15 Ā Sound of Music Filming Locations to Visit in 2022

The Sound of MusicĀ is rife with spectacular scenery and beautiful interiors. That can make it hard to narrow down what film locations to visit when planning your trip.

These are some of the most memorable, and most popularĀ Sound of MusicĀ film locations. Every fan should see them at least once.

You may not get to all of them, but theyā€™ll help you decide which places to prioritize.

Schloss Leopoldskron has a rich, complex history and an eclectic list of owners. It began life as the home ofĀ Archbishop Leopold Count FirmianĀ in 1736.

Schloss Leopoldskron

The gazebo atĀ Hellbrunn CastleĀ has the distinction of featuring in two romantic moments inĀ The Sound of Music.

Hellbrunn Castle Gazebo

Its grounds and interiors are rife with allusions to Greek mythology. The most notable of these is a Pegasus fountain.

Mirabell Palace and Garden

If youā€™re an adventurous soul with a love of the outdoors, consider adding Mehlweg Mountain to your tour ofĀ Sound of MusicĀ film locations.

Mehlweg Mountain

Talking of that opening sequence, two lesser-knownĀ Sound of MusicĀ film locations are the castles you see overhead as the aerial camera sweeps over the Salzburg landscape.

Kloster Hƶglwƶrth

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