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Scott’s Cheap Flights (Going™) Reviews 2024: Truly the Cheapest?

Scott’s Cheap Flights (Going™) Reviews 2024: Truly the Cheapest?

Scott’s Cheap Flights (now called Going™) says you can save up to 90% on flights, but are the deals as great as they seem? Read Scott’s Cheap Flights reviews to see if these fares are a fact or flight of fancy.

Looking for Honest Scott’s Cheap Flights Reviews?

  • Scott’s Cheap Flights promises up to 90% off flights worldwide
  • Most flights are nonstop or single-stop with short layovers
  • Membership levels include Limited (free), Premium, and Elite

Scott’s Cheap Flights has been on our radar for a while – it’s hard to keep 90% off airline tickets a secret for long! But we wanted to take some time to collect and analyze as many Scott’s Cheap Flights/Going™ reviews as possible before spilling the details. That day has come! 

As we combed through thousands of verified user reviews (an amazing 5 stars on average), we uncovered some helpful pointers and learned about real customers’ experiences using the service.

We’re going to share it all with you in this guide – the good and the bad – so you can see if Going™ is a service worth using. 

The biggest claim we found, and one that’s prominently listed on the site’s title tab, is that Scott’s Cheap Flights offers flight deals up to 90% off. We wanted to verify this claim using reviews from real customers, and we managed to find a lot of helpful info there. 

Another thing we wanted to check out was the quality of the flights and deals offered on Scott’s Cheap Flights. The Flight Experts here claim that most flights are nonstop or single-stop flights with short layovers. But what did actual customers have to say about this?

Our preliminary analysis of Scott’s Cheap Flights reviews showed us that people had different experiences with the service depending on the membership level they chose. Scott’s offers a Limited, Premium, and Elite membership plan to cover every price point and travel need. 

We’ll take a look at the different membership plans and prices, real user reviews, and pros and cons. Let’s dig into the details, scrutinize the most helpful (and honest!) Scott’s Cheap Flight reviews, and find out if this is the go-to spot for dirt cheap flights. 

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  • Only receive amazing deals on flights
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Scott’s Cheap Flights Membership Plans

Inside an airplane with passengers visible demonstrating how Scott's Cheap Flights reviews users travel

Have a nice day Photo/Shutterstock

Your flight deal access varies depending on the membership plan you choose. There are 3 plan tiers available: Limited, Premium, and Elite. We found Scott’s Cheap Flights reviews from users who are members of the different plans and their experiences did vary a bit. 

Take a look below to learn about the perks and pricing for each membership plan. 

Limited (Free)

  • Free access to limited flight deal selection
  • Access to economy-class deals only
  • Follow up to 5 departure airports

If you’re a seriously budget-conscious traveler, you’re probably looking to keep your costs low across the board when planning for your trip. It doesn’t get any cheaper than *free,* so many new members find that the $0.00 Limited plan is a great choice for them.

When you join as a Limited member with Scott’s Cheap Flights, you’ll get free access to a limited pool of flight deals. The deals you’ll see as a Limited member will be economy-class only, which is usually right on target if budget is your main concern.

You can follow up to 5 departure airports in the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, and St. Thomas with this plan. This means the deals you’ll get notified about will depart from the 5 airports you’ve selected. For many members, this is more than enough to cover your closest airports for convenient trip planning. 

Premium ($49/year)

  • Free 14-day trial period, then $49/year
  • Additional access to better economy-class flight deals
  • Follow up to 10 departure airports

If booking super-cheap fares tickles your fancy, you can become a Premium member for $49/year. This paid membership gives you enhanced access to flight deals, like Mistake Fares, Weekend Getaways, and domestic deals from your selected departure airports. 

You get to choose 10 departure airports to “follow” for deal notifications at this membership level. Scott’s Cheap Flights only offers deals for United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, and St. Thomas departure airports. You’ll also have more access to flight deals that aren’t made available to Limited (free) members. 

You get a 14-day free trial when you sign up for the Premium membership plan. After your trial period ends, you’ll be charged $49 for a year of membership with enhanced discounted fare access.

Scott’s Cheap Flights says Premium members save an average of $550 on international flights and $200 on domestic flights, which might make this paid membership more than worth it. 

