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Where to Stay in Montreal in 2023 | Best Areas

Where to Stay in Montreal in 2023 | Best Areas

If you’re asking where to stay in Montreal, you’ve come to the right place. This guide is going to present the five best areas in Montreal. Plainly speaking, Montreal has it all — shopping centers, museums, nightlife, parks, contemporary culture — you name it.

The city is quite the metropolis, with everything and anything in its 400-year-old streets. Pack your bags, sort out your priorities, make a good plan, and just enjoy the show.

The 5 Best Parts of Montreal

Where to Stay in Montreal map in vector format featuring the best areas of town

What’s arguably great about Montreal is that not all of the attractions are centered in a single district. You can truly make a vacation out of exploring all of the city, as every area has something different and special to offer.

The city’s so well divided in the things it has to offer, that it almost looks like it was built with that in mind (which is not the case). The best parts include:

  • Downtown: The commercial, cultural, and shopping center of the city — you’ll find both the best museums and the best places for shopping downtown.
  • Old Montreal: The oldest and the most “French” part of Montreal, great for lovers of history and for those who like to feel like they’re in Paris.
  • The Village: The most versatile and inclusive part of the city, with a vibrant nightlife and lively LGBTQI+ culture.
  • Mont-Royal: The biggest concentration of parks in Montreal and the most famous restaurants in the city — best for family trips.
  • Quartier des Spectacles: The center of Montreal’s contemporary culture and festivals and the seat of the Latin Quarter, the bohemian nuclei of the city.

The Best Areas & Hotels in Montreal

Montreal is simply great in terms of accommodation. Regardless of what you are looking for — a budget, mid-range, or luxurious option — you’ll probably find it in almost every neighborhood. Almost.

Simply put, some parts of the city lean towards more luxurious hotels, and others are quite cheap and budget-friendly. Don’t forget — Montreal is a student city, full of options and opportunities for young people who are usually short of cash.

The downtown of the city — also known as Centre-Ville — is especially full of hotels of every type. Being the home of the famous Montreal Convention, it receives a lot of business visitors throughout the year, and it has to have places in order to accommodate the crowd.

The case with Old Montreal is similar since it’s quite close to downtown and filled with tourists throughout the year. Here, you’ll also find all kinds of options. The case is the same with Mont-Royal and Quartier des Spectacles — both being very versatile and full of different kinds of accommodations.

The only exception on this list is The Village. This district — which is famous for its nightlife and partying culture — doesn’t have any luxury options available (literally none at all), but it does have many budget options for students and tourists low on cash.

1. Downtown

Gorgeous autumn trees pictured in the downtown area, one of the best places to stay when visiting Montreal

Firefighter Montreal/Shutterstock

Downtown Montreal — or Centre-Ville in French — is the commercial, cultural and shopping center of the city. Here, you’ll fully experience Montreal as it truly is: a great metropolitan city in the same class as the other world’s metropolises.

Centre-Ville is quite modern and urbane, full of metal and glass skyscrapers, but also nicely balanced with nature and culture. Namely, many trees line the boulevards, and churches and museums seem to pop up at every corner.

The first entry into the heart of downtown is through its most famous street, Rue Sainte-Catherin, the most famous street in Montreal. There are boutiques, chain stores, and malls all over the place, making it definitely the best place for shopping.

But, the best place for those things is definitely the underground city, stretching beneath almost the whole downtown district.After shopping, it’s time for museums! Montreal’s Centre-Ville is the best place for cultural enlightenment in the whole city.

You should definitely visit:

  • Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal (Museum of Fine Arts) offers more than 41,000 exhibits, from ancient history to the renaissance, but also works from modern and contemporary artists.
  • Musee Redpath, located in the historic McGill university, is the museum of Natural History. The interior is decorated in a sweet Victorian style, and it has a great collection of artifacts from the domain of ethnology, biology, paleontology, mineralogy, and geology.
  • McCord Stewart Museum tells the story of North America through its exhibits. It has a gigantic collection of around 1.4 million artifacts.
  • MEM – Centre Des Mémoires Montréalaises, located in the former fire station, is a museum dedicated to the history of Montreal from the 17th century till today.

