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The Best Time to Visit Maldives in 2023

The Best Time to Visit Maldives in 2023

Planning to visit Maldives soon? It’s a tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean and draws hundreds of thousands of tourists each year.

Less crowded than similar sunny island destinations (we’re looking at you, Hawaiian islands), Maldives is home to incredible beaches, rich culture, and oceanic adventures to satisfy every type of visitor.

Learn the best time to visit Maldives in our travel guide, along with tips on the cheapest and least busy time to go! From the idyllic dry season with highs in the 70F-80F range to the much cheaper and less-crowded wet season with brief cloudbursts, you’ll find the best time to visit Maldives below. 

First, let’s take a look at what makes this archipelago nation so special. 

Why You Should Visit Maldives

View of a dock and water from between trees during the overall best time to visit Maldives


Maldives is an archipelago of islands near India and Sri Lanka. It’s Asia’s smallest country, but this tiny island nation packs in big adventure, scenery, and tropical vibes.

If you’re looking for reasons to visit Maldives, a shorter list would be the reasons not to go (and we’re coming up empty-handed on that one).

Beautiful Beaches, Scenery, and Wildlife

Maldives is known for its white sand beaches, diverse wildlife and tropical plants, and stunningly blue waters that surround the 200 inhabited islands.

Each island is a ring-like atoll that creates a truly incredible aerial view of the archipelago. It’s in the 70s and 80s year-round here, thanks to the tropical and comfortable climate.

You can expect lots of sunny, warm days with little rain and a nice sea breeze when you visit Maldives at the right time of year.

Since the group of islands spans across the equator, there’s little variation in the weather here and only 2 seasons each year: The wet season (when the most rainfall and storms occur) and dry season (when the weather is dry and calm). 

The tropical climate makes the Maldivian islands home to thousands of species of wildlife – fish, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and insects – that will astound and mesmerize any nature-lover.

More than 2,500 acres of the islands are forested with dense greenery and tropical plants making for amazing scenery. 

Ocean Adventures and Relaxation

Image of a young man snorkeling during the best time to go to Maldives


Maldives is one of the world’s best diving destinations with more than 60 top-ranked dive sites around the group of islands. If you’re into scuba diving or freediving – even snorkeling – Maldives deserves a spot on your travel bucket list.

You’ll see a rainbow of tropical fish, sea turtles, and manta rays, over 3,000 coral reefs, and unique formations under the seas around Maldives. It’s truly a diver’s paradise! 

Don’t miss the Vaadhoo Island (Raa Atoll) during your trip, where millions of bioluminescent organisms light up the seas at night with an ethereal glow.

Watch the brilliant blue natural light show (called the “Sea of Stars”) at night for a truly enchanting experience. If relaxing on the beach is more your speed, Maldives has lots to offer.

With more than 700 miles of coastline along the deep-blue Indian Ocean, you can choose the sunniest spot on the sugar sand beaches near your hotel and spend your day soaking up the sun.

 When you’re ready to make a splash, take to the ocean in a boat, jet ski, kayak, paddleboard, or “fly” over the water with futuristic hydroflight jet blades for a new perspective.

It’s a great spot to sail – especially in a traditional Dhoni boat – with the strong sea breezes that continually blow across the islands. 

Connect With Maldivian Culture

Maldivian locals in white dress sitting on a beach during the best time to visit Maldives


Visiting here will give you a unique look at the colorful Maldivian culture. During peak season, locals gather to dance the Bodu Beru on the beaches in the evenings.

This is a traditional folk dance and song that will make you feel connected to the ancient cultural roots of Maldives. The food in Maldives on another level, often starring freshly-caught seafood prepared in delicious ways with tasty seasonings and sauces that travelers relish.

You can watch local fisherman bring their bountiful catches ashore and enjoy the unique Maldivian flavors added to make memorable dishes. Lime, chili, coconut, and curry are staples in Maldivian cuisine.

From fresh tuna curries and smoked fish pastries to flavorful fish soups and banana flower salad, Maldivian food blends tropical tastes with Indian flavors in a delicious way.  

Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Newlyweds especially love Maldives – it’s the #1 most desired honeymoon destination globally. That makes perfect sense due to the tropical scenery, laid-back culture, seaside spa cabanas, and ample opportunities for romantic relaxation.

After all, there are countless beaches and high-end resorts to visit. If you’re dreaming of a honeymoon in paradise, this is the spot for you.  