Elite ($199/year)

  • Free 14-day trial period, then $199/year
  • Total access to economy, business, and first-class deals
  • Follow unlimited departure airports

Unlock the steepest flight discounts and get the most control over the flights you’re offered with the Elite membership plan. This plan is basically unlimited – you get total access to every flight deal to 980+ destinations, every departure airport (186 total), and the best airlines in the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, and St. Thomas. 

But you won’t get bogged down with a bunch of discounted fares that you’re not interested in. You can control your deal notifications by choosing your favorite airlines and preferred fare class (premium economy, business, or first-class). 

The Elite plan basically unlocks every Mistake Fare, international flight deal, Weekend Getaway, and rare bucket-list deal that Scott’s Cheap Flights uncovers. If you love to travel and want to save up to 90% off your airfare, the Elite plan is the way to do it. 

There’s a free 14-day trial for new members, and you’ll be charged $199/year after the trial ends. Scott’s Cheap Flights says Elite members save up to $2,000 on international flights, so odds are good you’ll recoup your membership fee quickly.

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Leave the deal hunting to the Going (formerly Scott's Cheap Flights) team of flight experts. They find the deals. You book and save up to 90%. It's as simple as that!

  • Monitor over 900 destinations worldwide
  • Save between 40% and 90% off retail
  • Only receive amazing deals on flights
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Read the Most Helpful Scott’s Cheap Flights Reviews

Collecting and analyzing Scott’s Cheap Flights reviews was a bit different than we’d expected. We’re used to seeing 3.5 to 4.5 star review averages for similar well-known discount airfare services. But Scott’s Cheap Flights reviews have an industry-coveted 5-star review average with more than 3,300 reviews.

This almost unheard of 5 star review average made us initially skeptical about the quality and impartiality of these reviews. So we dug deeper, looking at multiple third-party review sources to form an unbiased opinion. 

No matter where we looked, we were confronted with the same information: Scott’s Cheap Flights gets killer reviews. That 5-star average held up all over the web. Here’s a look at the most helpful reviews we found.

“Scott’s Cheap Flights has alerted me to many airfare deals that have saved me thousands of dollars over the years. If you’re looking to be alerted about cheap airfares, it’s strongly worth considering. Fortunately, you can sign-up for the free service to test it out and then upgrade to the paid version if you want the extra benefits.” -CNBC Travel’s JT Genter

“Our first trip with Scott’s was from Atlanta to Paris for two for the grand total of $670. At that point we became premium members. In the following four years we’ve snagged fantastic bargains to Amsterdam, Italy, Scotland, Hawaii, Spain, Alaska. We are leaving for Greece this week. We are retired educators and would never have achieved our travel dreams without Scott and his team! We brag about your service to all our friends!” -Facebook user Beverly Walding

“The site gets hyped because it costs $49/year, and the deals they send are frequent and legitimately good, even from smaller airports, so it easily pays for itself if you make just one booking.” -Reddit user OwnManagement in r/Shoestring

“People always ask me what my secret is and how I manage to find amazing airline deals like a $300 roundtrip flight to Argentina and $99 flight to Iceland. The answer? Scott’s Cheap Flights.” -Travel site Jen on a Jet Plane review

“They’ve done right by me. Their free subscription alerted me to $69 roundtrip tix from West Coast to TX, and the day after I splurged for premium, they gave me a heads up about $213 roundtrip nonstop tix to Hawaii. Cheapest destination anniversary celebration I’ve had the pleasure of purchasing.” -Reddit user Europeras in r/Shoestring

“I can’t say enough about Scott’s Cheap is by far, the best subscription service I have. I’m always alerted of low price flights, for future vacation destinations. Scott’s takes out the anxiety of price hunting.” -Facebook user Lana Varner

“Scott’s sent out an email about round trip tickets to Europe for $415 each. Those tickets were $1800 each a week later. We bought 4 tickets, so I [could] subscribe another 100 years without saving another dime and come out ahead.” -Reddit user ThisDude415 in r/Shoestring

“Scott’s Cheap Flights is one of the biggest and best deal-finding websites on the internet. …They are just unmatched in the deals they find.” -Travel site Nomadic Matt review