As we mentioned earlier, Montreal’s forte is its churches. Don’t forget to visit Mary Queen of the World, which is a smaller replica of Rome’s St. Peter, the Gothic Revival-styled Christ Church Cathedral, and the Irish-Canadian Saint Patrick’s Basilica.

The famous Montreal Convention is also located in the Centre-Ville, a place that serves as the meeting place for many of the world’s most important organizational boards.

That means that Montreal’s center is full of hotels. Here you’ll find the most accommodation options — both budget, midrange, and luxurious hotels and motels — in the whole town.

Things to Do

  • Have a museum day and a comprehensive tour through all of Montreal’s Centre-Ville museums. Make sure you visit: Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal, MEM – Centre Des Mémoires Montréalaises, Michal and Renata Hornstein Pavilion for Peace, Easterverse Technology museum, and Grévin Wax Museum.
  • Make sure you go shopping in Montreal’s commercial center. The first and obvious choice is Rue Sainte-Catherin and the second is Montreal’s underground city. If you want to spend some serious money, go to Barbie Expo for some upscale shopping.
  • Have a taste of Montreal’s Christian History, and visit some of the city’s most beautiful churches. The trio you absolutely have to visit is Mary Queen of the World, Christ Church Cathedral, and Saint Patrick’s Basilica.
  • Hockey is Canada’s national sport. Experience the real thing in the fabulous Bell Centre and go to a hockey game.

Where to Eat

  • Restaurant Henri Brasserie Française is a classically furnished French bistrot that you just have to visit. The location is historic and worth seeing by itself, and the menu is typically Quebec, presenting the French side of Canada in the best way.
  • Jatoba is a high-class Japanese fusion restaurant, offering a variety of sushi, wagyu beef, etc. The interior is specifically designed by Amlyne Phillips of La Chambre Design and is quite a sight.
  • Le Taj is the most famous Indian restaurant in Downtown Montreal. The best thing is the tandoori, but that doesn’t mean — quite on the contrary — that the other things are less spectacular. The interior, as the other places on this list, is pretty fantastic.

Downtown Budget Hotels

  • Hotel St-Denis is a three-star hotel that’s probably the best budget option in the whole area. It offers free Wi-Fi and simple but decently furnished (extremely clean) rooms. The rooms have working desks, a microwave, and a hair dryer.
  • Auberge Saintlo Montréal Hostel is a four-star hotel that’s pretty cheap. The rooms are air-conditioned, nicely furnished, and with fully equipped kitchens. Also, there’s breakfast on the premises.

Downtown Mid-Range Hotels

Downtown Luxury Hotels

  • You can’t get more luxurious than The Ritz-Carlton. It has probably the best location in town, close to almost everything of importance in Montreal. It offers the best from the best: an indoor swimming pool, fitness center, dining in the garden at Le Jardin, cocktails, and snacks at The Ritz Bar — and on top of everything, the hotel is pet friendly!
  • Four Seasons Hotel Montreal is an extremely luxurious hotel from the famous chain of Four Seasons — which speaks for itself. It has a swimming pool, superbly furnished rooms, and it’s pet friendly. The location is the best that you can get in Downtown Montreal.

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2. Old Montreal

People walking along a street in Old Town, a top pick for where to stay in Montreal

Ronnie Chua/Shutterstock

Old Montreal (“Vieux-Montréal” in French) is the oldest and the most French part of town. If you want to feel like you’re in Paris — but Paris with a distinctive Canadian flair — this district is definitely the right pick for you.

It’s maybe the best part of Montreal for plain walking: the architecture is simply beautiful, a great combination of 17th, 18th, and 19th-century buildings, which quite reminds one of the “Old Continent.” The streets are the main attraction in this part of Montreal.

Walk the Rue Saint-Paul, the city’s oldest street, completed in the distant 1672. It’s quite beautiful, but it’s also full of restaurants, boutiques, and shops, where you can have a good time but also spend a hefty sum. Don’t miss strolling Rue Bonsecours — another of Montreal’s oldest streets — famous for its distinctive, historical architecture.

When you’ve reached Saint Paul Street, it’s time for Montreal’s Notre-Dame Basilica. Built in 1656, it’s the jewel of this old city and a worthy companion of its Parisian namesake.

