This Course combines 20 x 45-minute group lessons plus 5 x 1-hour private, one-to-one lessons per week.

The Language Centre offers high-quality Spanish courses both near to the sea and the city centre. It's a mere 10-minute walk from the beach and 15 minutes by bus to the city centre.

So not only are you learning in a well-established school with an awesome reputation, you can also enjoy Malaga to the fullest by cooling down at the beach, doing outdoor activities and visiting historical monuments found in the city centre.

The School's courses has varied linguistic objectives: You can learn Spanish for university, improve your professional career or simply discover a new culture. They offer Spanish classes for all levels from A1 (beginners) to C2 (proficiency), meaning there is always an appropriate group for your level.

The Spanish courses are combined with fun activities which are carried out in the afternoons. They include visits through the city and social and sporting activities which will help you make friends for life.


Hi, I'm Mark and I'll be working with you to arrange your ultimate experience here, so if you've any questions, please contact me:
+44 (0)1903 502595,
or email: info@travellers
Price: €290 (approx. £250, US$325) per week. Thre is also an enrolment fee of €50.
Excludes flights. Please see Full Price List & prices in other currencies
Duration: One week minimum, no maximum duration, but we encourage you to stay for as long as you can to achieve the level of fluency you hope to gain. Basically, you can stay as long as you like :-)
Start Dates: Programmes start every Monday, with your arrival on the Sunday.
Requirements: Minimum age 18 years old.
What's included: Arranging your Programme,
Full pre-departure support and assistance,
All course fees
Lots of additional fun activities
Local in-country support and backup,
Certificate of Completion
What's not included: Flights, Insurance, Cost of Visas (if a visa is required)
* Picking you up and returning you to the airport is not included, but can be arranged for you for a supplemental fee of Euros 75 for meeting you and Euros 125 for both meeting and returning you to the airport.
* Accommodation is not included but can be arranged for you. Please see the Prices tab for full details and options.
Who is this
Programme suitable for?
SOLO travellers or travelling with friends.
GAP YEAR BREAKS from School or University.
GROWN-UP GAPPERS, career breakers and retired.
Also suitable as a summer placement or short break.
Open to all nationalities.


  • The opportunity to study Spanish in situ in the home of the language
  • New skills, more confidence and invaluable personal and professional development.
  • An opportunity to take a break from the traditional academic track or your current career path in order to gain language skills, life experience and global cultural awareness
  • An entry on your CV or Résumé that will enhance your career opportunities and make you stand out from the crowd.
  • Make friends, form relationships and build memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Opportunities to enjoy some exciting adventure and cultural activities while on your programme.
  • And best of all ... an unforgettable experience!
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Learn Spanish language in Spain


The Spanish School is located in Malaga, which is the capital of the Costa del Sol. Malaga offers all the advantages of a capital at your fingertips: fun destinations, famous monuments, fabulous beaches, plus many other places that are worth a visit!

Experts in Spanish! Our teaching methods are innovative, interactive and communicative. Our Spanish teachers are the best you can find: experienced, motivated and dedicated to teaching Spanish, they will help you progress quickly making your linguistic journey an enjoyable one.

The School is well-known for teaching students to pass the DELE exam, the official Spanish diploma that is internationally recognised. More than 90% of our students who prepare for the course manage to obtain the diploma.

Intensive Spanish Course + Private (One-to-One) Classes (20+5 per week):

The course is made up of 20 Group Intensive Spanish classes lasting 45 minutes each per week, PLUS 5 Private classes lasting 60 minutes each per week. The Group sizes can range from 4 to 8 students. Private classes are one-to-one. Classes will be either in the mornings or afternoons.

Classes are available from Beginner level to Advanced.

Course materials: 1 book is included. Textbooks are complemented by audio/visual materials, handouts, the school’s own materials, and the Internet.

The Combined Spanish Course in Malaga is ideal if you want to learn Spanish quickly. You'll have the opportunity to further develop the topics or areas you wish to and with a personal touch in Malaga. With a combination of Intensive Spanish classes and one-to-one classes, this course will help you revise and deepen your knowledge. Learn Spanish the intensive way!

From the very first class you'll be able to put into practice the material taught and, once you've finished your Spanish classes, you'll have improved in all the skills of the Spanish language: reading, listening, speaking and writing.

Fun Activities:

Enrolling on the combined Spanish classes also enables you to sign up for our fun activities in the afternoons. You'll visit beautiful places, discover the historic and charming sides of Malaga and make lots of friends. You'll meet lots of other students, too. The activities will allow you to practice the Spanish learnt during your classes.

We'll show you some of the best of what the city has to offer! Monday- Friday (usually) from 5:10-6:50pm!

REQUIREMENTS: This course is for you if …

  • You wish to learn Spanish over a longer time period, at a fast pace (25 classes a week in total), and see incredible results that will last a lifetime
  • You would like to learn in a small group environment and receive personal attention in one-to-one sessions
  • You would like flexibility with your start date and course duration
  • You are 18 or over, with any level in Spanish
To book a Spanish Course, please contact us at:


Finding your own accommodation can be quite stressful, especially if you don’t know the city well. This is why the Spanish School offers students 2 options of quality accommodation in Malaga:

  • Stays with welcoming host families or ...
  • Shared flats with other students.