“I signed up for premium and the deal my girlfriend and I just booked made it worth it. Round trip, Los Angeles to Zagreb, Croatia with one stopover in London for $300 each.” -Reddit user TheWrongestIveBeen in r/Flights

“Literally the best subscription I’ve ever had. Paid off in one trip. Every year my mom and I take an international trip together. This year we landed on Bali thanks to a Premium-only deal from Scott’s Cheap Flights. Bali was one of the most beautiful, relaxing trips we’ve ever taken!” -Erica C., SCF member

“I personally like it simply because it sends the deals to me vs me having to look them up. I use a few other ones but it’s nice to check my email and see what is possible. Most of the sites I see focus on New York or LA and not as much from Atlanta.” -Reddit user Livvylove in r/Flights

“I’ve been looking at the emails for the last 6 months when I joined. Today I saw $600 rt to South Africa with Delta and jumped on it!!! In my research I could never get anything lower than $1200. Now both me and the hubs get to go for that price. I’m totally excited!” -Facebook user Kallyn Spohnholz

“I went to Melbourne, Australia for $500 RT from Charlotte! That’s an insane deal. My buddies were able to book flights to Tokyo for less than 500, and SCF has sent better deals than that multiple times…but SCF does not give specific dates (just date ranges given the volatility of airline pricing) and it is not a booking agent.” -Reddit user FURyannnn in r/Shoestring 

“Thanks to SCF, our flights were so cheap we stayed for two weeks! We were going to Shanghai for a wedding and wanted cheap flights so we could travel the country while there. We visited 6 cities including Beijing.” -Sarah C., SCF member

“I was able to book $400 RT flights from Alabama to Scotland a few weeks ago thanks to SCF. I’m taking my dream trip in a few months and it’s affordable. So excited!” -Reddit user OnlyChild-BPDMom in r/IAmA

“Scott’s is the best subscription I’ve ever had. I have already taken 5 trips (+1 upcoming) thanks to their deal alerts that I would not have otherwise known about, all destinations we were hoping to go to, just way cheaper than it would have been if it was a pre-planned trip with set dates. The best alert was still the $86 mistake fare we were able to get to the US Virgin Islands!” -Facebook user Judith Volunteer

“Been a premium member since 2017! You’ve helped me celebrate my wedding, my honeymoon, and in April, I got some tickets out to Lihue for $197 so my son can celebrate his 1st birthday with his grandma on mom’s side. I just want to say thank you for being so awesome! Yours is a service I don’t think I’ll ever be ending my subscription for.” -Reddit user Armantes in r/IAmA

“I’ve been to Hawaii twice during the pandemic for stupid cheap thanks to SCF! Thanks Scott!!” -Reddit user Quartapeck in r/IAmA

Scott’s Cheap Flights Reviews: The Pros and Cons

Woman pulls her purple luggage behind her walking through an airport with an airplane seen taking off through the window

Day Of Victory Studio/Shutterstock

These users are crowing about their $86 mistake fare flights to the Virgin Islands, paying $415 for round-trip flights to Europe, and $500 round-trip tickets to Australia from North Carolina. It’s clear that there’s a lot to praise about Scott’s Cheap Flights. 

But with any service, you can expect there to be some pros and cons. Scott’s Cheap Flights reviews showed us that there are some things users love about using this service and other things that might put a damper on your experience.

Here’s an honest look at the pros and cons of booking discounted flights found on Scott’s Cheap Flights. 

Pros (What We Like)

Here’s what users said they appreciated the most in confirmed Scott’s Cheap Flights reviews. 

