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The Best Time to Visit Park City, Utah in 2024

The Best Time to Visit Park City, Utah in 2024

What's the best time to visit Park City, Utah?

December to February is the peak season in Park City for snow sports, with the city blanketed in much of its annual 250″ snowfall. While December offers festive charm and lower prices, January and February promise a deeper snow base and high-profile events like the Sundance Film Festival. Despite the cold, with daily highs between 37-42°F, these months are bustling with activities and events, so we suggest booking early.

If you’re dreaming of a bustling ski resort town that envelopes you with mountain views, sparkling snow, and fun events downtown, you need to know the best time to visit Park City, Utah. 

Even spring, summer, and fall visits can be worth planning in this tucked-away town in the Wasatch Mountains when you know the months that offer the most activities and events and which ones to avoid. 

Overall Best Time to Visit Park City, Utah

View of Deer Valley Ski Resort during the best time to visit Park City Utah in the winter

David A Litman/Shutterstock

The overall best time to visit Park City is from December through February. This period sees over half of the total annual snowfall in the city! Park City sees a lot of the white stuff each year, usually getting somewhere around 250″ of snow.

Most of it falls between December and February, making this the prime time to visit if you’re hoping to try some snow sports. 

Skiing, snowboarding, tubing, ice skating, dog sledding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing — if it’s a sport involving snow, you can do here in Park City during the peak winter months! As expected, temperatures can be teeth-chattering cold during this time of year.

Daily highs hover between 37-42F while overnight lows can drop to 14-16F on average. December and January are the coldest months with December receiving the most average snowfall (64″) of any month of the year in Park City. 

But while December actually sees the most snowfall, January and February may actually be better months for snow sports. The snow base depth is higher after December’s 60+ inches of snow have fallen. 

  • December average snowfall: 64″ (29″ base depth)
  • January average snowfall: 63″ (45″ base depth)
  • February average snowfall: 57″ (58″ base depth)

December wins out over January and February in terms of smaller crowds and lower prices at ski resorts and high-end lodges in Park City, Utah. It’s a lot cheaper to book a stay during December, as you can see from the average nightly rates in Park City during this period:

  • December: $131-$426/night
  • January: $149-$964/night
  • February: $57-$1,200/night

You’ll find lots of activities and events happening during this peak season for skiing and snow sports in Park City. Here’s a look at some of the things you can get into this time of year. 

December in Park City, Utah

With snow falling to the tune of 64″ this month, Park City officially transforms into a winter wonderland as the ski season kicks off. Christmas decorations and lights are everywhere, people are looking forward to the new year, and tons of holiday events are happening at ski resorts and in the city. 

Daily highs don’t often get above 37F in December with lows dropping to about 14F. That means the snow that falls sticks around and makes conditions perfect for skiing, snowboarding, tubing, and more. 

Events in December to look forward to include Santa’s visit to Town Lift, an annual event with music, refreshments, and photo ops with Santa. Deer Valley and Park City Mountain Resorts hold their annual Torchlight Parades with hot cocoa, cookies, and apple cider. 

Look out for fireworks shows on New Year’s Eve around Canyons Village at Park City Mountain Resorts with live music and free refreshments.

January in Park City, Utah

January receives around 63″ of snow, the second-highest monthly total for the year. With December’s snow already on the ground, the snow is deep and ideal for skiing, snowboarding, tubing, and dog sledding this month. That makes it the busiest month of the year to visit Park City, Utah. 

Hotels can be crowded and are more expensive this month — up to $964/night on average. Highs hover in the upper 30s with lows around 14F. The 10-day Sundance Film Festival happens this month, adding to the craziness in the city this time of year. 

Other events happening in January in Park City include Martin Luther King Jr. celebrations and parades, the annual Learn to Ski Clinic by Ski Utah (late January), and the Main Street Snow Globe Stroll (November through early January) with themed life-sized snow globes in town to check out. 

