7 Best Mayan Ruins in Mexico in 2022

Mexico is home to one of the largest collections of Mayan ruins with 10 pyramids and hundreds of other structures.

If you’re curious about the Maya then Mexico is one of the best places to visit to unlock their mysteries.

We’ve rounded up our favorite destinations and what we love about each to make your trip unforgettable. Trust us — these are all worth seeing.

The 98 ft pyramid is said to track the Mayan calendar and is categorized by its massive staircase which leads to the altar at the top.

Chichen Itza

It holds the largest network of roads in the Mayan kingdom and is one of the tallest pyramids in Mexico at 138 feet.


Tulum was one of the Maya’s major port cities on the Caribbean coast. The walled city is on a 39-foot cliff that hangs over the ocean.


Uxmal is a massive complex of buildings, roads, and small towns in the Yucatan Peninsula. At its peak, it was said to have more than 25,000 inhabitants.


You’ll see the highest pyramid of the Edzna archaeological site long before you enter the site itself. The site is inside of a valley and has beautiful views of the surrounding mountain ranges.


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