The first thing that’ll catch your eye is the fantastic height (the twin towers are 69 meters high), but true beauty awaits you in the interior of the church. The stained glass, the Sacré Coeur altar and chapel, and the organ are quite original.

There are two other things you just have to see if you’re spending more time in this district. The name itself suggests that everything here is about history, so you should definitely visit the second oldest building in Montreal, located precisely here —  the Saint-Sulpice Seminary, founded in 1657.

Finally, go to the Pointe-à-Callière Museum (Montreal’s Museum of Archeology and History) and find everything that’s worth knowing about this part of Canada. Old Montreal is maybe the best choice for newcomers to Montreal.

It’s great for walking and cycling (Montreal is considered one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world), and it’s full of restaurants, shops, and things to see.

On top of that, it offers all kinds of accommodations: cheap ones, medium ones, and very expensive ones — it’s suitable for every type of tourist. Just make reservations on time since Old Montreal is quickly booked out.

Things to Do

  • Take a stroll through one of the many Montreal’s old, historical streets. Rue Saint-Paul should be the first on your list — it has shops, restaurants, and galleries you can visit. It also ultimately leads to the Notre Dame church.
  • Discover the specific kind of Christianity that dug its roots in Montreal 400 years ago. Have a look at the gothic sublimity called Notre-Dame Basilica with its beautiful interior. Don’t forget to visit the second oldest building in Montreal, namely the Saint-Sulpice Seminary, either.
  • Go to La Grande Roue de Montréal (Montreal Observation Wheel) that towers the city. It’s a Ferris wheel, worthy of its name, easily put side to side with other wheels from the metropolises from around the world.
  • Discover the beauty of the Old Port of Montreal, and see some other interesting things in this area. Here you’ll find the IMAX cinema, the Clock Tower, which might remind you of Big Ben, and the Montréal Science Center.

Where to Eat

  • Les Filles Du Roy is located in Montreal’s oldest private house, built in 1725. The interior is quite stunning, evoking a distinct mysterious atmosphere. The food is an interesting combination of local Quebec recipes with a special French twist. They offer an extensive wine list.  
  • Barroco is located in the heart of Old Montreal. Its rustic charms and the braised ribs are the talk of the town. Also, it’s your go-to place for cocktails in this part of Montreal, mixed according to the wishes of each individual guest.
  • Verses Restaurant offers a high-class and stylish combination of French, Oriental, and Canadian cuisine, a distinctive creation of their head chef Sylvain Levaillant. The cocktail list is also great.

Old Montreal Budget Hotels

  • Auberge Alternative is a nice and cozy three-star hotel located near the Montreal Museum of Archeology and history. It offers a wake-up call and room service every day of the week and breakfast on the premises, based on organic and local ingredients.
  • Hotel Le Deville is a decent and cute cheap hotel in the Old Montreal district. Every room has a desk, air conditioning, and flat-screen TVs. The hotel also offers breakfast every morning at a price.

Old Montreal Mid-Range Hotels

  • Hotel Nelligan is a slightly cheaper four-star hotel, located near all the top locations in Old Montreal. It has a fitness center, restaurant, nicely furnished rooms with large windows, and flat-screen TVs.
  • Hotel Bonaparte is another slightly cheaper four-star hotel that has nicely furnished rooms with terraces. It also has a restaurant and a business center on the premises. Almost all the rooms have a nice garden view.

Old Montreal Luxury Hotels

  • W Montreal is a four-star luxurious hotel, located in the Victoria square in the historic Banque du Canada building. The hotel is pet-friendly, and it has a fitness center, a lounge, and cocktail bars.
  • InterContinental Montreal, an IHG Hotel is a very luxurious four-star hotel. It offers — amongst other things — an indoor pool, a fitness center, and a great restaurant. The hotel is also pet-friendly.

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3. The Village

Pedestrians walking along a street in the Village on a cloudy winter day for a piece on where to stay in Montreal

Montreal, Canada – May 26, 2017: People walking on Sainte Catherine street in Montreal’s Gay Village in Quebec region with hanging decorations/Andriy Blokhin/Shutterstock

The Village (Le Village) is a small district located on the east of St. Catherine street, famous for its vibrant nightlife, intercultural restaurants, cozy coffee place, cheap accommodations, and LGBTQI+ culture.

