Medical electives and work experience internships abroad in Medicine, Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Counselling and Healthcare that you can do as part of your internship requirement, gap year or career break, or just to get some practical work experience abroad in a different culture.

Future doctors, nurses, dentists and specialists… With supervised projects around the world in hospitals, health centres, rehabilitation units, care homes, dentist surgeries, nutrition centres and more - we have an internship to suit you. Levels of experience and qualifications required may vary - some internships are suitable for graduates and others are well placed for undergraduates or for those with no previous medical knowledge.

Although all internships are unpaid, the value you gain from the experience is a huge investment in your future!

We hope you find something below that suits you, but if you don't, please contact us and we can probably arrange it for you, as we have for many others! So give us a call on +44 (0)1903 502595 or email us at


This week has been soooo extraordinary, one week gone and I've already watched 11 surgeries:
  • Stent insertions (in both male and female)
  • Orchiopexy on a 1 yr old male
  • Transabdominal tubectomy (8 days post pregnancy)
  • 2 TURPs (Transurethral resection of the Prostate)
  • 2 caesareans
  • Breast fibroadenoma excision
  • Urethra dilatation and
  • Removal of kidney stone.
Jekani Gunanithy (British)

Medical Work Experience Internship in Buenos Aires
Work in a Primary Care Centre, or "Salitas". You can work with family doctors, paediatricians, nurses, psychologists, dentists and social workers, as well as other specialties. You’ll shadow doctors and nurses, including: taking vitals, treating injuries and interacting with patients. Primary Care Centres are the first level of access for disadvantaged people in poor neighbourhoods and are free to all.
You should be 18, with some previous experience or studies, intermediate Spanish and the ability to work on your own initiative.

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Heathcare and healthcare education in Sigatoka in the Fiji Islands

The Healthcare and Healthcare Education Project in Sigatoka in Fiji
Contribute to making the locals healthy! Because they mostly live in villages, they have little or no knowledge of hygiene or of a balanced and nutritious diet. This leads to a wide range of diseases, like high blood sugar, cholesterol, hypertension etc.

This project needs the skills of both established medical and healthcare professionals and those who are interested in teaching basic first-aid and personal hygiene. Come and make a difference while enjoying the "home to happiness" islands!

This is not an internship, but you will get work experience on this project.

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Medical Work Experience Programme in Accra
Work in a private hospital that also operates an NGO that focuses its efforts in 40 communities in the Okakoi Submetro of Accra. They raise awareness about the prevention and management of Malaria, TB, HIV and Non-communicable diseases such as hypertension and diabetes.

You'll be involved in the day-to-day activities of the Hospital, observing the doctors and nurses and increasing your own knowledge and understanding of medical practice in Ghana.

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Dentistry Work Experience Internships in Madurai
Gain experience in a private dental practice in Madurai. You'll help take care of the patients, work with the dental hygienist and help with dental counselling. You'll be exposed to Orthodontic, Endodontic, Periodocntics, Oral surgery, implantology and lots more.

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Medical Work Experience Programme in Madurai
Generally, your day will start with accompanying the doctors on ward rounds. You'll also be able to sit in on doctor-patient consultations. You'll be assigned to a doctor or nurse who will supervise you during each session. One of the Hospitals we work with has a substantial Pharmaceutical Department where you will be able to work as part of your overall medical placement.
You'll have more or less in-depth hands-on experience depending on whether you're studying medicine, are qualified, or have not yet started your studies.

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Medical Work Experience Internship in Livingstone
This is an excellent opportunity to work in a Clinic catering to a rural community that sees over 1,200 outpatients per month. You'll observe experts and learn how they work in Zambia. The clinic is a full service medical facility operating under the Ministry of Health. They offer antenatal services as well as labor and delivery and child health. They are a recognized HIV centre offering ART (antiretroviral therapy) services, with over 600 patients receiving medicines.
They also provide community based mobile ART and Home Based Care and are a referral centre for the other rural health centres in the surrounding areas.
You should be studying a medicine-related subject or be qualified.

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The project far surpassed my expectations and I was able to gain hands-on experience in all areas of the Hospital. The staff were very friendly and accommodating, and I was given access to stuff I just would not have managed in the UK. Andrew Hamilton, South Africa, Medical

I have just finished my medicine interviews and I cannot do justice to how important my experience in India was to my application, so much so that yesterday I received an offer from Manchester (where I really wanted to go!). Not only this but my experience contributed to me getting a job in the NHS.