February in Park City, Utah

February sees some of the highest hotel prices of the year in Park City and brings around 57″ of additional snow to the slopes. Highs are around 42F with lows approaching 16F, making it slightly warmer than December and January with a deeper snow base (58″). 

Valentine’s Day and President’s Day mean bigger crowds in February, though not as big as you’ll see in January. It’s always better to book your hotel, lift tickets, and rental car in advance when traveling to Park City during the peak season! 

Events include the FIS Freestyle Ski World Cup (Deer Valley) that’s incredibly thrilling to watch as well as recurring winter events like Silver Sky Nights fireworks displays and Winter Nights in Canyons Village with live music and ice carving demonstrations. 

Cheapest Time to Visit Park City, Utah

Bicyclist pedals through an aspen tree grove during the summer showing the cheapest time to visit Park City Utah

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The cheapest time to visit Park City, Utah is during May to June and October to November. These months offer the lowest prices on hotels during the offseason, making it much more affordable to visit. 

Most people come to Park City during the winter season to ski and snowboard. If you wait until the warmer offseason and come in the late spring or fall, you’ll find much cheaper prices on hotels and attractions around the city. Nightly hotel rates drop to their lowest during these months:

  • May: $107-$435/night
  • June: $135-$434/night
  • October: $138-$390/night
  • November: $91-$482/night

May and November see the best nightly rates on 2-star and 3-star hotels, while June and October see the best rates on 4- and 5-star hotels and resorts in Park City. Choose the month you visit accordingly. 

You won’t be able to ski or enjoy snow sports this time of year, but the exhilarating alpine slide, ski lifts and gondola rides, hiking and biking trails, concerts, shopping, and rock climbing are all fun activities you can substitute for winter sports. 

You’ll find mild, welcoming temperatures during both May-June and October-November periods, but May-June is better in terms of warm weather and slightly less rainfall. November begins to see snowfall with about 19″ falling this month. 

Expect daily highs between 64-75F (lows between 35-43F) in May and June with roughly 3-6 rainy days each month. October and November see highs between 44-59F (lows between 21-31F) with about 6 rainy days each month. 

May in Park City, Utah

May can be a great, cheaper month to visit Park City with some of the year’s lowest rates on 2- and 3-star hotels around the city and great prices on higher-end resorts and lodges, too. The weather is warm and while there’s some rain, the amount is very much in line with the rest of the year with around 7 rainy days on average. 

Expect daily highs around a balmy 64F that can make hikes, strolling through the historic downtown area, and taking gondola rides even more enjoyable. Lows dip to around 35F, making the nights cozy with a lingering chill from winter. 

Shows at the Egyptian Theater and Park City Institute are great for rainy May days, while visiting the Park City Gardens as they burst into bloom, casting a fly rod on the nearby Provo River, or riding down the Park City Paved Trails on a rented bike are nice for a sunny day. 

June in Park City, Utah

June is our favorite month to visit Park City, Utah during the cheaper offseason because it offers the best warm weather for outdoor recreation, very little rainfall, and plenty of summer events to check out during your visit. 

You’ll see daily highs around 75F on average with lows that dip to around 43F. June has about 3 rainy days in Park City, making it the driest month of the year here! That’s ideal for hiking, biking, riding the alpine coaster, and going to fun city-wide events and festivals. 

Music lovers will appreciate the Deer Valley Music Festival or Mountain Town Music concerts in June, along with annual events like Car-Free Sunday and Park Silly Sunday Market with loads of vendors and booths on Main Street. Check out the Flying Ace Allstars Freestyle Show at the Utah Olympic Park every June weekend! 

October in Park City, Utah

Switching gears in the fall season, Park City experiences cooler weather with a relatively low amount of rainfall in October. Daily highs reach around 51F, dropping to the low 30s at night as winter gets closer and the cool air pushes in.

It’s brisk weather that works for hiking, biking, horseback riding, or other outdoor activities that keep your heart rate up. 

