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The Best Time to Visit the U.S. Virgin Islands in 2023

The Best Time to Visit the U.S. Virgin Islands in 2023

Are you planning to head to the U.S. Virgin Islands for your next getaway? Are you considering a visit during a certain time of the year? If so, conducting a little research before you leave will serve you well to get you the best prices, weather, and the most enjoyment from your trip.

The U.S. Virgin Islands comprises three main islands: St. Thomas (the primary destination for many visitors), St. John, and St. Croix. All three islands have something to offer, depending on your desire.

For instance, you can experience the nightlife, beaches, stunning scenery, and more, leaving you with the best memories to last you a lifetime.

This guide will gladly share with you the best time to visit the U.S. Virgin Islands, along with helpful advice and tips you should keep in mind before making your trip.

Additionally, we will share the worst time of the year to visit (you know, if such a time exists), so you can make the most of your vacation and get a decent return on your investment. Keep reading to dive deeper into this guide.

Why You Should Visit the U.S. Virgin Islands

Tall and slender woman in a pink bikini scuba diving above a coral reef during the best time to visit the US Virgin Islands


Visiting the U.S. Virgin Islands can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you will never forget—if you choose to visit during the best time of the year.

We have all heard that popular cliché: “If you have the time, take the time.” With St. Thomas and St. Croix being popular destinations for those visiting the U.S., we highly recommend taking advantage of their attractions and activities during peak tourist season.

Within these islands, you will get the chance to experience the luxury sandy beaches. You will participate in snorkeling, scuba diving, underwater photography, and kayaking.

There is so much to do that you might be unable to fit it all during one trip. The U.S. Virgin Islands also have a rich history behind them. Visitors can find various historical sites where they can learn numerous things, from plantations to pirates to the founding of some islands.

By visiting during the right season, you will take advantage of experiencing these islands’ unique culture and heritage. Besides visiting incredible historical sites, you can enjoy amazing, year-round tropical weather, which becomes relatively cooler from December to March.

With a moderate climate, the islands usually have the best weather for snorkeling and scuba diving. In addition, the islands are home to a rich and unique marine life that makes them famous for their clear turquoise waters.

Also, you don’t have to worry about essential amenities when visiting. These islands are well-equipped with tourism resources and amenities that you can take advantage of.

For example, you will come across cafes, bars, shops, and restaurants throughout these islands packed with locals and visitors alike taking a break from the beach or enjoying a vacation. So, what are you waiting for? The islands are calling for you!

Overall Best Time to Visit the U.S. Virgin Islands

Gorgeous woman in a bikini swimming in turquoise waters in St. John against a blue sky during the best time to visit the US Virgin Islands

BlueOrange Studio/Shutterstock

The best time to visit is April to June to enjoy your vacation in the U.S. Virgin Islands. During this time, you can expect mild weather with little rainfall.

However, it would be best if you kept in mind that the islands experience hurricane season from June to November. During the islands’ peak season from December to March, you can expect breezy evenings with temperatures ranging from the mid-70s to the upper 80s.

Although it’s the peak season, the weather is very hot and humid, which can be uncomfortable for some. If you aren’t comfortable withstanding the heat and humidity during this time, we highly recommend visiting during springtime when the weather is milder.

The spring season is the best, especially in April, if you love the outdoors. During this time, you can expect beautiful blue skies with a couple of clouds, and the temperature is at its least, ranging from the mid-70s to mid-80s.

This is when people enjoy strolling on the beaches and enjoying some much-needed beach time. April brings the Easter holiday, which many people celebrate. Because of this, you will have more company at the beach.

And you can enjoy oceanfront restaurants that offer specials during this time. Even though the season brings more visitors and creates a slight shoot in prices, it is short-lived.

The prices of flights, activities, and hotels quickly go down after the Easter season. As a result, you should visit during this season to explore the islands’ activities and attractions and enjoy the sights and sounds that come along with them.

Cheapest Time to Visit the U.S. Virgin Islands

Three cable cars high above the bay in St. Thomas with a blue sky during the cheapest time to visit the USVI


For those looking for a cheap getaway that is as close to perfect as you can get, consider visiting the islands during the off-peak seasons. These seasons include January to February and late August to mid-November when the fall season kicks in.

These seasons are short-lived, meaning there will be fewer tourists; therefore, there will be lower prices. You will have a better chance of getting the lowest accommodation prices, activities, and more.

If you are on a tight budget, consider visiting in late September when the kids are back in school and the weather is slightly cooler. The islands’ fall season, from September to November, is relatively cheap because it’s a slower season.

People usually return to work after their summer vacations, and the winter is in full swing. The weather is much cooler during this time, making it great for your vacation.

You can still enjoy the great weather and activities without breaking your budget. However, it would be best if you remembered that there would be fewer tourists at this time, meaning there might not be as much to do (or tours or activities to do) as you would like.

Most importantly, the islands’ fall season is perfect for you to enjoy lovely sunrises and sunsets. You can enjoy the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets of the day.

Additionally, you can enjoy a beautiful vista of clear turquoise waters characteristic of the islands. Also, you don’t have to worry about the high humidity at this time since it’s a lot more comfortable.

This period is one of the best times to visit if you want to get away from the heat and enjoy the cooler season. January to February is the winter season in The U.S. Virgin Islands. You can expect cool ocean breezes and clear, starry skies.

Additionally, there will be fewer tourists at this time. You can get more for your money during this time if you are budget-minded.

You can also expect lower hotel rates and fewer people at the beaches. Most importantly, some hotels will offer bundled deals during this time. Therefore, you can take advantage of more savings and fun family moments with your family and friends.

