Melina Klurfan | Argentina Manager

Melina joined Travellers in 2011 and is based in Buenos Aires. She is very enthusiastic about working with people all around the world, is a Biology graduate and currently studying a Masters degree in education. She loves running, tennis, films, music and, very importantly, Argentinean steak and ice-cream! But above all she loves cultural exchange and travelling.

"Working with Travellers is like rediscovering Argentina through our volunteers' eyes. I love the commitment of TW helping disadvantaged communities through volunteer programs. We are here to receive you all year around, take you out and show you our culture! We have much more than Messi and Tango! Vení a Argentina!!!!"


Annette Bilic | Country Manager

Annette has been managing Travellers programmes in Australia for many years. She holds a Bachelor of Business and has also trained as a Morthercraft Nurse. Her love of travelling has taken her to south and central Africa, Asia, around Australia a few times, New Zealand, USA, UK and many countries in Europe. Now settled in Perth, Annette still manages to travel albeit quite differently with her three young daughters and husband in tow! Favourite things to do include attending festivals and community events in and around Perth and she is also a big foodie.


Karen Herring | Brazil Manager

Karen joined Travellers in 2006 after she had completed a project with Travellers in Malaysia working with the Orang Utans at Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre. Prior to moving to Brazil to take on the role of Travellers Brazil Manager, (and meeting and marrying her Brazilian husband), Karen was our India Manager for many years.

India misses her ... but Brazil loves her!

Ana Castilha | Administrator and Volunteer Liaison, Florianopolis

Anna joined Travellers 'officially' in January 2006, but before that she has assisted her brother, Fabio, in running our Brazil programmes. Before joining Travellers, Ana was an English teacher and also used to give Portuguese courses to our volunteers. She went to Law School in 2000 and graduated in 2004, moving immediately into working with Travellers. Ana's hobbies include dancing (especially samba), reading, travelling (when possible). Ana has since had two children and you've never seen a happier or more excited mother!


Jack Liu | Yantai Organiser

Jack has worked with Travellers since 2002. He used to work as a teacher of English in the vocational school, an interpreter in the state-owned overseas construction company in China, the sales manager in the Chinese-German leather garments company and also served ON the peace-keeping mission in East Timor. He has a BA in English Literature, is a professional interpreter and is a qualified TCFL (Teaching Chinese as a foreign language). He enjoys reading, swimming, playing badminton and pingpong, hiking and fishing, and his favourite food is Jiaozi (dumplings).


Nicole Roodenburg | Ecuador Projects Manager

Nicole is originally from Holland, but has lived in Ecuador for over twelve years. Originally she came for an internship, but ended up in love with Ecuador and an Ecuadorian and decided to move back some years later. Travels and study took her through Europe, the Middle East and other countries in South America. She lives in Quito with her boyfriend and their young daughter and is the director of the school.


Aloysius Agbavattor | Ghana Manager

Aloysius has been our Ghana Manager since 2004. Prior to that, he worked with a Non-Governmental organization which was into youth activities as well as a micro-finance institution based in Tema. Before that he did his national service in Ho in the Volta region. He has a BSc (Tourism) decree and has had some very interesting articles published. He loves reading books and achieving goals which he continually sets for himself! His ambitions are "To be a great achiever and doing my masters degree sometime in the future".


Anitha Lakshmanan | India Manager

Anitha has been with Travellers for many years, starting off as a host family and looking after our volunteers. She had a natural and deep-seated inclination to ensure that everything was perfect for her volunteers, including the placement itself. Over time she took on more and more responsibilties for Travellers India Programme and is now our India Manager. She is married with 2 children and her husband is a chef by profession. As she still hosts some volunteers in her home, we gets lots of feedback about how good the food is !!

"Apart from the work that I do for Travellers, I like engaging myself in social work, going to the temple, reading books and watching movies. I love my job, which is interacting with the volunteers. I enjoy getting to know new people, their culture and way of life."


Albert Aseh | Malaysia Director

Albert joined Travellers in April 2002 after being a full-time lecturer. He has a degree in Hospitality and Leisure management, so you can rest assured you are in the best hands! Albert is very sociable, loves dogs and enjoys looking after our volunteers on a day-to-day basis. His hobbies include reading, painting and travelling and he loves a good cider to relax with after a long day’s work. Albert’s ambition is to excel in tourism related business to the benefit of Borneo, which he loves.


Carter Voyce | New Zealand Manager

Carter joined Travellers Worldwide in 2018. He has lived in Auckland on and off for 20 years and knows the city and New Zealand very well. He is well travelled and has spent a number of years living in the UK and Eastern Europe. Over the years, he has worked in the steel industry, international education, local government and banking. In his spare time, you’ll find him tinkering with old Italian cars, making beer or at a live music venue somewhere in the city.

He is a proud Kiwi and is keen to ensure our volunteers get the most out of their time in New Zealand.


