Most Comfortable airbnbs to stay in puerto rico

Puerto Rico is a beautiful vacation destination in the Atlantic Ocean. The beaches look like a postcard, the food is excellent, and there’s so much to do and see.

So, why would you stay in an Airbnb in Puerto Rico? One of the top reasons to stay in an Airbnb is that you’ll have a unique vacation experience.

As you plan your trip to the beautiful island, check out this list of 15 of the best Airbnbs in Puerto Rico that’ll make your trip even more memorable than it would already be.

This Airbnb Plus is the perfect place for glamping. This tropical space is near the ocean and is the perfect combination of camping and luxury.

Tropical Glamping Close to the Ocean

You’ll have the entire third floor of the building to yourself with beautiful high ceilings, bright furniture, and a balcony outside with a hammock.

Urban Oasis Penthouse

This property is a large, two-story home with a private pool that’s surrounded by what can only be described as an oasis.

Casa Ensenada

This Airbnb is the perfect combination of a cabin aesthetic yet villa. It’s a smaller villa but a stunning property to consider if you’re heading to Cabo Rojo.

Villa Vista Puerto

This white home with royal blue accents is the perfect private residence for those looking for a beach getaway but prefer some privacy that hotels sometimes lack.

Modern Villa Despacito

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