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The 7 Best Solar Power Banks (Our Favorites in 2024)

The 7 Best Solar Power Banks (Our Favorites in 2024)

Solar power banks are an essential item to have as the world continues to go green. These nifty devices are an excellent way to charge your everyday gadgets, including smartphones, cameras, and smartwatches. 

They are a must-have for the outdoorsy individual who likes to go exploring in places with little or no electricity.

The Best Solar Power Banks: Quick Look

Many solar power banks claim to be the best even when they aren’t worth their weight in scrap metal. The technology is still evolving, and hundreds of suspect products are best suited for the trash bin. 

However, the solar power banks below are at the top of their category and are worth checking out.

Our Picks for the Best Solar Power Bank:

You can’t go wrong with the products above. However, if you’d like something else, there’s a comprehensive buyers guide worth checking out to get a solar power bank that won’t fail you in your time of need!

Best Solar Power Bank: Our Top 7 Picks

The jury is out, and the verdict is at hand. These are the top 7 power banks on the market right now.

1. Best Overall – QiSa 38800mAh Solar Charger

Best Overall
 QiSa Solar Power Bank
  • Heavy-duty charger for multiple devices
  • Fantastic build quality
  • IP66 certified
  • Handy flashlight for dire situations
  • Extra-large battery capacity
  • Wireless charging support
  • Solar panel charges slowly
  • Quite bulky
  • 80+ Hours to fully charge
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For the best solar power bank, you can’t do better than the QiSa 38800mAh. The power bank features Qi wireless charge and works well with Qi-supported devices. 

You can charge multiple gadgets simultaneously with two micro-USB ports and three type-c outputs at your beck and call. The 38800mAh is one of the largest you can ever find for a power bank, whether solar or otherwise.

Let’s put this power into context; you can charge your iPhone from 0 to 100 in roughly 45 minutes. Moreover, the power bank will charge your iPhone 12 times from 0 to 100 before draining.

The large capacity makes it a must-have for those who travel a lot because you can never worry about running out of juice on your gadgets, no matter where you are. 

The equipment has four solar charging panels and can hold a charge for an extended period. The charging speed is also twice as fast as regular power banks ensuring rapid charging for your devices.

 You’ll also find the built-in flashlight handy, with three different modes, including strong, flash, and SOS, in case you’re in a pickle!

The material doesn’t feel cheap by any stretch of the imagination, and the rugged design is shockproof, waterproof, and dustproof. Of course, it’s IP 66 certified, exceptional for the harshest environment in the outdoors. 

You’ll be picking at straws to find a flaw; the only downside is its weight. It’s a tad heavy at 13.1 ounces and requires some strength to carry long distances.

2. Best Foldable – Tranmix 25000mAh

Best Foldable
Tranmix 25000mAh Solar Power Bank
  • 25000Mah battery capacity
  • Built-in flashlight
  • Fast charging capability
  • Simple to use
  • Affordable pricing
  • Water-resistant not waterproof
  • Solar charging is slow
  • A bit bulky
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Tranmix isn’t at the top of the list because of its slightly lower battery capacity. Even so, the solar power bank has everything you need for an outdoor trip, including four large solar panels. 

These panels provide up to 6w in direct sunlight – four times quicker than single panel solar chargers. The 25000mHh battery capacity is not the largest on this list, but it’s large enough to solve your power issues for good. 

Tranmix is designed for camping trips and other outdoor adventures that require heavy usage of your devices.

The power bank can charge a smartphone from 30% to 100% in minutes and has an inbuilt flashlight! It’s also easy to operate and ships with a charging cable hidden in the side pockets.

Although an excellent device, the power bank doesn’t absorb sunlight as efficiently as other power banks. However, it serves as a perfect backup charger. It is capable enough to ensure you never plug your phone into a wall again.

3. Best for Smartphone – Blavor W12 Pro

Best for Smartphones
Blavor W12 Pro Solar Power Bank
  • IPX5 waterproof
  • Wireless charge support
  • Inbuilt flashlight and compass
  • Compatible with most smartphones, including flagship devices
  • Three charging ports, including type-c
  • Slow charge via sunlight
  • On the bulky side
  • Compass doesn’t function correctly
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Many solar power bank manufacturers use false advertising to lure customers. The power bank might state 10000mAh only to find it’s less than half! However, Blavor gives you what’s advertised – in this case, 20000mAh. 

The large battery is sufficient for most needs, and the solar charger supports wireless charge. Moreover, you’ll be impressed by the 18w fast charge feature, which provides up to 100% charge in 1hr and 45 minutes. 

The power bank has dual USB Type-C ports and a portable flashlight with multiple modes for SOS, intense light, and blinking light. The built-in compass is a thoughtful addition for outdoor use, ensuring you find north regardless of location. 