It’s also a good time to spend time at Woodward Park City’s indoor action sports hub with skate parks and bike jumps you can try when the weather’s cold or rainy outside. Check out the Park City Museum with its cool, interactive exhibits and an original basement jail or take a Park City Ghost Tour to get the spooky vibes going! 

November in Park City, Utah

November in Park City sees even cooler temperatures with highs around 44F and lows around 21F. The first substantial snow of the year tends to fall in November with an average 19″ on the ground by the time the month is over. 

While it’s a little chilly out for enjoying Park City’s trails and outdoor recreation, it can work if you’re ready to bundle up. With most ski resorts not opening until December, you’ll have to settle for ski lift and gondola rides or checking out the early holiday events and decorations around the city. 

Check out the Community Tree Lighting and Fireworks at Canyons Village in late November, the Fall Live Music Series on Saturday nights at Pendry Park City, and Winter Nights in Canyons Village with music, free refreshments, and ice carving demonstrations. 

Least Busy Time to Visit Park City, Utah

Two people walking along a trail in the summer near the ski slopes near downtown during the least busy time to visit Park City, Utah

Park City, Utah: July 31, 2017: Park City, Utah. Park City, Utah has two ski lodges and is also home of the Sundance Film Festival/Michael Gordon/Shutterstock

The least busy time to visit Park City, Utah is September and October when tourist numbers dwindle as the summer season closes out. 

Without the nonstop events of summertime and no snow for skiing, the fall shoulder season ends up being one of the least busy times you can visit Park City.

Shorter lines and wait times at attractions and restaurants, better hotel availability, lower prices, and a less-crowded atmosphere can make this a great time to visit. The weather is another selling point! 

September and October feature weather that starts off warm with September highs around 71F and lows hitting 40F. By October, things cool off considerably with highs around 59F and lows closer to 31F. Expect 5-6 rainy days each month. 

Hotel prices do reflect the lower tourist demand during the fall season with rates dropping to under $140/night at 2-star hotels and as low as $390/night at 5-star resorts:

  • September: $138-$624/night
  • October: $138-$390/night

There are plenty of activities you can do during the moderate fall season, from fishing and hiking to horseback riding, shopping, and riding gondolas and ski lifts at area resorts. 

September in Park City, Utah

We love a September visit to Park City, Utah with highs around 71F and lows reaching 40F. Expect around 5 rainy days this month, which is nice and dry for all the outdoor activities you want to do while the weather is still and moderately warm. 

There are plenty of events and festivals to check out in September, including the Park City Songwriter Festival, Park City Miner’s Day Celebration in the historic downtown area, and spooky celebrations around Halloween. 

September is an excellent time to go hiking up at Bald Mountain as the leaves begin to change color, go fly fishing on the Provo River nearby, or hop on a horse and take in the gorgeous views of valleys and mountains around you in fall color. 

October in Park City, Utah

October can be a great time to visit Park City with smaller crowds and affordable prices in combination with nice, mild weather. Highs are around 59F with lows reaching 31F this month. About 6 rainy days are average in October. 

This is an ideal time for outdoor recreation and checking out some indoor events as the weather cools off toward the end of the month. Take a hot air balloon ride for a new perspective! 

October is a great time to take a bike ride, ride horses, drive, or hike through the area’s colorful fall foliage. You’ll snap some incredible pictures in the mountains as the leaves change color with brisk weather that helps keep you cool! 

Worst Time to Visit Park City, Utah

Empty ski slopes during the fall or the least busy time to visit Park City Utah

Sean Pavone/Shutterstock

The worst time to visit Park City, Utah is typically January (the most crowded month) or April (when ski resorts close for the season). 

If you visit in January, you’ll be there for the true peak of the busy winter ski season — a great thing for some, but a budget- and vibe-killer for others. It’s crowded beyond belief, but most resorts do their best to stagger skiers so there’s enough room on the slopes. 

April is when most ski resorts close down for the season as the snow begins to melt. If you’re arriving hoping for a great month of skiing or snow sports, you could end up disappointed by coming in April.