Explore the Cities and Villages

Guy walking through a market during the best time to visit Maldives

Ivan Kurmyshov/Shutterstock

In the capital Male, you’ll see shining domes of Islamic mosques highlighting the skyline, some built with coral stone from the nearby reefs. Bustling fresh markets give you a chance to peruse everything from fresh seafood and produce to handmade crafts and clothing. 

While most of the population here lives in the capital, there are small towns and culturally rich villages scattered around the 200 inhabited islands of Maldives.

Take the opportunity to island-hop via boat or seaplane to see the relatively untouched atolls off the beaten path. There’s a lot to do and see in Maldives, especially when you plan your trip at the perfect time of year.

See the best time to visit Maldives below – best overall, cheapest, and least busy – plus the worst time of year to go. We’ll also share some helpful travel tips to make the most of your stay! 

Overall Best Time to Visit Maldives

Maldives as pictured from the air during the best time to visit with blue sky and clear water

Siraphob Werakipanich/Shutterstock

  • January-April is the best time to visit Maldives
  • Warm, dry, and breezy weather with low humidity
  • Peak season for Maldives resorts and hotels

If you’re looking for the ideal time to go with great weather and the most options for activities, the overall best time to visit Maldives is January through April.

This is best part of the dry season among the Maldivian islands and it makes for the perfect trip to paradise. Temperatures hang around 86F-88F from January to April and lows are in the upper 70s.

It’s comfortable day and night during this time of year, and since it’s Maldives’ dry season, there’s little rainfall to mess with your outdoor plans.

But there are big crowds of happy tourists arriving daily as this is the peak season! It’s also the more expensive time of year to go since rooms and flights are in high demand.

Still, cooling ocean breezes keep the upper 80s feeling comfortable, even when the sun is shining brightly. And the lower humidity at this time of year means you’ll feel less muggy in the heat. 

This is the ideal time for any activity on the water – snorkeling, diving, boating, and swimming – because the waters around Maldives are exceptionally clear with great visibility. If you plan to spend a lot of time on the beaches and exploring the cities, this is the best time to visit. 

Cheapest Time to Visit Maldives 

Tree and slightly cloudy beach pictured during the cheapest time to visit Maldives


  • May-August is the cheapest time to visit
  • Maldives’ wet season with more rainfall
  • Rates on hotels, resort packages, and flights drop

Paradise-like Maldives is most popular with tourists during the dry season (December-April), so prices take a nosedive as soon as the rainy wet season hits in May through August.

This is generally the cheapest time to visit Maldives as hotels, resorts, and airlines drop the prices on rooms, vacation packages, and flights to encourage visitors to book during the low season.  

You can take advantage of the year’s lowest prices to travel to and stay in Maldives when you go between May and August. It’s a wide window, so pay attention to the slight differences in weather and activities through this range to plan the best trip. 

May is hot and muggy in the upper 80s with higher humidity and slightly less clear ocean water (still good for diving and snorkeling, though).

Manta rays and whale sharks enter a feeding frenzy in June thanks to the increased plankton in the water, which has average visibility at this time of year.

Storms and big swells dominate the month of July, and August is known for ample (but short) heavy downpours and poor water visibility. If you plan to snorkel or dive, visit sometime between May and June.

You’ll be able to swim with rays and whale sharks while getting a great deal on your stay! If you plan to try surfing, July is perfect and priced low enough to be appealing. August may be the overall cheapest time to go, but the water visibility isn’t great for snorkeling and diving. 

Least Busy Time to Visit Maldives

Gorgeous tan beach with palm trees pictured with a swing hanging from a palm tree during the best time to visit Maldives


  • October-December see the fewest visitors in Maldives
  • Wet season worries keep many tourists away
  • Rates on flights and hotels dip at the end of the year

If you want to avoid the big crowds, limited flight/hotel availability, and long lines of peak season, the best time to visit Maldives is from October to December.

This is the tail end of the rainy wet season (typically May to October) and the start of the sunny, warm dry season (November to April).  The weather is wrapping up the rainfall around October, with surfing season coming to a close and rainfall reaching the highest levels of the year.

Rain in Maldives tends to happen with brief downpours that are quickly followed with balmy sunshine, so it won’t necessarily ruin your outdoor plans to go in October. 

November and December present better weather chances and clearer water visibility for snorkeling and diving. Highs around 86F and lows around 77F make the weather comfortably warm without being stiflingly hot.

Visitors pick up around Thanksgiving and at the end of December for the holidays.