Least Busy Time to Visit the U.S. Virgin Islands

Yellow buildings pictured during the least busy time to visit the US Virgin Islands with nobody in the streets and a partial ocean view in the distance

Chad N/Shutterstock

The least busy time to visit The U.S. Virgin Islands is from mid-April to May and during the fall season from mid-September to mid-November.

You can expect fewer tourists in these seasons except for Labor Day, Memorial Day, and Easter weekends. You will also grab the best deal for your vacation, as flights, accommodations, and seasonal tours get cheaper.

April to May signify the end of spring when temperatures are warm but not too hot, hitting from 83F (April) to 90F (May). The amount of rainfall during this time is also minimal, making it perfect for your family beach vacation.

Just ensure to visit before the Memorial and Easter weekends to benefit from the lower prices of accommodation and activities and also fewer crowds.

Mid-September to mid-November also experiences fewer tourists and low prices. Therefore, you can also expect better pricing for activities and accommodations and, for the most part, lower prices for flights.

The temperatures during this time range from 77F to 90F. It is one of the best times to visit the islands because you can enjoy various activities and beautiful nature in the warm weather.

Worst Time to Visit the U.S. Virgin Islands

Gloomy skies and a dark storm cloud above the bay in St. Thomas pictured during the worst time to visit the US Virgin Islands


The worst time to visit the islands is from June to November, when the hurricane season takes place. It’s the worst time to explore these islands since the hurricane season is at its peak.

These seasons bring strong winds that cause rough seas and high waves, making it dangerous to go out into the ocean. The amount of rainfall is also in excess, and thunderstorms and lightning are common occurrences.

On the other hand, the summer season kicks in from June to August, during which temperatures are at an all-time high, up to the mid-90s. It is the peak of tourist season, meaning you will have more people on the islands.

Therefore, you will have higher prices for your vacation. Although some people consider summer the worst time to visit, others love spending their holidays on the beaches when kids are on vacation and activities are in plenty.

There are a few tips you should consider to make the most out of your trip during this period. For example, you can plan a few indoor activities during rainy afternoons to ensure you use this time to the fullest. You can also use book hotels near the beach to enjoy the scenery.

Things to Consider

Neat dock at the harbor of St. Croix for a piece on the best time to go to the Virgin Islands


If you are planning to visit The U.S. Virgin Islands, there are several essential things you need to keep in mind during your trip. Such considerations will help you get the most for your money and allow you to enjoy a safe and memorable holiday.

So, here are a few things you should consider when planning your trip:

  • Know which island to visit. There are three main islands in The U.S. Virgin Islands: St. Croix, St. John, and St. Thomas. Each island is unique, offering something different to tourists during their visit to these islands. You should choose among the three islands depending on what you have in mind to do.
  • Understand the busiest holidays. Easter, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and summer are the busiest times in island tourism. If you want to avoid crowded beaches and activities, you should plan your trip during the off-peak times. Otherwise, you will have a more enjoyable time and more fun with your family.
  • Respect the weather. The seasons of the islands are different. Therefore, to enjoy a pleasant holiday, you should consider the weather when visiting the islands. It would help if you also considered the price of accommodation and flights you will need to take during your trip.
  • Plan. You should plan your visit to The U.S. Virgin Islands at least six months before your trip. It will give you enough time to choose the right accommodation and find a travel package within your budget. It will also give you enough time to book a flight, which is usually the biggest cost for your trip.
  • Availability of services. You should ensure that you are familiar with the essential services available on the islands before your trip. If you are planning a family trip, you should ensure that the islands have facilities that accommodate your children. These facilities should include playgrounds and swimming pools. You should also know if babysitting is available in case you need any service for your children.
  • Carry the right gear. You should ensure that you have everything you need for your trip during your visit to The U.S. Virgin Islands. For example, you should carry extra clothing, shoes, towels, and water. It is also advisable to carry insect repellent, sunscreen lotion, and any other medicine you may need before your trip.

Frequently Asked Questions About the USVI

Picturesque aerial view of Trunk Bay in St. John pictured with a few clouds in the sky and the world-famous white sand beaches and light turquoise water in view on the left

BlueOrange Studio/Shutterstock

You will find several frequently asked questions concerning the U.S. Virgin Islands on the internet. Here are some of them;

Which of the U.S. Virgin Islands is the safest?

St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. John have a safety record comparable to any other place in the United States. However, crime rates are lowest in St. John Island.

Can you swim with the sea turtles?

Yes! Turtle Cove/Buck Island in the USVI offers swimming opportunities with sea turtles. These activities are great for budding marine biologists and kids who want to feel closer to nature.

What is the transportation system in the islands?

The main form of transportation in the Virgin Islands is cars. Although some guests choose to use taxis and rental cars, you can expect to see a lot of mini-buses (also called “vans”) on the road.

What is the coldest month in the U.S. Virgin islands?

The coldest time in the islands is January when the average daily temperature can get as low as 84°F. Here, the wind chill factor can make it colder, and rain is common.

What Is the best time to visit the USVI?

The best times to visit the U.S. Virgin Islands are from April through June when the weather is pleasant and fewer tourists around.

So, What’s the Best Time to Visit the U.S. Virgin Islands?

The U.S. Virgin Islands are some of the best places to visit in the Caribbean. They are relatively less expensive than other islands; yet don’t compromise on the quality of facilities or services you can enjoy.

The USVI is a great place to visit during a low or mid-vacation season when rates are lower. Since each island in USVI offers something different, you should decide which island to visit ahead of time if you plan your trip.

However, regardless of which time you choose to book your trip, you’ll be greeted by amazing views, friendly locals, and some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world. So what are you waiting for — book your trip to the USVI today!