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The 15 Best Snorkeling Spots in Kauai (Recommendations for 2024)

The 15 Best Snorkeling Spots in Kauai (Recommendations for 2024)

Kauai is a beautiful coastline with a white sand beach that stretches approximately 50 miles. As you can imagine, ocean access is easy, which is an excellent sign that you’ll be able to find a spot to take a swim, regardless of what type of adventure you’re after.

15 of the Best Areas to Snorkel in Kauai

Before heading out to snorkel, it’s essential to contemplate and take safety precautions. This is especially true if you plan on exploring unprotected areas where more powerful currents are capable of overpowering a swimmer. 

Conventional wisdom dictates that you find a comfortable area with shade and watch how the waters behave for 20 minutes before entering the water, but be sure to talk to locals (they’re typically pretty approachable) and error on the side of caution by skipping the swim if you’re unsure of the current conditions.

With that out of the way, let’s check out some of the best snorkeling sites in Kauai!

1. Ke’e Beach

Tourists enjoying the wavy Ke'e Beach on the Na Pali Coast, one of the best snorkeling spots in Kauai, with palm trees and other vegetation on its coast

Shane Myers Photography/Shutterstock

Ke’e Beach is at the very top of Kauai’s north shore. If you’re traveling by car, this is as close as you can get to the famous Na Pali Coast. The water remains relatively calm during the summer months at Ke’e Beach, making it the perfect time to go snorkeling.

There are many different species of fish that patrol and live in these waters, including goatfish, needlefish, unicornfish, a variety of wrasses, cornetfish, butterflyfish, and many more.

Don’t forget to go out to the center of the Kauai snorkeling site to see the coral and some of the most colorful schools of exotic fish swimming about.

2. Poipu Beach Park

Tourists dipping into the shallow portion of Poipu Beach Park, one of the best snorkeling spots in Kauai, and pine trees surrounding a coastal structure in the background


Poipu Beach is just south of Koloa, near the island’s southern tip. It’s such a great place to snorkel that it has been voted one of the best beaches for snorkeling in America.

The endangered Hawaiian monk seals are native to these waters, and they are a must-see, especially if you’ll be exploring the deep blue sea while snorkeling.

Because this beach is family-friendly, it is very popular with tourists and locals. The beach provides amenities such as restrooms, showers, and picnic areas.

3. Anini Beach

A leafless tropical tree along with other trees grew on the shore of Anini Beach, one of the best snorkeling spots in Kauai

Tom Clausen/Shutterstock

Anini Beach is another one of the best destinations in Kauai for snorkeling. It’s a kid-friendly location with a lovely sandy beach and essential facilities for your convenience.

Kauai’s largest reef protects the waters from erratic and huge swells while also providing views of abundant marine life.

The calm waters and the other marine life make it the perfect place to go snorkeling. However, be mindful of the channels in the reef, marked with buoys — this is where the rip currents are strong. 

4. Tunnels (Makua) Beach

Strong waves crashing on the shore of Makua Beach, one of the best snorkeling spots in Kauai, and a boat sailing the deeper portion of the sea

Dmitrii Sakharov/Shutterstock

Tunnels Beach is a large snorkeling area that forms a horseshoe shape. Advanced snorkelers will undoubtedly have fun in the outer reef, where many marine animals and remarkable coral formations reside.

You should note that only advanced snorkelers are allowed in this area since there are strong currents.

The best way to enter the water is the area on the far right side of the reef from looking out from the shore. Beginners can enjoy snorkeling in a protected and shallow area on the inner reef, which features small tunnels and caves.

5. Koloa Landing

A school of invasive Ta'ape swimming above rocks on the snorkeling and diving spot in Koloa Landing, one of the best snorkeling spots in Kauai

Jessie Lynn Abirached/Shutterstock

Koloa Landing is a great spot for snorkelers who are advanced swimmers. Although it is a popular driving area, you can make a decently long swim to make it to the site if you wish.

Marine life in this area is relatively limited; however, when you get to the desired location, the snorkeling will pick up, and you’ll begin to see many things.

