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So, you’ve just got your A Level Results and they aren’t quite what you wanted? Don’t worry! With every life change there is a brand-new opportunity!


Taking a Gap Year to do unusual, character-developing or educational activities is a fantastic opportunity. Are you thinking of going into education? Then go and teach in a poor school for disadvantaged children, sitting outside in the dust with very few facilities ... that will give you an added perspective of what education is about and how important it is.

Perhaps you want to go into an animal-related field. Why not go and work in an under-funded, over-worked vet clinic that provides free treatment for pets in townships, where you have to scrabble around for equipment. That will give you a true taste of what animal care is about - and you'll learn so much!

And a gap year doesn't mean a whole year - you could spend a month or two doing one thing, and then perhaps some time earning some money, and then some time learning a new langauge, for example. Think about learning Spanish ... in Argentina or Ecuador, or Chinese in China. How awesome is that?!

Here are just some of the benefits that will go towards helping your future:

  1. You'll add something constructive to your CV. And what will that do for you? Anyone evaluating you in the future (employer, university ...) will see immediately that -
    • You've chosen to dedicate time and effort into expanding your personal growth and maturity
    • You've selflessly given your time to working to improve the lives of others
    • You've taken steps to improve your own skillsets and professional development
    • You've gained maturity, worldliness and the ability to stand on your own two feet in a foreign environment
    • You've demonstrated that you're comfortable with your ability to function independently
  2. You'll enjoy the experience!!
  3. You'll develop your cultural sensitivity and make friends with people who enjoy the same interest in travelling, culture and personal growth as you do - friends for life!
  4. You might even find that your future career path points in a different direction! At the very least, it may confirm that your choice of future career was the right choice for you.

A constructive Gap Year which focuses on developing your experience and skillset. It will make your application to university or to a future employer stand out above others who have not dedicated their time to growing their personal and professional development. You'll be highlighting and demonstrating how you have positively planned and executed your Gap Year to further your career - then you are more likely to impress. AND IT'S FUN!!!


Whether you’re looking to participate in a Work Experience Internship or Volunteer project, we understand how important it is to find the right programme which suits you and the experience that you’re looking to gain on your Gap Year. That’s why we have a team of dedicated Project Co-ordinators on hand to support you – from helping you find the right project with you and your parents – to helping you to prepare for your project and answering any questions you might have.

We'll help you find, plan and arrange a programme which inspires you and you’ll have an exciting and rewarding Gap Year which changes your life.

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If you need some help and guidance, please give the UK office a call on 01903 502595 where one of our well-travelled Project Co-ordinators will be happy to help you!

If I had gone straight to uni, would I be the same person that I am today? Absolutely not. For me – I loved volunteering with children in South Africa, as well as the excitement and freedom that travelling brought me. This is how I ultimately ended up working in the volunteering sector and exploring new countries in my holidays. Charlotte Whitehead, Project Co-ordinator, Travellers

Volunteer with panda on the Panda Conservation in China project
Volunteer feeding snacks to a Panda in its enclosure on the Panda Conservation project in China.
A Volunteer with some of her children in the Teaching Project in Cambodia
A Volunteer with some of her children in the Teaching Project in Cambodia.
An awesome shot of a volunteer sightseeing in New Zealand in an ice cave.