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Is St. Thomas Safe to Visit in 2022? | Safety Concerns

Is St. Thomas Safe to Visit in 2022? | Safety Concerns

A breathtaking destination, St. Thomas is set in the Virgin Islands and nestled along the Caribbean Sea. It’s popular destination for travelers hoping to experience duty-free shopping, relax on the exquisite sandy beaches, or enjoy some fine dining in one of their many restaurants and lively nightlife.

Even though St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands is a beautiful destination, travelers should always take precautions and practice safety when visiting the area. We have compiled some of the best safety tips to keep in mind before your trip to St. Thomas.

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Is St. Thomas Safe to Visit in 2022?

The main port of Charlotte Amalie in Saint Thomas pictured with boats all around the bay


Located in the United States of America, St. Thomas is a very safe place for tourists to visit. The Virgin Islands adhere to the same laws that govern the rest of the U.S.A and have local police departments if a problem with your safety or theft arises.

The most common safety concerns you can expect to see in St. Thomas include beggars and grifters trying to earn extra cash on the streets. However, overall, the island of St. Thomas boasts of a low crime rate.

Tourism is essential for the economy of St. Thomas. Therefore, the local residents abide by the laws and avoid violence in hopes of preventing economic depression. 

Because there are so many visitors swarming the streets of St. Thomas of the Virgin Islands, there are always several beggars trying to make a quick buck off the tourists.

It’s always best to avoid these locals because they can be quite convincing with their sob stories hoping that you will donate to their cause.

Other crimes and safety concerns in St. Thomas might include:

  • Pick-pocketing
  • Property theft
  • Stealing
  • Night-time mugging

Crime in St. Thomas

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Although St. Thomas is considered a safe place to visit on your next holiday, just like any other vacation spot, there are always crime and safety concerns that you should be aware of before traveling to this destination.

The most common types of crime happening in the Virgin Islands and their risk level include:

  • Theft from unlocked vehicles – 61.98%
  • People using or selling drugs on the street – 70.41%
  • Vandalism and theft – 69.39%
  • Assault and armed robbery – 69.90%
  • Bribery and corruption on the streets – 75.49%

Even though crime happens anywhere you go, it’s essential to practice safety when you are on vacation to avoid theft and unwanted safety issues from occurring.

Here are some tips to ensure that you avoid crime and stay safe on your visit to St. Thomas of the Virgin Islands.

  • Avoid traveling alone, especially at night. If you have to go out after dark, it’s best to travel in pairs to avoid muggings or assault.
  • If you travel at night, stay in well-lit areas and on the main streets rather than dimly lit back streets.
  • Leave your expensive jewelry at home to avoid the temptation of theft. Limit your jewelry to basic wedding bands and costume jewelry to reduce the chances of theft.
  • Keep your valuables locked up in the hotel safe to help decrease the chances of being mugged while on vacation.
  • Keep money in a fanny pack attached around your waste. This way, thieves will have more difficulty trying to snatch your purse.
  • Only bring small amounts of cash on you. Leave the rest in your hotel safe to help prevent being robbed.
  • Always pay attention to your surroundings when you are in an unfamiliar place. Crime can happen anywhere, and if you stay alert, you can help prevent it from happening to you.
  • Avoid high crime areas of the city, especially at night. It’s beneficial to stay in well-populated tourist areas to avoid being mugged or assaulted.
  • Carry antihistamines in case of allergies to spider or bug bites. St. Thomas is home to several kinds of strange critters and insects when you vacation in a tropical location. 
  • Also, you need to be prepared if you get bit by something that causes an allergic reaction.
  • Watch for jellyfish along the beach and in the ocean. Their stings can be painful. You must be careful when walking on the beach so that you do not accidentally step on one. 

Avoiding Bad Neighborhoods

St. Thomas has dangerous neighborhoods, like anywhere else, including your hometown. The safest places to visit in St. Thomas are the well-populated areas, such as the Red Hook Marina, the Charlotte Amalie, and Sapphire Beach.

These locations on the island are heavily populated by tourists and monitored by security patrol officers for your safety.

However, it’s still important to stay alert and be cautious of your surroundings at all times. Here are some tips to help you avoid dangerous areas in St. Thomas of the Virgin Islands.

Do Not Go to Less Populated Areas

Avoid less populated areas that appear deserted and stick to the main tourist areas to avoid being mugged or assaulted. Back streets are some of the most dangerous places to be in St. Thomas and offer muggers a better chance to strike.

Avoid the Beach After Dark

Avoid the waterfront areas of St. Thomas after dark, especially the Coki Beach area. Although this beach is beautiful, it’s populated by mostly locals, and petty theft is a common occurrence here.

Be Wary of Frenchman’s Hill, Especially at Night

Frenchman’s Hill is another beautiful area that is less populated by tourists and is known to have theft and muggings. Avoid this area, especially at night, to reduce the chance of being mugged or assaulted on your vacation in St. Thomas of the Virgin Islands.

Travel in Pairs

Travel in pairs whenever possible to reduce the chances of being assaulted or mugged. This is especially beneficial when exploring less-populated areas of the island.

When you travel in pairs, assailants are more reluctant to approach you and your travel companion. However, when you travel alone, you are a prime target for muggers to strike.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Always be aware of your surroundings and proceed with caution when wandering around a strange environment. Keep your distance from local pedlars to ensure your safety.

Choose to Go to Highly-Populated Spots

Stick to the highly-populated tourist areas to ensure a safe experience on your visit to the beautiful island of St. Thomas of the Virgin Islands. Highly populated areas are less likely to have beggars or thieves for fear of being caught in the act.