Plainly speaking, it’s the most inclusive and versatile neighborhood in Montreal. But, most importantly, it’s one of the symbols of LGBTQI+ culture in North America, and that’s why today it’s known simply as Gay Village.

The center of this district is the energetic Sainte-Catherine Street, which connects it to downtown — which is just a few blocks away. The situation with this beautiful street is the same in the Village as is in Centre-Ville: full of interesting shops, tasty restaurants, and lively cafes.

It’s great for shopping, dining, or just strolling up and down where the wind blows. Gay Village has the best nightlife in Montreal, and that’s a fact — no matter if you’re gay, bi, trans, or straight.

It’s hard to make a list of every club that’s worth dancing in, but here are some of the more famous ones:

  • Cabaret Mado is a great place if you’re up for drag shows that happen almost every night. Both the drinks and the atmosphere are quite unbelievable — after the shows, it transforms itself into a dance bar.
  • Club Unity Montreal has two rooms, a VIP space, and a terrace on tour. It’s famous for its lively but respectful and safe atmosphere, as well as its diverse clientele.  
  • Stereo Nightclub is maybe Montreal’s most famous after-hour club, with great events, DJs, and live music.
  • Bar Le Cocktail is another place with a regular drag show, but this time the drag is served with killer cocktails.

The Gay Village is the best if you’re young and ready to party but also if you’re a backpacker or you just want to spend your time in Montreal as cheaply as you can. It’s maybe the best place if you want to stay on a budget since it’s full of many small and cheap (but decent) hostels and hotels.

However, don’t expect any luxury in this part of town. You won’t find anything higher than three-star hotels in the Village. Go downtown or even to the Latin quarter (just a few blocks away) if you would prefer something more high-class.

Things to Do

  • Montreal’s Gay Village is the district where no one ever sleeps and the best place to have a decent party. It’s especially famous — obviously — for its LGBTQI+ clubs and drag shows. Make sure you don’t miss Cabaret Mado, Club Unity Montreal, Stereo Nightclub, or Bar Le Cocktail.
  • Go to a concert at L’Olympia, the real gem of Montreal. Quite conveniently located at Saint Catherine street, it hosted the performance of many world-famous artists such as Adele, Loreena McKennitt, Charlotte Gainsbourg, The Kills, Jack White, Zucchero, Ed Sheeran, etc.
  • If you’re a fan of painting, sculpture, or the arts in general, visit L’atelier de sculpture du Village and learn about the art of sculpting the human body under the expert guidance of a real artist: Joel A. Prevost.
  • If, on the other hand, you’re a fan of the theater and the performing arts, make sure you go to Theatre La Comedie de Montréal. The institution is mainly specialized in comedy and the absurd and has a nice bar to visit before or after the show.

Where to Eat

  • Le Saloon is a versatile place, a saloon, a bar, a classic bistrot, and a club at the same time. It’s famous for its Happy Hour and bistro-styled dishes.
  • Tendresse is a great place if you want to give your Instagram followers special eye candy. It’s a great place to have a great brunch or an early dinner. The cuisine is market-inspired, having great vegetarian and vegan options as well.
  • Grenade is a perfect choice for lovers of Asian food and culture. The food it offers is classified as pan-Asian (chicken karaage, pad Thais, and gyozas), and the decor is Pinterest-ready.

The Village Budget Hotels

  • Samesun Montreal Central is a great hostel with a nice hotel. It offers air-conditioned rooms and free Wi-Fi. The garden in front of the hostel is quite wonderful, while the bar and the shared lounge are very homey.
  • Hotel Victor is a one-star hotel, has a 24 hour open desk and free Wi-Fi on the whole premises. There’s a telephone, a hairdryer, and a fan in every room. The price is really cheap.  

