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23 Best Things to Do in Saint Lucia in 2023

23 Best Things to Do in Saint Lucia in 2023

St. Lucia is an island nation in the eastern Caribbean. The tropical rainforest and two prominent peaks, the Pitons, are landmarks of the area.

As a volcanic island, St. Lucia has some of the best beaches in the vicinity, a vibrant tropical fruit industry and great seafood. St. Lucia is a popular cruise destination and a paradise vacation.

23 Best Things to Do in St. Lucia in 2023

Every visitor can enjoy St. Lucia. While beaches are an ever-popular option, there are more things to do than you could imagine. From rum tastings to Piton Peaks hikes, there are fantastic activities available.

There are tours of every kind, scuba diving, sunset cruises and even water volleyball. 

The island nation has excellent food and some fantastic excursions, but many different providers offer the same types. Finding the right one takes some time but rest assured that these are the best things to do in St. Lucia. 

1. Relax at Anse Chastanet Beach and Reef

Anse Chastanet Beach and Reef, one of the best things to do in Saint Lucia

Fokke Baarssen/Shutterstock

Relaxing on the beach is the activity many people travel to exotic places to do. Anse Chastanet Beach and Reef is one of the best on St. Lucia. The deep blue waters and green palms contrast the beautiful white beaches. 

Anse Chastanet Beach is one of the best diving spots on the island, and the Reef is home to a vibrant array of marine life.

Anse Chastanet is arguably one of the most beautiful beaches and reefs anywhere in the Caribbean. One great way to experience Anse is to book a room at the official resort so you have easy access to the water.

2. Majestic Gros Piton Hike

Woman doing one of the best things to do in Saint Lucia, the Majestic Gros Piton Hike

Svitlana Minazova/Shutterstock

Gros Piton is a 2,620-foot peak that overlooks the island and the sea. Experts in the area are available to explain facts about the island and the twin peaks that call it home. A guided tour allows hikers unparalleled access to the trail. 

The Gros Piton hike is an early activity and lasts about five hours. Be prepared for a steep climb, but the views are well worth the effort! Despite the intense elevation, Gros Piton is an easier hike than its nearby sister peak, making it more accessible to novice climbers.

3. Lucia Private Island Tour

Woman doing one of the best things to do in Saint Lucia, a private island tour


What better way to explore the entire island than with a private tour? Many guides will pick you up in a dedicated tour vehicle from your hotel. The beauty of a private tour is the ability to customize stops and activities to fit your needs and not those of a group.

A private island tour allows you to explore the area in-depth and is a must-do for first-time travelers looking for things to do in St. Lucia. Plus, it’s nice letting someone else drive so you can take loads of pictures. 

4. Gros Islet Friday Night Street Party

Gros Islet Street Party, one of the best things to do in St Lucia

Mitch Kinvig/Shutterstock

Taking place weekly in Gros Islet Village, the Friday night street party offers a glimpse into the lives of locals. The street has vendors providing food, drink and souvenirs for anyone looking for a good time.

There’s live music and dancing, and it is an opportunity to step away from the polished resorts. Understanding the local culture is a fantastic way to make your trip to the island memorable. 

5. Splash Island Waterpark St. Lucia

Kid sliding down a slide at Splash Island Waterpark St. Lucia


The Splash Island Waterpark St. Lucia is one for the kids and the kids at heart. Located on the island’s northwest coast at the famous Reduit Beach, the Splash Island Waterpark offers plenty of fun for the whole family.

The park comprises inflatable water obstacle courses and an activities area.

Sitting on the water are massive inflatable features that include trampolines, slides, climbing walls, flippers and a water volleyball court for team games. There are hours of splashing fun at the Splash Island Waterpark in St. Lucia!

6. Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens

One of the best things to do in Saint Lucia, the Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens

Inga Locmele/Shutterstock

St. Lucia is home to rainforest-type tropical conditions and a wide variety of fauna. Hidden in the Botanical Gardens is the famous Diamond Falls. The Diamond Waterfall etches a path across the ancient volcanic stone with waters filled with various minerals. 

The resulting falls create one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Caribbean. Minerals in the water of the Diamond Waterfall change colors across the stone, creating a unique experience every time you go. Plus, the beautiful plant life makes this stop a must-do in St. Lucia.

7. ATV Tour of St. Lucia

ATV tour in Saint Lucia, one of the best things to do on the island

Jandrie Lombard/Shutterstock

With an ATV tour, you can experience everything that St. Lucia offers. Thanks to the off-road capability, riding an ATV is an easy yet adventurous way to explore the banana plantations, lush tropical forests, and some of the most beautiful views on the island. 

ATV tours of St. Lucia also include visits to the beach and other ocean viewpoints in an exhilarating and engaging excursion. The best part about doing this kind of tour is that you can minimize travel time. ATVs can help you see most of the island. 