Please do not come to Koloa landing when there is a large south swell because of the open sea exposure. Never go snorkeling at Koloa landing when it has rained recently.

6. Lawai Beach

Several tourists swimming and snorkeling in the clear turquoise waters of Lawai Beach, named one of the best snorkeling spots in Kauai, and cars parked on the coastal road near hotels and restaurants

Steve Heap/Shutterstock

Lawai Beach is a spectacular snorkeling destination encircled by a barrier reef with numerous colorful fish. When you arrive, you have easy access to parking along the side of the street, so it’s convenient to get to the sea faster. 

It’s best to go with a snorkeling tour first to get a feel for the current and the basics before you go snorkeling independently.

The further out you travel, the coral becomes healthier, and you get better visibility. You’re likely to see goatfish, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, a sea turtle or two, parrotfish, and many other species. 

7. Nualolo Kai Beach

rocky shore of Nualolo Kai Beach, titled one of the best snorkeling spots in Kauai, near a tall cliff

Perris Tumbao/Shutterstock

Nualolo Kai Beach presents quite the challenge for snorkelers. It’s on the Na Pali Coast, not too far from an ancient fishing village. The biggest challenge outside of the current is that you can only access Nualolo via an authorized boat landing space.

However, if the water is too boisterous, you wouldn’t be able to make it out there. It’s totally worth it if you do make it out there. The reef sticks out pretty far into the sea, and you can view it from the north coast.

Plus, since the water is only about 10-20 feet near the shore, you can easily see fish, sea turtles, rays, and other creatures. You might even see the dolphins!

8. Hideaways Beach

Few people snorkeling the clear waters at Hideaways Beach, one of the best snorkeling spots in Kauai

Everett Atlas/Shutterstock

You’ll have to travel along a steep trail to access this beach, so it may not be the best choice if you’re traveling with small children. It’s the perfect location for snorkeling when the sparkling blue waters are calm.

There are numerous deep grooves in the reef to explore, with hundreds of species of colorful fish. You don’t have to swim out too far to see marine life, and remember not to go too far beyond the reef.

There’s not much more to see and the snorkeling experience isn’t vastly different. When it’s high swell the visibility is low in these waters.

9. Lydgate Beach

A family dipping in the calm waters of Lydgate Beach, a piece on the best snorkeling spots in Kauai, pictured behind a tree branch from the shore

Regina L Floyd/Shutterstock

Lydgate Beach is a great site to go snorkeling, especially for beginners. The water is shallow, and there isn’t a ton to see, but you’ll have a great experience if you’re trying to improve your snorkeling skills.

There are chubs, surgeonfish, butterflyfish, jacks, and more. 

Sometimes you may even catch a sea turtle or two swimming by, which is a super cool experience. Plus, this beach has amenities such as restrooms, picnic areas, showers, and water sport equipment rentals. 

10. Salt Pond Beach

Visitors enjoying the calm waves at Salt Pond Beach with two beach houses near a group of palm trees, one of the best snorkeling spots in Kauai

Gary Gilardi/Shutterstock

Salt Pond gets its name from the Hawaiian ponds that collect salt close by. Another excellent location for beginners, Salt Pond Beach has a large offshore reef that keeps the big waves at bay. 

There are also lifeguards nearby, so you can rest assured with the extra safety to help in emergency situations.

You’ll see baby parrotfish, rainbow wrasses, baby unicornfish, Moorish Idol, baby goatfish, and more. You might even catch Hawaiian monk seals that lay out on the sand! 

11. Larsen’s Beach

Deep brown rocks at the coast of Larsen’s Beach with a little sand area and bushes growing offshore, considered one of the best snorkeling spots in Kauai

Alexandre G. ROSA/Shutterstock

At Larsen’s Beach, there are plenty of deep channels that go through the reefs at this location. There are sea urchins, pufferfish, sea cucumbers, and other aquatic creatures frolicking about. 

Larsen’s Beach is on the northeast end of the island, and the waves are pretty calm for the most part, except when it’s winter.