The Village Mid-Range Hotels

  • La Loggia Art B&B is a three-star hotel that has free Wi-Fi on the premises and cable TV in every room. Some rooms have a sitting area and a desk. At La Loggia, guests can have breakfast every morning on the hotel’s terrace.
  • Bed and Breakfast du Village BBV is a three-star hotel located in the heart of Montreal’s Gay Village. Each room has an air condition, free Wi-Fi, and flat-screen TVs. It also offers breakfast on the terrace of the hotel.

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4. Plateau Mont-Royal

Plateau Mont-Royal as seen from the air at dusk with clouds in the sky for a piece on where to stay in Montreal

Firefighter Montreal/Shutterstock

If you’ve come to Montreal with your family and kids or if you’re just a huge fan of nature and outdoor activity, Plateau Mont-Royal is the perfect neighborhood. Very close to Centre-Ville and Plateau Mont-Royal park — one of the largest green areas in the city — it’s also where you’ll find a great variety of accommodation options.

As a cherry on top, it also hosts the best restaurants in the city. The whole area is covered in murals, so every walk through the streets of the neighborhood is going to be a special experience.

You just have to see the Leonard Cohen murals, made in honor of the city’s most beloved artist. The district obviously got its name from its proximity to Mont Royal (or Mount Royal), which is a large rocky hill just to the west of the center of the city.

There are some theories that the origins of Montreal’s name are to be found here. Regardless of the etymology, this Mont Royal is the most famous national beauty in the city. Hiking should always be your first option. Grab a bite, a backpack, and your family, and start climbing!

It’s not a hard hike, and it’s great fun and recreation for the whole family. The view from the top is simply perfect, as you can see all of Montreal from there. If you don’t feel like hiking but still love open spaces and nature, Plateau Mont-Royal has a great variety of parks to offer.

Obviously, your first choice is Mount Royal Park, and the place is as historic as it’s beautiful. There are no less than two belvederes, a plaza, a snow tube, and toboggan run, skiing trails, and a sculpture garden.

Also, don’t miss the Mount Royal Chalet located on the top and the artificial Beaver Lake. You don’t have to stick only to Mount Royal Park because there’s so much more. Visit Jeanne-Mance park, Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier park, and La Fontaine park — they’re all very beautiful and special in their own way.

The accommodation options are quite decent. The neighborhood is full of mid-range hotels, but there’s also a fair number of budget and luxury options. The food, on the other hand, is out of this world: simply put, the best restaurants in Montreal are here!

Things to Do

  • Plateau Mont-Royal is famous for its food. Join Plateau Mont-Royal & Mile End food tour and visit the most iconic restaurants in the area.
  • Climb Mont-Royal with your family or alone. First, make preparations in terms of food — some of the best bakeries and coffee shops in town are here, and then, go hiking. The view from the top is quite amazing.
  • Enjoy the murals which decorate the streets of Plateau Mont-Royal. The Leonard Cohen murals are already legendary, and if you fix your schedule right, you may catch the respected Mural Festival on Saint-Laurent Boulevard.
  • Go to Montreal’s best and most beautiful parks and have a picnic or a simple stroll. Start with Mont Royal Park, but then proceed to the next three parks in line: Jeanne-Mance park, Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier park, and La Fontaine park.

Where to Eat

  • Au Pied de Cochon is one of the restaurants that made Montreal famous. It’s great for fine dining, business meetings, and birthdays, and it serves a pallet of quite unusual and extremely interesting dishes: duck-in-a-can, fresh seafood, foie gras, and maple sugar fries — made from the best maple syrup in the area.
  • Ma Poule Mouillée is a great place to make preparations before going to Parc Lafontaine. It’s a Portuguese rotisserie, offering some of the best sandwiches in all Montreal, famous for its piri piri-slathered chicken and São Jorge cheese stuffed in a perfect bun.
  • Schwartz’s is owned by no other than the famous singer Céline Dion, but its history begins further in the past, in 1928. The place is famous for its smoked meat, and it’s probably one of the most famous restaurants in Montreal.  

Plateau Mont-Royal Budget Hotels

  • Auberge de La Fontaine in the center of Plateau Mont-Royal is a three-star hotel with a nice, cheap price. The whole building is made from stone, which gives the hotel a distinctive, special look, and the rooms are air-conditioned and quite decent.
  • Hotel Chateau de l’Argoat, located on the border with downtown, is more of a mid-range than a budget option, but given the circumstances, it comes off as cheaper than many other hotels. The hotel provides free Wi-Fi, free parking, and allows bringing pets on the premises.