Safe Things to Do in St. Thomas

Morning walk along the Sapphire Beach in St Thomas for a piece titled Is Saint Thomas Safe

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St. Thomas is a beautiful vacation spot that offers plenty of tourist activities for visitors to take in. There are numerous safe yet fun and exciting things to do in St. Thomas. Here is a list of the top five safest things to do on your trip to St. Thomas of the Virgin Islands.

Phantasea Tropical Botanical Garden

Feel safe among plenty of other tourists at Phantasea Tropical Botanical Garden, offering a variety of tropical flowers to explore. Take in the beauty of the island from this safe and eye-pleasing tropical oasis that the whole family or your friends will enjoy seeing.

Pirates Treasure Museum

Explore one of the most popular attractions in St. Thomas of the Virgin Islands. The Pirates Treasure Museum is a safe and interactive attraction for the whole family and your friends to enjoy on your next visit to St. Thomas.

Experience an interactive, hands-on adventure of pirate exhibits and ocean finds that are sure to please visitors of any age.

Sapphire Beach

Nestled among the east coast of St. Thomas, Sapphire Beach features white sand, blue water, and plenty of safety and sunshine. Enjoy snorkeling, looking for tropical fish in the water, and spotting sea turtles.

Sapphire Beach is the perfect stop on your vacation to St. Thomas for relaxation and a much-needed dose of warmth and sunshine on your getaway to the islands.

Mountain Top

Enjoy the breathtaking views of the island from a 1,500-foot perch on St. Peter Island. Cool off with some refreshments before heading back down the mountain.

A must-see attraction for anyone visiting the Virgin Islands, the Mountain Top is a popular attraction that is well-populated with tourists and considered safe for your visit to St. Thomas of the Virgin Islands.

Climb Up the 99 Steps

Located in the busy tourist area of Charlotte Amalie, climb the 99 steps through the scenic hills rising over the harbor. A must-see attraction for your visit to St. Thomas. Do not forget to bring your camera with you because you will want to snap plenty of photos on your visit here.

Things to Consider

Iguana resting on a rock in the USVI island of St Thomas

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Setting aside safety concerns for a few minutes, let’s talk about other things to consider when planning your vacation to St. Thomas. Here is a list we prepared of things to think about before planning your next trip to the beautiful St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands.

Plan Ahead

Plan your excursion ahead of time. Do your research online beforehand and read customer reviews to help find the perfect attractions for you and your family to enjoy on your trip to St. Thomas.

Pack the Essentials Rather Than Buy

Remember to pack sunscreen, a sun hat, Tylenol, bug spray, and your favorite book to enjoy reading during your downtime. Buying essentials in touristy places can be rather expensive if you forget something that you are going to need.

Purchase a Travel Plan With Your Phone Service Provider

Make sure you get a travel plan with your phone service provider to avoid nasty roaming charges when on vacation.

Do Not Buy Alcohol in Souvenir or Tourist Shops

Consider buying your booze for the trip in the duty-free shops or at the grocery stores. Local tourist shops can be expensive when purchasing alcohol. Groceries often carry a large selection of alcohol at discounted prices compared to souvenir shops, saving you money on your vacation.

Early Bird Gets the Worm

Start your day off early to avoid the rush, especially on chartered boats to and from the Virgin Islands. They can become quite congested with tourists.

Avoid Eating Out Too Much

Look for a hotel room that offers a kitchenette. Eating out at restaurants can be expensive in tourist areas. Buying groceries and eating at the hotel can save you money on your vacation.

Consider Choosing Cheap or Free Attractions

Choose attractions according to your budget. Certain attractions and activities can be expensive in tourist destinations. However, there are also plenty of free attractions to enjoy on your vacation in St. Thomas of the Virgin Islands, including beaches and parks. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Gorgeous view of Magens Bay in Saint Thomas, a safe Caribbean island

Pola Damonte/Shutterstock

Planning the perfect getaway requires a lot of prior planning and consideration to ensure you have chosen the right location that offers safety and fun in the sun for the entire family.

Here are some popular questions and answers that might help you when deciding if St. Thomas is the right vacation spot for you and your family or friends.

Does St. Thomas have a police station?

Yes, St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands has a Police Station that serves St. John, St. Croix, and St. Thomas. They are committed to protecting their tourists and offering services to the community. The safety of visitors is one of the Police station’s main concerns.

What is the crime rate in St. Thomas?

The crime rate in St. Thomas is high, with an average of 77.94%. The most common types of crime are theft, beggars, and pocket-picking. Follow safety precautions when you are visiting the island to ensure your safety and limit crime.

Which city in the Virgin Islands is considered the safest to visit?

When traveling to the Virgin Islands, the safest city to visit is St. John because it has the lowest crime rate. Most of the hotels on the island offer safes in their guest rooms to safely store your valuables while on vacation.

Why is St. Thomas considered poor?

One of the major factors of poverty in St. Thomas is a lack of job opportunities in the community and poor economical funding from the government for the unemployed. Because St. Thomas is located in the Virgin Islands, it’s a U.S. territory rather than a state and only receives minimal federal government funding. Therefore, the economy of the island depends solely on tourism.

So, Is St. Thomas Safe to Visit?

St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands is an exceptional vacation destination with plenty to offer tourists for a relaxing vacation filled with sunshine, sandy beaches, restaurants, shopping, and many attractions to ensure the perfect sunshine getaway. 

We have given you plenty of information in this article to help ensure that your vacation in the sun is not only fun but safe and crime-free in this sunny and beautiful destination.

By keeping these safety tips in mind, you and your family or friends can enjoy what St. Thomas of the Virgin Islands has to offer.