Veterinary Medicine Work Experience Internships with Wildlife and Domestic Animals that you can do as part of your internship requirement, gap year or career break, or just as a volunteering holiday.

An internship will give you valuable practical experience with varied technical knowledge and will be excellent for your profession development - and an outstanding entry on your CV or Résumé! Although all internships are unpaid, the value you gain from the experience is a huge investment in your future! Although all internships are unpaid, the value you gain from the experience is a huge investment in your future!

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Veterinary Work Experience Internship in Buenos Aires:
Gain experience working with all types of animals in one of the largest vet clinics and pet shops. You'll assist the vets during consultations, help care for the boarding animals and those for sale, and assist with grooming and other areas connected with running Clinic and Pet Shop. An intermediate Spanish level is needed to work in the clinic.

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Veterinary, Wildlife Game Capture and Conservation in a Game Reserve in Northern South Africa
This programme offers a variety of opportunities, including some veterinary experience, participation in some game captures (which are hugely exciting!), and some community work. You'll learn a great deal about African wildlife. You may also get involved in other conservation-related fields, including wildlife monitoring. The amount of time you will have in the different areas will vary depending on the length of time you're there and what type of work is taking place or required at that time.

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Veterinary Medicine Internship in Cape Town
Gain excellent hands-on experience in a delightful small veterinary practice under the supervision of an excellent vet who will endeavour to give you as much knowledge and experience as possible. The practice deals mainly with domestic animals, but you may also get an occasional opportunity to help out at the Blue Cross Animal/Veterinary Hospital, which is much bigger.

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Veterinary Medicine Internship in Knysna
Gain excellent work experience in a delightful Animal Welfare veterinary clinic and rescue centre that's inundated with work! You'll assist with field work, anything from rescuing abused or abandoned animals, to flea dipping. You'll also assist with the rehoming process of the many dogs and cats, who, after de-worming, dipping, feeding, and health checks, will be up for adoption.

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NEW! Wildlife Awareness, Rehabilitation and Veterinary Project near Knysna
Lions, Leopard, Wild Cats ... This is a perfect work experience project for those wanting to get involved in animal rehabilitation, as well as veterinary students! You’ll work in a Wildlife Awareness and Rehabilitation Centre that provides life-saving care and veterinary treatment to wild animals in distress. As well as feeding and enclosure enrichment, you’ll also be involved in the care and medical treatment of the animals.

The veterinary elements of this Programme are Work Experience rather than a formal, structured Internship.

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Veterinary Work Experience Internship in Negombo Beach
Work in a privately-run animal hospital based in the coastal town of Negombo.The focus is on animal health and care. The practice is well established, with between 4 and 6 qualified vets who all speak English.

You'll gain valuable international veterinary work experience by assisting the vets and staff.

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