Plan your visit in October, early to mid-November, or early to mid-December for the smallest crowds. Visit at the right time and you’ll get cheaper rates, great weather with slight chances of rain, and the feeling that you’ve got the islands to yourself! 

Worst Time to Visit Maldives

Sunset over Maldives water cottages during the worst time to visit Maldives

Evdokimov Maxim/Shutterstock

Any time of year will be great to visit Maldives, but some periods are better than others in terms of weather and prices. Here’s a look at some of the worst times to go. 

  • If you’re hoping for perfect weather, the worst time to go is May and September-December. These months receive the most rain, and although each shower is brief, it can still hamper your beach-related plans. 
  • If you’re hoping for cheap price, the worst time to go is January through April. This is the peak season in Maldives, so prices for flights, resorts, and hotels are at their annual high. 
  • If you’re hoping for fewer crowds, the worst time to go is January through April. Again, it’s peak tourism season and you may have trouble finding availability at the most popular resorts and hotels. Beaches will be crowded and lines for activities and food may be much longer at this time of year. 

More Things to Consider

Neat view of a green wicker chair hanging from a palm tree over a beach during the best time to visit the Maldives


Planning a memorable trip to Maldives will be easy when you keep these travel tips in mind. Here’s how to make the most of your stay in this archipelago nation! 

  • Plan your activities by the season. Once you know the best time to visit Maldives, you can start planning the activities you want to do while you’re there. In the dry season, the water is clear with excellent visibility – perfect for diving, snorkeling, and spending sunny hours on the beach. Big swells arrive from mid-February to November for surfing, but make kayaking, paddle boarding, and snorkeling difficult. The rainy months reduce water clarity but bring more wildlife to the shores, so if you plan to swim with dolphins, manta rays, or whale sharks, go during the cheaper wet season. 
  • Pack right, but pack light. Maldivian islands are laid-back and all you’ll need are casual clothes appropriate for the beaches and resorts – plus a hat and lots of sunscreen! Formal wear need not apply here. If you plan to visit a mosque, be sure to wear clothing that covers your shoulders and legs. Women may need to cover their head to enter, so keep one handy if you’re exploring the mosques in the capital Male. 
  • Respect the culture. Maldivians are known for their friendly, welcoming nature and are a great source of knowledge about the local culture, best off-the-beaten-path spots to check out, and hidden gem eateries when you visit. Know that this is a conservative Islamic country where PDA is strictly forbidden, and you’re advised to dress modestly outside of the resort islands. Remove your shoes before entering someone’s home, and be respectful if you visit during Ramadan (when most of the locals fast from sunrise to sunset). 
  • English is spoken by many locals. While the official language in Maldives is Dhivehi, many of the locals speak English, especially on the popular resort islands. You won’t have trouble communicating in English here, which makes it a great international destination for monolingual travelers.
  • Many resorts and shops accept U.S. dollars. The Maldivian currency is the rufiyaa, but many resorts and shops on the islands popular with tourists accept U.S. dollars. You can exchange dollars for rufiyaa at the airport if you’d prefer to use the local currency, but it’s really not necessary. 

Best Time to Visit Maldives: Final Thoughts

Seaplane flying above Maldives during the best time to visit


Overall, the best time to visit Maldives is during the peak season from January to April.

It’s dry, warm, and less humid at this time of year with excellent water visibility to enjoy the world-class diving and snorkeling around the islands. It’s more expensive and crowded at this time of year due to the idyllic weather and water.

Cheapest Time to Visit

The cheapest time to visit Maldives is from May to August, the majority of the wet season for the islands. You’ll deal with additional rainfall and cloudy skies, but the rains pass quickly and you’ll get much cheaper deals on flights, rooms, and resort packages at this time of year. 

Least Busy Time to Visit

The least busy time to go is from October to December, which includes the end of the wet season and the start of the dry season.

Things do get busier around Thanksgiving and at the end of December, but you’ll mostly find empty beaches and resorts (with great low season deals) at this time of year. 

Final Thoughts

Every period has something to offer visitors, even in the dead center of the wet season. Surfing, swimming with marine life, and cheaper prices make the rainy months worth it for many tourists.

The higher prices of the peak season are easily balanced out with the ideal weather and range of water activities available from January to April. There really isn’t a bad time to go as long as you plan your activities around the season you visit! 

If you’re not sure Maldives is the destination for you, check out these guides next to learn more about similar locations with that tropical, island vibe!