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Where to Stay in Senegal in 2023 | Best Areas & Hotels

Where to Stay in Senegal in 2023 | Best Areas & Hotels

A West African marvel of a country, Senegal captivates visitors with its blend of vibrant cities like Dakar, with the historically significant Gorée Island and its natural wonders such as the Pink Lake.

The country’s cultural diversity and warm hospitality shine through in destinations like Saint-Louis and the Casamance region. If you want to find out more about this fascinating country, then read on and learn where to stay in Senegal!

The 3 Best Places to Stay in Senegal

Where to Stay in Senegal map in vector format featuring the best areas of town

Our 3 favorite areas in Senegal include:

  1. Dakar: Senegal’s capital is a great place to start when exploring the country and a great place to stick to if you enjoy the busy city life and the variety of food options.
  2. Saint-Louis: A calmer, more relaxed vibe defines Saint-Louis, perfect for art and music lovers who want to explore the best of West Africa’s artistic scene.
  3. The Saloum Delta: A large natural area filled with different lush scenescapes, it’s the perfect place to visit for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

Where to Stay in Senegal: Best Areas & Hotels

Senegal is pretty good when it comes to accommodation offers — there are plenty of options online, and for a good price as well. There are also lots of options for al fresco dining, and prices are well within the affordable range.

Overall, finding decent and high-quality accommodation, good places to eat, and wonderful natural spots in Senegal is not hard.

However, it’s worth mentioning that following the developments of its current political situation is always advisable, just to be on the safe side and avoid any unnecessary risks and uncomfortable situations.

1. Dakar

A large sculpture of a family of three where the baby can be seen lifter by his father while pointing at a distant direction.

Dakar, Senegal – March 01, 2023 : Statue called Monument of the African Renaissance with tourists walking towards it./Nick Fox/Shutterstock

Perched on the Cape Verde Peninsula along the Atlantic Ocean, Dakar – the capital of Senegal — is a rich and complex metropolis that leaves a lasting impression on travelers.

With its energy, history, and coastal charm, it’s a microcosm of Senegal’s diverse and welcoming spirit.

It’s a city where travelers can delve into its cultural riches, reflect on history’s lessons, and embrace the dynamic rhythm of urban life along the picturesque Atlantic coastline.

When in Dakar, you may start your city journey either from the Place de l’Independance, a large square in the center of the city marking the independence of Senegal from France, or from the magnificent monument of the African Renaissance Monument, which similarly reflects Africa’s and Senegal’s emergence from the shadow of European colonialism.

Then, you might want to visit Dakar’s markets, such as Sandaga Market and Soumbedioune Market, which are true sensory delights. Immerse yourself in a world of vibrant textiles, traditional crafts, and tantalizing street food.

Despite its urban outlook, Dakar also offers breathtaking coastal views. Take a stroll on Dakar’s Corniche along the scenic coastal road and enjoy the panoramic views of the Atlantic. You can also visit N’Gor Beach and Yoff Beach, where you can swim, surf, or simply soak up the sun.

A short boat ride from Dakar is Gorée Island, a haunting reminder of the transatlantic slave trade. It contains the historic House of Slaves museum dedicated to the notorious slave trade practices in Africa.

Dakar Budget Hotels

  • Hôtel Saint-Louis Sun Dakar is a three-star hotel with a central location in Dakar. The hotel is a great value-for-your-money option because of its good location, quality service, and comfortable rooms. Every room in the hotel has a balcony, and some offer views of the city. All rooms have a private bathroom with a shower and complimentary toiletries. There is air conditioning and a work desk in each hotel unit.
  • International Hotel Dakar is a four-star hotel in the center of the city. It’s the kind of hotel you don’t stumble upon very often, as it has the amenities of a mid-range accommodation option for the price of a budget-friendly one. It offers a fitness center and airport transfers, and it also has a restaurant where you can have a very good breakfast included in the room price.