Plateau Mont-Royal Mid-Range Hotels

  • L’Appartement Hôtel is a great three-star hotel that offers many things aside from the great location. It has a superb fitness center, a swimming pool, free Wi-Fi, and parking. All the rooms have flat-screen TVs and coffee machines. The hotel serves great breakfast every morning.
  • Manoir Sherbrooke is located in the historically important Manoir Sherbrooke with its old school-charm and has rustic rooms. It offers free Wi-Fi all over the premises and a tasty complimentary breakfast. It’s a great place for those who want to feel the authentic atmosphere of Montreal.

Plateau Mont-Royal Luxury Hotels

  • Hôtel de l’ITHQ is a four-star hotel with cozy, comfortable interior, and a great location. It has a bar and a restaurant on the premises, and it’s located between the Mont-Royal park and the downtown of Montreal, providing a great location for the potential tourist.  
  • Hotel Kutuma is an African inspired hotel that’s listed as having four-stars. All the rooms are equipped with cable TV, coffee machines, and hairdryers. The main attraction on the hotel’s premises is the Le Nil Bleu (The Blue Nile), famous for its Ethiopian cuisine.

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5. Quartier des Spectacles

Fountains pictured in Quartier des Spectacles, one of the best areas to stay when visiting Montreal

J-Philippe Menard/Shutterstock

Quartier des Spectacles is an entertainment district in the true sense of the word. Close to Montreal’s downtown, it’s the true center of the city’s cultural and entertainment scene.

Full of galleries, concert venues, theaters, and green spaces, it’s the right place to be for lovers of contemporary live culture. Quartier des Spectacles encompasses another famous Montreal neighborhood, the Parisian-inspired Latin Quarter.

But let’s talk about some numbers. The district has around 80 cultural venues, eight public spaces, and more than 40 active festivals throughout the year. Maybe the most famous of those 40 festivals is the Montréal International Jazz Festival.

Existing since the 1980s, it was inaugurated by none other than Ray Charles himself. Today, it hosts around 3,000 artists from all over the world, and it holds the Guinness world record for the world’s largest jazz festival.

It’s definitely a good idea to check your schedule and visit one of the 10 days that it lasts. There are other things aside from festivals in the Quartier des Spectacles and music aside from jazz. The L’Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal is famous throughout the world, and the program it offers is great.

It’s located in Place des Arts, alongside Orchestre Métropolitain, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, and the Opéra de Montréal, and it’s the biggest cultural complex in all of Canada. All in all, it’s definitely a must-see.

Quartier des Spectacles is the romantique and bohème Latin Quarter. It’s probably the most concentrated place in Montreal with culture, offering more than 160 cultural institutions in its tiny space. Also, like its Parisian ancestor, it’s full of unusual and unconventional restaurants that offer various international cuisines.

There are other attractions too in this part of the city. Don’t miss the University of Quebec, for example, or the Place Émilie-Gamelin, and the Grande Bibliothèque de BAnQ. Just have in mind — this is not everything that Quartier des Spectacles can offer.

In terms of hotels, the situation is similar to Downtown. There is a wide range of hotels of all classes, but mostly mid-range and luxurious because Quartier des Spectacles counts as a central area.

Things to Do

  • Quartier des Spectacles is the right place if you’re a big fan of noisy, crowded festivals. Don’t miss the Montréal International Jazz Festival, the largest jazz festival in existence; or if you’re an aficionado of French chansons and French music in general, Les Francofolies de la Rochelle festival.
  • Feel the bohemian atmosphere of the Latin Latin Quarter with its many galleries and shops, but don’t forget to go to Place Émilie-Gamelin, which was created to celebrate the 350 anniversary of the founding of Montreal.
  • Listen to some music at Place des Arts. The place presents you with a variety of choices. Choose between the Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal, Les Grands Ballets Canadien, or the Opéra de Montréal.
  • Like in all Montreal, the Quartier des Spectacles has many churches. Choose between the Anglican Church of St. John the Evangelist, the protestant Eglise Unie Saint-Jean, or Peoples Church of Montreal.

