All our Veterinary Internships are based in Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand. Wellington is located at the south-western tip of the North Island.

We are able to provide internships for both 1st & 2nd year and final year DVM and VT students. The internships are available all year round and among them can accommodate up to 20 students at a time.

Students will be required to commit to a minimum of 6 weeks for their internship, but the hosting organisations would prefer that students are able to participate for 8–12 weeks. The primary types of animals that students will work with at this internship are Domestic.

Your internship will be arranged with a veterinary clinic or hospital most suited to the experience that you’re looking for and the type of organisation that you prefer to work with.

We will liaise with you regarding your preferences, and once we have settled on a practice that will suit both you and the hosting clinic, you’ll receive full information on all aspects of that practice, including facilities, personnel, location, etc.


Internships with Accommodation included:
Most interns stay in shared apartments. You will have your own bedroom and either your own bathroom or a shared bathroom with a small number of people (2-4) and shared kitchen facilities. There is also a shared communal area such as a TV or Pool room. Internet is always available. Centrally located and near public transport.

Internships without Accommodation, i.e. you arrange your own accommodation:
Accommodation forms a major cost of the placements in New Zealand and the accommodation provided above is very good. However, students can choose to arrange their own accommodation in order to keep their costs down.

Our investigation has shown hostel accommodation (sharing dormitory rooms) to range from £10 to £16 per night ($13 to $21). Thus a mid-range hostel for a 6-week placement would cost the student $840 for their accommodation for that period, but would be a total saving of $1,125 over the “with accommodation” option over the 6-week period. However, these costs were correct at time of writing and can fluctuate owing to Exchange Rates fluctuations.


Internship Pricing With Accommodation:

  • 6 Weeks: £3,250.00
  • 8 Weeks: £3,695.00
  • 10 Weeks: £4,140
  • 12 Weeks: £4,585

Internships Without Accommodation:

  • 6 Weeks or longer: £1,395.00

What is included:
• Arranging the internship
• Full pre-departure support and assistance
• Payment Protection insurance
• In-country Orientation
• Accommodation (depending on whether choosing the with or without accommodation option)
• Meeting students at the nearest Airport to the project.
• Transfer to your accommodation
• Local in-country team support and backup
• 24-hr emergency support
• Certificate of Completion

What's not included:
• Flights

• Insurance
• Cost of Visas
• Food
• Accommodation (depending on whether choosing the with or without accommodation option)
• Daily transport to and from your project
• Return transfer to the airport.

Summary of approximate extra costs relating to the internship:

Food: We suggest around $60 per week for food.

Transportation: around $25 per week for travel within the main Wellington area.


# Arrival Date (Fridays) Orientation Date (Saturdays) Start Day (Mondays)
1 February 8 February 9 February 10
2 March 15 March 16 March 17
3 May 10 May 11 May 12
4 June 7 June 8 June 9
5 July 5 July 6 July 7
6 August 2 August 3 August 4
7 September 6 September 7 September 8


For any questions relating to the work content of the Internships, please contact:
Katie Saunders or Andrew Kemp
on +44 (0)1903 502595 or email



Photos of Example Accommodation provided when choosing the "With Accommodation" option

Photos of New Zealand