  • Save hundreds on flights from trusted airlines. Scott’s Cheap Flights Premium members save an average $550 on international flights and $200 on domestic flights. Elite members save even more, netting up to $2,000 in savings on international flights. Scott’s Cheap Flights reviews definitely backed this data up.
  • Range of plans available for different budgets. If you’re serious about seeking out great airfare deals, you probably don’t want to spend a lot on a discount flight-booking service. That makes the free Limited membership plan perfect for budget-conscious travelers! If you’re looking for the most flight deal access, the paid plans (Premium and Elite) unlock even more deals at steeper discounts for a relatively low fee. 
  • Access to more cheap flight deals. Scott’s Cheap Flights offers “secret” airport discounts that other discount airfare sites miss, like Mistake Fares and limited-time price slashes for coveted first-class seats. They also make a broad range of deals available, from last-minute discounted tickets to fares for future flights 9+ months away. 
  • Buy your tickets directly from the airline or travel agency. Scott’s Cheap Flights doesn’t make you pay them for your discounted tickets – you’ll pay the airline or OTA (online travel agency) directly using the instructions you get from Scott’s. They have tons of tutorials and articles to walk you through the process, as well as a responsive customer service department to answer any questions you’ve got. 
  • Filter out the noise. Scott’s Cheap Flights lets you set your email alerts so you’re only getting the notifications you really want. Filter your search to specific departure airports, fare classes, airlines, and alliances so you can quickly get access to cheap flights that fit your needs and plans. 

Cons (What We Don’t Like)

Here’s what users listed as cons or drawbacks in Scott’s Cheap Flights reviews. 

  • You have to depart from a U.S. airport. Deals only feature departing airports in the 50 U.S. states, Puerto Rico, Guam, and St. Thomas. There are currently no worldwide airport departures outside of these territories, but Scott’s Cheap Flights says that may change in the future. 
  • The best deals are reserved for paid members. You can get substantial flight discounts using a Limited (free) member plan, but your deal access is throttled unless you become a paid member with the Premium or Elite plan. Premium members get enhanced economy-class flight deals and receive alerts for up to 10 departure airports. Only Elite members get unlimited access to all flight deals and departure airports. 
  • You book and manage your own flights. Unlike OTA (online travel agencies) like Expedia and Priceline, Scott’s Cheap Flights won’t be booking and managing your flight tickets and dates. This may be a drawback if you’re looking to hand over those tasks to a travel agency. You’ll get a step-by-step tutorial to show you how to access your flight deal (40%-90% off) directly through your chosen airline instead. Some users prefer this method since tickets are issued immediately when purchased through the airline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Black sign depicting airplane and question mark to help travelers locate a nearby airport

Margie Hurwich/Shutterstock

These are some of the most common questions from people who are thinking about signing up for Scott’s Cheap Flights. Knowledge is power when it comes to travel! 

Is Scott's Cheap Flights legit?

Scott's Cheap Flights is a legitimate service that connects users with discounted airfare tickets up to 90% off. You'll get notifications from SCF about sudden drops in airfare prices from your chosen departure airports and book the discounted flights directly with the airline.

Are Scott's Cheap Flights only for US?

Scott's Cheap Flights offers airfare discounts to more than 986 destinations around the world in 169 countries. All discounted tickets you'll find through SCF depart from US and outside US Territories airports.

How much is Scott's Cheap Flights Premium membership?

Scott's Cheap Flights offers a free Limited membership, a Premium membership for $49/year (plus 14-day free trial), and an Elite membership for $199/year (plus 14-day free trial).

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  • Save between 40% and 90% off retail
  • Only receive amazing deals on flights
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So, What’s the Consensus on Scott’s Cheap Flights Reviews?

We’ve checked out the different membership plans (Limited, Premium, and Elite), the pricing (from $0 to $199/year), the most helpful Scott’s Cheap Flight reviews, and the overall pros and cons. So what’s the consensus?

We didn’t find many users who had a negative word to say about this site in Scott’s Cheap Flights reviews. With a free plan available, there’s no barrier to entry and anyone can sign up to see what kinds of deals they can nab. The paid plans are definitely more robust and offer more benefits for serious travelers.

Sure, you could always hunt down airfare deals on your own and hope you come across a rare mistake fare or dirt-cheap round-trip ticket to a bucket list destination. But your odds of success greatly increase with Scott’s Cheap Flights and it won’t cost you a dime to try it.

As user Paco1013 put it, “I’ve used it for three or four years now and always recouped my membership fee and plenty more money in savings each year. You could just do the legwork yourself by monitoring Google Flights, Kayak, et al. too. Otherwise you’re probably going to have to pay someone to do it for you. You could have a guy. Let’s call him Scott.”

If you’re still undecided, you might get a better feel for the service by signing up for a free 14-day trial of the Premium or Elite membership to see just how good the deals you get are. And if you just don’t dig it, cancel before the deadline and chalk it up to experience.