Unlike other products, Qi wireless charging is excellent. Tap the button and place your smartphone on top to charge. A striking feature is the ability to charge multiple devices at a go.

While the Blavor W12 Pro is a great power bank, the solar aspect of the device seems like an afterthought with mixed results depending on the sunlight intensity and panel size. 

The compass is also wobbly and not one you should count on if you’re in a life-threatening situation. Nonetheless, the solid build means it will last you a long time.

4. Best Premium – EF ECOFLOW Power Station

Best Premium
 EF ECOFLOW Power Station
  • The unpretentious design delivers maximum power
  • The carrying case serves as a kickstand
  • IP67 waterproof
  • Premium build
  • Slightly on the heavy side
  • Expensive
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EF ECOFLOW uses monocrystalline silicon to extract the maximum power from the sun at any time. As a result, you get up to 22% high-conversion of sunlight energy into electricity, unlike other solar panels that peak at 15%. 

The solar charger isn’t lightweight, but the matte finish complements its exceptional build. You can instantly tell the equipment is manufactured well with excellent durable materials. 

It’s powerful, portable, and rugged, with an IP67 waterproof rating that ensures it can survive for 30 minutes under a meter of water. The standout feature is its portability – each foldable panel provides 110 watts while weighing less than 10lbs.

Moreover, a carrying case protects the panels while in transit. This case also serves as a kickstand to position the panels in any direction for maximum efficiency. 

Additionally, an ETFE film adds a further layer of protection, shielding against ultraviolet light. There are complaints the panels don’t reach their maximum 60W, but this is quite normal. 

Factors like sunlight strength, surface temperature, and the sun ray angle affect peak performance. Unlike other products, EF ECOFLOW looks and works like a solar power bank, with a unique design that stands it out from the pack. 

5. Best With Radio – Raddy SW5 Emergency Radio

Most Versatile
Raddy SW5 Portable Solar Power Bank
  • A versatile device with multiple functions
  • Portable and easy to use
  • LCD capabilities
  • Affordable price point
  • Excellent radio
  • Small battery capacity
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Despite leaps and bounds in technology, solar equipment still hovers on the high side. Most solar power banks cost hundreds of dollars, but the Raddy SW5 is a fraction of the cost of most devices. 

It’s durable despite its price range, with an IPX5 waterproof case that makes it suitable in wet conditions. The 5000mAh battery isn’t the largest in the market.

Still, it’s adequate to charge your smartphone and keep you surfing the web or making crucial phone calls in an emergency. In addition to solar charging, the Raddy SW5 also features wall socket charging and a hand crank as backups in any situation.

You’ll also find accessories like the reading lamp and flashlight useful during camping. What sets this product from many in its class is the AM/FM/NOAA radio.

The SW5 also has an SOS alarm with a capacity of 90dB to draw attention in tricky situations. Another feature that improves your survival odds in the outdoors is the compass.

The SW5 is more of an emergency radio than a solar power bank because of its small battery capacity. It makes up for this lack with various essential features that can come in handy when camping in the great outdoors.

6. Best Single Panel – Goal Zero Nomad

Best Single Panel
Goal Zero Nomad Solar Panel
  • Easy to use
  • Durable, lightweight design
  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Works as advertised
  • Not suitable for windy conditions
  • Can break easily
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The Goal Zero Nomad is as simple a solar charger as you can find today. It’s a single panel charger that provides up to 5W to charge your phone wherever there’s sunlight. The trendy design allows you to wear it like a backpack on your backpack to explore the outdoors.

Moreover, it has an inbuilt kickstand to get the best angle for the sun’s rays. In addition to smartphones, this solar power charger will charge your GPS, camera, and Bluetooth headphones.

It’s designed for the simple adventurer looking to go hiking without the bells and whistles of full-gear camping. The device is straightforward to use and easy to transport.

However, the lightweight feature of this device is a double-edged sword that makes it portable to carry yet easy to blow over in windy conditions. Keep in mind you’ll need the Goal Zero Sherpa to store energy for later use.

7. Best for Camping – Eco-Worthy 84Wh

Best for Camping
Eco-Worthy 84Wh Solar Power Station
  • One of the more affordable options on the list
  • Extremely bright 140-lumen flashlight
  • High-capacity battery
  • Solar panel is a separate part
  • Bulky
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The Eco-Worthy solar power bank should be at the top of your list if you want to go camping with a solar power source you can count on. The unique feature of this product is the ability to charge devices while being charged by the solar panel. 

The high-capacity battery is more than decent at 26000mAh, and you can charge through the solar panel or USB. In addition, the equipment comes with three LED lights that can light up to 64 hours on a full charge. 