Quinn Meyer | Peru Project Manager

Quinn has been working in the Peruvian Amazon for over 8 years. A graduate anthropologist with a love for the outdoors, his goal is to ensure the planet is inherited by his children in a better state than he found it. Quinn heads up his own NGO in Peru and loves working with volunteers in striving to meet the conservation objectives in the Amazon. He rolls up his sleeves and gets involved with the local communities, and he's always optimistic that he's going to see a jaguar today!


Sharon Dreyer | South Africa Manager

Sharon has been with Travellers since 2008 and is a true 'South African' - in other words, she thinks her country is the best in the world! She loves Knysna and cannot sing its praises enough and thinks the whole Garden Route area is definitely one of the most beautiful spots in South Africa. She’s also a crazy cat lady who will jump at the chance to walk with lions or get up close with any form of wildlife!

She loves meeting all the great volunteers from all over the world that come to SA and finds it very rewarding to see the positive impact they have on the lives of the children living in the more disadvantaged communities. Her heart is huge and she affects all our volunteers - through her, they take away with them an even stronger desire desire to help those less fortunate and the confidence that they themselves can make a difference and change the world ... well done, Sharon!

Eleanor Kilduff | Volunteer Co-Ordinator and Projects Developer, Cape Town

Eleanor has lived in South Africa all her life and looks after all our volunteers in Cape Town. She is married to Maurice, who is Irish and who came to spend a year in South Africa and stayed for 40 years! They live in a rambling old house in Rondebosch, near to many of the placement schools. Eleanor, Maurice and their daughter, Sharon (a teacher at one of the Travellers placements), are all involved with working with adults or children with special needs.

"It's so thrilling to see the children surrounding a volunteer and all trying to get close enough to hug and cling to him or her. Another favourite moment is seeing how Travellers volunteers have grown in maturity and confidence during their time at the placements and knowing they will carry the experience into whatever they do back at home."

Pretty Sokupa | Volunteer House Supervisor

Pretty is our 'home executive', or better known as the housekeeper and 'mother' to many of our volunteers. She really is the unsung hero of our volunteer houses in Knysna. She willingly, energetically and happily keeps order and never complains. In fact, we think she doesn't know how to complain! Pretty lives in the ‘Nekkies’ township, just outside Knysna, with her husband and is a true star!


Godfrey Cooray | Operations Negombo

Godfrey is responsible for the operational part for the Law, Veterinary, medicine and Child Care projects near Negombo in Sri-Lanka.

He is the Senior Attorney-at-Law and senior Partner of his own Law Practice of 40 years. He is a labour consultant, registered company secretary, registered intellectual property agent and international legal consultant. B. Com (special) Sri-Lanka, Acting Magistrate. A Former Chairman NARA and adviser to the World Bank, he is also the former Chairmen foreign relation committee of Bar Association. Godfrey has also authored several books in Multinational Corporations, research study of history of irrigation system in Sri-lanka and also History of St. Sebastian Church.

He lives in Kandana with his wife and also has four children. He loves travelling and playing tennis in his spare time.

Ravi Corea | President Chief Executive of our Wasgamuwa Partner Organisation

Ravi Corea is a driving force for change and can normally be found at the Sri Lanka Head Office in Colombo, where he spends the majority of his time working tirelessly to increase public awareness, both in Sri Lanka and internationally, on the importance & role of conservation work in today’s society and everyday life. He frequently goes up to the Wasgamuwa Elephant Project to inspect the projects and check that volunteers and staff are achieving what they set out to ... and to indulge his passion for nature.

Chinthaka Weerasinghe ! Project Manager, Wasgamuwa

Chinthaka is the Field Operations Manager for Wasgamuwa and your main contact for projects based in Wasgamuwa. He’ll be there to welcome you on your arrival and will be responsible for you for the duration of your project. Chinthaka loves nature, and be warned, there’s nothing he likes more than a long transect (walk/hike) into the surrounding countryside – he’ll have you clambering through scrub and bush before you’ve unpacked your bags! Make sure you ask to see the observation posts, built into the canopy of the tree, for some welcome respite, the views are stunning!


Glenn Angus | Bangkok Representative

Glenn is our Travellers Bangkok Representative and has been working with us for a number of years. He will be the first person you meet up with on arrival. He is extremely welcoming and friendly. All our volunteers, without fail, take the time to let us know that the positive impact that Glenn's welcome had on them contributed hugely to their placement.

Glenn is originally from the Philippines and his wife is Malaysian. They have lived in Bangkok for many years. He has two lovely young children who were both born in Thailand.


Lameck Mponda | Zambia Manager

Lameck joined Travellers in 2006 when he retired as a school Head Teacher after 30 years. He qualified from the University of Zambia in 1975 with a degree in Education and English Literature. He also studied French Language and Literature at the National University of the Congo (Zaire).

Lameck looks after our volunteers from their arrival into the country until the end of their project in Zambia and provides full support and back up to our volunteers for the duration of their stay. Lameck is very highly regarded and well respected in the Livingstone community.