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An amazing Cultural Experience!


“Sa-wat-dee” Hello and welcome to Thailand! Turquoise seas and palm-fringed island beaches in the South, jungles, mountains and river villages in the north, and everything from golden Buddhist temples to booming Bangkok nightclubs in between!

You can assist with excellent conservation efforts with elephants or you can help the local community by teaching English and other subjects to children in Singburi. This is an excellent country to expand your cultural knowledge of South East Asia.

Please see our list of brief descriptions below, then click on the link to read all about the project.

Hi, I'm Karen, Project Coordinator for Thailand, and I'll be working with you to arrange your ultimate experience here, so if you've any questions, please contact me:
+44 (0)1903 502595,
or email: info@travellers

Washing an elephant on the Care
                    for Rescued Elephants in an Elephant Sanctuary Project in Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Care for Rescued Elephants in an Elephant Sanctuary in Kanchanaburi
This is a fantastic opportunity to work with rescued elephants in the stunning location of Kanchanaburi. The elephants have either been rescued or were ill and have been relocated to the Sanctuary where they are cared for and given a better quality of life. You’ll work hands-on with them, including swimming and taking mud baths with them, mucking out their enclosures and, most satisfying of all, ensuring they live in a happy, comfortable environment!

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Washing Elephants in the River on the Hands-On Care for Elephants Project in North-East Thailand

Hands-On Care for Elephants in North-East Thailand
Work hands-on with elephants, giving them lots of care, and also be helping to improve the living conditions of captive elephants in Thailand. You'll work very hands-on with 8 elephants, but you'll be surrounded by up to 200 elephants. The experience of being in the middle of such a huge number of these majestic creatures is awesome!
The project is based approx 7 hours drive North-East of Bangkok. This project includes a one night stay in a hotel in Bangkok on arrival, plus transfers to and from the project.

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Sustainability Workshop on Plastics Pollution and Recycling efforts in Thailand

NEW! SUSTAINABILITY WORKSHOP: Help Combat Plastic Pollution and Increase Recycling in Singbury
What if we could use the trash of today to power workshops where young people can work on the solutions for tomorrow!

You can help this project to instigte a programme to reduce plastics pollution and increase recycling in the local community. You help collect and sort trash along local streets and rivers, then extract valuable plastic and use it to create new items.

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Volunteer Teaching English
                    to Children in Thailand

Teach English in Singburi
Teach English in one of the many Primary or Secondary schools in Singburi. You'll have freedom to utilise your own creativity to bring different forms of teaching and ideas into the classroom! For example, you may create real-life situations, games and other activities and conduct them in the English language.

This is a delightful and very sociable project.

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Make the most of your time there! To help you do that, we've put together some exciting activities, courses and tours that you can add to your itinerary. These are designed to be fun, but also to enable you to learn, and expand your personal and professional development enjoyment ... but mostly for your enjoyment! :-)

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