Dakar Mid-Range Hotels

  • Union Amicale Corse Dakar is a four-star hotel in Dakar. Its seaside location gives it extra charm, as does its outdoor pool and the sunbed terrace. The rooms are modern and clean, with private bathrooms, air conditioning, and nice balconies overlooking the ocean. The hotel offers yoga classes and also has a barber and beauty shop for its guests. Another good thing about it is that breakfast is included in the room price.
  • BOMA LifeStyle Hotel is a beautiful, colorful, small four-star hotel in Dakar’s central area, very close to Ngor Rights Beach. It has an outdoor swimming pool lined with sunbeds and a fitness center. Then, there’s a restaurant, bar, and nightclub, which regularly houses local and regional DJs. The rooms are spacious and bright and have private bathrooms, air conditioning, a minibar and a coffee machine, a terrace, and lots more.

Dakar Luxury Hotels

  • Radisson Hotel Dakar Diamniadio is a five-star hotel on the outskirts of Dakar. The hotel offers everything you’d imagine a luxury hotel of the Radisson caliber does — an outdoor pool with sunbeds, a nice garden with a lounge area, a great hotel restaurant, a fitness center, and a spa and wellness center. The rooms are spacious and luxurious, with en suite bathrooms, walk-in showers, hot tubs, terraces, and lots of other amenities.
  • Terrou-Bi is a five-star hotel with a beachfront location in the center of Dakar. This seaside luxury hotel has plenty of attractive amenities, like a big outdoor pool, three restaurants, a fitness center, and a spa center, as well as a casino. Rooms have private bathrooms, air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, great garden or sea views, and a breakfast included in the room price.

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2. Saint-Louis

Face-painted tribal people with vibrant native clothing.

Saint Louis, Senegal, Africa, June 12 2023, fake lions in disguise scaring children on a street in the city of Saint Louis/Pierre Laborde/Shutterstock

Saint-Louis is a very special city located on an island at the mouth of the Senegal River. Here, you’ll see plenty of colonial-era architecture but also a huge effort to celebrate the vibrant, independent present.

Saint-Louis has a unique appearance and identity thanks to its location, its regular town plan, the system of quays, and the typical colonial architecture, which has led the city to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The well-preserved architecture, with its colorful facades, wrought-iron balconies, and cobblestone streets, is the first thing you’ll notice about this city.

You’ll also notice an iconic bridge, named after French colonial governor Louis Faidherbe, which connects the island to the mainland. It offers panoramic views of the city, river, and the surrounding landscapes, and it’s a good place for taking pictures.

Saint-Louis is also known for its artsy vibe, hosting cultural festivals like the renowned Saint-Louis Jazz Festival, which attracts both local and international artists.

Another great festival of similar caliber is the World Festival of Black Arts (FESMAN), which is a must-visit for all things art — dance, music, architecture, design, painting, sculpting, cinema, and much more.

You can also visit the Musée de la Photographie de Saint-Louis (Museum of Photography of Saint-Louis), which traces the presence of this medium in Senegal and in the wider West Africa region. It’s a great spot to learn about the history of Senegal through photographs and the stories that surround them.

Saint-Louis Budget Hotels

  • HÔTEL ETOILE DU SUD is a two-star hotel in the center of Saint-Louise, located near the Musée de la Photographie (the Museum of Photography). It’s a simple but cozy hotel that has everything you need for a comfy stay. The rooms have air conditioning, private bathrooms, and a TV. The hotel also offers free parking.
  • Ndar Ndar House is a two-star hotel with a great central location and lots of positive reviews. It’s a nice, budget-friendly place that offers good value for your money options when it comes to location and room comfort. Rooms have private bathrooms, air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, and balconies or terraces. Some even have patios.

Saint-Louis Mid-Range Hotels

  • Siki Hotel is a three-star hotel in Saint-Louis Nord. It’s a good hotel with modern furniture that has kept elements from traditional Senegalese aesthetics. The rooms are clean, cozy, and spacious and have private bathrooms, air conditioning, TV, and free Wi-Fi. They also have terraces. A great thing about this hotel is its location and that it has breakfast included in the room price.
  • FILYS HOTEL is a three-star hotel in Saint-Louis Nord. It has a good location and big, clean rooms with private bathrooms, air conditioning, TV, and safes. The hotel has a restaurant and a snack bar and offers free parking. Breakfast is included in the room price.

