, make sure to check out Beau Vallon and Anse Takamaka, two of the most beautiful in the entire archipelago.

You can also visit other islands, though the transportation there varies depending on the island. Popular day trips include boat tours around La Digue ($50 per person), full-day private island tours of Mahé ($135), or a full-day boat trip from Praslin Island to visit surrounding areas.

Food can be spendy, but it doesn’t have to be. Meals out will cost about $20 per person, with a soda costing about $3. If you can, shop at grocery stores to keep costs down.

Assuming you put ferries in your transportation budget (more on that below), you can adventure around these islands for about $100 a day, if you stick to only a few tours.

Transportation Costs

Taxis are outrageously priced in this island chain. The starting rate is around $7, with each kilometer costing about $3. As you can see, this can quickly get out of hand. Bikes and public buses are a better way to get around if you don’t want to rent a car on Mahé.

Renting a car is expensive here – about $75 a day, depending on the size of your car – but it’s a nice way to see the island for a day or two.

You can get from Mahé to La Digue on the ferry in 90 minutes for about $80 one way, but given that you then have an entire island to walk around and explore, it’s a fair price to pay for a day’s fun.

From the main island to Praslin, which only takes an hour, the cost is less than $70 for a one-way ride. From Praslin to La Digue, which is only 15 minutes, the cost is $25 or so.

Because the ferries are so much fun to take, a good way to plan your Seychelles getaway is to spend a few nights on each of the three main islands. That way, you’re putting your money to good use when you travel between them, and you’re seeing that much more of this beautiful country as well.

Overall, plan to spend about $400 for two people. That includes several days of car rental, several ferry rides, and bus tickets to get around the main tourist spots.

Things to Consider

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Here are a few other things to consider when planning your trip to Seychelles:

  • Littering carries a hefty fine. As it should! Although the Seychelles caters to tourists, they do not provide an abundance of trash cans. That will not save you from paying through the nose if you drop a piece of trash, though. Do the right thing and put it in your pocket or bag until you can throw it away.
  • She collects seashells in the Seychelles… is a refrain you should not repeat, because it’s illegal in many places. Although the African nation boasts some of the most beautiful shells in the world, it’s best to leave them be – the hermit crabs need them, and you don’t.
  • The Seychellois Rupee is the local currency, but euros are sometimes accepted as well. Exchanging dollars into euros at your own bank will net you the best rate. You may even get hotels and guesthouses to take dollars, but don’t count on it. Always have a supply of rupees on hand.
  • Even though the Seychelles doesn’t experience hurricanes, it’s never a bad idea to get trip insurance. That way, you can avoid losing thousands of dollars if an unexpected obstacle to your trip arises.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are some frequently asked questions about budgeting your trip to Seychelles:

Where are the Seychelles?

The Seychelles are located in the Indian Ocean, roughly equidistant from the Maldives, Somalia, and Madagascar. The islands comprise about 175 square miles, with a population of less than 100,000 people. It is the smallest African country.

Are the Seychelles expensive?

There’s no denying that the Seychelles are spendy. They’re located way out in the ocean, which makes it difficult to acquire and deliver the same kinds of goods and services to which people are accustomed on the mainland.

If you want to come here, you’ll need to plan carefully. It is a more expensive vacation than other island getaways from the US: say, Hawaii or Jamaica. However, if you plan carefully and allot much of your budget to lodging and flights, you’ll be fine.

Should I go to the Maldives or the Seychelles?

The Maldives and the Seychelles are often compared to one another. Both are located in the Indian Ocean, though the Seychelles are part of Africa and the Maldives belong to Asia.

They do share many traits when it comes to climate, water, and scenery, but there are differences between them. The Maldives is more highly developed, with plenty of activities on standby for travelers who want an easy experience.

On the other hand, the Seychelles are cheaper and less developed, but there’s more to explore and its unspoiled, laid-back vibe is prized by many.

When should I go to the Seychelles?

The best times to visit the Seychelles include April, May, October, and November. These transitional months mark the time between the rainy winter season and the hot, humid summer season. You’ll experience cooler weather without fear of being rained out.

That said, the Seychelles are tropical. That means there’s no “cold” time of year. In the winter, when the rain falls, you’ll simply need to find somewhere to shelter until it’s done. Storms usually clear up pretty quickly, after which the sun comes out again.

How do I get between islands?

You can travel between the three main Seychelles islands – Mahé, Praslin, and La Digue – via ferry network. The other islands are not connected by ferry, but rather arrange private transfers for visitors from the accommodations (resorts and guesthouses).

Most of these are very spendy, and you’ll need to pay to stay in order for them to bring you out via helicopter or private boat. Budget-wise, that’s out of most of our league – or at least, it’s out of mine!

Over to You — Book Your Trip Today!

🛎️ Average Accommodation Cost$150 per night
✈️ Average Flight Cost$1,650 per person
🍽️ Food, Drink & Activities$100 per person, per day
🚕 Transportation$400 total
💲 Total Cost$6,200

The average cost of a one-week trip to Seychelles is around $6,200 for two people. They’re such a beautiful destination that it’s worth the cost and travel time to get there.

So, with so much to see and do, what are you waiting for — book your trip today and experience for yourself all that Seychelles has to offer. Happy travels!