8. Day Cruise Around St. Lucia

Folks tired from a day cruise on a boat, one of the best things to do in Saint Lucia


If St. Lucia isn’t already part of a cruise for you, consider taking a day cruise. Several types of boats offer various tours around the island. Take a catamaran for sightseeing and snorkeling, or a speedboat to Soufriere.

Finding the best ship is easy with so many options to pick from. Many of these day cruise excursions offer lunch or dinner and an opportunity to swim with tropical fish. There are even fishing tours for those looking for the largest deep-sea catch. 

9. Zipline Tour

Family doing a zipline tour, one of the best things to do in Saint Lucia


Soar from treetop to treetop in an aerial adventure. The rush of flying through the trees with nothing but a harness and cable brings you to the brink of terror, but the heart-stopping thrill turns into smiles in the end.

A zipline tour is a great way to explore the rainforest from a bird’s-eye view. Hikes often accompany zipline tours, which give you an opportunity to experience the natural tropical forest of St. Lucia before the zipline adventure. 

10. Jeep Tour

Girl sitting on the hood of a jeep for a piece on the best things to do in Saint Lucia


If an ATV tour is too far out of your comfort zone, a Jeep tour offers a 4×4 adventure experience in a larger, more protected fashion. Jeep tours allow tourists the opportunity to explore the forests and off-path locations. Book a Jeep tour to one of the many waterfalls that dot the landscape. 

11. Lucia Rum Tasting Tour

Rum tour pictured with bottles on a table, one of the best things to do in Saint Lucia


The Caribbean is known for its rum, and St. Lucia is home to many rum-tasting tours. Drink your way through some of the finest aged and spiced rums the Caribbean has to offer. St. Lucia is known for Admiral Rodney rum and Chairman’s reserve.

Both brands are distilled on the island. Each is distinct in flavor profiles and mouthfeel, but they are top-shelf options. The rum tour is a nice plan for older visitors who want to let loose. 

12. Silver Springs and Mud Bath

Silver springs mud bath, one of the best things to do in Saint Lucia

Kristina Zemskikh/Shutterstock

St. Lucia is a volcanic island and is still geologically active. That means there are some amazing hot springs and baths to take a dip and unwind. The minerals in the water provide health benefits and a rejuvenated feeling.

Doctors agree that mud baths help people feel more at ease. The minerals in the mud can even help with the exfoliation process.

13. Lucia Horseback Excursion

Saint Lucia horseback excursion, one of the best things to do on the island

Christian Wilkinson/Shutterstock

There’s something special about exploring nature on horseback. Several stables on St. Lucia offer horseback excursions, with many having private and catered options. Guided tours along mild trails give riders confidence.

Trails cut through rural farming, historic plantations and lush tropical rainforest. Horseback riding is a relaxed alternative to the Jeep or ATV tours. 

14. Shopping

Shopping market, one of the best things to do in Saint Lucia


St. Lucia is a popular cruise ship port, and as such, it has tons of great shopping options. There’s the Gablewood shopping mall, which is a popular destination. Plus, there are countless art galleries, souvenirs and duty-free items. 

Those looking for luxury have many jewelry outlets and diamond shops. Places like Harry Edward’s Jewelry rate high and have a great selection. 

15. Scuba Diving

Tons of fish around the reef for a piece on the best things to do in Saint Lucia

BlueOrange Studio/Shutterstock

Going on vacation is all about trying new things, and what better way to have novel experiences than scuba diving? Snorkeling is awesome, but nothing beats the otherworldly activity of donning a wetsuit and air tank and swimming with some of the most exotic fish.

Several day cruise ship options offer scuba lessons for the complete beginner and private excursions for the experienced diver. 

16. Make Your Own Chocolate

People making chocolate for one of the best things to do in Saint Lucia

Syda Productions/Shutterstock

The Rabot Estate and Hotel Chocolat offers a tree-to-bar or a bean-to-bar experience. Making your own chocolate is a unique way to see the process firsthand and gives you a new appreciation for the tasty treat.

In addition to crafting your own chocolate bar, you can purchase hand-crafted chocolate for your friends and family. 

17. Take a Sunset Cruise

Boats on a sunset cruise, one of the best things to do in Saint Lucia

Vadim Nefedoff/Shutterstock

When the day is almost over, book a sunset cruise on the west side of St. Lucia. These cruises cater to the most beautiful sunsets from the comfort of a Catamaran.

A benefit of enjoying the island during sunset is the lovely colors that blanket the island as the sun sinks below the horizon. SeaSpray Cruises offers one of the best sunset cruise experiences with unreal guest service and champagne that tops off the whole journey. 

18. Dive Into a SNUBA Adventure

People on a snuba adventure, one of the best things to do in Saint Lucia

Laila R/Shutterstock

SNUBA promises a more effortless experience than traditional diving while providing the same interactive snorkeling environment. This unique cross is offered through Sealife Paradise and is an excellent way to spend an afternoon in St. Lucia. 