Saint-Louis Luxury Hotels

  • Hotelgandiol is a four-star hotel in Saint-Louis. It has a large outdoor pool, with a big garden and lounge area. The rooms are actually bungalows, which are big and cozy, with private bathrooms, air conditioning, TV, minibar, barbecue equipment, and a terrace. A rich breakfast is included in the room price.
  • Diamarek Hotel Sur La Plage is a three-star beachfront hotel in Saint-Louis. It’s a very nice hotel with an outdoor pool, a big yard with lounge chairs and sunbeds, a restaurant, and a snack bar. The rooms have private bathrooms and air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, TV, and a terrace.

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3. The Saloum Delta

Aerial view of a swamp area where the small land masses are covered with forest.


The Saloum Delta, also called the Saloum Islands, is a place where time seems to slow down, allowing travelers and adventurers to connect with the rhythm of nature and experience the authentic way of life of Senegal’s coastal communities.

Situated along the coast of Senegal, this place is a hidden gem of West Africa, comprising several islands and vast mangrove forests. It’s a proclaimed UNESCO World Heritage Site that offers a more peaceful escape from the hectic atmosphere of modern life.

The first thing you’ll notice about this place is the mangrove forests. The Saloum Delta is a sprawling maze of mangroves, creeks, and islets, forming a vital ecosystem for a variety of bird species, fish, and marine life.

If you’re a birdwatcher, this will be like heaven to you; the Saloum is home to a variety of endemic birds that you won’t be able to see anywhere else. The delta is also very appealing to nature enthusiasts and conservationists — its diverse flora and fauna include flamingos, pelicans, herons, and dolphins.

If you decide to take one of the boat tours or canoe trips, you’ll be able to get up close with these magnificent creatures and see how they live in their natural habitat.

The Saloum Delta is also dotted with traditional fishing villages where you can witness local life, interact with the various ethnic groups, and learn about their ancient customs.

You can observe the age-old method of salt production in the salt flats of the region, which also serves as an essential economic activity for the local communities.

The Saloum Delta Budget Hotels

  • Hôtel Joal Lodge is a three-star hotel that reviewers love for many reasons, not the least for its special and super-friendly staff. It’s a very nice hotel with simple, rustic rooms with air conditioning and private bathrooms. There’s also an outdoor pool that all guests can use, as well as a terrace and a lounge area. A nice breakfast is included in the room price, making this hotel a great value for your money.
  • La Kora is a two-star hotel in the town of Toubakouta. It’s a charming, simple, but welcoming place that has everything you need for a comfy stay — from cozy rooms with private bathrooms and fans to an outdoor pool with a garden. La Kora also offers local tours and has super friendly staff, always ready to help out.

The Saloum Delta Mid-Range Hotels

  • Ecolodge de Palmarin is a two-star hotel in the small town of Diakhanor. It’s a charming hotel with an outdoor pool where you can freshen up during a hot and sunny day in Senegal. You can also relax in the hotel’s garden, eat at the restaurant, and sip cocktails or non-alcoholic drinks at the bar. The hotel rooms have air conditioning and a private bathroom. The great news about this place is that pets are allowed at the property.
  • Les Barracudas is a three-star hotel that offers a lot for a mid-range hotel. It has an outdoor pool, a garden, and a restaurant where you can have your breakfast and dinner included in the price of the room. The rooms — entire bungalows, actually — are simple but cozy, with private bathrooms and terraces. The hotel also has free parking and bike rentals on offer so you can explore the beautiful nature of the Saloum Delta by bike.

The Saloum Delta Luxury Hotels

  • Les Palétuviers is a beautiful four-star hotel in the small and very charming Toubakouta town. It’s a hotel that truly reflects the paradisiacal surroundings. Starting from the refreshing outside pool and the spa and wellness center, then continuing to its comfy and spacious rooms, this hotel is well worth its expensive price. Consider also its wonderful garden and terrace, coupled with an amazing complimentary breakfast, and you’ve got a winner.
  • Fathala Wildlife Reserve is the African rustic reserve of your dreams. This four-star hotel has an outdoor pool, a big garden, and a restaurant where you can have breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It also has beautiful rooms with beds with baldachin, private bathrooms, and hot tubs. The hotel also offers tours or classes on the local culture and outdoor sights.

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Whatever you choose to stay on your trip to Senegal, we’re certain you’ll have an amazing getaway — in the meantime, we’ll be here to guide you in the right direction. Bon voyage!