April, being at the tail-end of ski season, is also light on the festivals and events that can make Park City so fun to visit. On the opposite end of the spectrum, January is so busy that it’s hard to book a room, ski lift ticket, or grab a table at a restaurant. 

January is a lot more expensive than April in terms of Park City hotel rates:

  • January: $149-$964/night
  • April: $113-$493/night

While there are plenty of events and festivals happening during January, April is more limited in things to do with ski resorts winding down for the season and some closing early if the snow begins to melt.

You can always opt for indoor activities, like museums, shopping in the historic downtown district, and checking out local restaurants in April. Your options are wide-open for January (see Overall Best Time to Visit Park City above for events). 

Things to Consider

The Easter Egg Bowl in the Canyons during the best time to visit Park City Utah

Visiting Park City, Utah during the right time of year is key to enjoying your visit to the max and staying within your budget. Here are some of our most helpful tips for soon-to-be Park City travelers! 

  • Bring layers in spring and fall. If you visit during the less-busy, cheaper shoulder seasons of spring and fall, you can easily be fooled by the warm daytime highs in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. It can still get really cold at night, so be sure to pack layers like sweatshirts, jackets, and base layers to help you stay warm if you’ll be out when it gets chilly! 
  • Get your ski lift tickets in advance. No matter what ski resort you’re visiting, you’ll want to grab your lift tickets in advance to ensure they don’t sell out. This is especially true in January and February! You can purchase lift tickets on your resort’s website once the season begins. 
  • Explore the historic downtown district. From the Park City Museum to local restaurants and fun community events like the Main Street Snow Globe Stroll, Park City’s historic downtown district is one of the coolest things about this city. You can walk around and shop, eat, drink, and explore to immerse yourself in what makes Park City so unique.  
  • Opt for ski school for beginners. Skiing is a lot more fun when you’ve actually got a handle on what you’re doing! Enroll in ski school (ditto for any first-timers coming with you) to learn or refresh yourself if it’s been a while since you’ve hit the slopes. You might need a day or two to feel comfortable on skis. 
  • Use the public transportation. Parking is a nightmare when you’re trying to get on the mountain during the peak winter season. Use the bus to get from your hotel to the ski resort instead! You’ll avoid the hassle of parking and get to the slopes faster for a more enjoyable trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aerial view of main street in Park City, one of the best places to visit in Utah

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You know the best time to visit Park City, Utah, but if you’d like some additional detail or have more questions, you might find them answered below in the FAQs. 

What's the best time of year to go to Park City Utah?

December to February is the best time of year to go to Park City Utah. This is when you'll find prime snow conditions on the slopes, tons of holiday festivals and events happening, and pretty lights, fireworks displays, and decorations around the town.

December, January, and February are also the busiest months of the year in Park City, so be prepared for big crowds and book your hotel and ski lift tickets early.

What is the best month to ski Park City?

We find December is the best month to ski Park City, thanks to the smaller crowds (compared to January, February, and March) and a great amount of snowfall around 64" this month.

December doesn't have as much of a snow base as the later winter months, but for the less-crowded slopes and slightly lower prices, it's the overall best time to go to Park City to ski.

What month does it snow in Park City Utah?

It snows in Park City, Utah between October and April. Snowfall totals vary by month: October (about 16"), November (19"), December (64"), January (63"), February (57"), March (56"), and April (16").

Since snow varies by year, some months may be much snowier than average or see less snow. Check local forecasts before your trip if you'll be skiing to see what kind of snow base you can expect.

So, What’s the Best Time to Visit  Park City, Utah?

Overall, the best time to visit Park City, Utah is between December and February during the heart of the winter ski season. You’ll find lots of fresh powder, a good snow base, plenty of events happening, and beautiful holiday decorations this time of year. 

But the peak season is expensive, so budget-minded travelers will find the cheapest time to visit Park City between May and June or October and November. Nightly hotel prices drop to as little as $91/night! 

In any case, there’s a great time to visit suited just for your schedule, so what are you waiting for — book your Park City adventure today!