Also you should enter the water from the left side of the beach where it’s not as rocky. This beach is more secluded than other options and you don’t have to worry about crowds. 

12. Hanalei Bay

The empty pier at Hanalei Bay, one of the best snorkeling spots in Kauai, with its brown sand and a beautiful mountain landscape in the background

Tom Robertson/Shutterstock

Not only is Hanalei Bay good for snorkeling, but it’s also a great location for surfing and swimming. Though the waves are stronger on this beach, the bay can break the waves up making it easier to go out and explore the waters with less risk. 

Also, there’s plenty of space for kids to go out and play, so families love coming to Hanalei Bay. There are warm shallow waters, opportunities to watch the fish swimming around your feet, and other amenities nearby. 

13. Queen’s Bath

Tourists stand on rocks and bathing in a water reservoir at Queen's Bath, its rocky coast is one of the best snorkeling spots in Kauai


Queen’s Bath is the perfect location for advanced snorkelers. Make no mistake, the waves here are challenging, and it’s kind of dangerous to reach as well. It is a secluded beach that you can only reach via the slippery and muddy trail leading to the shore. 

It has an enclosed tide pool, which is unique, and it’s surrounded by a larger pool that has lava formations and rocks encircling it. Stay around the shallow parts of the water and observe the fish near the shore if you aren’t a strong swimmer. 

14. Donkey Beach

Rocks and Sand area at the cost of the foamy Donkey Beach or Paliku Beach, one of the best snorkeling spots in Kauai

Everett Atlas/Shutterstock

Before we even get to snorkeling, let’s talk about the magical tree tunnel you have to travel through to reach Donkey Beach. It’s a pretty cool encounter before you get to the water.

If you travel along the left side of the beach, you’ll see the small bay. Take your time! If you go snorkeling there, you’ll see plenty of tropical fish and large rocks that resemble a small aquarium. 

15. Kapa’a Beach State Park

Huge rocks on the coast of Kapa'a Beach State Park, a piece on the best snorkeling spots in Kauai, and its deep blue waters


While Kapa’a Beach doesn’t have the same natural beauty that some other beaches have, it’s still a decent place to go snorkeling. Most times, guests staying in the nearby hotels use this beach because it has restrooms, showers, and covered areas for shade on a hot day. 

When the waves are calm, you can have an excellent snorkeling experience on the northern part of Kapa’a Beach. See clownfish, starfish, sea urchins, pufferfish, sea cucumbers, parrotfish, and more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Tunnels Beach in Kauai for a piece on the best snorkeling spots in Kauai

Pierre Leclerc/Shutterstock

Here are the responses to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding snorkeling in Kauai:

Best time of year to snorkel on Kauai?

You can go snorkeling at any time of the year in Kauai. However, the best time to see the creatures swimming is in summer. The currents are harsher and less easy to navigate during the winter, and the best spots on the island are only accessible in the summer.

Can you swim with turtles on Kauai?

It’s not uncommon for you to see a sea turtle swimming alongside you while snorkeling at the many destinations on the list. Remember to allow distance and don’t disturb them. It’s best to stay a minimum of ten feet away from the turtles.

Which Side of Kauai is best for snorkeling?

You go snorkeling anywhere on the island, but the best place to get the full experience is the south shore during the winter and the north shore during the summer. In the winter, the best spots for snorkeling are the calmest on the south side. The best spots have the least waves on the north side in the summer.

What is Kauai known for?

Kauai is naturally beautiful and is regarded highly amongst all the islands in Hawaii. The Coconut Coast, Waimea Canyon, and other areas are breathtaking to behold. Between the white sandy beaches, waterfalls, mountains, and sugarcane fields, you can’t go wrong with a trip to Kauai.

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Which Snorkeling Spot in Kauai Will You Pick?

More important than how much fun you can have when snorkeling in Kauai, always take the necessary precautions to remain safe and avoid any serious accidents or injury. 

The best snorkeling site will depend on your preference and skill level, but the best all-around location is probably Ke’e Beach. Plan your vacation accordingly so that you can experience the beauty of snorkeling. Happy travels!