Where to Eat

  • Pullman is a great wine bar with an extensive wine list. The choice of food is as interesting as it’s tasty, consisting of deer tartare, Quebec cheese, and mini bison burgers. The desserts are also great, mostly the cinnamon churros covered in chocolate sauce.
  • Café Parvis is the dream of every influencer because of its beautiful and unusual interior. The food is also great, offering breakfast, dinner, and lunch consisting of pizzas, salads, and a lot of wine.
  • Omma is a restaurant specialized in Korean food. Here you’ll find the classics, like pajun (seafood pancake), dol sot bibimbap, mandoo kimchi jigae, and a variety of noodles.

Quartier des Spectacles Budget Hotels

  • Hotel Chrome Montreal Centre-Ville is a decent three-star hotel that comes at a relatively low price. It offers rooms with cable TVs, hair dryers, a work desk, and a refrigerator. Also, it has a small restaurant on the premises that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Quality Inn Centre-Ville is another relatively cheap three-star hotel with great things to offer. It has a gym on the premises and a small garden in front of the building. The breakfast buffet is quite nice, offering breakfasts consisting of waffles, meat, and fruit.

Quartier des Spectacles Mid-Range Hotels

  • Hotel Zero 1 Montreal has a business center, a laundry facility, and a nice buffet. There’s also a fitness center on the premises. Concerning the rooms, they’re nicely furnished — they have a coffee machine in every room and plasma TVs.
  • Le Relais Lyonnais, located in the heart of Montreal’s Latin quart, is a decent three-star hotel. All the rooms have a fridge, DVD players, and desks. The restaurant on the premises — La Brioche Lyonnaise — offers great breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Quartier des Spectacles Luxury Hotels

  • Apart Hotel Montreal by Les Terrasses Saint Urbain is a quite expensive four-star hotel that is worth the money. It’s a nice combination of luxury and not being an over-the-top place since it’s pet-friendly and has a terrace with barbeque facilities. The rooms are also great and have flat-screen TVs.
  • Hilton Garden Inn Montreal Centre-Ville is a great four-star hotel, part of the famous chain of Hilton Hotels. With a great location, swimming pool on the premise, fitness center, and restaurant, it basically has it all. Also, it’s pet-friendly.

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So, Where Should You Stay in Montreal?

Photo of the big Ferris Wheel and a boat on the river in Montreal for a piece on the best places to stay when in the city

Firefighter Montreal/Shutterstock

✅ Best Area to See EverythingDowntown
🏰 Most Historic AreaOld Montreal
🍺 Best Area for NightlifeThe Village
👪 Best for FamiliesMont-Royal
🏹 Best for Cultural ExperienceQuartier des Spectacles

Now that we’ve finished our journey through the best neighborhoods in Montreal, let’s wrap things up.

  • Downtown is the real center of the city in many ways, but mostly in a commercial, cultural, and shopping sense. It has the most museums, the best shopping centers and shopping streets, and the widest variety of accommodation options.
  • Old Montreal, on the other hand, is the true jewel of the city — it’s the most beautiful and historically rich area. It’s also the most French, mostly suitable for lovers of history and those interested in beautiful architecture, especially old churches.
  • The Village is the place where you’ll find the most vibrant nightlife and the most welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. The best nightclubs and bars are here, as well as the best that Montreal has to offer from its rich LGBTQI+ culture.
  • Mont Royal has to be the first choice for lovers of nature and outdoor activities. Here you can either go hiking on the not-so-high Mount Royal or go strolling and just enjoy one of many parks in the area. It’s the best part in town for families.
  • Quartier des Spectacles is for lovers of crowded places and loud music. It’s the center of Montreal’s contemporary culture and where famous international performers come. It’s also Montreal’s festival hub and home to the bohème part of the city, the Latin quarter.

Regardless of the area in which you choose to stay, there’s something for every budget and taste. Whether it’s dining at the best restaurants, soaking in the city’s rich history, or just taking a walk in one of the many parks, we think you’ll love your visit to Montreal.