The high brightness of 140 lumens provides adequate lighting when camping or changing a tire in the dark. In addition, there’s a built-in lamp with up to 1200 lumens for 32 hours and 600 lumens for 64 hours. 

Eco-Worthy is one of the most durable solar power banks with a 12-year life span or 3000 life cycles, whichever comes first.

The power bank is your ideal outdoor companion and a piece of fantastic equipment for hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking. Even though it has many features, it’s still lightweight at 2.1lbs and is easy to carry.

The two-year warranty and 90-Day full refund service assure the quality of this product. If there’s any drawback, the blue button must be on for the equipment to charge.

Forgetting this step can leave you in a tricky situation outdoors. That said, the Eco-Worthy is an excellent introduction to solar setups and quickly pays for itself in value.

Finding the Best Solar Power Bank

Yellow and black portable solar power bank charging an unpictured device on a blue background

Dmitry Galaganov/Shutterstock

Finding the best solar power bank is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Solar power banks receive energy from the sun, but they can come in different shapes and sizes. To get the best solar power bank for your needs, you need to keep in mind the factors below.

Battery Capacity

Battery size is essential to consider when opting for a solar power bank. The reason is that a larger battery can charge more devices and heavier gadgets than a smaller one. If you require a power bank strictly for your phone, consider something as simple as the Raddy SW5.

The 5000mAh battery is enough to juice up your phone without hiccups. However, the EF ECOFLOW Power Station is your best bet if you need to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

Size and Weight

With more power comes more responsibility, which is valid for solar power banks. The power banks that hold the most charge tend to be bulky because of the panel and battery’s weight and size. Get a solar power bank with a carry bag if the weight is a problem.

Durability and Weatherproof

Solar panels need sunlight to work, and the best sunlight is outdoors. In that case, you’ll need equipment with a rugged design to withstand the elements. Make sure you opt for a solar power bank with some IP rating for use in a harsh environment.

Panel Size

Solar power banks come in different panel sizes. If you depend solely on the solar aspect of your power bank, ensure you opt for a device with a large panel – preferably multiple panels and foldable too. 

Remember that your location, sunlight intensity, season, and solar panel type can affect the charging speed of your battery. Generally, it takes more than 50 hours of sunlight to charge a 20000mAh power bank from 0 to 100.  

Maximum Output

In addition to charging multiple devices at a go, your solar power bank must be able to do so quickly. Make sure to ascertain the maximum output of a product before purchasing. 

For instance, a 24-watt power bank will charge your smartphone faster than one with 10 watts. Preferably, go for a solar power bank that supports quick and wireless charging.


The port number and type is also a factor worth considering. Multiple ports mean you get to charge different devices at the same time. If you own a USB type-c device, ensure you get a solar power bank with USB type-c input.

Added Features

Many other features make your solar power bank more functional, and these include:

  • LED light
  • Lamp
  • Compass
  • Radio
  • Kickstand
  • Carryon
  • Flashlight
  • Wireless charging

Whatever be the case, ensure the added features are helpful for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Man holding a white phone and a solar power bank while looking down at a brown floor

Dmitry Galaganov/Shutterstock

If you have some further questions, here are the answers to some FAQs.

What is the difference between a Solar Charger and Solar Power Bank?

A solar charger charges your device directly with sunlight. However, a solar power bank converts the sunlight into energy stored in your battery for later use.

How long do Solar Power Banks last?

Solar power banks last a long time, depending on the frequency of use. That said, it isn’t unusual to find products that last up to five years.

Is It Worth It Buying a Solar Power Bank?

Unfortunately, solar power banks aren’t the final solution to your energy needs, but they make it easy to charge critical devices in the most remote locations. A solar power bank can be your saving grace in a difficult situation, making this equipment valuable.

How much is a Tesla Power Wall?

A Tesla Power Wall will set you back $10,500 a piece. Fortunately, you can save $4,000 by purchasing two units for $17,000.

How do I Charge my Solar Bank with the Sun?

While it’s possible to charge your solar power bank inside your home, the best way to power the device is by exposing the solar panel to the sun. Depending on the solar power bank type, it can take up to 50 hours to fully charge the bank.

Our Favorite Solar Power Bank in 2024

While the products on this list provide immense value, the best you can buy is the QiSa Solar Power Bank.

Best Overall
 QiSa Solar Power Bank
  • Heavy-duty charger for multiple devices
  • Fantastic build quality
  • IP66 certified
  • Handy flashlight for dire situations
  • Extra-large battery capacity
  • Wireless charging support
  • Solar panel charges slowly
  • Quite bulky
  • 80+ Hours to fully charge
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It supports wireless and fast charging, has multiple ports, and has a durable build for extended use.

In addition, the battery life is decent, and the price is reasonable for the function it offers. Nontheless, any of the 6 others on our list are a solid choice as well. Happy travels!