Work Experience Projects and Internships Abroad in Counselling, Social Work, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy that you can do as part of your internship requirement, gap year or career break, or just to get some practical work experience abroad in a different culture.

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Heathcare and healthcare education in Sigatoka in the Fiji Islands

The Healthcare and Healthcare Education Project in Sigatoka in Fiji
Contribute to making the locals healthy! Because they mostly live in villages, they have little or no knowledge of hygiene or of a balanced and nutritious diet. This leads to a wide range of diseases, like high blood sugar, cholesterol, hypertension etc.

This project needs the skills of both established medical and healthcare professionals and those who are interested in teaching basic first-aid and personal hygiene. Come and make a difference while enjoying the "home to happiness" islands!

This is not an internship, but you will get work experience on this project.

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Physiotherapy Work Experience Internship in Madurai
Join this unique opportunity to work closely with children of varying disabilities on a physiotherapy internship in India. You'll work as an assistant to the existing physiotherapist, helping her treat the children. The centre is passionate and enthusiastic and the staff are very eager to share their knowledge and time with you. You don't need any qualifications, but you will need to have an interest in physiotherapy or be studying towards a physiotherapy degree or related subject.

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Care and Physiotherapy for Disabled and Abused Women and Children in Borneo:
Assist in a publicly-funded Residential Home which is a shelter for abused women and children. You'll gain experience in the care of children with mental, physical and emotional disabilities as well as some young adults and abused women/children. If you have physiotherapy experience, you'll also get involved with treatments.

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Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy Work Experience Placement with Disabled Children
Gain Physiotherapy and/or Occupational Therapy experience with physically disabled children at a special unit in Auckland. You'll assist in a unit that has a large number of children with physical disabilities such as multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and mobility problems. As well as gaining valuable experience, you'll get a wonderful sense of achievement from assisting in helping these great kids!

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Psychology, Social Work and Counselling Work Experience in Knysna
This organisation focuses on providing Counselling services to people in need of support owing to emotional problems, such as marital and family stress, depression, mid-life crisis, divorce counselling, HIV-related counselling, conflict management and parenting. You'll learn a lot about all the areas of counselling and social work that they deal with.
Please note that this is Work Experience and/or Volunteering, rather than an formal Internship. You should be studying, or be qualified in, Social Work, Psychiatry, Psychology or Counselling, or a related subject. Minimum age 21.

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