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About Me

Hi there, and welcome to Travellers Worldwide! I’m Andrew, a Nebraska-based entrepreneur, travel enthusiast, and the founder and editor of this site. As a travel nut myself, I love exploring the world with my wife and son. We've been to some of the most unique places on earth and we're always on the hunt for cheap flights and new adventures.

I believe the best way to expand your own understanding of the world is to see it with your own eyes, so we try to take as many trips as possible to meet new people and immerse ourselves in different cultures.

Our motto is "why wait?" If you want to see the world, go see it! You're not guaranteed tomorrow, and, often times, you can buy an international plane ticket for less than a domestic one. Traveling to new places has certainly changed my life, and I hope to share my experience, insight, and passion with you in order to inspire you to change yours as well!

My Goal

I started Travellers Worldwide to share my own travel experiences, but as I was searching for new places to visit, I discovered that good, free travel guides are hard to find. I don't want to buy a book for every single place I visit, and I also don't want to be bombarded with popups for travel insurance and other products that I don't need.

As a result, I decided to dedicate both this site and my time (this is now my full-time job) to make helpful, comprehensive travel guides to show you where to go, where to stay, and what to do when you get there.

While I'm constantly improving the site, my main goal is to give you the information you're looking for without making you dig through a bunch of unnecessary paragraphs and upsells to find it. Simple as that!

My Process

While I used to do all of my own writing, we've grown beyond my wildest dreams, and I couldn't both manage the growth and continue making quality guides. As a result, I've built a top-notch team of freelance travel enthusiasts and editors to help me create the best guides possible.

This approach gives our readers both local knowledge and international perspectives on these amazing destinations. These days, I seldom write, but I do spend 30+ hours per week personally reviewing and fact-checking every article to ensure it’s as accurate and helpful as possible before publishing.

Today, we've grown into a full-scale digital content publisher with over 1.5 million monthly pageviews and readers in practically every country in the world. But regardless of our growth, we'll always strive to publish only the best content possible. And I commit to never straying from that goal.

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