Travellers Worldwide works in 20 countries and with over 300 projects globally, predominantly in developing countries, We provide projects with volunteers, funding and assistance - supporting projects in fulfilling both their short-term needs, such as in the day-to-day running, through to helping the project achieve its wider goals over the long-term.

Volunteers fulfil a wide variety of roles including that of teacher, coach, carer, nurse, researcher, builder and conservationist and so on. They are given round the clock support, guidance and instruction, enabling them to achieve their goals and to experience what it means to make a valued and lasting contribution to the projects and communities in which they work.

Travellers Worldwide is a UK-based organization (established in 1994), and is widely recognised as a leader in providing worthwhile voluntary placements overseas. We adhere to an ethical code of practice which incorporates and recognises the role and importance of its corporate & social responsibilities, and of the need to travel responsibly.

Please see below for any current job vacancies within the organisation:

Position: Student Work Placement / Internship Programme (UK Head Office):

Travellers’ head office is based in Worthing, West Sussex. There are currently more than 10 members of staff based in the head office, with additional staff working remotely in the UK, and a further 50+ staff based overseas. The nearest train station is West Worthing, which is a 15 minute walk from the office. West Worthing is 25 minutes on the train from Brighton, and 5 minutes from Worthing. To drive it takes between 30 and 40 minutes from Brighton, and around 10 minutes from Worthing.

Description / Training Programme:
Employers continually sing about the benefits of candidates having had ‘real-life’ business experience, to go along with the requisite academic qualifications - so what better way than to take part in a meaningful work experience placement, one that will not only be of benefit to you but that also benefits others. A work experience placement with Travellers is an opportunity which will see you working with real people, who go on real projects in countries all over the globe.

While learning all aspects from the ground up, you'll also have opportunities to develop business skills like time management, project management, big picture thinking, accountability and decision-making. You will be able to have input on and help influence business processes and models of working. You will have the chance to take responsibility for managing projects and seeing them through to completion. In your time working with us you'll also get the chance to experience many different aspects of life within the organisation, with plenty of support to help you learn the ropes.

As part of your internship programme with Travellers, long-term interns may have the opportunity of attending and/or participating in presentations, careers fairs, seminars, conferences, and training courses. Such events will be made available where appropriate & viable.

Person Specifications:
Anyone applying should have enthusiasm and passion for making a difference, and a willingness to learn.

Term/Duration of Placement:
We ask a minimum commitment of 8 weeks full-time (35 hours pw) or 12 weeks part-time (20 hours pw) to join.

Programme Start Date:
Below is a list of typical programme start dates. However, internship programmes run throughout the year and as much as possible we try to allow for flexibility in start and finish dates. If you have a particular set of dates in mind please contact us for more information.

  • January – March
  • April – June
  • July – September
  • October – December


Terms & Conditions:
On Application.

Closing Date:
N/A - Open

How to Apply:
Please email your application to quoting ref TW-INTERN. To be considered for the position you must include a copy of your CV, along with a short description explaining why you are looking to complete a work experience placement with Travellers and what it is that you hope to gain.

Click here to download the vacancy description as a PDF.

Katie Baxter

As part of my Tourism Management degree I was required to complete a one year work experience placement. It was hard to find opportunities in the current economic climate and with no previous office work experience – but then I found this internship at Travellers Worldwide, in the field I had always wanted to work where you can really make a difference.

Luckily, I sent through my CV and they quickly came back with the offer of an interview! On the interview day, after half an hour I’d been introduced to the team and at the end of the interview I left the office with a 40 week internship – my career was on its way!

On my first day I was introduced to everyone and given a thorough induction. I was made to feel at home from the first moment. Within a week I was a bona fide member of the team and already had my own responsibilities!

There’s no such thing as a typical day at Travellers, as it is always very varied – for example today I started off with doing some administration; working on the arrangements for volunteer placements, before working on new project and destination development, before finally finishing off by using on my writing abilities to create supporting wording to go out with Travellers project description documents.

The internship has been a perfect mix of learning and development – I‘ve been able to use my strengths whilst working at Travellers, but I’ve also been able to learn a lot from different departments that I had little knowledge of. It was also the perfect opportunity to put into practice what I had learnt from my degree so far, and this internship will undoubtedly help further my career due to the practical experience that I’ve gained.

On the whole this internship has been very rewarding, and at the same time I’ve learnt a great deal of transferable skills - all of which will look wonderful on my CV!

I was dreading the end of my internship as I knew it would be very hard to leave - thankfully, Travellers has prevented this problem by offering me a job over the summer instead!

Katie Baxter

The Work Duties whilst on an Internship with Travellers can include;

  • Administrative Support to Project Coordinator’s and Finance Team
  • Updating and Maintaining Directory Websites & University Listings
  • Developing and Managing Content on Travellers Blog
  • Social Network Sites – Setup and Maintenance of Travellers Facebook & Twitter Accounts.
  • Webinars – Recording, Editing and Extracting Key Information.
  • Developing & Maintaining Database Content
  • Creation & Distribution of Travellers Mailshots.


Travellers Head Office in the UK
Travellers offices, showing Elizabeth at work
Intern Katy Hindson at Travellers offices in the uk

Laura Uruc interning with Travellers from Spain
Intern Laura Uruc from Spain working at Travellers Head Office in the UK