Please see the Prices tab for details and options. You can choose whether to arrange your own accommodation or to take advantage of the excellent accommodation offered below:


Choosing to stay with a host family is one of the most rewarding parts of a language trip. You'll have conversations at the dinner table, share the best moments of the day and you'll feel you're at home. You'll have the freedom to come and go as you please, eating traditional and home-made food, enjoy the homely atmosphere and appreciate the strong bond that is created between family members yourself.

All rooms are single. You can choose between half-board and full-board.

Arrivals will be on a Sunday, to start your Course on the Monday, and departures are on a Saturday. This means that accommodation for your first week comprises 6 nights, and seven nights for each subsequent week. You can extend by an extra day or (at a small cost) if you want to do some additional sightseeing or you need to line up with your flight departure day.

The advantages of staying with a Host family are ...

  • You'll enjoy homemade and traditional food (delicious!)
  • Be part of a Spanish family
  • You will be able to do activities with the family: day trips, going to the cinema, eating ice cream …
  • The family can help you with your Spanish homework
  • The family will help you with any questions you might have about the city, monuments, public transport …

The services include ...

  • Use of the washing machine (generally once per week)
  • Use of the living room and television
  • Some space in the refrigerator
  • Receiving calls
  • Wifi access
  • Bed sheets (you should bring your own towels)


Sharing a comfortable, fully furnished flat with other students is a wonderful opportunity to make a lot of friends, to cook, to be independent and to practice Spanish with other international students at the school. You'll have the opportunity to share experiences, make a wide group of friends and explore Malaga with your flat mates!

All rooms are single. However, if you're travelling with a friend, you could share a double room (subject to availability).

Food is not included as this is a self-catering option where you'll do your own cooking.

Arrivals will be on a Sunday, to start your Course on the Monday, and departures are on a Saturday. This means that accommodation for your first week comprises 6 nights, and seven nights for each subsequent week. You can extend by an extra day or two (at a small cost) if you want to do some additional sightseeing or you need to line up with your flight departure day.

The advantages of staying with a Shared Flat with other students are ...

  • Quality accommodation at an unbeatable price
  • You'll live with other students
  • You'll meet a lot of people
  • You'll be able to practice your Spanish with your flat mates
  • You'll have the freedom to eat whatever and whenever you want
  • You'll have a rich social life.

The services include ...

  • A fully furnished flat
  • Use of washing machine
  • Use of the living room and television
  • Use of the kitchen and fridge
  • Bed sheets (you should bring your own towels)
To book a Spanish Course, please contact us at:

Accommodation on the Spanish Language Course in Malaga, Spain
The famous Jambon for sale in this gorgeous shop
Accommodation on the Spanish Language Course in Malaga, Spain
One of the best parts of your trip will be tasting amazing Spanish food!


Please note that prices are in EUROS.


€290 per week plus a one-off enrolment fee of €50.


Single Room, Half-Board

1 Week 2 Weeks 3 Weeks 4 Weeks Extra Weeks Extra Nights
€210 €455 €700 €945 €210 €35

Single Room, Full-Board

1 Week 2 Weeks 3 Weeks 4 Weeks Extra Weeks Extra Nights
€249 €539 €830 €1120 €249 €41.50


Single Room, No Board

1 Week 2 Weeks 3 Weeks 4 Weeks Extra Weeks Extra Nights
€135 €292 €450 €607 €135 €23
To book a Spanish Course, please contact us at:


TOP 6: Places you can’t miss in Malaga:

Malaga is the capital of the Costa del Sol, and offers all the advantages of a capital at your fingertips: fun destinations, famous monuments, fabulous beaches, plus many other places that are worth a visit! At AIL Malaga we know we are lucky to have our school in such a vibrant city with so much to offer, but when you’re a tourist it can be hard to decide what to do first. Well, we’ve made it easy for you: here are the 6 things that you absolutely should not miss, even if you’re only with us for a day or two.

Whether you are coming to Malaga to work, to learn Spanish or just travelling for pleasure, make sure you don’t miss these Top 6 places!

1. Calle Marqués de Larios:
The social hub of the city, Calle Larios is absolutely Malaga’s most famous street, where you will find all of the big-brand high-street stores, and the most exclusive hotels in Malaga.

Stretching down from the iconic Plaza de la Constitución down the Plaza de la Marina and the port, here you’ll also find cafes, souvenir shops, stalls, and local street artists and entertainers. It is a totally pedestrianised street and is Malaga’s equivalent to Gran Via in Madrid or to Barcelona’s Las Ramblas. (Oh and despite its name, it has nothing to do with the famous gin brand, Larios!)

2. The Cathedral, “La Manquita”:
The Cathedral of Malaga (real name ‘Basilica of our Lady of the Incarnation’ – more of a mouthful!) is located on the site of an ancient mosque built during the eight centuries of the Moorish occupation of the city. For many reasons, mainly to do with money, the construction of the cathedral was interrupted many times. In 1631 the Cathedral was finally inaugurated. Finally!