The SNUBA adventure lasts about an hour and a half and has divers swimming with tropical fish in pristine blue waters. It’s a must-do for those apprehensive about Scuba diving. 

19. Whale and Dolphin Watching

Happy dolphins pictured during a whale watching excursion, one of the best things to do in Saint Lucia


Of the many cruises that come and go from St. Lucia, one of the best to undertake is a whale or dolphin watching excursion. Seeing the majestic ocean creatures in their habitat is a life-changing experience.

Whale and dolphin watching lasts between four and six hours. It’s a perfect activity for the whole family as little kids will find the diving mammals incredibly majestic.

20. Visit the Immaculate Conception Church

Visit the Immaculate Conception Church, one of the best things to do in Saint Lucia

Nenad Basic/Shutterstock

The Immaculate Conception Church is one of the largest churches in the entire West Indies. Fans of architecture will love the aesthetic, while those who adore art will appreciate the modernist murals that depict the 12 stages of the cross. 

The Immaculate Conception Church offers services, and the devout who have visited find the services passionate and inspired.

21. Overeat at a Culinary Tasting

Buffet at a food tasting, one of the best things to do in Saint Lucia

Anaid Studio/Shutterstock

St. Lucia has the luxury of having access to incredible seafood. You can sample some of the best seafood on the island by taking part in a culinary tasting.

Chefs will guide you through a catered menu and even offer wine and spirit pairings. The Little Lucian Cooking School offers up some excellent menu items from some of the most talented cooks in the Caribbean. 

22. Enjoy a Spa Day

Spa Day at a Saint Lucia resort, one of the best things to do there

Mladen Mitrinovic/Shutterstock

Several resorts in St. Lucia are world-class. Many of these superb resorts have excellent spas that are worth taking a day to relax.

These spas offer everything from traditional massages to hot stone therapy and mud baths.  Unwind further with a dip in a mineral pool or a relaxing facial that leaves you stress-free.

23. Yoga by the Sea

Woman doing yoga by the sea, one of the best things to do in Saint Lucia

Olesya Kuprina/Shutterstock

Relaxing looks different for everyone, and many people consider yoga a low-impact exercise that provides relaxation and peace of mind. Several resorts have yoga classes that utilize the landscape’s natural beauty to offer an unforgettable session. 

Things to Consider

There are countless things to do in St. Lucia. As one of the premier destinations in the Caribbean, it can be overwhelming trying to pick something to do. Still, there are some essential things to consider. 

  • Go prepared. Several excursions are physical, requiring you to stay hydrated. You’ll also want to wear proper clothing for your outings and remember the sunblock. Nothing is worse than fighting off a nasty sunburn.
  • Bring cash. Having some cash on hand allows you to buy souvenirs and food or provide gratuities for your guides. Bringing cash is better than a credit or debit card, as some vendors may not accept cards. Though visitors might have to deal with East Caribbean dollars, many businesses accept other currencies.
  • Be open. New experiences are scary, but the whole point of taking a vacation is to push your boundaries. Be open to things you never would’ve tried before. With rum tastings, shopping, and the gorgeous Diamond Waterfall available, picking the best thing to do in St. Lucia is challenging. The best thing to do is have fun. St. Lucia offers an experience unlike anywhere in the Caribbean, and it is easy to see why!
  • Mind the locals. St. Lucia is a unique culture with fantastic people who live and work to provide a second-to-none adventure. Treat those living and working on the island with respect. It’s the right thing to do.
  • Arrive early when possible. Things happen and being late adds to the stress. By arriving early, you can adjust should something come up.

Whether as a cruise destination or a dedicated vacation, traveling to St. Lucia is an adventure waiting to happen, but the experience is better when you are prepared, open and respectful.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are common questions related to vacationing on the island.

What time of year is best for traveling to St. Lucia?

May to June is the best time of year to travel to St. Lucia. These months offer warm temperatures without being terribly hot. Plus, these are not peak months for the island, so rates will be lower than later in the summer. 

Can I use American money in St. Lucia? 

While the local currency is the Eastern Caribbean dollar, the American dollar is accepted widely. The exchange rate works in the traveler’s favor, as the rate is favorable for the American dollar. Many businesses also accept credit and debit cards. 

Is St. Lucia a safe country?

St. Lucia doesn’t have any travel advisories or warnings for foreign travelers. While it’s always good to keep your wits about when traveling to a foreign country, taking extreme safety measures is unnecessary. Don’t do anything you wouldn’t do at home, and you should be fine.

How do I get around St. Lucia? 

Minibus service is regular in St. Lucia and is the primary public transportation. It’s cheap and efficient. There are also taxis and water taxis for hopping around the island. A rideshare option, Travel, is also available for travelers. 

So, What’s the Best Thing to Do in St. Lucia?

St. Lucia is a beautiful island nation in the Caribbean. As an island paradise, beaches, sailing and island tours are plentiful. There’s more to do than a short trip will allow, and even the multiple-day excursions in St. Lucia leave visitors begging for more.