The 50 Coolest Airbnbs in the United States in 2022

These best Airbnbs in the United States lodging options are great when you’re looking for something more special than a standard hotel room.

If you’re thinking of traveling in the United States in the future, why not try and stay in a super unique location?

We’ve rounded up the 50 best Airbnbs in the United States that we just can’t get enough of. We think you’ll love them too!

It’s the perfect combination of modern and rustic since this two-story lake house has floor-to-ceiling glass windows facing the lake.

Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Showhome

The igloo sleeps two people, and there’s a portion of the roof that’s entirely glass, so you can see this spectacular site without ever leaving if you choose.

Borealis Basecamp

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live your life off the grid? At this property on the Western Navajo Reservation, you can for a few nights.

Experience Hogan By the River Navajo Hogan

Now, you can stay on a converted school bus for a short period to experience what it may be like.

Emerald Gypsy Skoolie

Have you ever seen a skyscraper lying down? Invisible House is an architectural masterpiece that features what looks like a skyscraper, laying horizontal in the Joshua Tree Desert.

Invisible House

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