The local name for it is “La Manquita” – wondering why? It is because of its unique appearance given by the absence of one of its towers (due to lack of funds at the time). In fact the term “manquita” comes from “missing”, which indicates that it is not complete.

Guess what? Since then, the Cathedral has had the chance to be ‘completed’, but Malaga’s citizens decided they prefer their iconic lopsided Manquita just as she is!

3. The Alcazaba above the Roman Theatre:
This palace-fortress (whose name in Arabic means “citadel”) is one of the most iconic historical monuments in Malaga and is a must-visit. The Alcazaba area is also popular with tourists because it combines a mish-mash of different histories with breathtaking scenery.

The Alcazaba, another legacy of the Moors in Malaga, is situated at the foot of Mount Gibralfaro, where there is a forbidding (non-Moorish) castle. If these sites weren’t contrast enough, the whole site is also just above the original Roman Theatre. As such, within the space of a few metres visitors can enjoy remnants of Roman and Arab cultures plus Renaissance architecture. This truly is a unique and special place. Unmissable!

4. The Roman Theatre:
These two may be side-by-side but we still had to give the Roman Theatre its own mention! Just below the Alcazaba is the most well-preserved symbol of the Romans’ presence in Malaga. Just a few steps away, there is also a modern school of Art and Interpretation from where, through new technologies, it’s possible to discover more about the life and customs of the Roman era. It also occasionally is revived for its original use – performances! Pure magic!

5. The Gibralfaro Viewpoint (Mirador de Gibralfaro):
Starting from the Alcazaba and the Roman theatre, walking up to the castle on top of Mount Gibralfaro, there is a spacious viewpoint surrounded by trees. It is absolutely worth a visit up the hill just for the viewpoint alone. If you want to surprise your partner with a romantic moment, or just see the city lights sparkle, come to the viewpoint at sunset!

You can see all of the city spread out, plus all of the iconic sights we’ve mentioned and more: the Plaza de Toros, La Malagueta beach, the Fountain of the Three Graces in Plaza del General Torrijos, the Marina, the City Hall …

6. The Malaga Big Wheel (Noria de Malaga):
From here you will be able to see all of Malaga!

With 42 cabins lit up in different colours, 70 metres high and a prime location inbetween the sea and Calle Larios, on the Wheel you will see Malaga from a new perspective entirely. The experience offers a 15 minute journey that will allow you to enjoy a panoramic view up to 30km wide. It is located in the Port of Malaga and, because of its height, it will be difficult for you to miss it 😉

A relatively new addition to the city, the Wheel brings Malaga up to speed with other Big Wheel names such as London, Vienna, Liverpool, Las Vegas!

We hope that you have enjoyed finding out more about Malaga’s Top 6 attractions – we can’t wait for you to come and join us!

To book a Spanish Course, please contact us at:

Sightseeing in Malaga, Spain
Sightseeing in Malaga, Spain
This awesome elephant spent quite a lot of time giving himself a good rub against the tree.


To help you make the most of your time there, some fun activities are included in your programme. There are lots of activities to you can do, many are free and some will have a small fee attached. Some examples are:

  • Tour of the Centre: Discover our beautiful city centre, with its beautiful buildings filled with soul and history. Wander through the charming streets and take in the rich architecture of Malaga.
  • Bicycle Trip: Enjoy the fresh air and sensation of cycling by the coast in Malaga. You will pass the “chiringuitos” – traditional seaside restaurants and tall palm trees. Explore the beach by bike!
  • Visit to Gibralfaro: Walk with us to the best place to look at the entire city of Malaga at once: the famous Gibralfaro Castle. The views are like no other; almost all of Malaga’s landmarks can be seen from here, from the stunning harbour to the traditional bullring.
  • Picasso Museum Visit: Over 200 of Picasso’s works are on display at the museum. Picasso was born in Malaga, and here you can find a wide range of his works, and learn more about the best artist of the 20th century.
  • CAC Museum Visit: The Contemporary Art Centre in Malaga is home to some of the best modern artworks, but you will also find more traditional styles here too. Lose yourself for a few hours in the spacious rooms and enjoy the art!
  • Alcazaba Visit: Another stunning place to take in the views of the city is at the Alcazaba. It is a fortress from the 11th century. Learn about its fascinating history and architecture while you look over Malaga’s landscape.

The School also offers quite a few workshops, which are both educational and entertaining. Some examples include:

  • Flamenco Workshop: Probably one of Spain’s most famous traditions is the beautiful Flamenco dance and music. This is the perfect way to embrace the Andalusian culture and make the most of being in Malaga. ¡Olé!
  • Salsa Class: ¡Baila baila! Learn the latin dance with us and discover a little more vocabulary too! Leave Spain with the power of dance as well as languages.
  • Grammar Workshop: Take advantage of our workshop to perfect your skills with the language and become truly fluent in Spanish. It’s the little grammar tips that really show the difference between amateur and experienced speakers!
  • Cooking Workshop: Learn how to make some of Spain’s most famous dishes! You may only be in Spain for a short time, but these recipes will stay with you for life! Our masterclass is the perfect way to discover more of the real Spanish culture.
To book a Spanish Course, please contact us at: